Ayala’s Jordan Robinson gets first offer …

Ayala running back/defensive back Jordan Robinson has picked up his first college offer. South Dakota State offered the senior playmaker this week.

Robinson is considered by many to be one of the top players in the Sierra League and one of the best in the area.

Aram’s take:
It’s about time. Robinson figures to get several more offers between now and Signing Day. The fact that Ayala’s winning this season helps quite a bit. One of the biggest mysteries so far was the lack of offers for Robinson, but that looks to be changing. Thank goodness.

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  • The Greenster…

    It is about time G robinson is very good. I think he will land more offers soon. Congrats to him. He deserves a lot more than he is getting. If he can rip up the sierra, maybe pac 12 is in his future.

  • AHS_FB_Fan

    Congrats to the kid. He should have more offers. When kids of his calibre don’t have the offers, there is usually an underlying issue….grades, trouble, attitude, or a coach not “selling” his player to colleges. Hopefully that is not the case here.

  • AyalaDad

    It is about time. I think the reason heks not received much recognition is our program itself has not done well for a while. That hurts our kids that deserve to play at the next level. Inglima did a POOR job of selling the kids. Hopefully Reams willstep up and do that.

  • ayaladad it really isnt the program

    it’s really not true that the scouts and coaches dont notice kids at low performing schools – last Feb 1st, Wilson had two athletes sign their letters at ‘The Den’ in front of 100 poeple – wilson ha sgone 6-34 over the past four years, if the kids are good, they will get noticed

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Congrats to any and ever kid thats get an offer to play college ball. Congrats Mr. Robinson

  • Bulldogs

    UNLV and Southern Utah are both very interested in him.

  • Bulldogs

    Boy I sure hope this isn’t an attempt by an adult to sabotage a kid. I’m around him every day. The kid works hard and has a good attitude. Is he a program Nazi? No. Is he a jerk? Absolutely not. So as far a bad reputation? That is slanderous to say the least.

  • What an Idiot You Are

    @ the A..H… Republican. How dare you begin to act like you know my son! I periodically read these blogs but never comment. Well your comments are something I just cannot pass up. What a complete stupid no nothing individual you are. Jordan is the hardest working athlete you will ever meet. He’s hard working and puts his best into everything that he does. Whether thats on the football field or the baseball field. He has only not completed one year due to a broken leg as a sophomore on the varsity team. To let you know what kind of person he is he played a whole other varsity game on that broken leg and never complained. I wonder if you could get out of bed if your baby toe was hurting. It was not until we made him go to the doctor did we find out it was broken. I call bull shit on what you think you know. You are the biggiest and saddest bully there is. Someone who sits behind a computer and slander people you dont even know! It is sad to think that you may have some influence on shaping someones else’s life when you bad mouth other people. We have raised Jordan to be kind to others and always be respectable. I’m sure you can’t say the same. I’ll tell you how his grades are…they are not a factor. You can call it momma bear protecting her cub if you want but you should never slander a kid like that IDIOT!

    Unlike other people who come on here and pretend to be someone else, make no mistake, THIS IS HIS MOTHER!

    I apologize to the rest of the people on the blog but I am PISSED!

  • Sierra League Fan

    Jordan’s mom,
    I have watched Jordan play since he was a freshmen. The kid is a very good athlete. The problem I have is not with Jordan, but with his coaches. How can a kid as talented as him not touch the ball more either running or catching. I think they do not work him enough. Maybe that is why he doesn’t have the “stats” to get noticed. Did he go to many combines during the summer? Do you have a guess as to why he isn’t getting the offers he should be getting?

  • M.R.

    @ Sierra League Fan. It is a mystery to us as well. We just did not know the right things to do to get him the exposure so we got started a little late. The NIKE camp was where he really got noticed. This was something we should have done at least a year ago. I know Coach Reams works really hard and wants the best for him. I wish Ayala had a recruiting coordinator like some other schools that could benefit all our athletes.

  • Sierra League Fan

    I have a buddy who caches @ UNLV. I know he said the coaches @ Chino Hills and Charter Oak all had good things to say about Jordan. He said that is what gave them the heads up about him. I hope he picks up more offers. Is he healthy again? I hope he has an injury free rest of the year and represents the Sierra league well.

  • Bulldogs

    I know personally that a member of the staff at Ayala is personal friends with one of the UNLV coaches. He said he really pushed Jordan and has talked to his friend numerous times about the kid. Including when Ayala went on their trip to Vegas. Hopefully that will pay off.

  • AyalaDad

    Pretty sad to see somebody come in trash talk a kid like that. A kid that by all indications a hard worker and without a doubt a top level athlete that would be a starter at ANY SCHOOL, ANY LEAGUE, ANY DIVISION PERIOD!

    Like I said before congrats to the kid, hopefully he gets 5 TD’s tonight.

    Go Ayala Bulldogs!