All-Encompassing post-spring practice SGV(N) Top 25

Hey Chino Hills, when you think you’re tough, people wanna see how tough.

As promised, here is the second SGV(N) Top 25. Another will come after the passing circuit is completed.

1. Chino Hills — QB Simko takes Huskies to another level, as evidenced so far.
2. Monrovia — ‘Cats drop from top spot because Chino Hills is that impressive.
3. St. Paul — Amazing offseason haul brought in by new coach Asante.
4. Charter Oak — Big questions on offense, but defense looks like area’s best.
5. West Covina — Bulldogs lack star power of past two seasons, but still ultra quick.
6. Damien — Sparty looks very loaded, but line play remains a big question.
7. Bishop Amat — Passing games may not be Amat’s thing, but talent level looks down.
8. La Habra — Division got much, much tougher but Highlanders should be in hunt.
9. St. Francis — Gonna need some skill guys to compliment QB Leibowitz.
10. La Mirada — Returning skill experience should thrive with more seasoning this summer.
11. La Serna — Like that Lancers have been on field w/good competition in passing games.
12. San Dimas — Hearing rumblings about more ability to throw this season. Interesting.
13. Ayala — This team never stays healthy and I may be overreacting to collection of skills.
14. South Hills — In the proper division (Southeast) this is a semi-finals contender.
15. Maranatha — Year 2 of new coaching staff typically produces better results.
16. Cantwell — In the Northwest, this team can make a deep run.
17. San Gabriel — I will know for sure at SGV Shootout if talk of reload is legit.
18. Bonita — QB play is still a question mark, which prohibits higher ranking at present.
19. Pasadena — How far can QB Cox take this team if defense doesn’t improve?
20. Arcadia — My suggestion is that Apaches hand it off 70 percent of the time.
21. Diamond Ranch — Roddy’s got some linemen, but are the skill players there?
22. Rio Hondo Prep — Would love to see some mid-majors take on the Kares.
23. Azusa — Scoby leaving Duarte puts Aztecs back in Montview driver’s seat.
24. Diamond Bar — We all know about the skill players. Need to see the line.
25. El Monte — With Arroyo vulnerable, I’m calling the Lions MVL favorites for now.

Wound up in a roadside ditch: Arroyo, Duarte, Claremont, Muir.

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  • Jefe

    This should be entertaining…

  • FredJ

    Finally, a Rio Hondo Prep sighting …

  • GHS

    Did you forget Glendora is still located in the San Gabriel Valley?

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    lol, We knew Monrovia would stay on your top ten. We will have to see how things pan out next week…If Chino Hills beats Monrovia in Air Assult, then you would be right on. This list still looks good despite mtown falling. But it really looks more accurate than Freds…He has every right to rank Amat #1. however, they are going to fall hard. I have never seen the talent there this low. The possibly could be looking at a 2-8 season at best

  • FredJ

    More accurate than mine? He has Amat behind Damien, c’mon now. That’s going out of your way to rank Amat as far down as possible. I agree, where’s Glendora?

  • Lancers Know

    It’s funny how people think Amat is so down this year. Most people close to the program are more excited this year than last year when we had Rio and Jalen, and Shay. The reason for that is that Amat still has very good players, that as a team are solid. There is no one star taking up all the press. This year’s team will be better than last year, and have a better record overall than last year. And they will do it with a tougher schedule. Bring on the season !!!

  • Hemlock Tea

    Amat may be in for a bumpy ride this year. Lots of kids out of position and while there is talent, not as much as before. I’ll be curious to see if, “Most people close to the program are more excited this year than last year when we had Rio and Jalen, and Shay.” Are still singing that tune when league rolls around. You can’t lose those players Amat lost and expect to “reload” the gun with cartridges that weren’t loadable when you first shot the damn thing!!! Amat needs some transferfusion, some new blood.

  • Rio Hondo…good for them!

    Rio Hondo Prep opens up with Arcadia and I would not be surprised if the Kares get them! Their kids play hard and their coaches do a great job. Arcadia loses a lot and they have a coaching change.

    I will say, the RHP faithful have been complaining for a while but they are JUST NOW starting to play some tougher LOCAL opponents in their non league. You can’t expect people to care that you beat Big Bear and Kilpatrick.

    The only reason people care about the Olympic League schools now is because they were in the Mid Valley playing local public schools and they schedule local schools in their non league. RHP would fit great in the Olympic.

  • Amat Fan

    You know, I think it is fair for anyone to pick Amat as a 5-8 seed this preseason. When you have big names leave, and no big names being heard, then the questions do arise. But Amat people know what we have, and only playing the games will tell us if we were right on what we actually believe. Amat will do well this coming season, and as for the SGV, Amat will still be tops. The problem for Amat is that being tops in the SGV is really no big deal.


    Aram Really,

    La habra 8th…r u kidding,
    after dominating the past few yrs.

    After we tear SP a new AZZ this yr. there will be no question who rules the whittier AREA.


    Small schools making a big splash!!

    Rio Hondo Prep would beat many of the teams in the area. They are so well coached and run the same system and play with the same group of kids since elementary school. They are tough to beat. They would beat Maranatha and anybody below Maranatha’s ranking. They just cant keep up with a long brutal schedule because of their depth and size.

    One game, one night, any team, Rio Hondo Prep would knock some doors down.

    Also, Pasadena Bulldogs are no where near that top.
    Just because of their over rated Qb doesnt mean they will win. I watched PHS at the LA Watts Summer games this past weekend, wow was i suprised. I Watched BRandon COx get picked off and throw balls in the dirty without a spiral. He throws a real good deep ball, but PHS couldnt do that to many of the competition out there.

    Los Altos did very well at the tournament!!!
    I was with Los Altos, which should be mentioned in this top 20 list!!! we are on a roll. Coach Burke has our recievers moving and our QB looked good against good competition. I dont care what you say, we can conquer are league and get back in the SGV king team mix! GO CONQS!!!

    ON our game break between games for LA…..
    WOW! ok that says something.
    Ribet beat up on La Salle then takes on Pasadena and knocks them off to take a #1 seed in their bracket in the Watts summer games!? really?
    I understood why all of Pasadena is talking about Ribet Academy now. All the talent of PHS and LA SALLE and all their coaching didnt do much. PHS needs to figure alot out both sides of the ball, why have your scholarship qb under center in an I?? pointless!!

    and this is great for FRED and SGV TRIBUNE..Former Los Altos QB Matt Castaneda is calling offense at Ribet..I talked with him and saw him in action twice…It was awesome to see our los altos alum in the coaching mix..and he is one hell of an offensive coach on the field…youngest one out there…Our Los Altos roots are growing and strong too!!

    Eventually Pasadena loses to Franklin..Franklin? really? Scholarship QB, COX? If he was allowed to run, a whole different ball game.

    COACH has got this kids on point. Gano’s shadow is long expired!!

    Also, was not impressed with D-Ranch’s talent level. Roddy talks a big game but talent is not there this year nor his coaching staff.



  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Ayala and health (or lack of for that matter). Seems like the last few seasons (4 or so) that’s been the M.O.

    Hoping that will change this year.

  • Aaron

    Yet Fred…you have Bishop Amat over WesCo…splain that one please.


    ARAM, come on, one player(Scoby) wouldn’t have changed NOTHING! FOUR YEARS RUNNING over the other teams and AZUSA never left the DRIVER SEAT!



  • LA Watts

    At the LA Watts tournament on both days. Los Altos looked good but did lose to Diamond Ranch on elimination day and it was not close. Both teams run the ball when real football is played so not sure what that means. Diamond Ranch also beat Ribet and beat them pretty easily. Ribet beat Pasadena in a controversial scoring game. Pasadena was loaded with talent. Ganesha is looking better. Morningside looked good went to the championship against Inglewood. Inglewood beat Diamond Ranch in the semi-finals in a close game before taking home the trophy. Locke high school had a lot of talent. Bell also looked good and had a controversial game against Inglewood in the quarter finals.

  • Los Altos

    Los Altos?

    Los Altos lost everything, this was a running team and with no backs, no quality anything. A coaching staff with limited coaching knowledge. I see this being a very long season for Los Altos, espically with the talented teams in their league. This team wouldn’t even make the playoffs this season.

    Right out of the gate no change against Diamond Ranch and West Covina. Bonita has a few big suprises and Diamond Bar and Snoop have lots of suprises. The real question mark is Diamond Bar’s coaching staff. They now have the talent, I’m just not sold on the coaching staff.

  • FredJ

    Simple Aaron, I looked at who had the best win on resume, and Amat’s win over Crespi was the best on the resume. I looked at who played the toughest schedule. Amat played the toughest schedule. I looked at how they did against a common opponent, and Amat fared better in a loss to Loyola than West Covina (and both teams were without injured stars). Division, schedules, who you play and beat matter. I’ve always thought quality of wins mean more than anything else. Teams play such different schedules that to compare, it’s not fair to simply count wins, a true measure of a team is who you beat, not how many.

  • watts games 2

    I agree with you LA WATTS,

    Los Altos did look good but did lose to Dranch.
    And Dranch looked really good considering they lost to the eventual title team “inglewood” who was perhaps one of the most talented and loaded team around. And yes i watched that PHS Ribet game. That qb for Ribet is only a freshman and 3 other freshman were playing but they only had 9 kids total! Dranch better beat them. and I saw what happened with the PHS game, refs screwed it up and so did COCO, poor management all around. REgardless, Ribet went toe to toe with PHS when it mattered in 4 overtimes and won. Brandon Cox did not look scholarship material. And PHS was loaded with talent but they lost to Franklin!? Franlin!? really!?
    And yes when both teams run, a whole different ball game.

    Inglewood was freakin loaded with talent!! freaking loaded!!!! Morningside was loaded as well! Hopefully Dranch can make a deep run in the playoofs!

    THe watts summer games were a joke BTW! the organization, the refs, the coordinators and the time schedule was horrible! no wonder none of the real deal teams with great coaches dont go, why bother with jokes like COCO and nonsense names.

    LEts get to week 0 already and get the real games started!!!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    “Bulldogs lack star power of past two seasons”

    Aram, you’re just falling into the trap my friend. When Ricky Johnson graduated, the same question marks arose. Then all of a sudden Solomon and Beejay Lee quieted the doubters. Last season Jimmy Frazier exploded onto the scene out of nowhere! We have a three year varsity RB in Aaron Salgado returning, and he was a thousand yard rusher last season. Josh Best looks like he is working hard to step up also. We have playmakers at receiver in Aaron Franklin, Sidney Jones, and TE Bradley Ojala. They might actually get the ball this year!

    Hornsby is also going to be a monster on defense, and also keep an eye on Bryson Finely, he’s a jr. standing 6’2″-3 and 295 lbs. He probably got bigger and stronger this year! Deshon Love was a playmaker on the JV squad at RB. He also suited up and saw spot duty on Varsity last year. It’s just at West Covina, there was three thousand yard backs and Josh Best in line ahead of you. So getting on the field can be difficult for some really talented atheletes!

    Losing guys like Solomon and Meaders to graduation only makes it seem like we have no star power left in their wake. But there are plenty of stars waiting, watching and learning from their predesessors. They are all bottled up and ready to go super nova when their chance comes!

    Bulldog Nation is reloaded and ready to defend our league and division titles!

    My top 5

    1. Chino Hills – same thing in common for all levels of football. Good QB makes a difference.

    2. West Covina – Young, talented and itching to prove themselves on offense. Senior loaded defense ready to lay some serious wood!

    3. Bishop Amat – Top shelf talent or not, they have been playing BIG BOY football for DECADES. Playing on that level makes a difference when the lights turn on! Look what happened to La Serna when they finally faced WC in the Southeast Finals. Total deer in the headlights effect! That does not happen to Amat kids!

    4. Charter Oak – An established SGV power. They will reload as usual.

    5. Monrovia – Serious D1 talent loaded squad. But will their schedule prepare them for new comers like Sierra Canyon and Parcelete in the CIF playoffs?

  • FredJ

    Does anyone really believe Monrovia could beat St. Francis? I don’t.

  • Fred thats because you don’t know what the hell you are talking about! For Pete sake you have BA at #1 on your pole!

    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”


    They have 2 chances of beating St Francis , slim and none ,They are just no used to playing a team of that caliber .A better question is , do you think they can beat South Hills ? Seems to me Monrovia should be at 10 and not much higher. Surprised the mob is not on here crying their collective behinds off as to why they got moved down from #1 . We shall see just how great they are or if it is truely hype as most of the blog thinks it is on Monrovia.

    The green and white don’t want tough games .

  • saladays

    teams Monrovia wouldn’t beat

    3. St. Paul
    4. Charter Oak
    5. West Covina
    6. Damien
    7. Bishop Amat
    8. La Habra
    9. St. Francis

    and very tempted to add South Hills

  • FredJ

    I don’t know what I’m talking about? You think Amat or St. Francis WOULD HAVE EVER lost to San Dimas in 2011? I don’t care if Monrovia beat Dimas in the rematch game, a 31-14 LOSS AT HOME would never, ever, never ever ever happen to Amat or St. Francis. PERIOD, END OF STORY. WHO YOU BEAT, NOT HOW MANY WINS YOU HAVE, IS WHAT MATTERS. If you don’t understand that simple logic, I can’t help you Monrovian.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Monrovia is going to beat St Francis this year. However being the biggest Monrovia homer ever, I think 15-0 is the only way Monrovia deserves to be #1 Otherwise with 2-3 losses and Midvalley title, #5 is about high as we deserve. Mtown should not lose to ST Francis, Ayala, or South Hills. With 5 D1 players, they should beat these teams…I would be disappointed, with anything else than 15-0. The only games that should be close are St Francis,
    Ayala, South Hills, Sierra Canyon and Paraclete. Deep in my heart I feel like this years team is the best team around, but they have to go out and prove it. South hills, Ayala and St francis are statement games since they will play tough schedules after Monrovia. If Mtown beats those teams, and those teams go on to have great years, That could be enough to solidify the top spot. Don’t get Mad my fellow mtowners…We know we should have scheduled Wesco, Bishop and Charter Oak for this year, after we won our first title. We knew this class was really loaded. Now we have to listen to fred…But Fred’s rep Is on the line this year. Either Bishop is going to sink or swim with their schedule. Wesco has a shot to knock off pac 5, and Chino hills/Charter Oak playoff wins are heavy. I think Fred will change his tune this year when he see’s the cat’s in action. Fred is the wrong guy to look for love when it comes to monrovia…Stop trying to win him over…Monrovia could beat De La Salle and he would still take BA.. come on.

  • Observantcat

    The Monrovian’s are laughing their asses off at you fools. Let’s let the season begin and then we will pat all of you on the head and say ITYS (I told you so). Until then, Let Freddie rattle of the crowd of wanna be’s

  • FredJ

    Green Pastures, that’s the best comment from a Monrovia homer that I’ve ever read. I will be the first to give Monrovia its props when it does exactly what you said. I believe too, that because it plays in the Mid-Valley, beating Ayala, South Hills and St. Francis is critical to PROVING/SHOWING its the best team in Pasadena or arguing Monrovia is the best in the San Gabriel Valley. Couldn’t agree with you more. If they go 14 or 15-0, I’d take a picture kissing their rings.

  • MonroVian

    Look guys I still think you guys are all delusional, can you blame me, I played Monrovia Wildcat Football, I am a proud Wildcat graduate and am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE MonroVia Wildcat Homer! Fred I will not sit here and discuss past games, scores and records because that is pointless. Im talking about the 2012-13 season, what the Hell does last years team whome happen to loose to loose to a good SD team have to do with this coming game with St. Frances? Different year, Older, Mature team New Game. Like I said you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Let the kids play the game, don’t try to win it on the Blog 3 months prior “sports writer”

    “You don’t Want No Green. And White “

  • chad co

    Rio Hondo Prep has one of the electrifying runners in junior to-be Nate Tayco. Check out his touchdown run stats on Maxprep. Kare faithful know he’s been doing it since his youth league days. Hopefully, Donavin Washington will be as productive for CO, as I see similarities between the two explosive runners.

  • Sweet Trick Willie

    The only De La Salle that monrovia would beat, even hypothetically, is Dee La Salle Lancers of Pasadena, ha,ha,ha,ha!!!! If monrovia even THINKS they can beat Concorde De La Salle, they better wake up and apologize!

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Mtwoners know what we got. Despite our blog prowess and flamboyancy… we do know wassup. WE don’t like playing games we know we are going to win. We have a cockiness, which some call classless…But oh well. We got over the hump, now it’s time to climb the mountain and move up a few divisions. These are the kinds of games we have to win these games on a regular basis, to convince those people down in Los Alamitos we are ready. They are not sold completely or we would be out of the midvalley and West Co would be out of the south east. It takes more than 3 awesome years to permanently prove that. I think this year and next year are going to be crucial in Maddox’s advancement to bigger and better games. Until then we will always have a tough time getting the nod in rankings. If we had just a few more tough games, we would be able to break the LA times top 25. We don’t have to go far either…We would play right in the SGV and earn a top 25 ranking by a schedule like this..


    St Francis
    West covina
    Charter Oak
    Bishop Amat or St Paul

    Playoff wins

    Sierra Canyon

    If you started out 0-5, it really wouldn’t matter because we know we are going to the finals in the Midvalley. The upside would be crazy if we could win 2-3 of those games…Maybe even a state bid with 2 losses. No one who qualifies for a Div 4 state bid would have a schedule like that. I’ve spewed some of the most “Homer” comments ever…I just so dam tired of explaining etc.. If we had these games…we may develop 11 d1 prospects instead of 5 D1 prospects. Tons of kids would come there just for the look in preseason. No one could dispute anything after a sched like that.

    Sweet Trick Willie- you are a idiot. It was a joke slow poke…wow…really come on.

  • FredJ

    I like green pastures..HE GETS IT… It’s what I’ve been saying forever, I have nothing against Monrovia, they have a beautiful school and facility, to me the best in the Vallley.. If they schedule up and win it could be the start of the greatest run since the 80s muir teams because everyone would flock there and with the great talent already in place, they would be unstoppable


    chad co,
    Nate Tayco? With all due respect, I know midget teams in Pop Warner that can beat Rio Hondo Prep. You guys are in division XIII, the same level as Freshmen football in most D1, D2, and D3 schools. Pumping up one of your players as one of the best in the SGV is a joke. Let’s see what happens when you guys play a weak division VII Arcadia team this year. I do have to give you guys some credit to at least show a willingness to dapple with schools in higher divisions. Still, I predict, as bad as Arcadia will be this year, they will still win by at least 21 points.

    I agree with you. Green Pastures does get it. All we want is for Monrovia to play a tougher non-league schedule before saying they’re the best in SGV.

  • New York

    I totally agree that Monrovia needs to consistently play a tougher schedule. My one complaint about Maddox is it seems like he only dips his tow into the deep end with scheduling. I’m sure he has his well-thought out reasons, but I’ve played for non-RHL champ Monrovia teams and have beaten upper division teams like WestCo twice in the pre-season and gone toe to toe with Etiwanda as well as pancaked the best that Aliso Niguel had to offer. So I know damn well what a more disciplined Monrovia team is capable of accomplishing.

    Fred, please don’t insult me with your question of asking if we think Monrovia can really beat Saint Francis. You tend to focus on last year so much…but conveniently. This is the Monrovia team, a year older, that scored at will against Covina…whom you could not imagine losing to Monrovia. Do you think West Covina would beat St Francis? Of course you do. Much less “could” they. I guess I have a different perspective, having suited up and played and won within a far less disciplined Monrovia system. So I know what they can do and always knew what could be accomplished with the proper support.

  • @Los Altos

    You say DB lacks the Coaching? HEAD COACH R Maine will make an Offensive coaching change this year. Play calling seems to be the problem. Only time will tell.

  • Sweet Trick Willie

    @Greener Cat Manure in the Pasture……So was that Dip Stick!!! Try and keep up.

  • green pastures….

    Sweet Trick Willie get off my genitalia please! Only a “Trick” would call themselves a Trick.

    Monrovia just has to believe. If you schedule tough games you get used to it. That’s the “secret” to Bishop Amats record vs Valley teams. Not talent, not coaching, Their kids play tough games for four years on all levels. They are just used to it. However this year is going to be different. This is the year to play the lancers. Hats off to the coaches who got that game. They(BA)are playing possum or they have nothing. Monrovia did a great job in getting St Francis. West Co in getting loyola, Charter Oak and Chino Hills in going for BA. ST Paul!!!! We are going to get a clear picture of who’s who by week 5. Mtown is going to have to beat St Francis and South Hills. Wesco is going to have to win or lose a close game against Loyola. CO, Damien, South hills and St paul are going to have to win some games or be consider not good enough for their divisions. BA hmmm your SGV life is on the line. Just so much to see. I shouldn’t be hard to do the rankings this year. No one should complain about where they are, because they would have had their chance to show off. This blog is full of homers…Including the Editors. But that’s ok…it all plays out on the field. For all those who see the green play in Dec, deep down can appreciate how good the cats are. It’s amazing for such a small school to possess so much talent. A true “gem of the foothills”. #2 is a good place. It leaves mtown with something to work for…The #1 spot.

  • The Pit

    He said Trick,,,,that was funny shit,

    About St.Paul…..their looking strong, can’t wait.

  • chad co

    Hold your horses,
    Keep in mind that Rio Hondo Prep’s entire student population, yes, girls & boys, total about 100 students at most. Varsity has probably 26 players, count’em at maxprep. Pretty much all players play offense & defense. So yeah they don’t have the luxury of having 80+ plus players on varsity. As it is, they play as tough as anybody. And many have been together since they were 6 years old playing in Kare Youth League.

  • watchout CH

    CH gets new offensive coach: This means they will actually call plays, no more of the pop warner football offense. Bechl will make a 100% difference football games are won by smart coaching. Add a real defense coach and they have a chance.

  • SGV WaterBoy Expert…


    As an all world know it all, here is my list:
    1. Crespi — They are the greatest team ever…eh hem cuz its the only team that lets carry their water!
    2. Damien — eh hem cuz they may be the next team after Crespi fires me.
    3. St. Paul — Cuz I can never carry water for Amat…
    4. Charter Oak — They in heart are the real #1 team and my real favorite but Big Lou doesn’t tolerate ignorant water boys on the side lines!
    5. Chino Hills — Chino Hills will never feel like such a long bus ride home after the Lancers lose.
    6 West Covina — Bulldogs…quick.
    7. La Habra — Highlanders much better than the Lancers. Hagerty affraid to play them. You heard it here first.
    8. San Dimas — Can you say passing attack?
    9. St. Francis — QB Leibowitz.
    10. La Mirada — Reloading this summer.

    and the rest of the losers —

    11. Bishop Amat — No Passing game, No Line, No defense and questionable coaching.
    12. La Habra —
    13. La Serna
    14. Who Cares HS, etc etc etc.

    Gatorade suck…

  • Sweet Trick Willie

    @Green Cat Manure in the Pasture, I will get “out” of your genitalia because yours is the type to “Run up in!” But first….You are begging for validation Homer. Deep down inside you KNOW that D-11 back to back championships mean SQUAT in the SGV!!! YOU PLAYED NOBODY!!!! Which is why you are begging your coach to schedule up. Writing about it and doing it are two different things. Be careful what you ask for because once removed from the cushy confines of Division 11 football, thar be REAL football being played out thar! I prefer that you guys stay where you are because reading all these monrovia homer posts are quite entertaining. You lower level football guys crack me up!

  • Observantcat

    Sweet Trick Willie, Good name for a Blog trick. To satisfy your trick sensation those D11 players that go D1 on Saturdays will be viewed by those great Monrovia fans while we call in your D-whatever kids that represent your school to bring us over our pizza delivery. I see you have skill in being a blog hoe as well, stick around while you get smacked down by smart Monrovia bloggers. You bring nothing but dumb backwards entertainment to these blogs that have no more meaning than an out of date gallon of milk. Good luck to your team and maybe someone on your squad will get to the crew position before summer starts next season.


    chad co,
    First of all, that place you call a school is actually a cult. That’s the reason why there are only 100 students total in the entire high school. No family in their right mind would want to be brain washed, I am sure glad to know most of us have enough going for us not to have to join a cult just to have friends.

    Secondly, it is good that you guys are successful in division XIII against other division XIII programs. You should be proud of your accomplishments. But please don’t throw one of your players into the conversation for being one of the best in the SGV by saying how many yards he gained and how explosive he is playing against your level of competition. My twelve year old soccer playing daughter can show explosiveness too against the teams you guys play. How does these arguments make Tayco one of the best? “The school only has 100 students boys and girls, there are only 26 players on the football team, most of our players have to play both ways, and those boys have play together since they are 6 years old.” I think you just want us to feel sorry for him. Bottom line, the kid is 5’6″, weights 145, bench press 135 maybe 10 times, and runs a 5 sec 40. These are measurables that cannot get him the starting job as a freshmen RB at most if not all D1, D2, and D3 schools.

    Thirdly, Kare Youth League? If you’re still in the program at age 9 than you’re not very good and your parents are doing it only for their own self esteem. They can’t stand the fact you’re not any good playing against normal children so you stay there to shine against other children of your pathetic ability. Nothing wrong with it, they are just doing what’s best for little Johnny. Temple City Rams and Arcadia Indians, two of the weakest teams in San Gabriel Valley Junior All American, would beat you guys 99-0. That’s a fact.

  • FredJ

    Hold Your Horses, you should know that arguably the best player from the Pasadena area in the last 10 years came from Flintridge Prep, Ramses Barden, now playing in the NFL with the Super Bowl Champion Giants. You should also know that Landon Goodwell used Rio Hondo Prep just a few years ago to earn a D-1 scholarship at UTEP .. Boy those Prep League guys can play. D-11 schools aren’t the only ones producing D-1 talent….D-13, just a couple steps lower, produces them too….Go ahead RHPrep, shock the world vs. Arcadia.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    So what’s the real benefit of playing upper division football?

    If you are not winning in your league and/or division, and you are not sending out college players, what is the upside? It get’s real lame, when people belittle the smaller schools for playing in the Divisions they do. The SGV have several teams who are in upper division and clearly not having any success. I think kids want more than just saying” We play in the pac 5 or inland”. All they have to show for it is a lot of losses, and a trip to a JC. I wish bloggers would stop pretending that their school is better just because they play upper division. The first question you should ask before you dog any d-11 or d-13 schools is…Is my school winning and is my school sending out players. If the answer is “no” to both questions then you should keep your mouth shut.

    Sweet Trick Willie, keep your sexual fantasies to yourself. How dare you say lower level is not real football. It’s real enough to have pac 12, ivy league, and other D1 scouts at our campus daily…who’s walking around at your campus? Who is watching your practices? Why don’t you hop in your car, hit the strip and go find a prostitute…that’s what tricks do..they don’t belong on football blogs.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Moreover, don’t sleep on the over all experience these kids are having at lower level schools. If a school is a accredited,winning, and sending guys to college, who cares what division it is. I wonder how many schools in the SGV can offer all three? That to me is what these parents should be looking at, when deciding on a school for their kid.

  • Sweet Trick Willie

    St. Francis is going to WAX dat kitty tail this year and you know it! The kats may keep it close (as a little brother trying to keep up with big brother can) but in the end, the Golden Knights come out victorious and you resume your place in D-11. Ya want anchovies on that pizza? Great job to all your D-1 athletes. You’re still in Division 11 and you still play NOBODY!
    You know why you’re winning???????????
    You’re winning because you play against lower level teams.
    I have my theories on your D-1 talent but I do not want to get into that aspect of the tit for tat. Players read these blogs too. You over zealous monrovia fans are really too much.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Sweet “Trick” is just mad because his son, brother, nephew, or cousin. Has no rings, never wins, and Citrus don’t want him.

    Don’t try to tap dance…go head up with me on the blog. We want to hear your theories. Monrovia kids wouldn’t be hurt by anything you say… Because they have D11 wins, D11 rings, and Multiple D1 scholarship offers. What can you really Say?

    See that’s what Tricks do, they pay to get #ucked!!! Like I said, take your wrinkled up 20 and hit the strip….I am sure one of those strung out junkie prostitutes would love to hear how winning titles and going to college for free is bad.

    “Trick” lmao, who would call themselves a trick…it’s supposed to be Sweet @ick Willie…But oh yeah you don’t have one of those…and your cowardly cross dressing self won’t even say what school he is reppin’. what a cunthole

  • Sweet Trick Willie

    Ahhh, but you digress my ghetto friend. Now your true self emerges. You sure know a lot about what you speak of? Maybe a few trips to the Ho stroll yourself huh? I don’t tap dance, for that your mom would pay extra and I don’t talk about kids because it’s not necessary and this has nothing to do with individual players. Your Division 11 and there is nothing you can do about it! EXCEPT, schedule big boy teams? St. Francis will sop your asses up this year and all the big talk about scheduling up will end. You will once again be content to smash on all those bad ass schools in big division double toothpicks!!!HA,HA, LMFAO!!!!!

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Sweet Trick…with no “D1ck” you can at least let the world know who your school is….nah, too much estrogen…why don’t you go get you mangina stroked in the back of your ford pinto. I wonder who’s computer you are using to blog with..since we all know you can’t afford one trickin’ your whole check…that’s if you have job.


    Ramses Barden is 6’5″ and runs the 40 in 4.5. I don’t know anything about Landon Goodwell but I am pretty sure he isn’t a RB that is 5’6″, weight 145, and runs the 40 in 5 sec.

    green pastures,
    When was the last time you see a D1, D2, D3, or NAIA recruiting a RB with these measurables and plays in division XIII on top of that. I agree recruiters will look at a player just because he has the measurables regardless of where he plays. If you know anything about football, there should be no argument that boy won’t start for a lot of freshmen teams with real football programs.

  • Monrovia Hammer

    Aram, where is Pomona? What…After all that whining last year. I am sure you are on their crappy list.

    Fred, the St Francis game with Monrovia its going to be fun. But be prepared with some crow. Just in case.

    I hope to see Chino Hills vs Monrovia. Remember they have to complete the passes. Good contest, can ‘t wait.

    Oh Yeah, The Rio Hondo Prep vs Arcadia game could be the best game that week. I expect some pain felt on the field. I will let you folks figure that out.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Monrovia Hammer

    Who’s Monrovia’s QB? (not being smart, I just don’t know).

    They, CH and Monro have a passing tournament coming up. From all the talk, I’m expecting to see a shoot out between Simko and???

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Monrovia Hammer

    Who’s Monrovia’s QB? (not being smart, I just don’t know).

    They, CH and Monro have a passing tournament coming up. From all the talk, I’m expecting to see a shoot out between Simko and???

  • MonroVian

    Monrovias QB is Blake Heyworth.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha. Where’s Pomona? It’s 27 miles east of Los Angeles.

    Yeah, you don’t hear that whining anymore, do you? It disappeared, kinda like the Wilson whining of two years ago and the Los Altos whining before that.

    I guess on other blogs, people were dumb enough to think there was a contingent of Pomona fans (and previously Wilson fans) running around demanding respect.

    I’m very proud to say that readers of this blog knew what was up. I’m proud to say I exposed the ONE Pomona idiot. He still lurks around these parts and fires a shot at me every once in a while, but for the most part he’s gone (it coincided with graduation).

    Kinda stupid, for all that hype what did we get from Pomona?

    vs. San Dimas (L)
    vs. Covina w/no Livingston (L)
    vs. first round playoffs (L)

    Thanks for the hype. Glad you scared others into believing your con. But just like everywhere else, once MS was done with the place, the coach was gone and the team was only decent, at best. Goodnight now!

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    Thanks. He’s got good pocket presence. Their upcoming passing league game against CH should be pretty good.

  • Mike the Clone

    My boy AT using the “gloss”…..



  • Bulldog4Life

    since you’re so quick to get all defensive and try to put a good christian school down, (BTW I’m catholic), i got a quick question for you…
    Do you remember Jonathon Cornell and Brandon Bennett???? You should since you seem to know it all

  • JPHernandez


    I take it personally when someone bad mouths my alma mater. One thing that program taught me was to have character and I can tell that my character surpasses yours immensely judging from the way you talk crap about others. Thank you for that by the way. Next, I didnt know following God classified someone as being in a cult. It takes a special kind of man or woman to participate in our program, something you know nothing about and will never know until you put yourself in any of these kids shoes. Theres a higher standard demanded over there at Rio Hondo Prep. Numbers are low for us because kids cant handle the rules and standards. They would rather go to local public schools and dork around for four years while our kids are putting in the work to be successful in the classroom and on the field. This isnt just a high school. Theyre developing Christian men and women that will make an impact once they leave the campus.

    Oh and on top of that, were pretty damn good at FOOTBALL!


    Your post says it all, it should be used as the poster of a prototypical cult mentality. Anyone that doesn’t attend RHP is just dorking around for four years and end up as crap. Perfect cult definition, anyone who is not with us is against us and will be nothing more than second class citizens. Classic!

    Sorry, I don’t know who they are. I am willing to bet they weren’t 5’6″, weights 145, and runs a 5 sec 40.

  • Swordmen Football

    Clan Fan …………”After we tear SP a new AZZ”………LOL

    Need I remind you what happens when LH TRYS to play “big boy football”

    Servite 24-16 LOSS
    Orange Lutheran 30-24 LOSS
    Bosco 41-6 LOSS

    Orange Lutheran 24-17 LOSS
    Servite 23-0 LOSS
    Bosco 35-17 LOSS

    Los Al 28-13 LOSS

    Los Al 28-21 LOSS

    Keep beating up on those Div VI schools. When it comes time to play “real” football, you FAIL again!!!

  • Lancelot

    Didn’t Ify from South Hills come out of the Kare Youth League? Not to shabby an athlete. I’m jus sayin.

  • Pomona Lost in the first round…….

    That is weak Aram, they lost to Monrovia and at least made it a game more than we can say about the rest of the divisiion.

    Monrovia dominate the line of scrimage in that game, and that is how they beat Pomona. I was at all of Monrovia’s playoff games and Pomona was clearly the second most talented team in the division. Pomona was the only team still in the game at halftime. You can talk all the crap you want about Pomona but they did have some very talented kids. For one that runningback was a stud, the best back in the SGV, hands downs. Does anyone know where that runningback ended up?

  • Pomona

    Since Aram is once again talking out of his ass let me enlighten his readers.

    The blogging at Los Altos didnt start until after we left that program and the majority of it was focused on their head coaches. A matter of fact it didnt stop until they started winning again.

    The blogging over at Wilson started with Hoyd and the snack shack mom. That was a year before we even transferred to Wilson.

    Now the talent over at Pomona?

    I do agree with the other blogger, Pomona clearly had the second most talent in the division. I will make this real clear for the slow ones (Aram), talent not team. My example of that has always been Covin and Pomona. Covina played better as a team but the talent isnt close to Pomona.

    I think the lnly thing Aram got right was the spelling of his name.

  • Oh wow! Look who’s still addicted (even after graduation).

    Pomona was the only team still in the game with Monrovia at halftime? You were at all the games> REALLY?????

    Then what about San Gabriel being tied with Monrovia, 14-14, at halftime.

    The bottom line is that MS came on here all summer long (just like the year before with Wilson) saying how this team was gonna win its league and division and, of course, they did NEITHER. Nor were they even runner up.

    So congrats on third place and losing in the first round. You can sugarcoat it all you want, but this team didn’t live up to MS’s ridiculous hype. There was no tangible results. Third place in league and out in the first round.

    And MS, if you really want to get into people’s pasts at Wilson, be sure to include your own. I’ve got tons of emails from people last season appalled, but not shocked, by your actions on this blog and they told me all about your actions at Wilson.

  • I think this is a good time to explain why Aram continues with these personal attacks on MS well because it is personal. First how many other bloggers have come on these blogs and said they think there team is going to finish first in there league? How many other bloggers have come on these blogs and stated that their team is loaded with talent? How many other bloggers have come on these blogs and stated that they think their team is going to win on Friday?

    So why it is that Aram attacks MS and not the rest of them, because in his eyes the others bloggers didnt get his friend, Brian Zavala fired as a head coach at Wilson? Now the major problem with that is turns out it wasnt MS that made the phone call, it was the third string centers dad.

    Now lets talk a little about Brian Zavala, personal cant stand the guy. Any man that cant man up to his mistakes and ends up letting a high school football player taking the fall is coaching for the wrong reasons. This high school kid ends up not playing his senior year of football, since he was the fall guy for Zavalas screw ups. I have to also put some of that responsibility on the Wilson School Administration, since they also lied to CIF about the events to avoid a potential lawsuit by Zavala.

    Funny how it works, head coaches screws up, get caught and threaten to sue, walks away clean. The players get caught and they get the death sentence. Now we have Aram protecting these piece of crap coaches that throw they players to the wolfs.

    There are always two sides to a story and Aram is dammed to make sure that Zavalas side is portrayed as the truth. What amazes me is how far Aram will lie and doctor up the facts to portray the events the way he wants them portrayed.

    With the multi violation and a repeat offender Zavala would have been suspended at least one year. He did get fired from his teaching position at Wilson, and now coaching outside linebackers at Montebello, so there still is some justice.

    P.S. Not MS but I’m sure Aram is going to tell all I am.

  • Bulldog4Life


    well they were both stand out players at Bishop Amat and both played at kare youth league even after their 9 years of age

    yes he did. so did his brother tobi. both impact players at south hills

  • MS

    Aram ignore that fool MS just a disgrungetled parent taking his hostilities or lack of son’s performance out on you. Don’t waste ur time on him cause there is pLenty of current talent out there u can b writing about.

  • WHS

    MS, Your back lol!!!
    You call a the snitches son a 3rd string center.
    MS your son never had a starting job a 10 play guy.
    Not even on the list to play at Los Altos, At wilson they were hoping you would transfer before you got there and Finally got to start at Pomona with all that talent.
    You have always talked a big game MS and will go down as top 5 blogger Hall of Fame. By the way is MS QB son on the Hall of Fame roster? or did the Los Altos kid make it?

  • MS, you are the gift (joke) that keeps on giving.

    You really want us to believe that there’s more than one person blogging about Pomona and that same person also know the intimate details at Wilson? Not since I started these blogs has there ever been more than one CONSISTENT blogger about Wilson or Pomona.

    So please, stop trying to act like you’re not the same person. Just own up to your antics, admit your hyping of Wilson two years ago and Pomona last year was stupid and sit around like the rest of us and wait for the NEXT village idiot to come along.

  • Aram,

    All year you have stated all the Pomona bloggers are one person. Well I know four of the people that posted in support of Pomona and Wilson last season. David Rivera, PTown, and Pomona are three different blogger names. Three of the four names mentioned below posted using those three main screen names. Now everyone involved in the Wilson program knows who these people are, also know that they do blog, and support Wilson and Pomona(QB).


    Chuck L.
    Rudy D.
    Rick N.
    Mark S.

    Screen Names,

    David Rivera
    Misc. others

    Your a reporter, investigate and your going to find out that yes you are a fool. You have zero clue what you are talking about.

  • WOW! And all FOUR guys share the same IP address? That’s amazing. They must be brothers.

    At least, until I deleted MS’s IP address because of his potty mouth. Now, they come from all kinds of hide my ass IP services.

    You’re not fooling anyone.

  • Aram,

    Your a fool, I’m wasting my time with you.

    Get a life loser

  • Stupid is as stupid does

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t “Pomona” come on this blog all of last year claiming that he wasn’t MS? Then “Pomona” comes onto this blog yesterday and states,

    “The blogging over at Wilson started with Hoyd and the snack shack mom. That was a year before WE even transferred to Wilson.

    If “Pomona” is not MS, then who is the “WE” that he is speaking about???

  • WHS


    I put it all together.

    What does MS stand for?


    Aram WINS again

  • Aram,

    You are not only a fool, but an idiot if you think Pomona wasn’t loaded with talent last year. The best team in the VVL was Covina, the team clearly with the top talent was Pomona.

    Pomona had by far the best RB, LB, WR, and Linemen in the VVL. Sorry and the second best QB, know you must love that one (hater).

    Pomona didn’t have depth and only played as a team for a very short period of time.

    Pomona also had the second most talented team behind Monrovia in the division.

    Now a new season and a new team. Pomona has the best receiver and the best running back in the league this season. Lets see how long it takes the Tribune to figure this out. Yes, Rice is gone and kids are still transferring into Pomona.

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