Source: Colony names Steve Randall new head coach

Colony High School has named Steve Randall as its new varsity football head coach, a source said Friday morning.

Randall replaces Matt Bechtel, who resigned recently after a two-year stint at the school. Randall was previously the head coach at Ontario between 2006-10.

Aram’s take: So there you have it. Now Bechtel can move on to his next chapter and Colony has a new coach, so it can do the same.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Well, well, well, so there it is. Colony supporters should be satisfied they at least have a coach now. I’m sure he’s a good coach, but I’m not sure how much of a commitment to success he represents, much less inspiring the fan base.

    I think the administration, if they were serious, could have made a push for several other coaches who probably would have jumped at the opportunity to coach there. Not downplaying Randall, but I don’t see that hire being ground shaking.

  • Seems to me….

    that this is a staffing hire more than a coaching hire. With the way things are going with school districts and hiring practices due to budgetary concerns, this seems more of a personnel move. Randall does have qualifications however, so it’s not like Colony hired some guy off of the street. Too early to tell if he’s gonna be the best hire for the job though.

  • Aram

    You want a big name in May (almost June)? I think this is a good hire given the timing.

  • Big nam in May

    Bingo! Aram wins the ceeegar. It’s May (nearly June), not a chance to get a big name that’s not a corpse or close to it. If this were December or January, yeah more than likely.

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    Big name? No. But I don’t believe Bechtel resigning was a shock to the administration. From what’s been said, it looks like the administration knew back in early February it was a very strong possibility Bechtel was going to step down. If that’s the case, then you start making a short list of possible replacements (the who you’d like to hire list). If he doesn’t step down, then ok. But from everything everyone has said about the guy (Bechtel) he doesn’t strike me as someone whose a waffler. If the dates are accurate then that would have given the administration ample time to prepare and be ready once he did. By the time they took action, it was too late in the game to get a higher profile coach.

    @ Seems to Me: I’m not knocking Randall personally. I do know a few parents of Colony players who have been pretty vocal about what was said to the players, what the administration has done and hasn’t done. None of their actions match their verbal commitment to the program. You know that whole actions speak louder than words thing.

    To early to tell? Obviously.

  • According to….

    several people in the know, there were at least 2 other former long time Head Coaches in the district that applied and didn’t get it. There is also word that a current head coach in the SGV also interviewed. The list wasn’t a bunch of bums or wanna bes without legit experience. Randall teaches English and Colony had an English opening. The other 2 in district guys don’t teach English they are in PE and Special Education. It was a STAFFING hire more than a coaching hire.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @According To:

    Several people in the know huh? Then 1. these several people in the know should be pretty familiar with how the Bechtel situation was handled. 2. These several people in the know should know what the administration told the team after Bechtel resigned. 3. These several people in the know should know what the expectations were by the parents, players and those involved with the program. 4. These several people in the know should know that the sound they heard after the administration announced who was selected, it wasn’t cheering, it was crickets.

    Nice try. Justifying his hire with his qualifications wasn’t the point of the exercise.

  • time will tell…

    Don’t discount Randall or his qualifications. Last year, he coached at Citrus College and prior to that had more wins than any other coach in Ontario’s history, including a noted playoff run. And there are more than a few boys who are in college today because of the efforts of Steve Randall and his work with recruiters.

    The program at Ontario struggled in part because of the cross-town strengths of Colony, which were a draw to D1 type athletes, and Bechtel’s presence helped that. Now, the playing field seems a bit more even.

    Randall has over 25 years of experience as a coach and will bring a new style of play to the Titans. It was believed for a long time that Colony was a stepping stone for Bechtel who probably belongs in the college ranks, and has proven himself many times over.

    All-in-all, Colony got a good deal. It won’t take long for the fans and players to realize it.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Time will tell:

    Hope so. The Admin who were talking to players and a few parents spoke as if they were looking to bring in the next Nick Saban from another program, south on the 15 Frwy to be exact.

  • according to…

    @ not so

    Read my post again jerk off. I didn’t once justify his hiring with his qualifications. I said his hiring was related to STAFFING rather than coaching. I know exactly what happened there and what the last straw was. So before you go spouting off about what you think happened, you better take a step back.

  • http://Sj Sj

    Coach Randall, is a great coach who knows how to win big games. Don’t judge Randall because how awful Ontario was. The man has won two CIF championships and in his long career had been to the semi-finals 15 times in 25 years. He has impacted many lives as well. Football isn’t always about winning its about making young boys become men and make a differences is society. Great hire for Colony, but I agree that time will tell. Good luck to the Titians and their upcoming season.

  • http://Sj Sj

    @ according to… Staffing wasn’t even a question of the matter to bad colony didnt even know they were going to have an opening till after Randall got hired. Hater got to hate I guess.

  • according to..


    There is no hate from me, their hire doesn’t affect me one way or the other. I do know that Colony had an English opening before they made their hire, that’s all I am stating. Too many people think they know what’s going on, just trying to set it straight. If Randall was their guy from the start, good luck to them. But you do know he was fired from Ontario before they had to re-hire him back and then he bailed out on them at this same time last year right?

  • http://Sj Sj

    @ according to…..yeah I did hear something like that from what I heard ” people” wanted him fired, but oh well Its a business

  • Time Will Tell – What?

    You must be Randall or one of his buddies. Because there is no way anyone else could glorify the sub mediocre performance of Ontario during his tenure.
    so just for clarification I decided to look up the “Randall Years” at Ontario.

    2010 4-6 No Playoffs2009 – 1-9 – No Playoffs
    2008 6-5 Lost in the CIF First Round ( Does that constitute a playoff run?) 2007- 4-6 – No Playoffs
    2006 3-7 – No Playoffs
    Overall 18-33 wow how bad is Ontario if he is the winningest coach?
    In addition the guy only beat Garey once and Montclair once in his entire tenure.

  • WTF?

    So a school like Colony had nobody on staff working with the kids who had the same qualifications as Randall? What about the OC and DC. They couldn’t have done an interim hire and then reflown ther job in December?

  • Interesting

    To hell with Ontario, What about how awful Duarte was when he was there?

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    Mad? Haha, not even close, but nice try for you too. It would take much more, more than your obvious linguistic shortcomings to get me mad. And be mad about what? For what? Cause I got your sissified Sheep humping ass running to save According to? Wait, are you the sheep or the guy digging the sheep? Between the two of you wussies, whose standing behind who?

    Here’s a tip for you on being a man. You need it. So unhitch yourself from AT’s dong and sit down. You don’t ride another man’s commentary, you craft your own. That way everyone will know you’re your own guy and not AT’s serviceable hoe. Cause right now, that little post of yours below has AT’s “beyatch” written all over it.

    I never claimed to know everything, but thank you for acknowledging that I know things you don’t. Now that you’ve posted that I have a pretty good idea where you got your info from. Mine pretty much came from as close as it can.

    Funny thing about a sissified nitwit like you, in your zeal to be a smart ass, instead of addressing the issue, you flapped your soiled gums too much. Now get back on your knees and open wide. I’m sure AT is not far away.

  • RAWR


    The Internets is SEROIUS business.

    Comedy Gold in here…

  • chino cowboy

    it doesn’t matter, chino is still taking league this year.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @chino cowboy:

    Yup. You probably will.

  • Jefe

    The same Randall who started out as an assistant at Whittier Christian in the late 80’s??? Wow. Didn’t know he was still around.

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