• Bulldogs have bite

    Why does Big Bob keep referring to the West Covina vs. Glendora game as some sort of barometer to how good Monrovia is. WC had a bad game and still won. But Monrovia has excuses with injuries, QB issues and the team needs time to gel etc….

    Big Bob, you are talking out of both sides of your mouth dude. You don’t even have room left to put a chicken wing in! Try being objective and not some homer who only sees through green and white colored glasses.

  • Mike

    Hey guys,Fred was right Bob slowed him up. I will say Bob is always there at passing league, preseason, League and playoffs. He is a good fan and fun to chiuckle with.
    On to the game! I like the hype at this point. I have not seen Covina play but they must have some skills. I have seen the Monrovia games. Without a doubt you have seen the McCarthy at 1/2 speed most of the year. I am sure the whole can of WhupAss will be opened on Friday. Fred was right, in most of the games, Monrovia did not have much competition (who did they play?). I am not trying to be mean in any way. I was disapointed in paying to watch easy games (easy for me to say, I am in the stands).
    I can not WAIT FOR THE SLINGING OF MUD ON THE BLOG AFTER THE GAME. Either way its fun. GO Cats!

  • Jefe

    Someone tell Aram there’s no N in Amat. Drives me nuts when he pronounces it “Amant.”

  • Paul Revere

    Big Shot out to new york…I finally know who you are…We will keep it anonymous, but we had this same conversation at that game, that one day…discussing all of these topics… and that was several weeks ago. Everything we discuss has came to Fruition. You represented mtown well. Make sure you give Maddox a call this week. I am sure you can throw some things out there they may have overlooked. Big shot out to Aram, for doing his research and getting new york on. He was a phenomenal player for the wildcats. We love big bob he was funny as hell and has some valid points, but New York talks about football the way we discuss in the tight knit circle. Great show!

    Fred J Covina
    Aram T. Covina
    Miggy Miggy Miguel Monrovia
    The Scouting Guru Monrovia
    Stevie Boy Monrovia
    Reporters 3-2 in Favor of Monrovia

    Paul Revere Monrovia
    New york Monrovia
    Kennedy Bryant Monrovia
    Colt 74 Covina
    ColtFan 97 Covina
    Colt 76 Covina

    Bloggers 3-3 Covina

    This thing is split Right down the Middle…I love it.

    Big Bob can’t help it…leave him alone.

  • coltfan97

    This is so fun!!!! The game can’t come fast enough!!!!

  • New York

    Paul Revere,
    Was that conversation at a pop warner game in Pasadena?

  • Mtownclown

    Im Picking COVINA!!>..lol jk Monrovia!!!

  • Paul Revere

    Yea…keep my Identity on the hush haha..I am a wanted man by the Red Colts.

  • big mike

    Bob, what are you talking about im a PACIFIC LEAGUE FAN and Muir is in the pacific league so what do you mean i see where my team is. look im rooting for the WSGV that includes M-Town. But real talk Bob you are the most bias person i have ever had the chance to hear speak. i do applaud the way you took over the show but some of your points made absolutely NO SENSE at all. What was your point of bringing up the fact that Arcadia beat Muir when Arcadia also beat Monrovia? and the whole San dimas thing also had me confused. But like i said the last time you spoke, you dont give no other school credit at all, and if M-town lose you always have an excuse. Your not doing any of the M-town fans any good by making excuses, your actually painting M-town red with arrogance covering up that green. Covina is a scary school to play against and im sure other M-town fans would agree but not you Bob. Im pulling for M-town i want M-town and Muir to bring home the hardware to the WSGV. and i also hope that M-town join the pacific league when they do the realignment. But come on Bob give credit when credit is deserved and Covina has earned all the credit in the world with the way they played all season long.

  • Cluster F*@#

    THAT segment was a disaster!

    Billy Blob was hangin his hat on comparing scores between Covina-Monrovia-San Dimas-Pomona. Blob used the McCarthy injury as an excuse for San Dimas (and he used injuries as excuses fo the SH loss too) but everyone there neglected that Covina was missing Livingston in the2 pt win Blob wanted to use THAT comparative score to show MHS beat Pomona by more.

    Blobs performance was a disaster – please – NO 3rd time.

  • Colt74

    Agreed. Bob was funny the first time. Obnoxious the second, and to use his line about him for a 3rd time….



  • Mtownclown

    Pomona still scored 14 points on Covinas Defense and they only Scored 7 on Mtown…livingston had nothing to do with that

  • Frank

    Big Bob is nothing more then a sh%$ talker for Monrovia. He is definitly fun to watch and makes for good show, but he has no knowledge of Covina and he in no way presents a cogent argument for Monrovia. The funiest part was when Fred put one hand on his shoulder and one on his arm. Fred you looked like a little kid trying to hang on to his father! lol
    I am defintily excited about this game and I think it will be close. Good luck to both teams.

  • reality

    Mtownclown -if you don’t understand that Offense effects Field Position and Field Position effects defense then you are much bigger c;own than your nickname and posts indicate

  • Colt74


    And Covinas defense held Pomona scoreless until already into the 4th quarter. Pomona scored on Monrovia 1 play after Monrovia scored their first TD.
    Monrovia-Pomona tied at halftime 7-7.

    What again was the Covina – Pomona score at halftime?
    7-0 Covina

    And at the end of the 3rd? 16-0 Covina…14-7 Monrovia

    See, it’s all about the presentation…..

  • Mtownclown

    it all sounds good.they still scored 14 i dont care how you put it.No excuses

  • Ronald McDonald

    ..and San Dimas beat Monrovia – which sounds good too!

  • reality

    clown – ‘ya only scored 14 vs San Dimas…Covina had 39! McCarthy don’t play offense!

  • Mtownclown

    we will see come FRI!!

  • CoViNa

    Fred, who and why is the BLOB guy of any significance. He’s not very intelligent and sounds like a fool. Put someone on who at least has some football knowledge and not just a ‘HUGE’ homer. Smile Blob so I can see u.

  • Football Fan

    Does “The Guru” realize that the mic pics up everytime he slams the table.

  • the truth

    Tribuno – because this is a SGV area blog and compares SGV teams TO EACH OTHER. this isn’t a Pac 5 blog. Regardless of record in a top 10 league IN THE NATION year in and year out over those 8 yrs they still are Twenty-Something and One against teams in this area. THAT’S why we still talk about them. Because they continue to kick your @$$

  • Apples and Oranges

    El Tribuno numero uno CO is counting their blessings they ended up in the Sierra league instead of being shipped, like Glendora, to the Baseline. If that was the case we’d be talking about scraping into the playoffs and battling Los Osos and Etiwanda for 3rd – 5th every year. CO is used to playing in a league of sub .500 teams (Los Altos, Wilson, DR) and winning championships against teams that lost as many as they won. Then they “moved up”(?) and got to play great teams like Ayala, South Hills, and Claremont (who also couldn’t hang in the Baseline League. There are no freebies in the leagues Amat has been in. If CO had been in the Baseline the past 8 yrs we’d be talking about the same kind of record – or worse!

  • Anonymous

    Again are you really still talking about Amat and CO? Look CO was and is a better football team THIS YEAR than Amat was. Both of there seasons are over come back next year lets focus on the teams that are still playing. Enough with the would of could of or the we beat you back in the days crap both teams are done. the Sierra doesnt belong in the inland the Serra was and is completely OVERRATED they also dont belong in the pac5 both division are similar you had a team from the Sierra make the semis and also a team from the Serra make the semis a year ago but neither team was Amat or CO. look you can talk about who played who or who beat who regardless you will find a way to counter everyone’s argument but one argument is for sure this year, and thats the Inland division was and is tougher than the pac5 this year. The rankings are correct in my opinion no team should be ranked over another because of what they did in the Past. CO opponents were just as tough as Amat opponents in non-league. Ok in league amat plays a tougher schedule but when you put 5 average teams in a league then it would be tough TO THEM outside of them they are weak look at this year performance no Serra league team made it past the 1st round. this argument should be dead CO is the SGV finest this year they didnt represent the SGV to well in that humiliating lost to upland neither did Amat in their humiliating losses to SM and Servite. but it is what it is upland is one of the best in state as, YES better than Servite who lost to tesoro WOW SM is also one of the best on state even though they lost a close one to Servite, but it is what it is. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE TEAMS THAT ARE STILL PLAYING.

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