Bishop Amat vs. Charter Oak 2012 … It’s not too early for a kind suggestion from yours truly …

Aram’s take: I’m already hearing chatter about this game in a lot of the places I go … and it’s only February. I think it may be a good idea to get both schools to agree to move this game to a Saturday night. Thursday would be OK, too. But I think Saturday would be the way to go because the crowd would be monstrous and quite possibly the attendance will be like something you might have seen in the 80s or early 90s. I’m not saying the site should be moved. I don’t feel that way at all. Charter Oak hosts it first and who can blame them for wanting the gate all to themselves? Same with Amat in ’13. I say keep it at CO and play it on Saturday. As a side note, I kinda wonder what Chino Hills is thinking. They open with Amat and nobody is talking about that. The Huskies could spoil everything and do what Charter Oak is hoping to do — give the Valley’s D-1 program a message that divisions don’t matter … when you’re good, you’re good. I applaud Amat for putting CH and CO on the schedule this year.

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  • The Big Show down.

    Since it’s going to be a down year for both schools, this game is going to mean a lot. Both programs need a a this game. For Bishop, this game will be played for pride. They still want to show the valley, that their program is in D1 for a reason. What that is I don’t know. It’s going to be hard for them to go to or win one game in the Pac playoffs. Charter Oak is playing this game to hopefully build some steam going into league, and maybe win their 1st round game this year. With Both teams losing great QB’s I expect this game to be a running game… a low scoring defensive game. I do believe both teams do have athletes on the outside, but not enough to scare either side. However Haynes does have some experience playing, so I think that gives bishop a advantage at qb. However Charter Has Bobo, and Scoby, so that evens things out. On the defensive side of the ball, I think bishop has the better defense. That will be just enough of an edge for BA. I think BA 24 CO 21. However I know some will say this game is for #1 spot in the valley…However, we still will have to seriously consider The two Lower level giants Of West Covina and Monrovia. Both of these teams can play/Beat with CO and BA this season especially with the transfers they received. The top four teams in BA, CO, WC MTOWN, will be auditioning for new Div for the realignment fiasco in 2013.

  • JAR

    Fail ^^^^^

  • Jar


  • They Won’t Change Game Day

    Neither coach will move this game to Saturday. Sure it would be great for the fans and attendance, however, it puts them at a disadvantage for the following week’s game. They would have 1 less day to prepare for the next opponent and one less day for the player who might get banged up to heal. I know for a fact I wouldn’t reschedule it If I was either coach.

  • OK, then see you Thursday night?

    I wonder how many fans will ditch their own team’s game to go see this spectacle.

  • coltfan97

    First of all, this is great for SGV that these two teams are playing against each other!!! I will be there!!!

    I do have to say this, I never liked Charter Oak and probably never will!!! I dont like Charter Oak, but I respect Charter Oak!!!! This goes back to mid 90’s for me!!!

    As for Bishop, I want them to do well because growing up as a kid I idealized their program! I wish they would become that powerhouse again!

    On the other hand, I can understand why some bloggers dislike Amat!!! Some Amat fans think since they are Amat fans they are “entitled”!!!! By the way, Amat you better not be looking ahead because Chino Hills is no joke!!!

    This game should move to Saturday!!! Imagine how many football fans will go?

  • What’s the Latest Scoby doo News?

    Is he still @ CO… he still shopping around? Anyone have the latest 411?

  • Math guy

    Aram, doesn’t make that one LESS day fto prepare for THIS gaeme? Makes for a short week n either end

  • Bad timing

    It’s too bad we can never get the right match-up at the right time. CO vs Amat needed to happen last year and Amat vs CH needed to happen 2 years ago.

  • JMO

    Scoby is still at CO, why leave with all that talent coming back not to mention how many more carries he’ll get with a good line in front of him. If he transfers he probably sits out next year and that would kill him.

  • Jumbo torn

    How many schools in the SGV play opponants who have jumbotrons on their campus stadium to watch the live action? Only one. Amat. Take a look at 8:15 of the high light video. Now that’s PAC-5 football.

  • MonroVian

    Scoby must be shopping around if he hasn’t landed somewhere, either that or he is being home schooled ar the moment. Because I repeat he hasn’t been seen at CO for over a month now!

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White ”

  • AMAT 73

    Nice isn’t it . Crespi in Encino . Small school but big money.
    Bad timing,
    Match ups like this are never the right time for some fans, but you have to play with what you brung as they say . To me that’s the beauty of it all , you put it on the line at all times regardless if your team is up or down . You can’t only want these games when you think the deck is stacked in your favor.

  • Bad timing

    My team is neither CO, CH, or Amat. I just felt that CH and Amat where the 2 top teams in this area 2 years ago and that CO and Amat where the 2 best teams in the area last year and would have loved to have seen who could have proved it on the field. No disrespect to Westco who I had in the 3rd spot each of the last 2 years. I don’t think the Amat team this coming year will be as good as the team that they have had the previous 2 years and I’m not so sure how good the CO offense will be without, what I thought was the best QB in the valley last year. With that said, I’m pretty sure that the CH team 2 years ago was probably the most talented CH team in the schools history and probably won’t have a team that talented again for at least another cycle. I’m guessing that the match-up that everyone will be wanting to see at the end of this year is going to be Westco & Monrovia, unfortunately that game is not going to happen.

  • Husky Pride

    I love these blogs because it brings out the ugly in everyone. Unfortunately it also brings the stupid out. Amat is a shadow of themselves, while CO saw their best year just pass them by. Reality is, Amat will go into the CO game with a 1 and 2 record. They will get crushed by Servite, squeek by La Mirada, and get their asses handed to them by the Huskies.

    Don’t make the mistake of realizing that Chino Hills will take the Sierra league next season. We have the best talent and will be the most physical in league by far. Amat will get a taste of this game three, while CO will get their butts whipped in league play.

    So stop making such a big deal of this Amat Vs. CO game. Both teams will get spanked by the Huskies.

  • SGV Football

    Husky Pride, do you remember the slaughter from last year when we paid you a visit. CO made the Huskies look like poodles. Don’t think that because we lost our stud QB tht we are not as good. We will simply reload at the QB position, while the rest of the team is as good, if not better. Both the Poodles of Chino Hills, and the Laughers of Amat will get a taste of the real power in the SGV.

  • GoAmat

    WE LOVE OUR AMAT FOOTBBALL TEAM!! Can’t wait for this game!

  • AMAT 73

    Bad timing,
    Maybe that’s why you don’t see the beauty in it .You don’t have a horse in the race or do you . But all the teams you mention other than Monrovia and no disrespct meant have been in the discussion of “Top” team in the SGV. CO ,CH, WC , AMAT have been in the number 1 talk of the ESGV for quite a few seasons now. So this coming season the SGV will see enough games between all these teams to have a damn good idea who comes out on the top at the end of it all . You never know when your going to have that 1 or 2 year great team so you can’t plan when to play a team , you just play when it comes and hope your team plays great . Comparing an 09 team to 2011 team is what most flys around this blog and is great for the blog but this season we get to see it . WC vs Monrovia would be nice but that’s why to me they really aren’t in the talk about number 1 . WC by virtue of their schedule , Loyola and I believe CH ,plus their league which is a strong league in my opinion , they can lay claim if certain things happen . I don’t think Monrovia can get a consideration because of losing to SD and SH last season , until they schedule a CO or as you say WC or AMAT and play a good tough game, win or lose, whether in an up cycle or not .

  • Dan

    Have to say, on video Amat is still impressive when compared to local teams. The team speed and physical intensity on defense seems unmatched by any team in the area, at least on video. That was tough to admit for me but trying to be honest here, look at the middle part of the video from about the 4 to 8 minute mark. Swarming, high impact defense. These boy’s fly hard to the ball in mass quantities and bring the hammer.
    To you Chino Hills fans, unless your team is as good as your 2010 team, I would still take Amat, but maybe you will be that good, we’ll see in week 3. CO has some great athletes in BoBo, Vaughns, Scoby, Garcia and others, could be a great game, don’t think they will match the physical play of Amat but with their speed and athletes they will always have a shot.
    Aram thanks for the football thread, it’s been a pretty dry offseason, keep them coming.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    There should be a breathalyzer attached to some of your keyboards.

  • Dan,

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I thought the same thing when I watched that highlight video. I’m not so sure that present-day Charter Oak will be wowed by the Amat mystique now that they’re in the Inland and have been on the field with a team like Upland in front of TV cameras.

    But still, you wonder if there’s gonna be an “oh sh!t” factor when they see 75 Lancers walking into the stadium.

  • Jefe

    I don’t see Amat having trouble with either team.

    Last season would have been a different story….


    SGV Football,

    Even tough I agree with you . Come up with your own name instead of using other peoples moniker.

    The real SGV FOOTBALL

  • GoAmat

    HATE ON!!! Go AMAT! We will never be good in any hates eyes. But we have a classy school. Haters hate because their kids don’t go to Amat. Just send your kids to Amat so they can be a Lancer! If not settle for whatever school that they go to.

  • CHHS Alum

    By the time Servite and my Huskies get done with Amat CO is gonna mop up what we started. Amat will be 1 – 3 after the CO game. Amat will end up with 4 – 6 season record and miss the playoffs.

    You heard it here first.

  • They Know…


    The “oh sh*t” factor will be on the lancers when they roll into a Charter Oak Charger Stadium filled with 10,000 people! Standing Room Only, baby! 75 against 10,065 Chargers! Oh Sh*t!

    They Know…

  • Dennis

    Scoby is attending charter oak, stop all the buzz already

  • No Es Campen Desde 1995

    Just got back from VEGAS and found my favorite blog topic…

    My Prediction for The Amat Hagertys in 2012 is
    Aug. 24 Servite – Black Friars HUMILIATE the Lancers (Again!)
    Aug. 31 Chino Hills – Huskies WIN by 28 – 17
    Sept. 7 La Mirada – La Mirada wins 17 – 14
    Sept. 14 Charter Oak – Amat limps into Chargers Stadium and gets smoked 35 – 21. Hauser WINS…!
    Sept. 21 St. Paul – 1st lancer win and the Amat blow hards believe they’re back in the Pac 5 championship contention
    Sept. 28 Culver City – 2nd win by the landers and the blow hards now really believe they can beat Servite…! LMFAO!
    Oct. 12 Alemany – 1st League Loss!
    Oct. 19 Crespi – 2nd League Loss.!
    Oct. 26 Loyola – 3rd League Loss..!
    Nov. 12 Notre Dame – 4th and final League Loss…!

    That’s right… 2 – 8 in 2012.

    No OLine, No DLine, No QB, No Stud RB, No Speed, No Strength…

    No CIF Championship Ring in 2012…!

    Just The Facts

  • Reality Check

    Isn’t it beautiful that when you add Amat to any story on here there is always a big buzz. No matter who comes onto the blog, from the Haters to the Amat Nation, they come out period. Can any other school from the SGV claim the same? NO !

    Aram and Fred both know that when they want to create buzz, they write about Amat.

    All the haters are in for a very disappointing reality when Amat knocks out CO and CH. Not that both teams are bad, on the contrary, they are both continuously good teams. But Amat is Amat, and when it comes to the SGV, Amat just wins.

    Let the anticipation begin. Good job Aram.

  • Reality Check

    Isn’t it beautiful that when you add Amat to any story on here there is always a big buzz. No matter who comes onto the blog, from the Haters to the Amat Nation, they come out period. Can any other school from the SGV claim the same? NO !

    Aram and Fred both know that when they want to create buzz, they write about Amat.

    All the haters are in for a very disappointing reality when Amat knocks out CO and CH. Not that both teams are bad, on the contrary, they are both continuously good teams. But Amat is Amat, and when it comes to the SGV, Amat just wins.

    Let the anticipation begin. Good job Aram.

  • Reality Check

    Isn’t it beautiful that when you add Amat to any story on here there is always a big buzz. No matter who comes onto the blog, from the Haters to the Amat Nation, they come out period. Can any other school from the SGV claim the same? NO !

    Aram and Fred both know that when they want to create buzz, they write about Amat.

    All the haters are in for a very disappointing reality when Amat knocks out CO and CH. Not that both teams are bad, on the contrary, they are both continuously good teams. But Amat is Amat, and when it comes to the SGV, Amat just wins.

    Let the anticipation begin. Good job Aram.

  • sneaky lowlanders

    Don’t be surprised if you see SCOBY in an Upland uniform next season. I heard Esquivel was asking CO’s QB about SCOBY’s status at an event at Upland High School this weekend as well as telling a “family friend” of SCOBY that he (Mike Esquivel) will go out and pick him up every day. Sorry SGV, that is how Upland rolls. Good Luck!

  • Proof is in the pudding

    If I was a amat fan and Charter oak, I would be concern about League and pac 5/inland games. There is a strong possibility that neither team will win league and will lose in the 1st round of the playoffs. A program is going to be judged by what they do in their Div. While the area prestige feels good, it has no bearing on how people outside of the area feel about these program, and how potential incoming players feel about attending these schools. Factor in that realignment is coming up, both of these schools are under a microscope. Bad showings this season, could mean Bishop Moving down into the western Div4, and Charter Oak Moving down into the central Div5 or southeast Div7. If those programs do move down, and other good programs develop and move up, it is still going to be difficult to dominate those new divisions. I really like what West Covina, and Monrovia are doing with their programs. I do not agree with those who say they can not be considered for the #1 spot. Both of those programs can play with Bishop and Charter Oak this upcoming season. I like they hype behind this game. I think it’s going to be great. However the Real story should be “Where were these programs, Where are they now, and Where are they going”. I know CO and BA love their programs, however they never want to discuss, how the level of these programs are slowly getting worse. When bloggers brag about being upper Division, but have absolutely no shot at winning a title on that Level, I think it’s foolish. It’s also foolish to call other bloggers haters because they point out the fact that these programs are getting worse. If believe they are getting better, Then say so…where’s your proof. Saying that they can beat schools with 1600-1700 Kids is not proof. Don’t say the Bishop Articles run this blog, If Aram wrote “West Covina #1 or Monrovia #1. This article would be full of CO and Bishop bloggers hating on that thread. I do not bishop was not the focal point of the articles regarding the playoffs, or “Signing Day”. However, I would like to see what’s going to be the vibe when the “realignment article” comes out. I think there is going to be a lot of slices of Humble pie to go around. That’s for sure.

  • Lancelot

    Wow! First JACK ASS sighting in awhile, it was good while it lasted though.

    The Lancers will be ready for whater comes down the turnpike! c.o. will have 10,000 fans, HA! Really? I had a hard time counting 200-300 at the chhs fiasco and that was a PLAYOFF game! If there is 10,000 fans at a c.o. game 9,500 will be Amat fans and 300 will be area football fans. You’re gonna need all 200 of your fans to really crank up the very intimidating “c.o. – you know” chants….HA,HA,HA!!!!

    Amat moved down, BAHAHAHAHHA! HA! HA! HAAAAAAA! Don’t make me laugh! The Amat record last year coupled with still making the playoff’s only to lose to eventual STATE CHAMPION…..”SHOULD” tell you casual “football Fans” just how hard a league the Serra/Pac5 really is but (apologies to those who do know), I’m sure that will not persuede even the most ardent Amat haters. It is what it is….Keep up the Good Work Aram and let the hits keep on comin!!!

    Sorry Amat Faithful, I know it’s brash but I’m just trying to crank up the intensity in here. The Blog has been pretty slow as of late.

  • Joe Amat

    You realignment guys are funny.

    First, if you think the entire Serra Laegue will move down you’ve been smoking some good stuff. Based on history that would not happen until after many, many years of subpar performance. Looking at Past D1/Pac 5 champions even Loyola has won a couple this decade. Looking at how many teams in the League are ranked throughout the year – that would be a joke. And if we’re being honest, last thing CIF wants to do is move a quality Private School League into another division to win and spur the Public/Private debate even furtther. They would be much happier with the Serra League and Trinity League knocking each other out to help the odds a bit.

    Then you have to look at who has won League recently. Loyola last year, Alemany the year before and Amat the year before that. So what about Crespi and Notre Dame? Guess what? They’re not going anywhere either the next team releaguing comes around. A couple scenarios that could happen. Oaks & Bonnies could come in to make the League even deeper. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean anyone moves out. It’s possible to go to a 7 team league, guarantee 3 (instead of 4) to the Moore League and the Serra.

    Of course, I’ve always said that Damien is the wild-card in all this. If they should decide to move to where they belong or drop the law-suit threats if others should decide to move them from the Mt San Antonio to the Parochial area, that throes another school into the mix that could creat some geographical alignments that might make sense. Amat, Damien, St Paul, St Francis, and Loyola would be an interesting 5 that principals/CIF might look at.

    But I honestly don’t think Damien goes that route – even if I think they should.

  • football follower

    Stop thinking of this league with Damien in it. As long as Gano is there it wont happen unless the other non Private schools kick them out. Gano wants no part of that league alignment. As for Monrovia and West Covina competing in D-1? West Covina would possible give good games but schedule Amat first to see where you are at. As for Monrovia, not taking anything from them but what division are they in and what D-1 teams have they played in the past couple years. I am hearing very good things out of the eight room at AMAT and it could mean good things for next year. Yes it will be tough against Servite but I see all good things coming the Lancer way. Damien and their past Monsigner had an agreement when they entered the Public School league and I see the other schools balking because of all the recruiting going on. I heard the Freshman staff at Damien made up of ex-AMAT Frosh coaches have been let go. Interesting, I gues even with AMAT insight Gano still couldnt beat them.

  • coltfan97

    If your going to talk about some team moving down in a division you better be talking about Glendora or even JSerra!!! At least BA and CO make the playoffs!!!!! Whoever wrote that is a hater, and knows nothing about the teams in the SGV!!!

  • Unbelievable

    Frank, can you confirm that the Damien freshman coaches were fired. Two years ago everyone had nothing but praise. Is Gano up to his old tricks of hiring Pop Warner coaches to coach his frosh teams to get the talent. Damien parents beware. First transfers, now lower level instability.

  • Joe Amat


    Unbelievably it’s true. Parental complaints they were too tough on the kids (demanding? holding them accountable?)Gano had to buckle to that pressure.

    We know at Damien, parents rule

  • The realignment guy.

    Everyone respects what Bishop has done in the past. However realignment is going to be based on what bishop did last season(coin flip playoff berth)what BA is going to this upcoming year, and what Bishop is projected to do in the future. Can you look in the mirror and say bishop is a lock for second place in the serra? Can you look yourself in the mirror and say bishop is going to win a first round game against Poly, SM, Servite, or whatever #1 seed they play “if” they get in? Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say bishop has any shot a winning the Pac 5 or even make a semis appearance, if they are kept in D1 until the next realignment? Ok What are the reasons why CIF should keep BA in D1? Loyola is the only school that has produced on that level in the last ten years. Alemany/Crespi had one good run, but they are not usual suspect when it comes to Pac 5 Success. But what is on Bishop’s resume that says they should continue to play on that level, and not give up their slot to more up and coming inland and western Powers? I mean do you see the talent and size of players in the pac 5, now compare that to the talent In the BA Program. Now when you have Bowens and sheldon Price and a collection of players like that it was competitive, However you know that kind of talent is not there now, and probably won’t be in the future. You can’t get mad because people are calling it like it is. If it isn’t that way then set us sillys straight. Put it on the line now, say what your projections are, where do you see this team finishing this season. We are going to need more then ..”all we want is for our lancers to play hard”. When are you going to admit that BA hasn’t and can’t win on that level anymore. I guess if your comfortable with coin flip playoff berths, loading up the fan to drive to south orange county for a good ol fashion blowout, just to say you play in the pac 5…So be it. If you keep messing around, someone is going to put up 84 like Wesco did la serna. You don’t think so.. I was at the servite game, and everyone knows they could have scored 70 easily. So let’s hear it…what hard core facts do you have that says BA is not in consideration for being dropped to a lower level? I think CIF will get rid of the stragglers from the Moore league, the bottom feeders in the Sunset, and possibly the entire Serra league with the exception of loyola, with BA holding on by a thread….I don’t have any hard core evidence to say this is going to happen. I just going Off the five pac 5 games I saw including BA vs Servite, and Servite vs other lower level pac 5 teams.

  • AMAT 73

    realignment guy,
    Let’s put the shoe on the other foot just once , beside you don’t want to hear our reasons for dissagreeing with you do you? What up and coming powers in the Inland or the Western do you forsee coming up or being moved up to the PAC -5 . You say CIF will get rid of stragglers in the Moore , Sunset , and possibly the entire Serra . Who will be the replacement teams in your mind. At least 5 schools to start with with a possible 4 to 5 more to fill in the ones dropped from the other 2 leagues. Are you trying to say there are at least 8-9 Inland and Western teams playing the kind of ball to knock off Poly, Servite, and SM, along with others to be moved up to PAC -5 play ?????. Name them please and back them up with proof on what leads you to belive they would make the semi’s or win the title.

  • Aaron

    Honestly my biggest problem with the PAC-5 has nothing to do with the gutty little Lancers. I think the division name needs to be eliminated, call it what it is: Division I, bring in the Marmonte and the Big VIII, and possibly even another league. Why…because when more than half your teams make the playoffs it is not tough, it is not the best. Pound for pound the hardest division to win is the Mid-Valley…now why is that? They have six leagues and less than half of the teams make it, heck you only have a guaranteed spot if you’re a top two finisher.

    And if you have to be selective with the programs you put in to make the new PAC-5 or PAC-7 or whatever you want to call it, then do so. If you’ve won a playoff game in the last two years you should not be sent down…I mean think about this: Paraclete was in the Mid-Valley, they won it and then went to the semis and then got kicked out of the Olympic and sent to the East Valley…that makes no sense at all…sent down? Really? So where we are presently is more teams can compete for a ring…but the difficulty is much lower than it was years ago.

  • Dan

    Last season was a tough one for Amat but they are still a consistent mid to upper-mid level Pac 5 team, which is no reason to drop them out of the division. There are other teams more deserving to be dropped before Amat such as Marina, L.B.Wilson, Compton, L.B. Cabrillo, L.B.Jordan, L.B.Millikan, Etc.
    If any of you really believe Amat or any team from the Serra has dropped to the level of the bottom 5 of the Moore league or bottom 2 or 3 of the Sunset leagues then you are clueless.
    Find a way to drop the division bottom dwellers then bring in the upper 4 or 5 Maramonte teams like Westlake,Oaks Christian, St. Bonnies, Moorepark. Dropping the Serra out of the Pac five would definately reduce the quality of the division.

  • No Es Campen Desde 1995


    GET IN LINE for the 2012 A$$ Handing…!

    The eventual STATE CHAMPION kicked your A$$ and a few others like
    09/02 Jordan (Long Beach, CA) 56 – 0
    09/09 Tesoro 39 – 7 Win
    09/15 Trabuco Hills 35 – 14 Win
    09/29 Los Alamitos 38 – 27 Win
    10/21 Orange Lutheran 31 – 10 Win
    10/28 JSerra Catholic 42 – 14 Win
    11/04 St. John Bosco 28 – 20 Win

    11/18 BISHOP AMAT 45 – 21 WIN…..”Oh Sh*t…!”

    11/25 Long Beach Poly 49 – 16 Win
    12/02 Mission Viejo 21 – 20 Win
    12/10 San Clemente 27 – 13 Win
    12/16 Bellarmine (San Jose, CA) 42 – 37 Win

    “Oh Sh*t…” 45 – 21…to Santa Margarita!

    Really? That had to be the worse game……..errrrrrrr…..wait……Or…was it the Servite Black Friars A$$ Handing?

    LickaLot, ask your alternative lifestyle partner, errrr AMAT73, which game you lithpee boyz think was worse and let us the SGV know.

    I what an A$$ Handing to the 2011 Lancers…!

    Just the Facts…

  • Mid-Level


    This is Mid-Level and I just want to clarify one thing with you! In the Pac 5 there are 29 teams. I, MidLevel, like to consider myself as number 14 or 15. Therefore I take umbrage with you when you try to insult me with LowerLevel losers like Bishop Amat who finished at #20 in 2011, LB Wilson, Compton, and LB Milikan.

    MidLevel in the Pac 5 for 2011 was the mighty TESORO TITANS!

    Dan, what has Amat done in the last 10 years to deserve staying in the Pac 5? How many league titles have they won? How about Playoff games? CIF Championship Rings? And you think they should stay in the Pac 5? HAH!

    Dan, the Ford Pinto called to say it was a great Sports Car, too!

  • Realignment Guy/With Data

    Mid level I am going to give a Visual of what you just said. You ask for my data here it is.

    29 teams in Pac 5, BA finish 17th(coin flip playoff berth). As you can see the stragglers of the Sunset and Moore are at the Bottom of the barrel in Div1. The only teams ranked lower than BA were Mater Dei and J Serra Catholic. But they have a excuse, They play in the Trinity league which it the toughest league in Div 1. Now there are several teams in the Inland that are ranked a lot higher than BA like VM, CC, REV, Rancho, Upland, JW North, and CO as of right now. If they rearrange some leagues in the IE, they could put together a league to compete in D1. Especially after upland Beat loyola and JW North Beat alemany and VM beat Crespi…so Really Why couldn’t create a new Inland D1 league, and drop the Serra all together, Moving Loyola and poly into the Sunset with Los Al, Edison, and Huntington Beach. However, BA is probably the 2nd weakest team beside Notre Dame who should be in the Western. Now Bishop has dropped to that level. That is why i say this year is a big year for that program…and you know Bishop is not winning the serra nor getting into the playoffs on a coin flip. If they do…It’s going to be a long ride down to South orange county for a blow out, where some one may get 60 scored on them this season. Even If Bishop did get a home game, Tesoro would be the draw again, and Bishop lost that one. Now is it hard to see the top 5 teams from the inland in one league competing in the pac 5? In the northern, You have Westlake, Oaks Christian, and st bonnies, You could leave Loyola, Alemany and Crespi in the Serra, drop BA and Sherman Oaks ND, and recreate the Serra, and it would actually Save those schools money on Driving to the SGV…It makes even more logistical sense to put that league together. Then you could easily replace Wood I shown my reasoning, Now show yours…

    (Bishop Amat) 6-5-0 0.545 284 227 3 L
    Newport Harbor 5-6-0 0.455 208 269 2 L
    Woodrow Wilson 5-6-0 0.455 298 270 1 L
    **Mater Dei 4-6-0 0.400 231 238 1 W
    Jordan 4-6-0 0.400 200 324 1 L
    **JSerra Cath 4-6-0 0.400 245 307 1 L
    Fountain Valley 4-6-0 0.400 184 285 2 L
    Compton 3-7-0 0.300 198 317 1 W
    Dana Hills 3-7-0 0.300 210 309 4 L
    Marina 1-8-1 0.150 113 314 6 L
    Millikan 1-9-0 0.100 88 435 6 L

  • Crespi?

    Why would you leave Crespi in the Serra? Amat has been a plaoff team 4 straight years with a League Championship ( in a year the Serra was ranked 5th ini the nation). Neiher Loyola, Crespi, or Notre Dame for that matter, have not topped that RECENT success

  • Realignment Guy/With Data

    You ask for more data, well here, do what you want with this. Comparative scoring is not always a good way to do things, i am just saying….Still waiting for your data Lancer Nation….I love SGV football, I respect BA…but Data is Data.

    Servite 49 Bishop Amat 14(They could have scored 60 +)
    Servite 35 Mater Dei 28(Stop Comparing yourself to MD)
    Servite 24 La Habra 16(Div 6 team sacked up against state champs)
    Servite 24 Tesoro 10(Titans already own BA)

    SM 45 Bishop Amat 21(blow out)
    SM 21 Mater Dei 14( stop comparing yourself to MD)

    Bishop Amat 28 Damien 7(2012 game is going to be closer)
    Vista Murrieta 38 Damien 13(There goes a inland team again)

    Bishop Amat 38 Venice 35(In 2011 Wesco won 35-21)
    St Francis 27 Venice 17(BA should have played St Francis instead)

    Bishop Amat 14 Garfield 0(first game jitters)
    Edison 27 Garfield 7(Garfield got better)
    St Paul 31 Garfield 8(western div 4)

    Bishop Amat 56 Cathedral 7(cupe cake game should not be on your schedule)
    St Francis 58 Cathedral 8(They went for two)
    St Paul 38 Cathedral 0(shut out)
    Serra 40 Cathedral 0(shut out)

    Bishop Amat 49 La Mirada 13(you are D1)
    Bellflower 21 La Mirada 7(nearly a shut out)
    West Covina 63 La Mirada (63 nuff said)

    Alemany 26 Bishop Amat 21(terrible league loss)
    Alemany 35 JW north 36(are you sure you want talk about the inland)
    Alemany 13 Dorsy 16(Wow Dorsey could win the Serra)

    Loyola 14 Bishop Amat 3( nearly a shut out)
    Loyola 35 West Covina 7( Well at least they touch pay dirt)
    Upland 38 Loyola 23(Don’t ever mention another Inland team again)\

    ND 17 BA 12(Bottom of Pac 5 Barrel game)
    ND 17 Valencia 14( Valencia made there xtra points)

    Bishop Amat 28 Crespi 14 (Life support win)
    Vista Murrieta 38 Crespi 20 (The Inland Elite ripped the serra to shreds)

    Better Yet, the question should be…should the “Serra league” Stay in D1?

  • coltfan97

    Might as well move Orange Lutheran down since too especially since they lost to BA a couple of years ago!!! Also, they haven’t made the playoffs in two years!!! We need to move them down a division or two!! And don’t give me they play in the Trinity League argument!!!! Remember JSerra lost to Damien, and Damien lost to BA SO YOU USING THE tRINITY lEAGUE AS AN EXCUSS IS CRAP!!!! By the way, comparative scoring does not work in high school football or other brand of football!! Comparative scoring is not an argument!!! Amat is staying in the PAC 5!!!!

  • football Follower

    OK here is the only reason AMAT wont move down without a fight. Kids send their kids to play at AMAT to compete at the highest level. AMAT has never moved down because they didn’t dominate the best like some local coaches have done repeatedly. I watched both videos with an open mind and i as you all to do the same thing. What I saw was the same thing local coaches do as well. AMAT hits you and hard. Watch the hitting that goes on in an AMAT game and watch the hitting that went on with CO. Nothing from CO but they never got hit, defenders ran along side of them. That is the difference and these other coaches know that they would get physically beat up playing AMATS schedule. Keep an open mind and watch the videos.

  • Si…I agree!

    I agree 100% with Colt97 and with football Follower…

    Let the Amat Hagertys stay in the Pac 5. Let them keep getting their participating a$$es handed to them by FAR FAR Superior teams in the Pac 5. What fun would it be if all of a sudden they actually put a winning season together for their school and their blow hards? I say keep’em there and let them take their annual beatings like good arrogant boys that Amat parents have raised!

    Take your beating with a smile…! Its coming in 2012!

  • Realignment Guy/With Data

    Colt97 you have no Idea what you are talking about. The inland Elite went 5-0 vs the Serra. Where is your data?

  • Joe Amat

    Winning? Is that what it takes? Is it winning when you have to move down to do it? If they should be successful, will Edison feel like it’s “winning” when they get moved out of Division 1 after not winning a championship game since 1980? or will they just feel, deep down, like they couldn’t cut it, threw their hands up, gave in, and said, “we just have to play on the short rims if we’re going to win”

    Or is it winning when the good teams that you couldn’t beat move out of your division? Did CO really “win” when they had to move out the OC leagues that beat them like a drum in the playoffs before the Chargers went back to back? Did West Covina really “win” when CO and South Hills got moved up – eliminating that roadblock? Did San Dimas or Monrovia “win” when the team from the North were moved out and opened the door for them to get to the finals?

    Wouldn’t all of those teams like to have the *real* answer of how good they are. i always hear from those schools, “well, if we played (insert team here) we’d win because now we’re better.” Why? Because they finally “won”? ‘Ya really thjink so?

    Bishop Amat is just fine where they’re at competing against the best and letting chips fall where they may. And people that aren’t ok with that, don’t understand real competition. Period.

  • Realignment Guy/With Data

    football Follower…no one in their right mind would question amats toughness or strength of schedule compared to the rest of the SGV teams. However, it’s their size, athleticism, and speed, That puts them at a disadvantage in the current level of competition they participate in. Using Charter oak as a measuring stick is not relevant because Charter Oak is currently way over their heads in the inland Division as well. However, they have only been at level for 2 seasons. Bishop Amat has been in D1 for the last 20 years with no titles, no Semi finals appearances, and very few league titles. Also you must factor in that Schools like Mater Dei, and other pac 5 schools, compete in D1 in all sports, not just Football, where Bishop Amat’s other sports are not in D1. I don’t see why Baseball is not, they could win on that level. But nevertheless, Football has not even come close to showing they can win on that level.

  • Joe Amat

    Realignment guy with incomplete data,

    Even CIF and Principals who vote are smart enough not to just look at a one year snapshot. The season before Mission Viejo drilled REV, Servite hammered Chapparrel, Crespi beat Vista Murrietta by two scores and Loyola spanked Upland much the same way Upland embarrased Charter Oak.

    If you’re going to go on comparative scores the Pac 5 has the edge over a two year span. And to those of you talking about the “up and coming Western powers”… Stop it. Notre Dame beat up on their #1 seed, Culver City and Arroyo Grande were in the finals, and St Francis/Chaminade have regularly lost to Serra schools over the years. Even in Amats worst year ever one of their 3 wins was against that Divisions champion! There is a differnce. There just is – accept it.

  • Realignment Guy/With Data

    Joe Amat, so are you saying that Bishop Deserves to stay in D1? You have at least 6 programs in the inland Division who would like to compete at the Highest level as well. Should they not be considered for a D1 position? Like I have stated the top teams in the inland are 5-0 vs the Serra league. These Inland schools are big with tons of students and talent and great coaches. They are not going anywhere. They are only going to, and have been getting better. Is Bishop getting better, or worse? What competition are you talking about?

    Upland Beat loyola
    REV beat Mission viejo
    VM beat Crespi
    JW North Beat Alemany
    Corona Cent beat Mater Dei
    Chapparal beat Tesoro at Home(Bishop Lost to them at Home)

  • AMAT 73

    realinment guy,
    It’s evident you just hate AMAT no more no less. You base all your theory on last season in the Serra . As for our place in the Serra we were co champs in 09 and beating our fellow co champion during that season , 2nd place in 10 and played for the title, and 3rd place last season and made the playoffs all of those seasons .Now to me that means we are one the better teams in the Serra .You paint a pretty bleak picture for next year which is your right to think that way but you know we can just as easily win league and go into the playoffs as well , if you want to honest . Do you know what our team looks like for next season or are you going by our boy wonder 1995’s assements or what the other teams of the Serra will bring ???? Now here’s what’s interesting in your post and as Colt97 pointed out is that you fail to include those teams of the Trinity such Olu who we beat last time we played MD who we never compare ourselves to as we have beaten them the last 2 times we played and many other times and the last time being in the PAC-5 playoffs ( but you’ll give them a free pass because they play in the Trinity but still can’t beat the lowly over the hill LANCERS ) and J Serra who Damien beat who we by the way beat soundly other than in the eyes of haters who seem to think Damien has closed the gap because we only hung 28 on because we took a knee on the final scoring drive. The game was never close . By the way let me know how much closer the game in 2012 will be won’t you as you will be the only one watching a game that won’t be played . Maybe that’s the only way they get close to AMAT , by not playing .

  • Realignment Guy/With Data

    Well In closing, We will see what happens…Not one of you Bishop fans have a prospectus for what Bishop Is going to do next season. Win league? Win a playoff game? I am not the expert, I just formulating my opinion on which Pac 5 league may get the boot. Right now the whole Moore league with exception of poly has to go, the bottom half of the sunset league, has to go, and well the serra league is in the conversation…They very well could keep the serra intact. However I do know Bishop is been getting worse and everyone else is getting better. Since 2000 schools from lower level like Crespi, Olu, Tesoro, SM, Mission Viejo, San Clemente have came up D1 and made Final appearances and are regulars deep in the playoffs. They all have surpassed BA, a team who had just won titles in previous years before that. If you remember around that time IE Schools like Eisenhower, Fontana etc were in D1 and winning. The IE teams are making a comeback. Someone has to go…I just hope it ain’t the lancers. What’s beyond me is that BA fans think for some reason Bishop is a absolute in D1 forever. A Orange county bloggers raid this blog, and say the same thing, but you guys skip right over those comments to attack a SGV blogger who thinks Bishop is not Pac 5 material anymore. Then you call them a hater, say “We beat everyone in SGV”, then go on with your day…Well…you all still have not put together a solid argument on why Bishop truly deserves to stay. You can’t say they have a legit shot a winning anything. You can’t say the Serra league is that dominate, what would you say to a “out of area” Tesoro fan who comes on here and craps on the SGV’s only pac 5 team? Remember you only beat 1 pac 5 opponent last year. So what are you saying?

  • Realignment Guy/With Data

    oh yea if you want to talk serra league,

    Alemany(Semi appearance), ND, and Crespi(pac 5 finals appearance) were in lower Division less than ten years ago… and they all have went further than the Lancers recently. Now they are duke it out blow for blow with BA… Loyola won in 2003 and 2005 and this all has happened in the last 10 years… Where does this madness stop!

  • Joe Amat

    Realignment guy who doesnt read,

    Like i wrote- you can’t go on a one year snapshot because “The season before Mission Viejo drilled REV, Servite hammered Chapparrel, Crespi beat Vista Murrietta by two scores and Loyola spanked Upland much the same way Upland embarrased Charter Oak.” And as 73 pointed out-yes they deserve to be right where they are. They have bene a playoff team each of the last 4 yrs and in two of those yrs played the eventual champions tough. won a Serra League title, played for one the next year as an undefeated 9-0 team and lost to Almany by 5, Notre Dame by 5 when ND intercepted a backup QB in the waning moments and were down 7-3 when their staring QB and SS wnet down with an injury.
    The past 4 yrs their record vs Serra League schools Is Loyola 2-2 , Crespi 3-1, ND 2-2 , Alemany 1-2. Nothing there says they don’t belong.

    You obviously have no idea how this all works. You want to cherry-pick a couple top teams from each Inland Leaggue, create a “Super-Inland League” and THEN maybe they can compete in the Pac5? The “football only” phenomenon is a little unique to private schools. Most schools compete against the same schools in all sports.

    So you want a team from Redlands to travel to Chapparrel or Vista Murrietta and vice-versa for a basketball or soccer game twice a week? Geography plays a leage part in public school releaguing.

    There are a lot of machinations in the works as to why Amat is in the Serra for football with all those schools that compete in the Mission League in everything else. In other sports Amat os in the Camino Del Rey association of A couple leagues that divide teams by competitive equity in each sport. The smart way to go if you ask me.

  • Joe Amat

    Alemany, Notre Dame, and Creespi were all in lower dovisions after having been moved DOWN from the top division. It isn’t like they came out of nowhere from the bottom up – they are just back where they belong

  • pick ‘n’ choose

    Realignment guy picks and chooses data and forgets some other comparative scores.
    La Mirada was neck n neck with La Habra
    Garfield. Was tied with Dorsey in 4th quarter Dorsey. Yu can’t say Dorsey “would win the Serra” in one sentance then say Garfield is weak in another.
    Then uses Garfield making a closer game vs Edison (they got better) after Amat shut out Garfield but West Covina “at least hit paydirt”(against 3rd stringers late in the 4th) vs Loyola
    Cathedral beat Pasadena , one of the better teams in the “tough” Southest won by WC. Is the Southeast weak – or is Carthedral better than you give them credit for?
    He forgets Notre Dame demolished the #1 seed in the Western Division, Serra – and they didn’t make the playoffs in the Serra.
    Puts Mater Dei as a bottom dwellar in the Pac5 but they are 2-3 against Centennial, the Inlands very best program over time. And Amat beat Mater Dei in a year MD beat Centennial.
    Amat beat OLu in a year they won the Trinity
    Amat beat St Bonnies at a time they were one of the top ranked team in the state.
    Looking at recent history – you have to say Amat belongs

  • Realignment Guy/Trends

    I think the “Big” Picture has to be considered. If you look across the landscape of CIF SS football, competitive nature of the Divisions have fell. You can not look at it from just a Bishop Amat point of view. We are starting to see the same schools/Area’s winning over and over again. Is this really competitive? In the Pac 5 the South OC schools along with Poly, have dominated that landscape for the last 10-15 years. If you look at the Inland Corona/Norco,VM, and handful of others have dominated that. In the Northern, Westlake and Oaks Christian Have dominated that. Rancho Verde, Palm springs have dominated the central Div. In Div 6 La Habra and Tustin, have dominated that Div, In the Southeast West Covina has stamped that with Back to Back titles and put up 84 in the title game. In the Midvalley Monrovia has stamped that Division. Below Paraclete and Sierra canyon will dominate that.Rio Hondo prep is cleaning up the rest. CIF has to do something about this. In my humble opinion you should be realigning the Division every 5 years. They are going to have to change the landscape drastically. Demographics are changing more than in the past. Cif is going to have to figure out a system that keeps the teams who are playing the best, playing each other more frequently. If something is not done these same teams will keep winning their Division every year or every other year. That’s boring to me. I want BA to represent the the SGV in the Pac 5, but I would be just as proud if they were in a lower Division winning titles, rather than seeing them get executed in D1 by Superior programs. I guess BA fans don’t see it that way. In My humble opinion, I think there are several programs throughout the south land who are playing better than the bottom half of the pac 5, and they have been doing it for more than 3 years. Basically they should rank the the top 225 teams in the SS for ten games, then at the end of the regular season take those rankings 1-16 as (Div 1) 17-32(Div 2) and so on and bracket the Divisional playoffs that way, So every year any school has a shot at playing where they are supposed to be at that point in time. Because right now, you can almost pencil the top 8 teams every year. This way, you still would rank those from better leagues, and tougher competition together.

  • Lancelot

    Don’t really have a lot of time to respond but just a quick addition to the hit count….

    Hey *JACK ASS*!(you know who you are) Looks like you had a lot of the same crap to write but I wouldn’t really know because I usually just glance over your stupid, repetative ass drivel.

    realignment guy – sounds like you just Hate Amat and one year does not a season make….

    Talk all the shiat you want but year after year in one of the toughest divisions in football, the Bishop Amat Lancers seem to end up in the playoff’s. And keep in mind, that they ARE THERE (the playoff’s) while a lot of other good Pac5 football teams ARE NOT. Keep the Haterade flowing guys your hate makes for some very comical reading.

  • Lancelot

    Hopefully I’m not to late in my correction….

    realignment guy – ***….does not a program make! (a year pretty much does make it a season. Ha, Ha, As I was).

  • Realignment Guy/With Data

    Right On que More Bishop bloggers pulling out the “Hate Card”. To Big to respond, Why don’t you scroll down, find that one Comment from the Tesero Titan Fan who says they are middle of the Pack and Bishop is near the bottom of the pack! Go Chase him down. If you want to get even, Go win league, get past the first round in the playoffs. If you take your Lazy @$$ outside of the SGV, you will see that LBC/South OC Pac five teams think you are not what you used to be and Inland teams beat your whole league this year. I been in those arguments, in both areas defending Bishop Amat. There’s nothing you can say when go out there. Tesoro beat you at home, then Servite and SM had their way with BA. Promise me Bishop Is going to start winning again..Please…I get my @$$ kick when I am in a FB conversation outside of the SGV.

  • Dan

    Mid Level,
    Let me break it down for you, at worst Tesoro finished in the top 6 of the Pac 5 last year, reaching the semifinals and beating Servite in the process, I would not call them a mid-level team in the Pac 5, they were in the upper tier.
    As for Amat being lower level Pac 5, let me break it down again,
    Last year, in a year that was Amats worst year in the 4 year Hagarty era, they still finished at around 14th in the division. I don’t know how you put Amat at #20 in the Pac 5 when they were one of the 16 teams in the division to make the playoffs. In addition to that when you consider that Long beach Wilson and Long Beach Cabrillo were two of the other teams in the Pac 5 playoffs, well then at worst, Amat was seeded higher than at least those two teams, so it’s more like Amat finished at 14th or possibly better in the Pac 5 which would definately qualify them as a mid-level Pac 5 team. I’m not an Amat follower, but at the same time I am not a hater. I personally would not like to see the demise of their program because they are a great measuring stick for the rest of the SGV, if you feel that your program is getting better then you can schedule a team like Amat to see where you stand, In just about any year, if your hanging with Amat then your probably going to have a good season.

    To “Pick and Choose”,
    Lets not get carried away, Pasadena was not one of the better teams in the Southeast division, They were tied for fourth in their league, barely making the playoffs, it showed in their 55 to 12 loss to West Covina, it could have been another 60 plus game for WC, Pasadena was done by halftime. Nor would have Cathedral been one of the better teams in the Southeast, in 2009 maybe, but the last 2 years not even close. Pasadena barely made the playoffs and it would have been the same for Cathedral, both were about average compared to the Southeast division.

  • AMAT 73

    realinment guy,
    OK so now we change it to more of a demographic reason as to why you feel AMAT should be moved down. Now you state how teams are continually dominate certain divisions and use WC and Monrovia as examples . That didn’t happen for WC until CO and others were moved out of that division .Now you move WC or Monrovia to D-2 or where , what then ? CO and others got moved up to D-2 and although it did not affect them all that much in league play , in the playoffs it did . Did they get moved up to far . How far do you move a team either up or down.The demograph issue should be the same for them as AMAT since we all play in the SGV . So then how high up should an SGV team be moved up , D-4 max ? But then throw in the ” much said recruiting advantage AMAT has ” and is it the same ???? But would you really consider moving AMAT to D-4 just to win a championship or better their chances of winning it because after all isn’t that what you are really saying by your posts on moving AMAT down. You might be getting that azz kicked because you go about presenting your argument the wrong way . Also a clue for you, mid level is not who you think . Just picture in your mind some fool ring bells .

  • Realignment Guy/With Data

    Ok I will bow out Just answer these questions…Answer must be documented in any publication you can find.

    Who is currently Finished #1 in tribune?

    Which team will be the preseason #1 in the Tribune next season?

    Which SGV team was ranked in the LA times for the longest period this year?

    Who is the Reigning Serra league Champions?

    Which upper Division program in the SGV has been to the Semifinals or better in the last 15 years?

    Well see you at the game vs Charter oak.

    Make sure you have on your “Back to Back” best in the SGV T-shirts, and shine those “SGV Championship” Rings….I’ll meet you at the in and out truck where we can discuss where we were when Bishop Won The “Coin Flip” Playoff berth.

    See you soon.

  • Dan

    As far as Inland Div. matching up with the Pac 5…
    Last year was a first as far as several Inland division top teams matching up with the Pac 5 top teams. In most years you have Corona Centennial and maybe one other team who could fit in the upper tier of the Pac 5. In some years it would be Centennial and maybe two other teams. Last year was different as you had CC,REV,VM,and Upland. Other teams in consideration last year were J.W.North and possibly Rancho Cucamonga.
    Whether this is the new trend, or just an exceptional year in the Inland division, still remains to be seen.
    The Northern division has consistently put out 3 to 4 teams that could be in the upper Pac 5 with Oaks Christian, St.Bonnies, Westlake and in some years one other such as Moorepark. You also have Valencia and Canyon Country but those schools have been more like mid level Pac 5 in recent years.
    Any opinions on this? Is it a new trend or was it just a good year for the Inland?

  • AMAT 73

    realinment guy,
    Spewing a little anger there aren’t you or are you just frustrated from another azz kicking .When did the In and Out truck start going to CO games as the first game is at CO . First you say Damien will play a closer game with AMAT next season ( not ) In and Out truck at CO (not) AMAT being moved down ( NOT ) , care to go for the cycle . Pick another topic and be 0-4 .

  • lancelot

    Realignment- Please point out the team that has never lost at home? Everybody can and does lose a game at home. A loss is a loss my friend, home or away so what’s the big difference. On any given day my friend. Even with our losses we still got into the playoff’s and any of the other two teams who could have entered the playoff’s on a coin flip would have done so too. The fact that you are so focused on losses and choose to ignore the body of work and their outcomes proves that you are an Amat Hater. We HAVE MADE the playoffs where many teams did not. Winning in the Pac5 playoff’s is not as easy as you are trying to make it out to be simpleton. Just getting there is not as easy as you are trying to make it sound either. Amat will be just fine with or without your approval. At least you will continue to have a focal point for your disdain.

  • realignment guy battles amat nation!

    I asked several questions… Below answer them please!!!

    Amat will be fine without my approval…It’s CIF that does the approving! I am sure they have ton’s of respect for you 17th straight SGV Championship. Next years SGV Championship will be the best one to date! There won’t be enough room on the Gym walls for all the SGV championship Banners BA has. No one can match your dominance in SGV championships. Matter Fact If CIF does move Bishop Down a Division, they may ruin your uncontested streak of consecutive SGV Titles, with a CIF title. But Nooo, you will fight to the death to protect what is Rightfully yours. The SGV Title will we remain at Bishop Amat Forever!

  • coltfan97

    Hey realignment guy who is the last SGV High School Team to beat Amat? Polls mean nothing you should know that come on! Just face it and tell the truth your an Amat hater! Come on let it out, you will feel better! This can be your therapy session!!! At least Amat Bully comes out and says it!!!

  • CHHS Alum

    Realignment Guy is has made a lot of great points.

    Amat Nation why are you affraid to answer the questions? If you really believe that you’re best team in the SGV then you should have any problems answering them. Right?

    Just answer what Realignment Guy asked you

    Who is currently Finished #1 in tribune?

    Which team will be the preseason #1 in the Tribune next season?

    Which SGV team was ranked in the LA times for the longest period this year?

    Who is the Reigning Serra league Champions?

    Which upper Division program in the SGV has been to the Semifinals or better in the last 15 years?

    Yeah, I don’t think you have the balls to answer any of them!

    Well see you at our stadium and I don’t come up in here with any excuses after we stank you azz up and down our field.

  • Covina Colt Hater

    I hate the Covina Colts!

    By the way, when was the last time you losers won a CIF Ring? Same as Bishop? Exactly. Maybe that’s why with Colt97 loser always wants to ride the short hairs of the lancers.

  • MidLevel


    You Will Stand Corrected! You know you don’t want to admit that Amat is Lower Level Loswer. So let me show you that facts.

    Let me break it down for you, according to official CIF Southern Section Final Standings in 2011 – Name W-L-T Pct. PF PA Strk
    #1 Santa Margarita 13-2-0
    #2 San Clemente 12-2-0
    #3 Servite 10-2-0
    #4 Long Beach Poly 10-2-0
    #5 Mission Viejo 10-3-0
    #6 Huntington Beach 9-3-0 NOT TESORO Dan!
    #7 Alemany 8-3-0
    #8 Edison 8-3-0
    #9 Loyola 8-3-0
    #10 Crespi 7-3-0
    #11 St. John Bosco 8-4-0
    #12 Lakewood 7-4-0
    #13 Cabrillo 7-4-0
    #14 Tesoro 8-5-0
    Aahh, There’s TESORO! MidLevel just like I said.
    #15 Los Alamitos 6-4-0
    #16 Notre Dame 6-4-0
    #17 Trabuco Hills 6-4-0
    #18 Orange Lutheran 6-4-0
    #19 Bishop Amat 6-5-0
    See DAN? This is NOT MidLevel, Dan! This is Lower Level Losers as with all of the other teams below Amat.
    #20 Newport Harbor 5-6-0
    #21 Woodrow Wilson 5-6-0
    #22 Mater Dei 4-6-0
    #23 Jordan 4-6-0
    #24 JSerra Catholic
    etc, etc, etc.
    Fountain Valley 4-6-0 0.400 184 285 2 L
    Compton 3-7-0 0.300 198 317 1 W
    Dana Hills 3-7-0 0.300 210 309 4 L
    Marina 1-8-1 0.150 113 314 6 L
    Millikan 1-9-0 0.100 88 435 6 L

    Dan, Amat is the great measuring stick for the rest of the SGV? Based on what, Dan? Their ability to consistenly lose in the playoffs? Their inability to compete and/or win in the PAC 5? Their inability to send footballers to D1 schools on scholarships? What it is that Amat measures for the SGV?

    The Chino Hills Huskies and the Charter Oak Chargers do not take a back seat to Amat. If anything the Huskies and the Chargers have rocketed past the Lancers these past 5 years. 3 yards and a cloud of dust don’t win in the SGV anymore, Dan!

  • coltfan97


  • coltfan97


  • CHHS Alum

    Joe Amat

    What about you? You the “all mighty” Lancer.

    Why don’t you answer the questions? Stand up and defend your schools honor. Realignmetn Guy is shoving facts down your throat and you’re no where to be found.

    Give us some details about your stud linemen. Do you have any? What about your stud QB? How’s that 5′ 5″ 150 stud coming along for you? Is he going to be any better than you baseball player? Give us some details Joe Amat. Who’s taking over for Moore? What about your fast receivers? Do you have any of those? How’s the bench? What about that football field of yours? Turf any time soon? Better bleachers?

    Will Joe Amat answer the questions?

  • Covina Colt Hater



  • coltfan97

    It’s kind of funny that you didn’t mention the team you root for!!!! Hmmm!!! Name those teams by the way who have won???? Also a 14 point loss is not a butt kicking!!!! Yes Covina lost to a better team, but I will ALWAYS root for my Colts!!! If you read my post carefully I never put down a team, so why do you say the Colt suck???? So Covina hasn’t won a CIF championship since 1995, and your point is what? Glendora hasn’t won since 1989, and Norhtview hasn’t won since 1987!!!!

  • Frank

    Even though Amat did not have their best season last year. People should keep in mind that Amat played tough every game and all of their losses could of gone either way except for the Servite game. Amat could of easily been 11-2 but some one has to lose.
    What I really see on this blog is just a lot of people who want Amat to come down a level so they can then deligitamize anyof their success that that would bring. Amat likes playing the level they play and even though they have not won a championship in a while would prefer to stay where they are.

  • Bishop Amat Envy


    You’re too funny dude, you should note that #19 Bishop Amat beat #10 Crespi. BA lost to #16 Notre Dame by 5 points, #9 Loyola by 11 points, and #7 Alemany by 5 points.

    Bishop Amat was down by only THREE points at the start of the 4th Quater when they played and lost to #1 and eventual State Champion, Santa Margarita.

    @ CHHS Alum

    Remember questions like “Who is gonna replace Amat QB Jerry McMcClanahan?” and “Who is gonna replace RB Jay Anderson?”

    You haters need to get a life and far too many of you suffer from Bishop Amat Envy. And if you wanna attack Bishop Amat football, please educate yourselves before posting. Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

  • Dan

    Polls don’t mean squat, it’s what you do on the field that matters. On the field Tesoro was among the last 6 teams standing when all was said and done in the Pac 5. They beat Servite who was the two time defending champion along the way to reaching the semi finals. If you do the math, finishing in the top 6 would be in the top third of the division.
    Amat was among the last 16 teams standing when all was said and done, at least two of those teams, LB Wilson and LB Cabrillo were not as good as Amat, which puts Amat at least at #14 of the final 16 teams who went the furthest on the field in the Pac 5 last season. Polls and rankings can say whatever they want, but they won’t win you a ball game on the field.
    As for Amat as a measuring stick, who in the SGV has beaten a Pac 5 team this decade, and I’m not talking about a Long Beach Wilson or Marina, but a legit Pac 5 team? Who in the SGV has beaten one of the big three from the Northern division in this decade? Amat has done both. They have beaten solid top division teams such as St. Bonnies, Crespi, Notre Dame, Orange Lutheran, Mater Dei, Loyola, and Alemany in these last 3 or 4 years. Till someone else in the SGV gets a few wins like that, I would have to say that Amat is still the measuring stick as far as SGV teams go. Chino Hills in 2010 came the close with their wins over Tesoro and REV, but that was one year, and it was their best team ever, and they couldn’t keep it going in 2011. Charter Oak is still looking for a win over a Pac 5 or top upper division team. I would have to say that Amat is still the measuring stick for the SGV teams at this point. If they have a couple more seasons where they finish tied for last in the Serra, then maybe you can say they have fallen from grace, but not for one season.

  • realignment guy brings the holy water

    It’s funny how polls don’t mean squat when amat is at the Bottom of them. But they do use them to show who they beat. They also used them to the fullest when the break the LA times, and pac 5 top ten. Only to flop out come November. You only defeated 1 pac 5 team this season. I don’t care how many times you beat SGV teams, you are doing it with their players. Even if they choose to go to amat, they are still from somewhere else. There is a strong correlation between, incoming talent and winning in D1 at Amat. I’ll will say that Amat’s structured program, full coaching staffs on every level, gives Amat a advantage. It’s not the talent. How dare you say your kids play harder than Charter Oak, or any of the other programs. Bishop is not getting the best talent In the SGV anymore, and your best Lineman are leaving. It’s 18 years and counting since amat has done anything significant. When Amat played good teams, they barely won. I will go on record saying that the top 5 schools in the SGV are just as good or better, than Venice, and Garfield. La Mirada and Cathedral got blown out by the top teams by the same scores, by lower Division schools. The Damien game was not a blowout, and CO blew them out! You would not be beating SGV top teams like they would get beat if they played the top tier schools in the Pac 5. If you notice, Amat does beat up on SGV teams early in the year, but as the year goes on Amat does not get better. By the end of the year they are beat up, due to lack of Size, and playing in a Division they can no longer physically play in. Just look at your team entering the pac 5 playoffs, everyone was patched up, and limping around. BA did not play a tough preseason, nor play in the 2nd or 3rd toughest league in the Pac 5. Those are all the characteristics of a program that can’t hang with the big boys. That is exactly how the lower Division schools would look, if they played your schedule. That should not be happening. In the past Amat always looked strong come playoff time. Almost every team in the top tier of Pac 5 played each other tough. You received two of the worst spankings in Amat history last year. Those were statement losses. You had no signature wins, and you got in the playoffs on a coin flip. Just stop It. I am not a Amat hater, I just writing on the thread. Truthfully speaking Chino Hills is the only upper division team who has proved their worth in their division. CO is still young in theirs, so they get a pass for now. However, no other team in the Pac 5 has received more of a grace period, than Bishop. Since you only have 4 league games, how about scheduling a out of southern Section team or out of state team…Take the automatic loss servite game off your schedule next are not going to get lucky there. Who’s the back up QB? I am just saying. That’s a hell of first game for a rookie QB, first year tail back and no line. Someone may get hurt! The reason why you all are so mad, is because you know deep in your heart the program is not even close to what it was 5 years ago, let alone like the glory days. That is the reason why you can’t and won’t answer any of my questions. Best believe no one is envying Amat on any level. There is nothing going on over there that isn’t going on anywhere else. I wonder is it even fun being a lancer these days. I was at the Servite game, I heard the real lancer conversations, that you pretend don’t go on. I seen the disgust on the ol lancers faces, as they walked out of Cerritos college with their old letterman jackets, heads down in shame…Every sentence started with ” Back in the day” or “I thought I would never see the day”. This is not Amat Bashing, this is something similar to someone telling Al Bundy, to stop talking about scoring 4 touch downs at Polk high 20 years ago. You should pray you get moved down a division, Otherwise it could another 20 years before Amat get’s to the semi’s. Please no Diversion…tell my why Amat should not be relieved of their Pac 5 membership like the bottom 10% of the Pac 5 teams…because that’s where you are #19 out of 29. Really how many times are going to say, our boys compete in the toughest division around. There are teams who went 1-9 and 0-5 in pac 5 play. Who can’t do that? Bishop Was only 1 game better than Marina in Pac 5 play…There it is. Answer the questions or look like you don’t have a pair. Honestly the only thing preserving Amat’s Dominance in the SGV is people like Colt whatever, and Dan Wanna be man, defending them. Chino Hills and Charter Oak both have the players to beat Amat on the field this year. But that is only if they believe it first. This team will not be as good as last years team, because that’s the trend that has been going on over there Since 1995. I’ll ask more questions…Will this years team have a better record than Last years team? Will this years team play Servite closer than Last years team? Will this years team win the Serra? Will this years team get to or get out the first round? Will this years team produce more than 2 scholarship players? I believe Charter Oak, and Chino Hills get it done this year. That Servite game is going to take a lot out of this team. I have nothing against your kids, they are working hard, and they do play with heart in the tough pac 5. It’s just the parents, blogger and Fans. Who don’t have the guts to see things how they are, instead of how they wish they were.

  • Lancelot

    HA,HA,HAAAA….You clowns are all just Amat HATERS. Your jealousy makes you guys comical. Keep up the laughs because the more you crunch and pound the numbers and the more you ride a specific loss or “down” season, the more it makes the point. You are a HATER. realgnment guy, lotta gas with that last post but still one question remains…..who’s your team? You’re still harping on one season, and one season where they made the playoff’s. You’re beating the c.o.& chhs drum yet both of those teams were exposed for the posers they were. chhs was exposed by c.o. AT HOME (since that seems to mean so much to you) and then c.o. was completly dismantled and humiliated by Upland who then went on to get worked themselves. The PAC5 gets tougher when league starts moron, the teams are better and by the time playoff’s hits your really in the meat grinder. Open up the senses, expand your mind and wrap it around the reality that IS…the PAC5 is the PAC5 for a reason, and your team (which still remains nameless), probably isn’t good enough to be considered for addition to the PAC any time soon. Comedy at it’s finest….keep it coming clown and have another glass of Bishop Amat Haterade on me!

  • AMAT 73

    realinment whatever it will be next time,
    OK have you gotten it all off your chest now ? It’s evident you can’t and won’t let the fact go the AMAT is in the PAC-5 regardless of what or who you are trying to convince on the blog. Mainly sounds as if you are trying to convince yourself of your ramblings. You come here asking many questions of the Faithful but you don’t even have the guts to put it out there that CO or CH will beat AMAT . You leave yourself an out the with your ” if only they believe it ” on your theory of them having the talent to beat AMAT. So what is it now , talent isn’t good enough to beat AMAT , you must believe you can do it . Is this that “AMAT MYSTIQUE” we hear so much about ? Does that have to do with ” PUTTING AMAT ON A PEDESTAL ” thought process also ? Why doubt them as you do with that one little line that speaks volumes. You know why because you are only writting of wishful thinking on your part. By the way I will take todays program over the one 5 years ago any day of the week . The reason my friend is coaching period . By far the best staff we’ve had in quite a while . So good luck to your team ???????????????????? and please continue your thoeries on AMAT whether it’s on moving them down or how bad next season will be. Just remember to come back at the end of the season whether you have egg on your face or not.

  • realignment guy’s Questions

    Who is currently Finished #1 in tribune?

    Which team will be the preseason #1 in the Tribune next season?

    Which SGV team was ranked in the LA times for the longest period this year?

    Who is the Reigning Serra league Champions?

    Which upper Division program in the SGV has been to the Semifinals or better in the last 15 years?

    Well see you at the game vs Charter oak.

  • Joe Amat

    Realignment guy with a late night drunken ramble,

    Mix in a paragraph now and then so it’s a bot easier to follow. Now my eyes and head hurt. That was one of the most illogical rants in a long time.

    Look, we’ll let Dan and Colt97 bring some logic to the conversation because neither are Amat guys, so you can’t blame it on homer-ism.

    I wrote this before, but when evaluating Pac5 teams – Amat has been a playoff team each of the last 4 yrs and two of those yrs played the eventual champions tough. Were beat by #1 in the nation on a last minute 4th and forever and this season it was a 3 pt game going into the final quarter vs Santa Margarita.

    People with an ounce of intelligence look beyond the final score of a game. (BTW – if the final score is all your concerened about, Amat beat Damien by 21 and CO beat them by 13….since you were comparing)

    In the last 4 seasons Amat won a Serra League title, played for one the next year as an undefeated 9-0 team on the last Friday of the season and this year lost to Alemany by 5, Notre Dame by 5 when ND intercepted a backup QB in the waning moments and were down 7-3 when their staring QB and SS went down with an injury against Loyola. The past 4 yrs their record vs Serra League schools Is Loyola 2-2 , Crespi 3-1, ND 2-2 , Alemany 1-2. Nothing there says “they don’t belong”

    You also wrote “no one else in the Pac5 has recieved as much of a “grace period” as Amat. Go back and take a closer look at that. You harp on the fact Amat has not won Since 1995. Only SEVEN other teams have won since then. Are they the only ones worthy of the Pac5? You want a SEVEN team division?

    Out of those SEVEN other schools who have won since Amat did, Amat has beaten 5 of them head-to-head during that time. This year Santa Margarita won their FIRST D1 title EVER, Servite went twenty years between titles, Edison hasn’t won the game sinec 1980 and schools like St John Bosco and Lakewood have NEVER won one? Even Mission Viejo has NEVER been able to win it all at the highest level. so who gets the biggest pass?

    You did say something that makes sense when you wrote, “I’ll will say that Amat’s structured program, full coaching staffs on every level, gives Amat a advantage” i’ve always said the DNA of the kids that enter Amat is not any different than many others in the SGV. it’s something that happens after they get there that gives them the Twenty-Something and One record this decade vs the SGV’s best.

  • Joe Amat

    Answer to realigment guys only objective and pertinent question

    Who is the Reigning Serra league Champions? Loyola

    Previous to that was
    2010 Alemany
    2009 Amat
    2008 Notre Dame

    Pretty balanced league. Without a doubt the most balanced from top to bottom. No easy ones in the bunch. Pick another league that can say that.

  • What the heck

    This is the second time that I’ve seen you claim that Loyola won the Serra league this past year. Newsflash, Alemany won the Serra league again this year with a league record of 4-0, just like the previous year. Imagine that, a team moves up from the lowly Mission League in D4 and goes 2 straight years without a loss in the Serra League. Also, the 2009 season was a Co-Championship between Amat and Notre Dame. It always cracks me up with all of the half-data that you are always providing. And by the way, in 2009 there were only 4 teams in the Serra league with the two 1st place teams going 2-1 and the next 2 teams going 1-2. In other words, it only took 2 victories to win league. I mean, come on, what kind of sample size is that? Your right in saying that the Serra is evenly matched, but the Serra is made up of all middle weights fighting in a playoff division full of heavy weights. This is why the Serra has such a horrible playoff record over the past 5 or 6 years, you guys are constantly fighting out of your weight class.

  • Realignment Guy gets 1 of 5 questions Answered….

    Well good news, one question has been answered in regards to the Reigning SGV Champions Bishop Amat Lancers. Just 4 more to go….

    Who is currently Finished #1 in tribune?

    Which team will be the preseason #1 in the Tribune next season?

    Which SGV team was ranked in the LA times for the longest period this year?

    Who is the Reigning Serra league Champions?
    Answer: The Previously D4 Alemany 4-0 and two time reigning Serra league Champs.
    Insight: If Alemany can step into the serra and dominate, why can’t other teams from Lower Divisions.

    Which upper Division program in the SGV has been to the Semifinals or better in the last 15 years?

    Stay Tune for more Answers….

  • Answers

    @ Realignment guy

    Who is currently Finished #1 in tribune? = Westco

    Which team will be the preseason #1 in the Tribune next season? = Aram will say Westco, Fred will say Amat, My answer is Charter Oak

    Which SGV team was ranked in the LA times for the longest period this year? = I believe Charger Oak

    Who is the Reigning Serra league Champions? = already answered

    Which upper Division program in the SGV has been to the Semifinals or better in the last 15 years? = the only team of recent memory that comes to mind is Chino Hills (D2 in 2010) outside of that I’d have to go all the way back to Diamond Bar (D2) in 2000 in order to name another team from the SGV

    Well see you at the game vs Charter oak.

  • Previously D1

    Alemany was D1 befre they dropped down to D4. They were in the Del Rey league with Amat in the 90’s and the overall record is 14-4 Amat leading the series.

  • So what

    So was: Pius X, St Paul, Fontana, Antelope Valley, Eisenhower, Los Altos, Glendora, La Puente, West Covina, Covina, South Hills, Etc, Etc, Etc. So whats your point?

  • Realignment Guy Thanks you!

    My point is Alemany went down a few division, got it together, and is now back up, running the serra league. Bishop Is now in that situation where maybe they do need to go down, win and then come back up. All of the other programs at bishop are not D1, but they are winning titles. football is the major sport participating in D1, and they are not winning. Not even League. Alemany is the favorite again in the Serra. Bishop Fans would rather stay in D1 just so they can walk around the valley with a superiority complex. Face it, If you don’t win the serra you are on the road down to South OC for a Blow out. If you Come in Second Tesoro drives up to the SGV to snuff you at Home, and if you win your league(not gonna happen this year) Your still going to have to go on the road to Poly in the 2nd round or whomever else is going to put you away. By the secound round in D1, all the bottom tier schools are gone. Anyone can take you out. Don’t say I am hating…it’s already happen in the last 5 years. You brought up the Mater Dei win at home, but you must consider that, that team was alot more talented “upfront” than last years team, and for sure better than this years team. Why you would want to continue to play in a Div that you will not even come close to winning it, or getting beyond the second round. If you do stay in D1 after realignment, it’s only going to be harder with the improvement CIF is going to make by bringing in the top Inland teams and northern teams. After Socal’s continuous @$$ whipping in the open state bowl series and out of state losses to Bishop Gorman, Don Bosco prep and Bellevue(oaks christian not D1 but you get it), they are going to beef up the D1 Division, because there are obviously teams in the division who are not supposed to be there. How the Cif see’s Bishop Amat, is unknown to me, however I do think they are going to comb that division to make sure everyone is good enough to compete. So you can say what you want on blogs, but BA has to get it done on the field, and their resume is not looking good for about 4 years now. If this years team repeats what last years team did, or worse…some eyebrows are going to be raised down there in Los Al at CIF head quarters. Thanks for answering the my questions, and as you can see BA’s name is not on any of them. Back in day Bishop was nationally ranked Powerhouse, now they are the bottom half of D1, and not in control of their league. Sad But true. Since you do represent all of us Fishbowl schools, please do a better Job. Make us proud, we were not proud of you last year as our SGV rep in the big boy sandlot. The small SGV schools can’t win your schedule, they are not supposed to. You are supposed to, and you are not. The SGV schools Like West Co, Monrovia, and Charter Oak(a few years back). Were where they were supposed to be. They dominated, now they will get rewarded, and get move up to another Level, where they will begin the process again of growing pains, like CO is going through. The thing about being at the top, and not performing is, you can only go down. So the Challenge is there. Win league, Go to semi’s, Bring the Pac 5 title back to the SGV. Can you? Will you? when will that Be? it’s been 20 years? It’s ok for all of us to pump you up back in the 90’s as our area’s best, now it’s not ok for us to let you know your not the areas best anymore, or that you are slowly digressing? Yea right!

  • Joe Amat

    what the heck,

    DANGIT! You’re right. I must have been blacking out that horrendous 4th quarter Loyola had in the last game vs Alemany. The Pasadena guys DID win back to back titles.

    Point remains the same…balanced league. Only games decide by as much as 2 TDs were Alemany over Loyola and Amat over Crespi – each by 14.

  • your turn

    Realignment guy – you really want your questions answered but I haven’t seen you respond to this from below:

    Amat has been a playoff team each of the last 4 yrs and two of those yrs played the eventual champions tough. Were beat by #1 in the nation on a last minute 4th and forever and this season it was a 3 pt game going into the final quarter vs Santa Margarita.

    People with an ounce of intelligence look beyond the final score of a game. (BTW – if the final score is all your concerened about, Amat beat Damien by 21 and CO beat them by 13….since you were comparing)

    In the last 4 seasons Amat won a Serra League title, played for one the next year as an undefeated 9-0 team on the last Friday of the season and this year lost to Alemany by 5, Notre Dame by 5 when ND intercepted a backup QB in the waning moments and were down 7-3 when their staring QB and SS went down with an injury against Loyola. The past 4 yrs their record vs Serra League schools Is Loyola 2-2 , Crespi 3-1, ND 2-2 , Alemany 1-2. Nothing there says “they don’t belong”

    You also wrote “no one else in the Pac5 has recieved as much of a “grace period” as Amat. Go back and take a closer look at that. You harp on the fact Amat has not won Since 1995. Only SEVEN other teams have won since then. Are they the only ones worthy of the Pac5? You want a SEVEN team division?

    Out of those SEVEN other schools who have won since Amat did, Amat has beaten 5 of them head-to-head during that time. This year Santa Margarita won their FIRST D1 title EVER, Servite went twenty years between titles, Edison hasn’t won the game sinec 1980 and schools like St John Bosco and Lakewood have NEVER won one? Even Mission Viejo has NEVER been able to win it all at the highest level. so who gets the biggest pass?

  • AMAT 73

    realinment ?????????
    How about addressing my question to you. Why do you not say straight out that CO and CH will beat us . Why do you have to throw in the ” only if they believe ” line . Is that to protect yourself or is it that you have no faith in them to beat AMAT straight up and not go in with an excuse ready if they fail, ” they didn’t believe so they lost”. What makes you feel you have to say that in the first place. Kind of a strange line from someone painting such a bleak picture of AMAT . You build them up with CH having the last upper division semi showing and you are giving CO a pass in the Inland because after all they are new to the division. Nice of you to be so kind to them because you know damn well if it was AMAT you would expect a championship in the first year. But that’s ok because after all WE ARE AMAT and that is what is expected from AMAT . Now realinment why the doubt on them beating us ????????? And forget all the fillers you use , just get to the point , why no faith in them to beat us .

  • Realignment Guy gets help from Bishop Kool Aid Drinkers.

    These are all of the schools In D1 that Have been to the Semifinal or better in the last 15 years in D1.

    Mission viejo, Servite, Edison, Alemany, LB poly, Tesoro Mater dei, Crespi, Olu, ST john bosco, San Clemente, Huntington Beach, loyola Lakewood, Los Al

    Schools that have not been to semifinals or better in the last 15 years
    Bishop Amat, Cabrillo,Milikan,Wilson Compton, Dana Hills, Fountain valley,j serra catholic,Jordan, Marina, Notre Dame,Trabuco Hills, Newport Harbor.

    Stop digging your hole deeper and deeper…you only making my point for me.

  • CHHS Alum

    Just as I said, Joe Amat and the Amat Nation has no balls to answer the questions. Just like the football team. All bark and no bite!

    How about you AMAT73? What about you? You seem to be Joe Amat’s side kick on this blog.

    Why don’t you answer the questions? Stand up and defend your schools honor. Realignmetn Guy is shoving facts down your throat and you’re no where to be found.

    Give us some details about your stud linemen. Do you have any? What about your stud QB? How’s that 5′ 5″ 150 stud coming along for you? Is he going to be any better than you baseball player? Give us some details Joe Amat. Who’s taking over for Moore? What about your fast receivers? Do you have any of those? How’s the bench? What about that football field of yours? Turf any time soon? Better bleachers?

    Will anybody from the Amat Nation answer any of these questions?

  • CHHS Alum

    AMAT 73

    I said it on Monday – Here’s a second helping for you:

    “CHHS Alum said:
    By the time Servite and my Huskies get done with Amat CO is gonna mop up what we started. Amat will be 1 – 3 after the CO game. Amat will end up with 4 – 6 season record and miss the playoffs.

    You heard it here first.

    February 26, 2012 5:00 PM”

    No one from Amat (including you 73) has had the balls to argue this statement! Why? Because you know its true.

  • MidLevel


    You are truly a blind Bishop Amat dumb azz!

    What part of “official CIF Southern Section Final Standings in 2011” did you miss? #19 out of 29 is NOT MIDLEVEL! Just a mathematical FACT. You don’t accept it, but you can’t change it.

    I know you are nobody’s fool, but maybe someone will adopt you soon. Don’t you have a terribly empty feeling——in your skull? šŸ™‚

  • Realignment Guy Makes predictions

    My predictions for Bishop Amat

    Bishop Amat Football Schedule and Predictions
    Servite 42 BA 14 Blowout
    Chino Hills 24 BA 20 Loss to a team used to playing big in big games!
    La Mirada 14 BA 35 Feel good win
    Charter Oak 21 BA 20 Heart breaker CO finally breaks Through. “If Scooby doo is there”
    St. Paul 24 BA 31 **Trap Game**
    Culver City 14 BA 38 Feel good win
    Alemany 28 BA 14 League Serra league title Bye Bye
    Crespi 20 BA 17 Crespi get’s even
    Loyola 24 BA 17 Loyal takes Final Playoff spot
    Notre Dame 14 BA 28 Notre Dame should not be in Pac 5

    ** With the hire of Coach Assante at St. Paul, the swordsmen will pose a threat to Bishop Amat. This coach is experience in playing Pac 5 opponents, and has had some success beating Mater Dei. Just like BA he had 1 Pac 5 victory last season, and played SM, MV and poly. His team will not be wowed by BA at all. I expect St Paul to have more speed due to fact that he can recruit. I think he will have some of the City athletes follow him over from there. If he can put together a good line core, they may be able to play with Bishop’s Small line. He will also have to find a good QB. Bishop Should get up for this one. This one could go either way. However do think the lancers will outclass his team this season. But the threat is there. Be aware!!

    Bishop Will be 3-7, 3rd place in Serra & no coin flip this year.

  • No Es Campen Desde 1995

    Bishop Amat is the #1 Girls Futbol team in the SGV…

    The Girls Basketball team is also apparently very good.

    And the Girls Softball is also good.

    When is the Football program going to win? Maybe Girls Football? What do you think MrsBundy73?

    Not In 2012…!

  • Dan

    Mid Level,
    Simmer down there genius, no matter how cute and official and nice you think your poll is, what matters more is who went the furthest on the field in their respective divisions, get the drift smarty pants?
    Call me a dumb azz all you want, but at the end of the day Tesoro was among the final 6 teams still standing when all was said and done in the Pac 5, they made it to the semis and beat Servite on the way. Now tell me Einstein, do you really think there were 13 other teams that could have beaten Servite like Tesoro did? So what does that tell you about the #14 ranking that your so called official poll had for Tesoro.
    Now follow along closely here poindexter, cause I don’t wanna lose you, but if you focus real hard, the same line of thinking can apply to Amat here. Despite what your nice little poll says, the fact is Amat was among the last 16 teams standing when all was said and done in the Pac 5. They were better than at least two of those 16 teams so it’s possible that “ON THE FIELD”, they may have been among the top 14 teams in the division.
    Taking your meaningless poll into account, would you rather [A], be ranked at 10 [Crespi] and not make the playoffs, or [B], be ranked at 19 and make the playoffs and be amongst the final 16 teams standing in the division and also having beat that #10 team on the field? I’ll give you a little clue here Galileo, pick “B”.
    By the way whether or not Amat has a good season or not doesn’t really affect me, I wish them well just as I wish every SGV team well unless they happen to be playing WC, however I’ll take on the field results over a poll any day, and on the field they finished among the final 16.

  • Realignment Guy remembers the Historic Coin flip!

    Where were you when Bishop Won the Historic coin Flip? I was at In and out getting a 4 x 4 combo. They did not even want to win the darn thing. They knew SM was waiting, Like the Lion waits for the sickly young foe to hobble across the drinking pool. Didn’t Hag’s call “heads”…any way. I hope Bishop proves us all wrong in 2012…I just don’t like the arrogant bloggers…I figured if some of the players read this, they will head into spring ball with a new Fire under their @$$.

  • just sayin

    Realignment guy – there is no one n here as arrogant or as stupid as you. In your game by game breakdown you show 4 wins – then say the Lancers will go 3-7. You say the Lancers will be 3rd place in the Serra – but then say t hey miss the playoffs. Newsflash – 3rd place team makes the playoffs in the Serra

  • AMAT 73

    CHHS Alum,
    Seems you are looking for a early scouting report on the LANCERS . Well the Men in Blue are working hard and we will be fine this coming season. As far as your predictions you have your opinion and since we do face each other I will let the team do the talking come that day . As far as our visitors bleachers and field please feel free to send us check made out to BISHOP AMAT HIGH SCHOOL and we gladly put your name on a seat on the visitors side of the field . As far as realinments facts , his presentation is so full of errors and contradictions such as AMAT finishing in 3rd place in the Serra and no playoffs when in fact 3rd place gets in . Now why don’t you ask him why he feels that CHHS has to believe they can beat AMAT if they want to have a chance to get the W . Sounds as if he is doubting the ability of your team to pull off the upset and that their mid set is at this point they don’t believe they can do it . Did it ever occur to you the dissing he is giving your team or is it you just can’t get past you giddy feeling when you think someone is getting over on AMAT . The guy shows your team no respect either. At least he knows going in AMAT will win unless someone gets inside the heads of your players and start to convince them they can beat AMAT . Now who in his opinion is going into the game with doubts , not AMAT .What’s your take on that , or can’t you think on your own as you are hanging on his every word as gospel and need to wait to see if realinment ?????? chimes in first .

  • just askin’

    What about last years beating by Tesoro, shutout by REV, pounding by Charter Oak or last second lucky win against Damien gives CHHS Alum any clue that they would do any better against Amat next year?

  • Realignment Guy Wants to talk Servite now!

    Just saying Ok 4-6, my bad. You got me… Bottom Line Amat is over matched in Pac 5. Amat can’t win on that level anymore. You all know it’s true…and you have no evidence to say Amat is going to Do anything in Pac 5 this year. For all the Amat Kool Aid Drinkers, It’s really sad that you are more concerned with two preseason games that don’t mean anything verses winning your league, and not getting blown out in the playoffs if you go. As Long as you remain SGV champs, that’s ok by your standards. None of you have went on record saying that Amat will have a winning season this year, and none of you will go on record to say Amat will make the playoffs. Sad…a once National Powerhouse, is now discussing whether or not they can beat two schools from lower divisions in preseason. Oh well, we can sit back a talk about the old days when amat was on top of their league, and In the mix in their division. All good things must come to end…and here we are… What’s funny is none of you will even touch the servite game. You all know whats coming. You just skip over that one and try to bully and intimidate CO and CHHS. He let’s talk servite??? They are your competition right? They are in your Division Right? Those are the type of games Amat should be right in the middle of…Let’s talk Servite VS Bishop Amat???

  • Cut the Crap guy

    Let’s cut the crap Forget what you do against Lower level schools, You want to know if you belong…This is what I say your Pac 5 Record will be…

    Pac 5 Oppenents.
    Servite Blow out Loss
    Alemany Convincing Loss
    loyola For the playoffs Loss
    Crespi Revenge Loss
    Notre D Win/maybe Loss

    1-5 in pac 5 play… Now Argue that Kool Aid Drinkers.

  • Not a sure thing

    @ Just saying & Amat73
    Newflash, 3rd place doesn’t necessarily get you into the playoffs. Don’t believe me? go ask Crespi & Notre Dame what their thoughts are on this subject.

  • coltfan97

    predictions and opinions are like a!!holes everybody has one including me!!!! the great thing about predictions is that if they are wrong they are going to have to eat crow for awhile!!!! how can anybody make a prediction right now when nobody has played a game yet???? By the way, people Servite has to replace a lot of starters their qb, mlb, and multiple linemen!!! I am not saying Amat will win, I am just saying that Servite has questions as well!!!

  • Dan

    Realignment guy,
    To answer your question I was either at CoCo’s, Carrows, or Norms because it was on a Friday night after the games had been played.
    Here is another angle as to why I consider Amat not part of the bottom level of the Pac 5.
    In the Pac 5 you have probly 10 or 11 teams that year in and year out lose to the rest of the division, this would be your Marina’s, LB,Cabrillo’s, LB Wilson, Compton, etc. etc.. Those are your true bottom dwellers of the Pac 5. At the other end of the spectrum you have the elite of the division, who when lined up against the rest of the division, well you can be pretty confident they will come out with the victory. Lately this has been Servite, or Mission Viejo, or Santa Margarita since they got Harry Welch.
    The biggest category in the Pac 5 is your mid level teams of the division, these are teams that you know will win year in and year out against the bottom dwellers, but when lined up against other mid level teams you truely don’t know what the outcome would be. In most years this would be teams such as Edison, Los Alamitos, Lakewood, Mater Dei,and pretty much the entire Serra league including Amat, you can also throw in Newport Harbor,and San Clemente in this category and I’m sure I mised a few. Despite their poor divisional record this year, you could line up Amat with any of these mid level teams and they would have a solid chance of coming out with the win,
    yet if you line up the bottom 5 of the Moore or bottom 2 or 3 from the Sunset, you can be pretty sure they will lose to the same teams.

  • Realignment Guy Looks at league .

    I am sorry Dan I disagree. How about this angle…

    04-05 Amat 2-3 2nd round
    05-06 Amat 2-3 No playoffs
    06-07 Amat 1-2 No playoffs
    07-08 Amat 1-2 No playoffs
    08-09 Amat 1-2 1st round
    09-10 Amat 2-1 2nd round
    10-11 Amat 3-1 1st round
    11-12 Amat 1-3 1st round

    In the past 8 years, Bishop Amat is 13-17 in league. Losing league 6 out of 8 years, four years with 1 win in league, with no better than a second round appearance 5 years apart from Eachother. Only 2 playoff wins in 8 years. No outright league titles, No Semis, No Finals, No Cif Titles, and ten years of cushion since last title. Lookes like 09-11 where the peak years of the last 18 I don’t know Dan…this looks like Bottom tier work to me.

  • MidLevel


    My cute and official and nice poll is the one your wife plays with on Friday nights while you’re either at CoCo’s, Carrows, or Norms Norms.

    The CIF-SS Pac 5 Final Standings is NOT a poll. It is what it is. The FINAL Records in 2011 with
    #1 Santa Margarita 13-2-0 —–Champions!
    #6 Huntington Beach 9-3-0 ——–NOT TESORO Dan!

    At MidLevel is #14 Tesoro 8-5-0
    Aahh, There’s TESORO! MidLevel just like I said.
    #19 BISHOP AMAT 6-5-0 ——– Way down at the BOTTOM!

    You are what your record says you are Danny Boy! And Amat’s record says they are in the bottom! Look around Danny Boy, you anybody else from Amat defending your stupid argument? Nuff said!

    BTW, as West Covina Alum, I can honestly say that I’m glad that Charter Oak went up to the Inland. We had no shot at the Southeastern if they were still around.
    If you don’t believe me, take a look at our record before they left. We got back to back rings but without Charter Oak or South Hills in the division.

    Tell wifee I’ll be home by 7:30

  • Covina Colt Hater

    I predict that the Covina Colts will not win the CIF-Inland Division in 2012. Colts motto: “If Amat is not good enough, them damm it we won’t be either”

    Gotta go. Its that time of the day when my coltfan97 has to drop a duce!!!

  • Ask Me

    Scoby has returned to CO today. His brother and a friend dropped him off for me.. NO I haven’t transdered him to another school. NO he won’t be in an Upland uniform next season and lastly and NO he wasn’t home schooled I work and that isn’t possible.

  • coltfan97

    Covina Colt Hater,

    Your right, Covina won’t win the Inland Division thats because they are in the Mid-Valley Division you dumb@$$!!! Your comical my friend, I am just sitting here laughing!!!! Keep the laughter coming!!!!

    By the way, it does not matter if my Colts are good or not good next year!!!!! I will route and cheer my Colts on regardless!!! I am not a front runner!!!!

    I still would like to know who you cheer for colt hater? I know its not the Colts lol!!!!

  • football follower

    realignment guy, cudos for all the time you invested i your number crunching but the fact is that AMAT has the gonads to step in and take a shot at the best and that should be noted. As for moving them down and running from the best that would be like CO, Damien, W.Covina, SH and other valley teams. The Valley needs a team in the PAC 5 and even in the down years they are noted as someone who comes to play and compete. Like I stated earlier, if AMAT was that bad then why do the Valley Teams constantly skirt away form the notion of playing the smaller less physical team that you so noted. CIF is there to ensure that their teams are aligned accordingly. CO wins consecutive championships and they move them and they squeal. W. Covina wins consecutively and there is talk about moving them up and they are squealing. AMAT has always been in the top division weather you call it PAC5, 4AAA, D-1, etc and it is their mindset that they stay there and try to build from there.

  • AMAT 73

    midlevel mind or worse,
    Why take a shot at Dan like that. One of the most if not thee most respected blogger in of all the long time bloggers.It’s turds like yourself and a few others with the AMAT envy , jealousy , or wannabe complex , that cannot seperate your hate from a blogger just trying to post his opinion on the subject. Why go to lenghts of insulting someone because they do not agree with your point . Bring your shiat to the AMAT honks if you like because it might do you some good . That is what this is all about , the arrogant AMAT bloggers and all you jackasses bringing weak arguments to change our thinking and really not the team . Go read the posts of realinment guy who’s coat tail you are hanging on and see where he admits that’s his real problem . In closing I can see why you are so frustrated. Trying to take of your wife with a poll . Is that because in your poll she always gives you a failing grade with a comment along the line of ” not enough substance to handle the job” much the same as your posts. Just nothing there to get excited about . Next time idiot it’s pole , you know that thing you always seem to see eye to eye with . Why not tell us who your team is as CHHS Alum did then we can see if they are one that has to get the ” they must believe ” theory because straight up you know the outcome . Come on brave boy bring it , or are you “lacking” in pride also when it comes to your school .

  • New York

    Statistically speaking, #19 out of 29 is in fact “mid-level.” It is at the bottom of the middle, but it is still mid-level. Divide 29 by 3 and you get 9.67. Multiply 9.67 by 2 and you get 19.33 which is greater than 19.

    With 29 teams, the top one-third is from 1-9.66, the middle one-third is from 9.67 to 19.33, and the bottom one-third is from 19.34 through 29. So #19 does indeed fit into that middle pack.

    Too bad there were not 30 teams. We would not have to do such difficult math in order to derive which teams ended ranked in the middle.

  • Numbers never lie

    Personally, I wouldn’t compare Amat to:
    1. Edison – once to the finals (09) and another time to the 2nd round in the last 5 years
    2. Lakewood – twice to the semi’s in the last 4 years
    3. Mater dei – In the semi’s last year (2010) and another 2 times to the 2nd round in the last 5 years
    4. San Clemente – Pac-5 runner up this year

    Now if you want to equate Amat to Los Alamitos (a former great program that has fallen off over the last decade) and Newport Harbor, then I’m with you. Heck, even Esparanza has had better Pac-5 playoff success over the last 5 years (twice to the 2nd round) then Amat, and they got booted from the Pac-5 two years ago.

  • Dan

    Mid Level,
    Lets see here, looking at your rankings, on the field #22 beat #1, #5 beat #2, #14 beat #3, #8 beat #6, #11 beat #7, #22 beat #8, #19 beat #10, etc, etc, Yeah real bullet proof rankings you got there Copernicus. You see just cause your ranked higher doesn’t mean your gonna beat a team that’s ranked lower than you on the field. Do you really believe there were 21 teams in the Pac 5 that were better than Mater Dei? Do you really believe that Mater Dei is one of the bottom feeders of the Pac 5? If you do I can’t help you. Actually I don’t even think Amat was better than Mater Dei last season but according to your rankings they are.
    By the way, your more brain dead than I thought if you think CO would have beat West Covina in 2010. West Co would have ran right thru them that year, put 40+ on them, it would have been at least two or three touchdown MOV. Even Bonita would have kicked CO’s A## that year. Last season [2011] your boy’s were good, early in the year I would give the win to CO, but once WC got healthy and started firing on all cylinders especially weeks 9 to 14 I think WC pulls it out. Oh and in case you missed it, WC has beaten South Hills 3 out of 4 years now. Alumni huh? What an embarrassment to WC if you are.

  • And the real Dan comes out. I love it.

  • Dan

    Numbers don’t lie,
    I can agree with some of your post, Los Alamitos and Newport Harbor would compare well with Amat. Wouldn’t you consider those two teams mid level Pac 5? I would also agree Edison has been better than Amat this decade. Maybe they could be considered to be just outside of the Pac 5 elite over thespan of the decade. Lakewood of 2011 was not as strong as Lakewood of 08,09,and 10. I think them and Amat would have been a close game in 11. Mater Dei over the decade has been the better of the two, this past season they were 4 and 6 and didn’t make the playoffs, before that 05 and 09 were the last times these two teams met and Amat won both those games, so over the past 5 years these two teams were close. San Clemente had there best team ever this year and were definately the better of the two, but before that this game would have been close for most of the decade.

  • Huskies in the house!


    Tell me the last time your mighty bullpuppies beat South Hills or better yet Charter Oak in a meaningful game? Last time I checked what South Hills and Charter Oak has always done to your team in year’s past was lead you into another disappointing season. Hypothetical could of, should of, would of, and what if makes for chatter on the blog but ultimately your CIF Championships will ALWAYS have an asterisk next to them because no one will NEVER know if you would of beaten a true back to back CIF Champion that beat you in the playoffs in the process and I go lightly when I say beat because the beatings were much worse than a loss.

    My point your recent success and tradition does not and cannot be compared with the rich tradition at South Hills and Charter Oak. Asude from your recent mediocre CIF Championships that do not hold merit or clout outside our Valley hopefully you continue to recruit and have transfers play for a mythical championship that doesn’t really exist in terms of you haven’t had to beat the other best programs in the Valley year after year that always seemed to beat you on the road to Championships.

    The good news is South Hills is back mark my words and they too are developing a relationship with the West Covina Bruins as well as going to be very visible in the community now and afar so my sense is sometime soon in a few years when you hopefully truly have to compete with the upper echelon in our Valley maybe your coach will feel he has to switch again from potent Wing T to a Spread offense.

    We know what happened last time when you tried to play real big boy football and run the Spread. Good luck Dan. You pretend to play innocent and Mr. Nice Guy under that vale but then again that goes with always being a bride’s maid and never the bride you lady.

    South Hills realizes we respect our first order of business and that is taking care of our own backyard and this backyard ain’t big enough for the both of us so is our time to shine again and the Renaissance has officially begun.

  • Husky – be careful when you doscount the West Covina championship sbecause they didn’t beat the defending champins in Charter Oak. wwe all know. The only reason Charter Oak went on their run is because teams like El Dorado, Trabuco Hills, Orange, and Newposrt Harbor moved OUT of the division. Along the sam elines the only reason San Dimas and Monrovia go deep in the division is they don’t have to deal with the Paraclete or the northern school like Nordhoff, Oak Park, etc. y’all think you got better in the valley, but the reality is you don’t have to go through anyone from out of the valley anymore.

    And we see what thats like now for South Hills and Charter Oak. Welcome to the real world

  • Dan

    Ha Ha,,, get a grip Hush Puppy, come back down to earth. EVERY GAME between South Hills and West Covina is a meaningful game, that’s how rivalries work, you telling me your boys didn’t have their hearts in the game when they played West Covina? Yeahhh riiigghht. So you say West Covina’s titles can’t compare to the rich tradition of South Hills championships huh. Lets see here, as far as I remember, In your South Hills championships your puppies beat D7/D9 schools such as San Gabriel, Walnut,and Orange. Gee that’s so impressive, shame on West Covina for having such inferior titles. I guess they should just hand their trophys back to CIF. Lets think again here puppy, In their championships, West Covina beat La Serna, Bonita, and wouldn’t you know… that rich tradition school up Cameron, the one and only South Hills, Wouldn’t you agree that the 2004 Championship victory over South Hills was the most meaningful game EVER between the two schools? Put your thinking cap a little tighter next time you post kiddo, and the nerve of you to come on here and talk of recruiting,
    did you forget the name of your team is SOUTH HILLS?
    By the way, why would you think I’m a bad guy, You don’t take this board that serious do you?

  • MidLevel


    Your azz is getting jeolous of your mouth with that bullsh*t coming out of it. Anyway that you slice it old man. The reality of the Bishop Amat history over the last 10 years been basement level performance.

    2011 season Amat Pac 5 record — 1 win 5 LOSSES
    4 years of 1st round playoff losses
    3 years of NO Playoff worthy teams
    only 2 years of 2nd round playoffs

    Four years with 1 win in league
    2 playoff wins in 8 years
    Amat is 13-17 in league play the last 8 years
    No league championship (except the one the shared one in 2009), No Semifinals, No Cif Titles
    10 years of between league banners.

    Dan, your wife says that when your on the bottom (like #19 in the Pac 5 division) you don’t perform! Bishop Amat agrees with your wife.

  • MidLevel


    I was at the 2009 Charter Oak v Bulldogs playoff game when when that big and fast CO defense made us fumble the ball like it was your mother in law’s thong we were holding. Remember that D line? Those linebackers? We got our azz handed to us 35 – 10. I remember our boys fighting with each other on the sidelines by the 3rd quarter and crying by the 4th. It was the worst and most embarrassing beating we got in 2009. BTW, that was the same year with lost to Amat (Co-Serra league winners) by just 2 TDs and then got slammed by South Hills 27 – 6. I remember that SH O-line pushing us around like we were little boys. I know this for a fact, not only did we have a better chance to win against Amat but no way in hell we would not have won the back to back rings with the Chargers in our division. 2010 maybe we have a chance, but CO would have kicked our azz in 2011. Did you see what they did to Chino Hills? You think we could actually play with the Huskies? Come on, Danny Boy. You are what your record says you are and we just aren’t big or fast enough to beat CO or SH.

  • just askin’

    Middie-Chino Hills. Last year they needed a fluke last second play just to beat Damien, The same Damien that Amat beat by 21 (and CO only won by 13) Still wanna compare final scores?

  • Dan

    Your comment “2010 we may have a chance”… Wrong!
    There was no doubt about it, WC wins that year. At the worst if WC had a terrible game then maybe CO had a chance, and whats with the “we” in that comment, your a Charger fan not a WC fan you poser. In 2009 that great fast CO defense was pounded on the front seven by West Covina to the point of giving up 300 yards, and it was all game long. You know as well as I that the score was misleading. At least two of those fumbles were missed handoffs including the first one that A.J. returned for a TD as we were driving on your boys, one other was caused by your defense, and the remaining one it was hard to tell, but that was returned to the ten yardline to set up another score for you guy’s, lucky breaks for CO, look at the film. I will say CO was the better team though. Our 2010 team would have ripped that 09 defense to shreds.
    Amat in 09 was much more physical and tough to run on than CO. The score was closer because we didn’t turn the ball over in that game like we did to CO. Amat would have physicaly beaten CO in 09, they had a great run game like WC, CO’s speed would have kept them in it but Amat prevails in the end. In 07 I would have picked CO to beat Amat in a close game, in 08 both were good teams don’t know on that one.
    Your 2011 team was nice, lots of offense but you couldn’t stop the Glendora run game, West Covina’s offense, once they got healthy was unstoppable, from the Los Altos game on thru the playoffs the offensive line was on fire, and Solomon, Fraizer, and Salgado were just too many threats for opposing defenses. Even with 9 in the box they could not stop the offense, plus we just come over the top with Barnett or Franklin. My money is CO early in the season, but late in the season the Bulldogs would have been too much for your Chargers. You lost your last game 51 to 13, we won by 63.
    By the way, drop your manlovers and try a real woman, then maybe your fantasies of others wives will go away. They’ve got help for guy’s like you. lol…

  • Greg Gano says…

    In an on fillm interview Aram asked Gano who he thought was better – Charter Oak (beat Damien by 13) or Bishop Amat (beat Damien by 21). Giddy, with anticipation poor Aram was a little deflated when Gano went against the grain and said, “Bishop Amat”.

    But of course Aram – and you – know better than a coach who played them both.

  • Not Since 1995

    And yet the umpa lumpa lanceritos of Bishop Amat have NOT Won A CIF Championship Ring Since 1995…!

    – Gasoline was $1.09
    – Loaf of Bread was $1.26
    – Windows 95 released…hahahaha!
    – The DVD is announced as new technology! Wasn’t even sold yet, just announced. In 2011, kids ask “What’s a DVD?”
    – Toy Story, Ace Ventura and Jumanji were hit movies! hahahaha!
    – Supergrass, Deep Blue Something, Blues Traveler were the music on the radio. Who the hell was Supergrass…? hahaha
    – Ernesto Zedillo was the Mexican President. Who?


    – None of the umpa lumpas playing in 2012 lancers team have ever seen a CIF Championship gave from the Amat Lanceritos…!

    Nuff Said’

  • No es un campen desde 1995

    Hell even West Covina won a couple of rings after Charter Oak and South Hills left the Southeastern…!

    But Dan, the facts disagree with you…! No way does WesCo win if CO were still there…! The bulldogs are not even close! Not enough talent from their players and certainly not the talent from their coaches…!

    The truth hurts but I’m here to tell it to you straight…! You can disagree but you will be wrong…!

    Not Since 1995

  • Wow!

    2011 – MaxPreps Top 1,000 National and State Rankings

    Charter Oak – National Rank: 299 – State Rank: 39

    West Covina – CIF Division 7 Winners – National Rank: 470 State Rank: 52

    Amat – National Rank: 503- State Rank: 57

    What was the question?

  • Freddy Redoble

    “Bishop Amat GIRLS FUTBOL defeated San Diego Coronado 2-1. Coronado scored on a PK early in the second half and nearly tied it in the dying minutes, but the Lancers move on to the second round of the CIF-State Southern California Division II Regional Soccer Playoffs at San Diego Cathedral on Thursday at 4 p.m. Cathedral beat Amat 4-1 in December”

    Congratulations to the Amat Girls FUTBOL team…!

  • Joe Amat

    Well realignment guy, Apparently Amat’s demise (demotion) has been greatly exaggerated. All those predicting (wishing) the Serra League would be moved down to the Western Division have been derailed once again.

    The proposed playoff groupings are out without much movement at all.

    Aram will post his ***BREAKING*** article on this when he returns from lunch…or dinner…or snack.

    I enjoyed this Albertos/Alfredos discussion, but would also like to know the best sit-down Mexican Food in the SGV … East of the 605. discuss

    As you were.

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