Bishop Amat and Charter Oak near deal to play next season in Week 3 …

Area fans may finally get the dream matchup they’ve wished for as earlier as Week 3 of next season.

Bishop Amat and Charter Oak are near a deal to play next season in a matchup of two of the area’s top football programs, according to sources.

The two heads coaches and both administrations have recently been working on a deal to play and one could be finalized as early as Monday, sources said.

Aram’s take: Finally! YES! Both teams have some rebuilding to do, especially at QB. But this would still be a fun event for the Valley. And for those of you wondering, this would be former Amat lineman Andrew Hauser’s first game of eligibility.

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  • Bulldog 4 Life

    omg finally!!
    i just hope it isn’t like the 04-05 season when Amat went to CO. Amat was ranked below CO but if i remember correctly Amat shut them out and i remember the crowd shouting “over rated”. We’ll see what happens though. should be a good one

  • sgvfan

    looks like CO wants to play Amat because all the top players are leaving and they need a QB and they think this will help in recruting in a sneaky way. CO thinks they are going to be strong next year but still needs to recruit.

  • Keep going

    About time: Chino Hills has Amat, West Covina, Tesoro, Rev, Corona Santiago try to compete with that schedule.

  • Keep Going,

    Holy cow man, that’s insane.

  • (…)

    Did you check your email?

  • i don’t know

    I am not Amat Fan, but CO should not have Scheduled that one. It’s going to be ugly and It’s really going to Validate Amat’s Dominance in the SGV. Travis is gone…CO loses no matter what. CO should have went after West Co or Monrovia, but that would be too risky, because if they lost they would lose all their Recruits. They May have already lost them… I hate to use Comparative scoring, but Ill do it once.After losing to Upland by 40, then Upland got dismantled by Vista M. That Really Solidified, how far away CO is from doing anything Positive in the inland playoffs. Kids want no part of that. Chino Hills is the only team in the Sierra, who can make a run deep, when their skill players are good. Their line will always be big, and will always be good. This was one of CO’s best team, with the sickest record, and they got swatted like a fly. Now I know this game is going to get pumped up all summer, but really Bishop plays too many good teams. Charter Oak would be a breather for them. Put It like this, If CO plays BA Schedule they lost to Servite, Alemany, Loyola, Crespi, and get rolled by SM 68-3. If BA plays Charter Oaks Schedule, they go 10-0 and Battle Upland in the 2nd round…maybe even win that game. But they sure As hell don’t get beat by 40.

  • Lancers went 1-4 in the Pac 5

    I don’t know if all that you say is true why didn’t CA schedule Upland, Corona Centennial and Carson…instead of Garfield, Dominguez and Cathedral?

    1-5 in the Pac 5 seems like nothing to brag about.

  • GoAmat

    Don’t think anyone is interested in that match up! Why now??? Because Amat has to re build. CO should of played us a couple of years ago when AMAT was trying and CO wasn’t returning AMATS phone calls.

  • Coach Slayer

    One gets blown out in the second round the other what, tied for 3rd in their league? Don’t see the big deal. West Covina-Monrovia might be interesting.

  • Coach Slayer

    One gets blown out in the second round the other what, tied for 3rd in their league? West Covina-Monrovia might be interesting.

  • keep going

    Aram : CH schedules tough pre season games every year, I think it helped this year seeing them pick apart Rancho. Next year is definitely a rebuilding year.

  • “STILL EMBARRASSED”- – Lou Farrar

    I’d be EMBARRASSED too!!! said:
    Realized why Lou and the Chokesters are all EMBARRASSED by that performance. Because they realize when they play good teams – THEY GET THEIR @$$3$ kicked! They need CUPCAKES to win

    WINS: #1013 Chino Hills (CA) (38-7), #1132 Santiago (Corona, CA) (63-21), #1263 Damien (La Verne, CA) (41-28), #2236 Esperanza (Anaheim, CA) (54-28), #2664 Claremont (CA) (49-12), #2888 Glendora (CA) (17-6), #3208 Roosevelt [Eleanor] (Corona, CA) (35-28), #3528 Santa Fe (Santa Fe Springs, CA) (49-0), #3625 South Hills (West Covina, CA) (63-28), #4030 Ayala [Ruben S.] (Chino Hills, CA) (62-34), LOSSES: #14 Upland (CA) (51-13), #100 Rancho Cucamonga (CA) (21-13)
    WINS: #1800 Damien (La Verne, CA) (31-17), #2551 South Hills (West Covina, CA) (34-31), #3082 Santa Fe (Santa Fe Springs, CA) (17-0), #4832 Ayala [Ruben S.] (Chino Hills, CA) (54-7), #6810 Esperanza (Anaheim, CA) (35-20), #7552 Gardena (CA) (34-7), LOSSES: #155 Vista Murrieta (Murrieta, CA) (28-7), #208 Chino Hills (CA) (29-22), #363 Rancho Cucamonga (CA) (40-28), #1262 Claremont (CA) (35-32), #1825 Glendora (CA) (28-21)
    WINS: #972 Etiwanda (CA) (27-26), #1403 California (Whittier, CA) (38-10), #1455 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (12-0), #1455 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (21-0), #1742 Damien (La Verne, CA) (23-20), #1935 West Covina (CA) (35-10), #3754 Gardena (CA) (15-14), #4189 Muir (Pasadena, CA) (20-19), #5033 Bonita (La Verne, CA) (31-0), #5785 Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, CA) (38-0), #9277 Wilson (Hacienda Heights, CA) (42-0), #9404 Diamond Bar (CA) (48-0), #10102 University (Los Angeles, CA) (43-6), LOSSES: #512 Rancho Cucamonga (CA) (35-25)
    WINS: #963 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (30-14), #963 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (23-7), #1478 Rowland (Rowland Heights, CA) (33-17), #1536 Etiwanda (CA) (35-32), #2226 Crescenta Valley (La Crescenta, CA) (40-9), #2777 Damien (La Verne, CA) (42-21), #3075 Bonita (La Verne, CA) (48-10), #4518 Diamond Bar (CA) (62-13), #5973 Aliso Niguel (Aliso Viejo, CA) (30-14), #6299 Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, CA) (45-20), #7590 Bell Gardens (CA) (55-15), #8285 Pioneer (Whittier, CA) (52-28), #11087 Wilson (Hacienda Heights, CA) (42-15), LOSSES: none, TIES: #176 Rancho Cucamonga (CA) (14-14)

    THEY beat TWO teams in the top 1000 in the last FOUR YEARS!!! LOL!!!

    Talk about CUPCAKES!!

    Chargers have to get ready for TWO more @$$ whuppinslike last contract.

    Inless Bog Lou TAPS OUT of the last year as he did last time

  • Anonymous


  • Sierra League Fan

    Keep going,
    Chino Hills does have Amat , West Co and Tesoro on the schedule. Their contracts with Santiago and Rev are up and will probably be replaced. Even with just those 3 it is still a tough schedule. They always schedule tough pre season games to help them in league and the playoffs.
    Yo are wrong about next year being a re-building year. This year was. This year they had only one returning starter on defense and only 5 on offense. Next year, the Huskies will have 8 returning starters on defense and 8 on offense including all skill positions except for QB. They will have a Soph QB. He is the best frosh Qb around, Thropay. He is the brother of 2 CO kids,who were starters for CO the last 2 years. I guess there was some type of falling out with the CO coaches and he decided to go to Chino Hills…the kid will be legit. I would not say Chino Hills will be rebuilding next year. They will also have some more skill kids from this year’s league champ freshmen team including Goens @ LB. The kid is a beast! He started the playoff game vs. Rancho as a true freshmen. Chino Hills will be back on top of the sierra league next year, mark my words.

  • Sierra League Fan,

    Given Charter Oak’s glaring need at QB, that has to hurt that a Thropay is a QB but he’s playing for Chino Hills.

    Is this kid as good as I’m hearing?

    And I agree, Chino Hills even if they’re rebuilding they just reload. Great talent rolls thru that program every year. They’re a legit Inland school whereas CO and South Hills are not.

  • just askin’

    speaking of the traveling Thropays, where is the oldest one. last I head – no more football and at a JC. Is that right? As a frosh at Monrovia they touted him as the second coming, then Amat-found out he wouldn’t beat out Ruiz so off to CO-and didn’t beat out Santiago. Now this one heads to CO? When you run away form competition it comes back to bite you.

  • Hoss Cartwright !

    Aram you may not put much stock in what I say, But being a Monrovia-Duarte Hawks Affiliate, Jordan Thropay played his JAA Career for Duarte Hawks. We watched that kid grow. All of the Thropay’s were great. He is the Fastest of the Thropay’s. Jordan is a lefty and has a bullet for a arm, and extremely mobile. Chino Hills got a good one. If they get some skill players around him, they will be able to get back to semis in the Inland. This was the kid that Charter Oak really needed to stay…However, The Thropay’s not electing to send him to CO might be telling the valley something… Chino hills line is much better than CO. Chino Hills might be the new Sierra league champ next year. With Him as the signal caller, CH will be back to the Semis real soon.


  • Observer


    I couldn’t agree more with your take. Charter has no business being in the mighty Inland division. When CIF realigns divisions Charter Joke needs to plead with CIF to drop them back down to the lower levels.

  • I think rather than shipping CO and South Hills off to the Inland, which is akin to throwing them both to the wolves, CIF ought to find a way to beef up the Southeast Division.

    Put Monrovia in there. Keep West Covina in there. Put Glendora in there. Stuff like that.

  • Lancelot

    Kinda seems anti-climatic at this point. I’m sure it will build to a boil by next season.

  • Sierra League Fan

    The Frosh Thropay is legit. He does have an awkward delivery like Tebow, but he has a rifle arm and he is very accurate. He is also very quick and is 6′ as a freshmen already. He has a ton of talent around him including jack Austin, joe Lara ( both 6’3 targets) , Chaz Eldridege and a Freshmen Bryson Charbonier @ WR and Louie Napoles and Darren Abacherli return @ RB. Those returners should help take the pressure off.
    CO’s loss is Chino Hills’ gain.

  • Frank

    The blogs are already heating up and this is almost a year away. Games like this are good for SGV football and the valley, game should be held at college stadium. I’m just curious when Amat beats them, and then Amat people get on the blog are Co fans going to still use the excuse about Amat bringing up the past. “That game was last night, you Amat fans are still living in the past” or maybe you guys will accuse Amat of having a cupcake schedule.

  • comparisons

    To compare, Amat has ELEVEN wins vs the top 1000 in that same time (Compared to Charter Oak beating TWO teams – DR at 963 and Etiwanda at 972)

    What’s interesting is that ALL of Amat’s losses during that time have come to teams in the 500’s or less – while CO has lost to EVERY team they’ve played in the top 600 during that time. AND have losses to a #1262 Claremont and a #1825 Glendora !

    #710 Crespi (Encino, CA) (28-14)
    LOSSES: #13 Santa Margarita (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) (45-21), #58 Servite (Anaheim, CA) (49-14), #206 Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) (14-3), #255 Alemany (Mission Hills, CA) (26-21), #476 Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) (17-12)
    #238 Crespi (Encino, CA) (31-28), #567 Dominguez (Compton, CA) (21-15),
    LOSSES: #67 Alemany (Mission Hills, CA) (38-30), #277 Tesoro (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) (31-21)
    #104 St. Bonaventure (Ventura, CA) (24-23), #144 Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) (31-14), #302 Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) (28-21), #345 Alemany (Mission Hills, CA) (36-14), #557 Loyola (Los Angeles, CA)
    LOSSES: #67 Lakewood (CA) (34-17), #592 Crespi (Encino, CA) (38-25)
    WINS: #80 Lutheran (Orange, CA) (47-39), #241 Crespi (Encino, CA) (22-21), #963 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (17-6),
    #15 Poly (Long Beach, CA) (21-17), #35 Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) (56-21), #475 Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) (17-6), #487 Los Osos (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) (24-20)

  • pop warner

    Sierra league fan: I hear you and see where your coming from but from what Im hearing Daddy ball is still going on at Chino Hills you have a Coach that has his son starting over some kids that are by far better than him, the same coach basicially pushes the competition away from his son. Next year I hear and Fear that that same kid that cant block or make tackles is going to be trying for starting QB spot? DO THE MATH = desaster for the program until that coach is gone ,which is after his son graduates we have problems. The parents see it, the kids see it. Its just a shame hopefully The Head Coach/AD/Teacher makes some changes. How do you take a coach that ran the JV team into the ground last year and promote him to Varsity?

  • I agree

    I gree: Good friends dont make Great coaches.

  • Proud Swordsman

    Any word on the St. Paul vs. Bishop Amat game next year? That is a great rivalry and it needs to be played annually. Great crowds and community involvement in that one.

  • Bad Sign !!

    I went to the CO vs Chino Hills freshman game. CO got total out. ( they do have one d-linemen who’s a beast who plays hard every down). The Chino Hills QB Thropay IS THE REAL DEAL.I think he will be a better QB the Santiago and that’s saying a lot. I don’t think he 6 ft, I think he’s taller. Chino Hills freshmen team was HUGH ,they looked like a big JV team. I just read what pop warner said: About the head coach’s son is the QB. That could be a big mistake.The best QB at this school played freshman football this year.

  • Sierra League Fan

    pop warner,
    What are you talking about? are you a disgruntled parent? Coach Bub does not have a kid in the program. If you are talking about coach Chadwick, tell me who should have started @ LB instead of his son? CH was thin at the LB spot and his son played well. He did miss a block in the Rancho game that led to a blocked punt which was unfortunate, but that could have been anyone.
    What are you talking about “the coach who ran the JV program into the ground last year and promoting him to varsity”? The Chino Hills JV team has won the Sierra league the last 3 years. You don’t know your facts dude. I think you are a disgruntled parent who’s son didn’t get to play. This is the same coaching staff that won 3 Sierra league titles in a row and went to the Semi’s last year…where was your bitching then? I asked my son about the situation and he said it is a non issue. I do agree about one thing, I don’t think Chadwick is the QB for CH next year. He is a better linebacker and let Thropay takeover @ QB since he will be around for 3 years.

  • pop warner

    Sierra league fan: Damn my daughter would be better at the spot, she runs faster, and can follow the plays and atleast run the same direction where the play is going. Your telling me with 100 kids on the sideline there was no one faster that can tackle? Huh uncle Chadwick? What does he run a 7.7 ? Come on wake up we all know who would be a better QB next but I guarentee you this, just like earlier this year when he was pushing for his son to start over last years QB was a joke. Did you see him at passing league? But his daddy will still have him starting any position he wants. let me correct myself here too,I meant before he got promoted to Varsity the year prior he skunked our JV program. Upset parent your right I thought the daddy coaching days were over and we have too good of a program to let that happen here! Defensive cordinator should be BUB without a doubt! Or bring in someone with expierence that will help build up these Boys instead of demoralizing them. Bottom line Chadwick has gotta go as a coach and let his boy compete and earn a spot on the team.

  • Damien 2015

    Damien Freshman won the Sierra League this year! They beat Chino Hills 13-7. Great game by both teams. The QB was really good, but does have a strange Tebow like delivery.

  • just sayin’

    pop – you may be right – but I heard your daughter is a beast!

  • Jefe

    Proud Swordsman,

    Why would you want to subject the Swordsmen to an annual beatdown by Amat?

    That matchup makes no sense.

  • Sierra League Fan

    pop warner,
    You must be a real DUMASs. You sound like a disgruntled daddy who lives through his son. Like I said…this year’s coaching staff was the same one who took us to the Semi’s last year and played Centennial tough. Since you know everything…tell me who would you have plugged in @ LB? Sounds like you have a personnal beef with coach Chadwick….. so be it. Talk to him like a man and not annonymously on here. If daddy ball was going on, wouldn’t his son have been the Qb? Coach Bub would not let that happen. In fact, when it came to mop up time in games this year, he put in the JV Qb, not Chadwick to play QB. I am sorry your son didn’t live up to YOUR standards and that you live your life through him….but CHHS football is solid and will continue to be even with parents ( a VERY small #) that whine like bitches like you . Get over it and live your own life and not through you son. If you have a beef with a coach, air it in person and not like a coward on a message board. If I had a problem about my son, i’d address it through the proper channels and not like a coward. GROW A PAIR!

  • sierra mist

    pop warner : taking shots like that? who’s the biiiitch hiding behind a screen name right now? lame a$$.

  • pop warner

    sierra mist: im not going to go there with you! I just call it as i see it and i don’t have ball sacks over my eyes like someone.

  • BigDogRob

    My understanding is CO has scheduled Roosevelt, Glendora, Los Osos, Tesoro and Amat…not a bad preseason schedule. I think they realized they’d need to upgrade if they truly want to compete in the Inland. I’m a a QB will also magically appear.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll say it now and I’ll say it again, the Thropay’s are great friends of the Chaves’s the starting QB of Chino Hills right now and they have said they have no QB’s left in the program. Jordan is the best athlete in the family, and I will tell you now he is the QB for Chino HIlls for the next 3 years. With Jack Austin returning, a future D1 commit and receiver, and his favorite target from the Frosh team Brycon, he has receivers. The line is a complete night and day difference then CO. I’m close to the Thropay family and if you are looking to win an Inland Division Title in the next few years, go to Chino Hills. They have a line, and great skill positions returning and up coming. Thropay will grow to about 6’3 and be the most highly recruited QB the SGV has ever seen. If you want to know what kind of kid and player he is, think of Tebow with pin point accuracy. He has a level head, and does not get rattled. It’s going to be scary to see what Chino Hills looks like in the next 2-3 years. Good luck Sierra League. As for the older Thropay (Josiah), he is currently starting at Saddleback College for the basketball team, One of the most highly touted JUCO’s in the Country. Good luck to everybody next season and may everybody have a successful off season. Come back ready to fight.

  • Sierra League Fan

    pop warner,
    It takes a real man to get on here and anonymously talk crap about a coach and his son. Have the balls to talk to the coach himself and not behind a screen name on a message board. This makes you sound like a whiny little biotch. Just because your little Richard or whoever didn’t get playing time don’t come on here and spread trash about a coach…man up, grow a pair , and talk to him face to face. If I had a problem, I’d do it. I know coach Bub is very open to meeting with parents and when I had a concern, he was very quick to contact me back and answer my questions ( and no, it wasn’t about my son’s playing time…it was about the San Diego trip). So man up and do the same. I hope your son is graduating so we don’t have your cancerous attitude around any more.

  • pop warner

    sierra mist: Man up? You mean complain to the AD about the head coach or complain to the head coach about the AD? Neither one matters because its a conflict of interest and they happen to be the same person! Genius, so we could talk here or file our complaints into the trash can. My son does start and has 3 more years here so bye bye I know your graduates this year. It not about my son I could care less if he starts or not its about what is happeneing here in plain sight.You dont pick coaches based on friendships PERIOD! When someone isnt getting it done fire them and get someone that could, thats life. Unless your employed by your dad? With a program like CH the best players should be on the field at all times. Lift the sacks above your eyes so you can see or you just dont care as long as your son starts?

  • pop warner

    anonymous: Agreed, and I heard they grown up with the Chavez’s, without a doubt Thropay should be ready to throw the rock next year. Im just skeptical to see a #15 QB next season just beacuse his dads a coach. Thats my gripe! It hasnt always been like this around here only since we had a dad and son here in the program. theres already a rumor going around that his son got voted for all league?????? Dont you have to make tackles as a linebacker to get that? Maybe thats why we dont keep stats anymore on the school website.

  • Sierra league Fan

    pop warner,
    Go back to pop warner….your type of bitching doesn’t fly in high school. For a rookie HS football dad, you sure seem to bitch a lot. Why would a freshman football daddy be at Varsity passing league games? ( “Did you see him throw in passing league”) If you are that unhappy about the way CHHS runs their FB program, take your son elsewhere. If he is a freshmen, he can transfer without penalty…Ayala sounds like a good place for a cry baby like you. Why would you chime in about what the varsity is doing and who should be playing…how would you know? Also, you are wrong, my son is a junior and will be back next year. I hope you take your whiney, cancerous, not guts a$$ elswhere or have the balls to talk to the coach who coaches your son face to face. Are you one of those youth football daddys that think they know it all…then your son gets to high school and plays real ball where all the kids don’t get to play and you throw a bitch fit? The name says it all ….this is high school football, not pop warner. Either support your son’s team or sack up and handle the situation like a man and not a little biotch.

  • pop warning u

    sierra mist: your name calling doesnt scare me! Yet phase me you must be one of the shadows fallowing the coaches around with some brown stuff on your nose and ranch dressing on your chin. Im done with you all I have to see is sit back watch and do nothing and we will see what happens. Im off nutsack!

  • Proud Swordsman


    Not here to talk smack! Regardless of the outcomes that rivalry is very entertaining and the athletes give it their all in that game. I have Amat relatives and St. Paul also runs deep in our family. From a money making community involvement game that is an easy sell. I sure hope that the new SP coach schedules that game. Aram any insight about that game would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Joe Amat

    Proud Swordsman,

    I do agree that should be a yearly staple. There is too much history between the schools for it not to be on the schedule. We were disappointed a couple years ago when St Paul chose not to continue.

    I know there were talks earlier this year about renewing the rivalry, but not as much lately. Getting weeks right and fitting it in with the games necessary to prepare for league will be important for the Lancers.

    I’d like to see St Paul & Damien every year, 1 Sierra rotating school, 1 rotating Big VIII/Citrus Belt school, 1 City school, and 1 purposeful opponent (regional, big game, style of play, etc)

  • Norco

    Norco just signed a two year agreement with Oaks Christian…I wish they would have been able to line something up with Amat or even St. Paul…hell we travel to Crenshaw #2, Las Serna week #4 and Oaks Week 5 and are in talks with Oceanside for week #3…we have no problem traveling….problem is getting teams to play…

  • what?

    i hope you are not talking about that jv QB ontiveros, that transfered from wc. he is no chris allen. let your son work for his position before u hype him up. ,dad

  • in regards to “anonymous said”

    You have got to be one of the biggest idiots I have ever met. Josiah graduated with a 3.6 gpa and was the CO athlete of the Year. Ask anybody in the school that knows him or the family. Anybody who know’s the Thropay family reading this knows your the biggest retard in the world for that statement. Jordan is in a class of his own. The CO coaches have already begged for Jordan to transfer to CO from what I hear. You are so sick in the head. Ha How can you live with yourself. Your probably just jealous your kid is a behind the scenes type player if at all an athlete. Go home and don’t come on this blog with sad statements

  • ChOak the Joke

    This is an absolute JOKE the more you even look at it.

    Amat ends season with a loss to #13 in the Nation Santa Margarita and were down 24-21 in the final quarter

    ChOak beat #1132 Santiago in the playoffs and ended there season with a running clock EMBARRASSMENT to Upland and were down 51-6 before their 1st string scored against Uplands 3rd string. EMBARRASSING. Ask Lou. Yes – that was a win against the ONE-THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SECOND ranked team. GREAT win for you. Brag about that one some more!

    Amat’s only losses were to #67 Alemany and #277 Tesoro (yes – same Tesoro that beat Servite this year)

    ChOak had losses to #155 Vista Murrieta #208 Chino Hills #363 Rancho Cucamonga #ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED SIXTY TWO Claremont AND #ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE Glendora
    LOL!!! are you SEIOUS?!?!?

    Amat had wins over #104 St. Bonaventure #144 Notre Dame #302 Mater Dei #345 Alemany #557 Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) and ended the season with a loss #67 Lakewood

    ChOak won the championship against Diamond Ranch who was ranked #ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY FIVE!!!!! I’m not joking!!! Does that even COUNT as a championship??? #1455???

    Amat lost by 5 in the final minute to the #15 team in the country Long Beach Pol

    ChOak won the championship against #963 Diamond Ranch – their best win of the year. In this “great” season they also had wins against#2226 Crescenta Valley #2777 Damien #3075 Bonita #4518 Diamond Bar #5973 Aliso Niguel #6299 Los Altos #7590 Bell Gardens #8285 Pioneer and #11087 Wilson
    Is that HILARIOUS or what???? They actually SCHEDULED a game against the # EIGHT THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIFTH team. Good job Grandpa Lou! Bet you beat up on your grandkids in checkers too!!!

    You are actually going to try and compare these two programs???? I think Cal Lutheran was undefeated in league this year – maybe THEY should be invited to one of the BCS bowl games

  • Amat Dad

    This goes out to all the dumb idiots on both sides that post statistics on these blogs, and do nothing but insult the schools, and especially the kids ( Yes Kids )that play this game.

    This game is good for both schools and the SGV. It’s good for the reason of competition…good, clean competition. And no matter who wins, think about the fun, the excitement, the week just leading to the game. It’s going to be great.

    But for anyone to come on here and do nothing but throw insults shows the ignorance of all those out there probably yearning for something they never achieved. So just sit back, and enjoy. In the end this game is strictly for bragging rights, as it has zero bearing in the playoffs.

  • Frank Corona

    I’ll use my name for this because unlike most of the retards on here I actually go to games and on occasion meet the parents and/or talk to the kids if I think it’s worth while.

    As far as the oldest Thropay. I was fortunate to watch 14 CO basketball games last year, no kidding at least 14 games and was able to talk to Josiah on several occasions, before and after games. I went to CO games for the simple pleasure of watching Coach Phillips fall flat on his face, he didn’t disappoint! In fact after a few games a few CO parents asked who I was…and got a kick out of my reasons but after the games and loses piled up they used to shake their head and say, ‘Why did Dunn recommend this guy?” I’d tell them “Job security…this guys is one of a kind”…LOL

    However, after watching the CO players bust their collective rear ends for each other and the school I began to go and actually cheer for the players along with some outstanding CO parents who were always first rate.

    Here’s my opinion of Throphy, he’s an exceptional athlete, leader and competitor. He never, EVER gave less than 100%. In spite of playing for what could arguably be the worst high school basketball coach in the SGV, and easily one of the worst human beings to ever mentor kids Joshiah kept his team mates focused, energized and together no matter the outcome of the games. Few players I have ever seen has shown that level of maturity and grit while dealing with such mounting odds, especially after the fiasco that was his senior season.

    When I asked him about Damien’s Chris Reyes all he said was, “he has great skills, he”s a great competitor, I learned I have many things to learn with his footwork and skill level and I look forward to playing him again.”. Solid kid, and that’s what I told his parents who were first class and never once bagged on that imbecile that pretends to be a Head Coach during games.

    AS far as the youngest Thropay at CH. I mentioned after the DHS/CHHS Fr. game that the CH QB was going to be better than any QB I’d seen in a very long time. He makes incredible throws, reads well and has tons of talent. In fact he’s part Rio, Mendrun, Jefferies and Baca…just an unreal potential star. In fact in the Damien gave he went over a tackler to try and score and to DHS’s credit they wacked him in midair and caused a fumble at the 1 yard line. These two teams will meet in epic match ups trust me as both teams are talented and played balls out.

    I hope this puts to rest the Thropay BS. I’m not hiding, have no interest in the BS, don’t really know the Thropays personally, but know when I’ve seen quality, and this family has it in spades.

    Glad to hear about Joshiah. Too bad he didn’t play along side Reyes, now that’s a State Champion for sure!

  • CH Husky Baller

    Pop Warner & Sierra league Fan,
    I am a player on the Husky varsity team. I have read your posts and I want to give my thoughts and those of many of the players. First off, coach Bub is an great coach to play for. He cares more about us that just winning games. He always tells us the best players will play regardless……this is 100% the truth. As far as coach Chadwick goes, I enjoy playing for him. He is an intense coach who tries to get the most out of us. This was his first year as D coordinator and I think he did a good job considering we only had one returner on defense. His son is a hard worker and knows the game well and gives 100%. Is he dominant or the best athlete out there, no. But he is the best at that spot. That last game was no one players fault, we all could have done better including myself. We pride ourselves as playing as a team whether we win or lose. No one gave us a chance against Rancho but we took it to them and they knew it. Pop Warner dad you need to chill. I don’t know where you are coming from, coach Chadwick does not favor his son. He is probably tougher on him than anyone else. You may no like him for some reason, but it sucks that you go on here and attack him. As a player on the Husky football team, I say you were out of line and he has our support. I hope your son is a team player and doesn’t pick up on your negativity….that is not how we do things here at CHHS.
    A word to the parents, Just let us play the game and work hard without you know it alls trying to dis us.

  • After watching BA via regular season games and watching CO play Upland—
    BA would kick the living crapola out of CO– sorry CO fans NICE 13 points you scored against Upland. BA loses RIO and now improves at QB

  • Proud Swordsman

    Joe Amat,

    I agree with all you have stated. I think a quality schedule for St. Paul this upcoming season would be

    La Mirada
    La Habra
    Bishop Amat
    Santa Fe/Charter Oak

    St. Paul will hopefully hire a good coach with long term aspirations to turn the school football program around and keep it consistent. As for the topic at hand, Charter Oak vs. Amat I agree it is great for the community as well and the only indicator on who will reign SGV supremacy. Does anyone know what the all time series is between Amat and CO? The only way to resolve this argument is on the field. jmo

  • Sierra League Fan

    Husky Baller,
    I agree with your post. My son came home pi$$ed when he read this blog. He said the players saw it and don’t understand where the hate came from. They have a VERY good idea who it was that made the negative posts and know the dude is a joke. They said they are all in support of the coaching staff and are already hard at work for next season. There is a great group of kids returning next year and they should be more experienced, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Keep working hard and make the most of your high school years, they will be over before you know it!


    You have NO business talking about CUPCAKE schedules when it’s been shown ChOak wins games against the #2226 , #2777 , #3075, #4518, #5973, #6299 , #7590, #8285 and #11087 and “wins” their two “championships” against a team that was ranked #NINE HUNDRED SEVENTY THREE one year and #ONE THOUSAND FOUR.HUNDRED FIFTY FIVE!!! All this while Amat is facing teams in the playoffs in the top 75 in the country. NO COMPARISON. we have seen that EVERY time CO plays a team in the top SIX HUNDREED – – CO LOSES!!! Amat, however has MULTIPLE wins against the top 600!!!

  • COChargerfan

    Amat Dad…too bad that there aren’t more level headed adults like you instead of so many of the knuckleheads that contribute so little to this blog.

    Upland Fan…no doubt that CO made what their fans know were uncharacteristic mistakes coupled with giving up big plays to Lawler (I still can’t understand why the CO coaches played single coverage on this kid) and ultimately laid an egg. CO was a young team and Upland had a bunch of seniors and it showed. So please explain how that game has anything to do with next year’s match up vs. Amat?

    Frank Corona is spot on about the poor state of CO’s basketball program. What wasn’t mentioned is that the Thropay’s also have a girl who is a talented basketball player and there was no way that she was going to play for CO…and I heard this from the parents last year. CO’s entire basketball program is an unorganized disaster and will be so until a new coach is hired..the true blame is on CO’s administration who hired them last year and even more so re-hired them for this year. Don’t think for a minute that this didn’t factor into the Thropay’s decision to go to CH. BTW, does anyone know whether the Thropay girl is also at CH?

    Thanks for the info on JT playing at Saddleback…kid is a talented basketball player and I for one am happy that he’s focusing on this sport.

  • Get off your high horse

    Once again Bishop is their own worse enemy. What purpose does it serve for them to play CO, Damien and CH…essentially the Sierra League? Seems that they believe they can dominate these games which again serves what purpose other than to admit that’s where they really want to be and where they belong seeing that the Sierra League is in the Inland Division and Bishop couldn’t win that division either with or with out Rio. That’s been established by Hagerty who has dumbed down his preseason unlike Verti who actually played tough teams and had talent. When you play and schedule Garfield and Cathedral you are not encouraging any one special to transfer in. Garfield would they? Garfield plays Carson, Bishop doesn’t any more, or at least hasn’t during Hagerty’s years. Upland is the local choice after winning CIF but now Bishop is looking to beat a Santiago-less CO? Come on who’s BSing who? When Hagerty scheduled Cathedral he knew they had a transfer Soph. QB and were suiting up 6 freshmen starters. Last two years it’s been 100-6 lol. Damien has beaten Bishop 1 in 17 years, again wow. Play Norco, CC, Upland and Carson and see what would have happened this year…maybe 3-7. Hagerty hasn’t really sought after too many tough games and when he did Servite beat them up bad. Great to say Bishop is playing Pac 5 opponents tough but 1-5 ain’t tough any more than 06 would have been respectable. LOL CO has nothing to gain in playing Bishop, NOTHING ! And that’s the truth.

    For all the back and forth about Bishop one question is never asked…”what would happen to Bishop’s numbers IF they were sent down to the Inland or Central for four years?” Fair question to discuss I think.

  • Just sayin’

    high horse – you seem to make a big deal about the Inland and CC, Upland, and Norco. I understand with a name like “high horse” why you bring up Norco. CC has alterrnated winning and loseing to Mater Dei for their last 5 meetings. It appears that over time, they are pretty equal. Mater Dei didn’t make the playoffs this tear and Amat has beaten them during that time. Upland split with Loyola the 2 meetings and Loyola/Amat is about a push during that time. Last time Amat played, Rancho was swept by the Lancers. venice was ranked in the top 4 of the City with great skill guys and not a big drop ooff from Carson. Garfield id playing all sorts of teams in pre-season (orange lutheran, edison, etc) Are all those coaches stupid and ducking competition too? On one hand you slam Amat’s present schedule, say they should upgrade, and everyone comes on here and talks about how good Charter Oak and Chino Hills are but now when they get scheduled it’s somehow a negative? Maybe Charter Oak is now jumping at the chance to play Amat without Rio and Moore? Be honest and just come on saying that no matterr what Amat does you are going to be critical. At least then you’d be honest!

  • Funny Thing

    COChargerfan – “uncharacteristice mistakes” happen when you finally play good teams. Ever wonder why those “uncharacteristic mistakes” happen against teams like Upland, Rancho, and Vista Murrietta? Welcome to the Inland! Be prepared for more of the smae… Or a drop to the Central.

  • CO Bro

    @ Upland Fan, nice 18 points you hung on vista! what happened to the upland / centennial championship game you were telling us about a few weeks ago? You will be watching the game on fox just like we will! I know we will re-load next year, will you? Merry Christmas…

  • We all wish Bishop well

    just sayin
    That’s not what I’m saying. I don’t care about the past. We are discussing Hagerty’s tenure and the fact that Garfield is playing up means what to Bishop? The issue is Bishop Playing down. Spin it any way you want but 1-5 in Pac 5 says all it needs to say, you weren’t there. Rio was made to be a savior and he never won one playoff game at QB. Not a dump on Rio as much as the coaches decisions. I love how Bishop played their butts off against SM. Wouldn’t that win been pretty special. Heck I want Bishop to be good, if not great, but the bottom line is Rio was the best Qb in 25 years at that school and Moore and Anderson were Pac % caliber RB work horse, add skill players every where and enough size to go around and what happened this year?

    Best of luck to the Lancers but in my honest opinion Hagerty lost the team with the baseball juggling act. No Championship, no league title, no playoff wins and no representing the United States and players transferring out, what a mess. I’m not a Bishop hater I just don’t like smoke up my rear, you had a bad year. Accept it for what it is.

  • smooth move

    CO Bro -way to divert the topic. Tht’s the way it works. When faced with the truth and have no rebuttal – – change the argument!

  • Lancelot

    Aram, Is the multiple post/ fire Hagerty / Amat hater the same guy????? I gotta know? I don’t care what anyone says, EVERYBODY that blogs, has posted as a drive by poster at one time or another, present company included 0:) but this guy is tireless! I need to know if my amazement and astonishment is well placed. Just a simple Yes or No would be appreciated…..Thanks.

  • CO Bro

    smooth move said:

    CO Bro -way to divert the topic. Tht’s the way it works. When faced with the truth and have no rebuttal – – change the argument!

    WTF r u talking about? What argument did I change? That post was directed @ one person in rebuttal to an earlier post. I’m not diverting any topic.

  • easy to follow

    Upland Fan said:
    After watching BA via regular season games and watching CO play Upland—
    BA would kick the living crapola out of CO– sorry CO fans NICE 13 points you scored against Upland. BA loses RIO and now improves at QB
    December 6, 2011 7:14 AM

    CO Bro said:
    @ Upland Fan, nice 18 points you hung on vista! what happened to the upland / centennial championship game you were telling us about a few weeks ago? You will be watching the game on fox just like we will! I know we will re-load next year, will you? Merry Christmas…
    December 6, 2011 10:32 AM

    How is your response on topic and an answer to Uplands comment on this thread?

  • CH Husky baller = Chadwick

    Hi coach: I guess we will find out in a few months if there is #15 trying out for varsity QB, if so there goes the season. Oh yeah he cares for you guys too by training after practice and charging as much as a pro coach would charge. What are his rates 65 dollars an hour not bad for not knowing anything.

  • COChargerfan

    So Funny Thing, what you are saying is that CO beat Chino Hills and Santiago because they are bad teams.
    Fact of the matter is that while Upland smoked CO, VM then smoked Upland so using your logic wouldn’t that also make Upland another one of the bad teams in the Inland?

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Yikes… some teams are still playing football THIS season and the haterade for what lies ahead (or not)is flowing like water over the edge of Niagara Falls. Man…

    @Pop Warner, calling kids out BY NAME no less… is just wrong man. Football is a TEAM sport. It takes 11 players EVERY play, EVERY down, no matter what.

    @Sierra league Fan, Don’t be sending whiners Ayala’s way… things are tough enough there without that kind of garbage adding to it. Ayala wasted most of this past season delaying the inevitable at the QB spot. Now they gotta some how make that time up.

  • GoAmat

    WHO R WE??? WE R AMAT!!! NO MATTER WHAT. WE WILL aLWAYS BE HATED ON. And the rest of the team and coaches. Didn’t see ND or Crespi get further then us. We love u boys!

  • GoAmat

    WHO R WE??? WE R AMAT!!! NO MATTER WHAT. WE WILL aLWAYS BE HATED ON. Good job Rio Sanchez Moore and the rest of the team and coaches. Didn’t see ND or Crespi get further then us. We love u boys!

  • FYI

    To the person who asked if the Thropay girl is at Chino Hills, the answer is no. She is still in the 8th grade. From what I hear the intention was to be able to send her and her brother to the same school as they are close in age. I heard 3 OR 4 of the girls she plays travel ball with are starting on Varsity at Chino Hills as freshman.

  • Lancelot,

    Yes, same person/IP address. And he’s posting under “Jeo Amat” and “Amat 73”. I had to check myself because I can’t imagine either of those guys saying those things about Amat/Hagerty. As we all know, posting under my name or under a well-established blogger name that is not your own is in breach of the blog rules that I either established long ago or simply make up on the fly. So guess what? His IP address is being deleted. At this point, this thread has 84 comments … watch where that number goes when this IP address gets banned.

  • Observer

    I saw that people are saying kids are transferring out of Amat….who has transferred or is trying to transfer besides Hauser?

  • COChargerfan

    Thanks for the info FYI. After you jogged my memory, I now recall that she was only a 7th grader last year…just hard to believe that she is that young considering her size and mature looks. Even last year, one could have easily assumed that she was a junior or senior in high school.

    Maybe Wiard will wake up and realize that the basketball program that she has ignored is affecting the football team…but I’m not going to hold my brreath considering that pretty much all CO athletics are now poorly coached except for those programs that were well established before she showed up. I reralize that budget constraints are limiting her ability to offer a teaching job to a potential coach but, come on, why would anyone hire an assistant JV basketball coach that was universally disliked by Damien parents to run her program? Not only can’t this guy coach, he’s an excuse laden fool that constantly blames and belittles the kids plus he has zero organizational skills…no snack bar, no program, etc.

    The Thropay’s saw it and I can’t blame them for sending their kids to another school.

  • Lancelot

    Well, that explained that! To those wondering about Amat transfers, most likely just someone blowing gas (hey where did all the “players are transfering out of Amat and Fire Hagerty” posts go?). I hope Amat puts together a good preseason schedule too, but you have to remember, the Serra League is a grind! You want to be ready but not at the expense of being all banged up and limping through the season come the start of league…food for thought.

  • @CO Fans- You all are the INLAND’s biatch after taking on Rancho and the Upland Scots. Maybe you should try to get in that Pacific League with Hoover and Glendale girls. Your football team is done. The old man at the helm is ready to keel over. At least CO rolled over like a good dog in their final game and ook their whooping like a man versus the Inland Powerhouse. That means Vista Murietta would have beat CO by 50 points GET SOME !!!

  • State Bowl

    I find this funny. As “good” as CO says they were, when it comes to State Bowl rankings, even at 10-1 they were no where to be found in the Top 2o or teams on the bubble. However,even at 6-5, Bishop Amat was at least in “others to watch” in Division 1. West Covina is #7 in D2 and Covina was on the Bubble in D3. For all of CO talk about being the best in the valley, the State officials sure didn’t seem to think so. THEY recognize the cupcakey-ness off their schedule.

  • AMAT #1

    I hear Soph QB Koa Haynes is headed to C. Oak, can anyone confirm this. Wasnt he in line to take over the reigns left by Rio?

  • JMO

    State Bowl,

    Aram and Fred ranked CO #1 in the SGV not CO. You sound like one of the tool’s that got run over by CO this year you butt hurt BIATCH.

  • AMAT 73

    I always post as AMAT 73 using capital letters for AMAT in any of my posts . Also in the body of the post you will see AMAT . About time you did something about it as I have always said I could care less what the village idiot has to write about me but he does cross the line and has in posts concerning the fine young men of the SGV who give it all on the field .

  • Lancelot

    AMAT #1 – Totally FALSE regarding AMAT QB K.H. (and Blue and “the other corner” too). Apparently someone is trying to start up the football transfer rumor mill early this year, ha, ha. Oh and Hey, good luck to W.C. tomorrow night! Bring home some Hardware for the SGV Boys!!!

  • COChargerfan

    State Bowlthats about the funniest thing that Ive read on this blog in some time. So were all supposed to be impressed because some stupid sportswriter mentioned the 6-5 overall, 1-3 in league and first round playoff loser as a bubble teamcome on, more like a bubble gum team. So Amat, the 16th ranked team in the Pac-5 was a Bowl candidate??? Thats hilarious.

    Upland fan, every game is different and maybe VM would have only beaten CO by 3 TDs. Oh wait, my bad thats what they beat Upland by. And how can Upland be an Inland Powerhouse when they are sitting at homethe same as CO? Instead of trying to make yourself feel better by focusing on CO, maybe you should start accepting that Upland, who was the highest ranked Inland team starting the playoffs with a lot of seniors, flat out CHOCKED away their final shot at their FIRST Inland title. Yeah first because all you have right now are Central titleshow that game last year go against CC? Big boys my azztheres no proof that Upland is an Inland powerhouse. Accept it, Upland is the 3rd or 4th best Inland teamthats a fact and you need to just let that sink in and quit massaging the pain with we are still better than CO stuff. The sad part is that Upland High School is twice the size of CO yet you still cant beat the real big boysaccept it.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Upland is strangely silent.

  • ABC Gum

    COChargerDimWit – those are not “some writers” rankings – those are the STATE Bowl rankings. And with their glorious 10-1 record CO was not even among the teams being considered. ANYWHERE on the list. That tells you what everyone thinks about the value of those 10 wins compared to the value of Amats 6-5 record.. Don’t you find it funny that they view Amats 6-5 as more worthy of consideration than COs 10-1? “Bubble gum team”??? LOL! Good one. Remember the old joke about ABC Gum? CO has Already Been Chewed!

  • COChargerfan

    Actually, what you are referencing is the ESPN Cal-Hi ranking (i.e. sportswriters) of teams and NOT a CIF ranking. Hence, CIF is not bound by Cal-Hi’s final ranking and can put any teams that they choose into the bowl games, that is, IF they are a section division champion.

    So Amat was eliminated from consideration one week before CO was…just sayin.

  • Observer

    Attendance size shouldn’t really matter when comparing Upland and Charter oak. The real thing to compare is which team has the most transfers? I mean Uplands starting running backfield started at Alta Loma their freshman and sophomore years, and I’m pretty sure CO has some kids that started elsewhere as well.

  • GoBigBlue

    I agree with everything said about Jordan Thropay he will be great, and yes the Thropay family and the Chavez family were friends, their kids went to West Covina Cristian School together. The idiot who claimed Josiah left Amat because he was araid of the competition is wrong, the truth is that the Thropay’s had a scholarship while at Amat (Of course Amat will say they don’t give out athletic scholarships), which required Josiah to maintain a high gpa, this became a lot to ask of a kid playing football and training and playing travel basketball. I remember when they struggled with the descision to leave Amat, it was based on the stress their son was under and had nothing to do with the fear of competition. Every Thropay Josiah, Jonathon, Jordan and Janessa are great kids that any parent should be proud of. If you don’t know don’t make things up

  • GoBigBlue

    Before you start calling people calling for Hagerty’s dismissal haters look at the facts. We went from Co-Champs to Second to lucky to be in Third in Serra in the last three years. That’s not progress, he single handedly ruined Rio’s senior year by choosing to play it conservative and not throw the ball more. His grind it out style is not drawing fans and attendance is down. He can’t attract good recruits and he loses the ones he has. I am not looking forward to next year. His best years were with kids he inherited. Amat deserves a coach that will restore it to the level it has enjoyed, unfortunately Hagerty is not that guy.

  • CH job placement

    Defensive cordinator: We are still looking for a defensive cordinator for next season! Please help us find one if you hear us out there. Need one with knowledge of football, not cheerleading. Need one that knows how to communicate with young adults, not trash talk them. Need one that wants to win games, win games by putting your best 11 on the field. Apply within.

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