• Johnny B. Goode

    Upland vs. Charter Oak. Charter Oak, you never had a chance! This is how we do it in the IE, SGV you still have a loooong way to go to play with the Big Dogs of the IE. The IE owns you CO (don’t forget your shellacking at the hands of the Rancho Cucamonga High Cougars). The IE is no joke, you guys better wake up to the Inland Division. Hey CO, maybe next year!

  • SGV Football Sucks!

    Your 2 powerhouse teams are done. Your #1 TeamCO, had a running clock put on them….how embarassing! Now you can all watch REAL football in the OC and IE. No more “pretend” football.

  • Observations

    -Charter Oak clearly overmatched in the Inland Division. This season they beat the same kinda teams as before until tonight. Didn’t really “step up”. Not ready for prime time. Never a ball game. At all. Running clock. No fight. A bit embarrassing. The talk about dropping Charter Oak and the Sierra league from the Inland Division is probably a good idea.
    -Long Beach Poly must really suck to lose that big to Santa Margarita. Is that what the fish Bowl is prepared to say? Long Beach Poly doesn’t belong in the Pac 5 now? Looks like we co uld see a Tesoro/Santa Margarita final and SM just might win this thing.
    -Didn’t someone pick Arcadia to win the Southeast? La Mirada doesn’t seem to be so much of a “cupcake” after all, do they?
    – bully and chargerfan – – – well, never mind.
    -The SGV picture becomes much clearer in the playoffs when teams start to play better teams. You cannot hide in the playoffs and the truth is revealed. The “transitive property” doesn’t always hold true, but comparing scores and the way the games went does shed some light on the relative power of our top teams.
    – Looks like nothing has changed and the team that has dominated the SGV on the field in the past decade just might have turned out to still be the best, regardless of record.

  • GG

    CO who is that ?

  • Gordon Gekko

    Who is CO?

  • Could Care Less

    I have a ton of respect for Charter Oak. A ton of respect for who they are and the product that they put on the field every friday night. BUT….. I told you after the rancho game that they were to soft. The made Upland look like the AFC west champions. TOO SOFT.. Same problems as before, can’t punch it in the end zone when in the red zone and with the best QB in the area I think this has to be put on the coaches. They got comfortable scoring big on the little Sierra league and are more than happy to get into talent matchups with teams like Santiago. But when it comes to big league football they showed that belong in the Mid Valley. As I said months ago, CO is built for passing tournaments in the summer, not Friday night.

  • http://www.twitter.com/SGVtylerd tDro


    Highlights/ interviews from La Serna’s come-from-behind 42-38 win over Los Altos. The Lancers outscored Los Altos 21-8 during their furious fourth quarter rally in which their were three lead changes. Los Altos was left to drive 70 yards with 1:02 to play in the fourth needing a touchdown and came up just short. Outstanding performances from both teams and an absolutely electric atmosphere at Los Altos High School. Honestly, it was an outstanding year for Los Altos. Going from 0-10 to six yards away from the CIF- SS Southeast Division semifinals.

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  • Tommy Kiss

    Great Season Charter Oak,
    Here are the interviews and highlights from last nights game


    The Inland insider


    What you got to say now about your #1 team who had to be shown some running clock mercy. Wow what a beating they took . How are you and your pal bully feeling today. Big bad number one took a spanking , way to rep the SGV. Your team sure showed the IE what SGV football is all about. All that bragging with those fake rankings and look how your boys back you up. Must of eaten too much turkey because they looked like they were sleep walking last night for 2 1/2 quarters and finally fell asleep in the last half of the 3rd . Well look at it this way , they are sure to be the number one team next preseason again. Was that Friday night lights on Fox or was it Friday night smack down, please let me know ,sgvsbest ?

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I’m gonna make this real clear about Charter Oak. It’s what I’ve said all season:

    Charter Oak: Inland/PAC-5 division skill players.
    Charter Oak: Southeast Division linemen and depth.

    You have to have both line and skill guys in the Inland/PAC-5.

  • D-Mo

    IE owns CO? Whatever. The U definitely did show who was boss last night. They were the better team. They had more size, ran better plays, and played good D, and won the battle of special teams. It was a formula for disaster for CO and their youth.
    The Charger faithful were hoping for an upset. But realistically unless a school like CO can merge with say Covina, this may be as far as we can go in DivII.
    Don’t get me wrong. Charger football is alive and well. I think we proved that. We may even be better next season. It’s just a shame that the enrollment numbers don’t make it easy to compete.
    Hats off to Travis and the seniors. It was a pleasure to watch you guys play this season.
    To the 80% that will be back next year. You guys will have the size, talent and speed to be a great team. It’s up to you.
    Thanks again CO. Proud to be part of this football family.

  • Fun Facts to Know and Tell

    The Sierra League at #14 is actually ranked HIGHER than the Big VIII at #16. Of course they are ranked behind the Baseline, who are #7 and miles behind the #3 Serra league, who trail #1 South Coast and #2 Trinity.

    If we are still comparing divisions, the Inland is still a distant #2 behind the Pac 5, but still miles ahead of the #20 Southeast and #27 Mid-Valley)

    And of course when comparing teams across divisions we have CO@#28 ,BA@#58, WC@#93 ,CH@#94 , Damine@#121, Muir@128, & Covina @#197 , San Dimas@#215 with Monrovia@#218

  • muir
  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Sheesh… get off the continent for a few days and my goodness… I never ever would have thought that CO would have $#!+ the bed like that. Did I read right… they only managed 10 points and the lone TD was against Upland’s FROSH team? Wow… just WOW. They had me fooled… Fool me once.

    I know that Ayala was a pretty bad team this year, but they way CO pushed us and most of the Sierra League teams around means we’re probably only a notch above dreadful. Bummer. Hopefully CIF will show us some love and move us out of a Division we have no business in… ALL of us.