• http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I’m very happy for Monrovia, it’s players, coaches and of course BLOGGERS.

    Great things were expected of you guys. You raised the bar on yourselves by winning back-to-back CIF titles. I raised the bar even higher, perhaps unfairly, by making you No. 1. The losses to Ayala and South Hills rained down a lot of heat, but the win over St. Francis somewhat cools that.

    If M-Town lost that game last night, nobody outside of Monrovia would care if this team went on to win the RHL and Mid-Valley Division. Everyone would have said “Yeah but …”

    But this win validates the past two CIF titles and makes anything you do the rest of the way very legit.

    Perhaps this team is putting it together at the right time again. Perhaps the emergence of Potts is tantamount to the awakening of Heyworth last season.

    We’ll see … but these players took a lot of heat and came up big in their biggest nonleague game of the season.

  • Red Leader

    My observations from last night’s Monrovia game. First off, five games into the season, if a Monrovia player does more other than just hand the ball to the referee after a touchdown, that player should be benched. Our back up QB scores on a perfectly ran QB keep and decides to spike the ball, a knucklehead move that causes them 15 yards on the ensuing kick off. So instead of kicking off from the 40, now we’re kicking off from the 25. And instead of a touchback they get a chance to return. St. Francis’ kick off returner returns it all the way back to Monrovia’s 35. On Monrovia’s first possession starting from their own 20, they ran the ball five times for positive yards. Passed three times, one completed for a first down, the second one dropped and the third time was a sack. The drive stalls on St. Francis’ 10 yard line and Monrovia settles for a field goal. On Monrovia’s second possession, Monrovia’s punt returner is clearly terrified of catching a punt(put somebody else back there) and lets the ball bounce on the 17 yard line and watches it roll to the two yard line. Results in a three and out. On their third possession, Maddox inexcusably decides to throw the ball three consecutive times. The first one for a five yard gain, the second one is dropped, and the third one is nearly intercepted. Result, three and out. 4th possession, is the QB keep for a touchdown and a knucklehead spike at the end. 5th possession. First they run it for a 12 yard gain for a first down. Then pass it on first, ball is way over thrown to a wide open receiver. Next play QB fumbles and recovers. Next play a sack. Result, punt. And so on.

    What I don’t understand is Monrovia’s running game is averaging almost 6 yards per. While the passing game is simply abysmal. After last night’s game I’m sure Monrovia’s pass completion percentage has dropped below .500. In five games, the passing game has given up 10 turnovers. Six interceptions, two fumbles after the catch, and two fumbles caused by a sack. Monrovia’s QB has a tendency of throwing behind his receivers or at their feet. And when he does throw a nice ball, Monrovia’s receivers can’t catch. And to top it off, the o-line can’t pass block. But still the play calling is almost 50/50. So with all that, I would be greatly disappointed if Monrovia(Maddox) passes the ball one more time for the rest of the season 🙂

    A few words of advice:
    Establish the running game. If it’s working establish it AGAIN!
    When you’re running game is averaging 6 yards per, keep running the ball until they stop it!
    You’re punt returner, #8, does not belong back there. Put #4 in, at least he doesn’t seem afraid to catch it and knows when to wave it off and signal for a fair catch.
    Special team needs a lot of work. Kick off team has no sense of staying in their lanes.
    Work on tackling and keeping their heads up prior to wrapping up, especially the DBs.
    Tell all the players to just hand the ball over to the refs after each touchdown! Anything else is just nonsense!

    Congratulations to Monrovia for the very fortunate win. Very unfortunate for St. Francis to lose the game on a bad exchange between the QB and the center.

    Again, this is just my opinion. And what do I know? I’m just some dude in the bleachers.

  • Educate us some more…

    WOW. Red leader, do you consider yourself a fan or foe of the CATS? Being an educator myself I always find it real interesting how people(fans)always have something to say or advise. The TEAM practices Monday thru Sat. Stop by and please feel free to drop them some knowledge, or just keep blabbing to the screen cause NO one that is a fan is interested.

  • New York

    Red Leader,
    You are completely right. Thankfully our athletes were able to overcome the questionable playcalling on offense as well as our overall lack of discipline. Also I really wish we would stop trying to be clever with the snap count in 3rd and 2 situations. That’s one of those things that seems good if you learned how to play and coach through reading a book, but it really slows down the offfensive line and it has backfired on us too often. Do that stuff on third and 8 in order to get us into a 3rd and 3.

  • Red Leader

    Educate us some more, obviously YOU’RE INTERESTED cause you took the time to read my comment. So in the words of my nephew “in your face”! And no, I’m not coming down to practice to drop some knowledge unless I’m getting paid. Just let me know if anything I’ve mentioned is wrong and I’ll apologize. Just point out where I’m wrong. I consider myself a fan of football, a TRUE fan. I don’t boo and get angry at the refs after every penalty, I get mad at the player that committed the penalty. I stop cheering after we have a four touchdown lead against Blair. I root for all our opponents to be unbeaten and hope their only loss will be against Monrovia. After losing to Ayala and South Hills, I’m rooting for both these teams to go deep into the playoffs so our loss to them don’t look so bad. I consider last night’s win as lucky cause that was clearly an unforced error. I get frustrated when we throw the ball three consecutive times when the running game is clearly working. I cringe every time our DBs go in for a tackle with their heads down. I believe in killing the clock with running plays when we have a decent lead going into the final quarter. I believe that if a player doesn’t practice the whole week, that player sits out the game. I don’t care if you’re a glorified starter. How about you, what kind of fan are you?

    New York, if Monrovia ever gets their play calling on par with the talent level they have(or not have) it will be a beautiful thing to watch. Now we just got to take the next five games one at a time and work on the fundamentals. And hope all the wrinkles are ironed out before the playoffs start.

    Oh, one more word of advice. Tell the QB to tuck the ball away when he’s running. Looked like he was carrying a hot pot of coffee in the open field and he didn’t want to get burned. It’s nonsense.

  • Mtown fan

    Red leader is right. What the heck is going on with all this passing? RUN the BALL!!!

  • New York

    Red Leader,
    I’m not sure why we are not using Mason Bryant as our punter again this year. Having him execute rugby style kicks worked quite well last year just as it did having Nick Bueno do that two years ago. PLUS, it is always great having weapons like him on the field at all times. He had a key play against Covina converting a fake punt last year.

    I have to disagree with any statement that we got lucky at the end. I might have issues with Maddox’s play calling and what I view as not a good use of personel and even killer instinct, but I strongly admire his character and I beleive his character has come across to the entire team in order to stick it out until the very end on that goal line play. Character is a great foundation, but it only goes so far against teams that have good character and play-calling. My problem with the play-calling lies mostly in my observation that it seems he calls plays that are open but are simply not getting executed in favor of plays that are getting executed, even if they are not open on paper. For instance, the five yard dive at the end was not “open” but our guys got it done.

    Also, the cumulative effect of our guys banging the St Francis QB undoubtedly played a role in the psychy of the St. Francis QB and Center on that faitful snap. I do think the fumble was fortunate, but certainly not luck.

    Lastly, St Francis had the opportunity to force a saftey and get the ball back immediately after BUT our runningback and O-Line really stepped up and pounded out a five yard dive play to give us breathing room for the kneel down.

    Dont get me wrong, this game should not have been this close and in my opinion our tailback should have been the focal point of the offense complimented by about 150 yards passing on about 12 completed play-action passes.

  • Cat Dad

    To Red Leader & All Cat Fans;

    You wrote what I was thinking. I’ll take a win anyday, but let’s be real. If we want to go for a third title, we need to find discipline. I’m a huge Cat fan, but I am the first to say that St. Francis lost the game, as opposed to the Cats winning the game. The coaches have made some questionable calls all season long, and although I am just a fan in the bleachers, any clown can see that we have very little discipline and against a good team, we will be beat. Maybe we can use this game as a wake up call to tighten things up the rest of the way.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    You M-Town fans are worried about nothing. What “good” teams are you going to see the rest of the way? Paraclete or Sierra Canyon (maybe) in the playoffs? Discipline or no, you should be fine. But some discipline wouldn’t hurt. Mission accomplished. You validated your two titles and whatever hardware you can win this season.

  • New York

    My attitude has always been that a B+ is not good enough much less a B- even if minimum eligibility was a C. I care about my alma mater and want those boys to learn the importance of reaching their potential. Complacency
    kills the cat. Athletic superiority can make it tempting to overlook the importance of striving for excellence.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    Well, I hate to tell you, the next game that you can stick a grade on Monrovia’s performance ain’t gonna be til Week 13 or 14. Four the RHL games will be over at half and San Marino may hang around for a while. First two round of CIF will be easy, too. Probably even the semis. So, a B+ will get you a 50-point win. A B- will get you a 40-point win.

    What happens next is Ainsworth and Heyworth fatten up their stats to what they should be.

  • New York

    What if Coach Maloney comes back?besides teams can just decide to be better overnight. Improvement is cumulative. Paraclete, SC and even San Dimas will keep improving and not rest on a week 5 victory that included just one offensive touchdown.

  • Lucky

    SF might go 0-5 in league, and 2-3 at best. They’ll lose to Serra, Chaminade, And St. Paul and will have trouble with Cathedral and Harvard-Westlake. This is not one of their better teams and they have zero athletes this year because they’ve lost the Pasadena kids to Alemany, Crespi, et all. They’ll probably end the year at 4-6, 5-5 and miss the playoffs

  • Misleading

    Gotta agree with Lucky this isnt the victory it seems on papaer. st Francis is 3-2 with wins over 1-4, 1-5, and 1-4 teams.

  • Green Pastures

    This was a great win…I don’t want to hear anything about luck or St Francis is not as good as we all thought. You must play football for four quarters. You must execute all the way to the last snap. Monrovia has lost titles on Ints, bad snaps, offsides, on hail mary’s, fumbles, and bad play calling. It’s part of the game. St Francis mad+e a mistake. I would say St Francis was lucky Mtown dropped a for sure touch down right before they mishandled the snap. The Monrovia Dline, won the battle up front the whole night, and on the last play the blew it up with a great surge. Instead of hanging their heads, our players, stepped in on the last play of the game, and gave 100% effort and something good happened. I will say that the play calling this season has not been good. However, you have to give the Mtown staff credit, for making the defensive changes which allowed them to be in the game. Moving Frazier to rush end, and moving craft to safety. Monrovia beat a quality team period. This may not be St Francis best team in history, but they were far from helpless, and to say they have no athlete, is deplorable. They have players, and they normally go to the playoffs almost every year. They barely lost to La Mirada, which is a fine team. If you look into the teams they beat Righetti and West Ranch, those teams do have 1-4 records, but those losses came to schools like Moorepark, Thousand oaks, Paso Robles,Valencia, and Villa park, to name a few, which are all good teams. So just give credit.

  • SGV Football

    All you M’town dorks can keep honking your horns if you really feel this win against a weak St Francis team is worth anything. You play in a weak division, and play noboday all season. Ayala and South Hills are the basement of their league. St Francis is maybe 4 in their league. Until Monrovia finds the balls to schedule a real opponent during the season, they will always live in the shadows claiming to be good. Monrovia is a blip in the SGV Football radar at most.

  • Mtown fan

    A blip on the radar? Haha Monrovia is the main topic week in and week out. And you still find the time in your day to give your thoughts on Monrovia. You are ridiculous. I would love to hear what school you are a fan of.

  • New York

    SGV Football,

    Your baseless instigation and false claims and the low quality of your conclusion is on par with those of the DNC and White House.

    1) More Monrovia fans have been on here expressing frustration that we are still not taking care of business, rather than celebrating the victory.

    2) Just as after our San Dimas victory, Monrovia fans have been mostly silent or non-existent with regard to bragging about the victory.

    3) Ayala and South Hills were at the bottom of the Sierra LAST year, Mr. Rear View Mirror. This is a new season. Just as your point to your perceived weakness of quality of St. Francis this year, you must also point to the improvement of Ayala and South Hills this year. If you insist on staying in the 2011 season, you need to acknowledge that Ayala averaged over 30 points per game against the Sierra league but got only 16 against Monrovia during Monrovia’s first game of the season.

    4) I would not be surprised if you are one of Aram’s aliases trying to encourage more activity on the blog by attacking Monrovia out of nowhere.

  • Obama 2012

    Like any true republican you also try and put the blame on everyone else other than where it belongs.

    In your post you try the same smoke and mirrors as the RNC.

    Yes Ayala averaged 30 points against the Sierra last year and only scored 16 against Monrovia. And Monrovia averaged 43.4 points in the Rio Hondo and only scored 15 against Ayala.

    So your point is????????????????????????

    2011 Preseason Avg.
    25.6 Ayala
    27 Monrovia

    2012 Preseason Avg.
    32.6 Ayala
    29.2 Monrovia

    Looks like BOTH teams are doing better, so far. than last year…so again I fail to see what point you are trying to make?

    If your point was to show that a 7 point increase in points average shows a far better Ayala team this year I just don’t get it? I lead Mitt by 7 points across the board in all states but republicans insist that those 7 points are too small to really matter.
    By November, when I am re-elected we will see how Ayala has fared in the Sierra league and we already know how Monrovia will do in the toughest league in the Mid-Valley. I thank you in advance for your vote and my gift to the American people will be furthering the advancement of Obamacare while you continue to relish the gift from St. Paul on their final drive.

    Obama 2012

    So in closing I just want to

  • New York

    Are you the same clown who posts under SOS and always copies and pastes Cal Preps data?

    Yes, Ayala is better than the Rio Hondo League. That’s easy. Every team in our pre-season is.

    Ayala’s offense is doing better this year than last year, but Monrovia’s defense held them to half their average production which is roughly half their production against the Sierra last year. My point is that Monrovia’s defense is pretty good even relative to the Sierra League.

    On a personal note:
    My point was that you, like Obama, tried creating a boogie man out of nowhere. YOU came on here and suggested that Monrovia fans are pounding our chests following the St Fancis victory? How many Monrovia fans did that? Huh? Is there a trend of Monrovia fans doing that following the St. Francis win or after ANY victory? Furthermore you say that I blame everyone else…who is it that I am blaming? Blaming them for what? It is funny hearing a purported Obama supporter suggesting someone else blaming others….OK President Blame-Game. Consistent with YOUR smoke and mirrors you suggest that I am the one committing YOUR sleezy behavior.

    Monrovia fans tend to do all of our talking BEFORE the games and then not a whole lot after the games, WIN or LOSE. We have not bragged after the victories this season. Contrary to what people like you tend to suggest, Monrovia is classy and we don’t kick people when they are down. That’s why we don’t brag following victories. In fact, most of the blog traffic following our recent victory has been focused inward discussing what we need to do to improve.

    Point 2 is that you keep referring to Ayala and South Hills as the bottom of the Sierra. Well, that was last year. We will see how it plays out this year. Besides, the Sierra is not even a San Gabriel Valley League. So what does losing to the bottom of a non-San Gabriel Valley league have to do with the SGV Radar that seems so important to YOU. Again you have erratic logic.

    Point 3 is that you refer to the demise of St. Francis THIS year. So you conveniently mix apples and oranges and hope people are convinced. How can you point to South Hills and Ayala last year but not to Saint Francis last year? Also, you point to only where Ayala finished without acknowledging that their returning QB and Robinson generated just 16 points against Monrovia this year even though they scored a lot last year IN LEAGUE.

    Is Monrovia’s defense better than many of the Sierra League defenses since we held Ayala to just 16 points? I admit our offense is worse. That’s easy to admit. But YOU answer this question. Please don’t “answer” it with another question.

    So you mix last year with this year and you create boogie men where they don’t exist.

    Sticking with the political theme:
    * You feel that the winning argument resides in taking something away from people rather than putting forth a realistic analysis and NEVER address the real question.
    * The only Monrovia affiliated bloggers who came on here following the win and suggested it was great were two people: One) is Green Pastures, whom I like personally but is always over the top and provocative in his blogging and Two) a person claiming to be an “educator” and probably a loyal member of the Teacher’s union and the DNC…so there you go. Fight amongst yourselves.

    Just because the masses MIGHT be fooled doesn’t make it a good argument.

  • Philly B

    Well You have my vote, I have to admit that was pretty good haha. I’ll assume you were joking when talking about monrovia in the toughest league in the mid valley. Because we all know its a joke, and monrovia needs out of that league. and possibly this division. HOWEVER I wouldnt call St. Francis a weak team. I mean who is a team that you think is above the rest in the WSGV???? I’d sure like to hear this.

    I agree with you to a certain extent as I usually do. But dont bring politics into this please. Because the Repub party…..lets just not go there, or there’ll be civil war within fans without end. We need to be like T.C. of old where they would just Run Run and Run some more, if it aint broke dont fix it right? And St francis is a very disciplined team and everyone said displine beats out athleticism…..well it didnt last friday night so now what’s the excuse?

    You pretty much said it, right on. monrovia wont be tested until the Semis and finals. first round Mtown will get who?? South El Monte??? El Monte??? Rosemead??? Gabrielino???? Give me a break! We’ll take the SF win to validate the titles the last two seasons. Hopefully by semis you’ll move monrovia up in the rankings at least up to 6????

  • New York

    Philly B,
    Where have you been?

    Careful who you warm up to. This clown is a drive-by, multi-monicker amature who just got schooled by Greenie on another thread when he said St. Francis is a bunch of slow caucasians.

    I hope someone points out where I am wrong.

  • 238

    A victory over St. Francis is a statement win? Really? They lost to two non-playoff teams from the Sierra. They beat a non-playoff team from the Mission and that is a statment win?

  • AMAT 73

    Good win by Monrovia on Friday . It’s not fair to try and downgrade the win because St Francis doesn’t have as good of a team as in the past. They are a good program who will field a solid , well disciplined team every year. I for one don’t see how this validates their 2 CIF titles for the simple fact of even in beating St Francis they still lost to SH and Ayala. Top teams of the SGV just don’t lose those games . Those titles are validated for the simple fact of they did what they did in their league and the playoffs.The knock on that has been for them to try and correlate those titles into being a top tier team in the SGV which they don’t . They are the best in the Mid Valley no question about it but the jury is still out on the SGV. Don’t get me wrong it is a step in the right direction of being considered a team in the top 10 of the SGV .I saw where my buddy GP is ready to tackle a schedule of AMAT, CO , CH , St Francis , plus WC in one preseason (rarely does a team take on a schedule of that caliber) and has them being able to step on the field and play with the likes of CO or AMAT . It was a good win but not to the point of that thinking. Maybe more of scheduling Damien , WC , DR , Bonita , Los Altos in the SGV and La Mirada , Charminade , slime , Roosevelt (Corona) , outside of the SGV before those others mentioned . Enjoy the win and maybe the team turns the corner and plays up to their ability as was hyped preseason . But it’s good to see all the Monrovia honks out in force again . I was wondering where the majority of them went ?????

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Amat 73… you have done it again SGV-Tribune area Champs! Good luck in the Serra league and playoffs. I wish you the best!

  • AMAT 73

    Thanks GP but now the fun begins. Serra will be tough as always and I really think this years preseason will help our cause. Let’s worry about league and then we can talk playoffs . As I wrote the win against SF was a good one and these fools trying to discount it are wrong. Good luck to you also in the RH and make sure the Cats keep the foot on the gas and get your running game going because that will be your key in the playoffs.

  • Philly b

    I’ve been here, not this thread but I’ve been present. St francis is a good program bottom line. I don’t care what anyone says. We had good wives, expected wins, dumb self inflicting loses. As far as a boogie man.goes, u might wanna look at ur party. And go outside da comfort zone because something repubs don’t do is conpromise n try to work to a common goal. Again NY always love reading ur comments and input but with politics we’re at ends

    Thanks for giving props, good luck in your league with Amat, hope u guys do’well

  • New York

    Two weeks ago I read that Vaughns from CO had five touchdowns and felt that was probably more times than Ainsworth even touched the ball in the second half against South Hills. I also read how many touches a couple of your guys get. Then I recall how many touches Ralph Brown got at tailback during the 1995 playoffs. My obversatons is that the higher level coaches seem to realize that they don’t necessarily need to spread the ball around when they have a stud who is getting nice yardage. They also realize that their top football players don’t need as much rest as some might think. Look at Grutegood when he was at Mater Dei. When I coached in NJ, we looked like South Pasadena but had an all-purpose athlete who went to Rutgers. He was our QB, Punter, Punt Returner, Kickoff Returner, Safety etc. Then he played some Wildcat QB at Rutgers. The point is that your top athletes on the team tend to carry the load when given the chance and the rest of the team rallies to support the winning cause.

    Philly B,
    Comfort zone? I’ve spent my entire life in deep blue California, NYC, Boston and now DC. And I was educated at the best of the blue-thinking universities. However, I also grew-up the son of a house painter and worked as a janitor in college. I see that if you create a big enough saftey net then it becomes a spider web. If you constantly set the bar too low then people forget how to jump and climb. And of course, eventually you run out of other people’s money. I know all about the not-in-my-back-yard (NIMBY) Blue. The great state of California, foreve my homestate, needs to try a new approach.

  • AMAT 73

    New York,
    As much as I like our new style of offense I still say we have to run the ball . Maybe not to the extent of years past but it still a neccessity . When you get in those close games and you have a lead , that’s when it counts.You get the ball with 6 or 7 minutes left and then you churn out some of first downs and use up the clock at the same time or score the go ahead TD or FG and leave little time on the clock . How many times have you seen pass oriented teams score and leave plenty of time on the clock for the other team in the final minutes.If your run game is not in place out the gate , it’s hard to find one late in the season or in the playoffs when you will really need it against those better teams .