PrepXtra Postgame Rewind: Aram and Fred try to make sense of the postseason picture …

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    SOUTHEAST shot in the dark here:

    1. La Mirada (Suburban #1)
    -Arcadia (Pacific #3)

    -Bonita (Hacienda #2)
    -Sante Fe (Del Rio #2)

    -Burbank (Pacific #2)
    -Rowland (Hacienda #3)

    -Norwalk (Suburban #3)
    4. Downey (SGV #1)



    3. Muir (Pacific #1)
    -Cal (Del Rio #3)

    -WC (Hacienda #1)
    -Paramount (SGV #3)

    -Bellflower (Suburban #2)
    -Dominguez (SGV #2)

    2. La Serna (Del Rio #1)
    – Diamond Ranch (At-large, Hacienda#4)

    Again, this is a complete shot in the dark, and who knows what CIF will do. Here are some things to note though:

    -Paramount’s loss was huge. They went from a seeded team, to the SGV’s #3 team.

    -Arcadia at 4-6, not DR at 7-3, will have to play the #1 seed. Period. At-larges are not guaranteed to play #1 seeds, as last year’s Southeast bracket proved when at-large Muir played #2 seed Sante Fe.

    -The seed to keep an eye on will be the #4 seed. Potentially, WC could land it, and had they not forfeited a game they just might have. I think Downey gets it as the SGV’s #1, but we’ll have to wait and see. If some other team gets it, this list I created was all for naught.

    -The first round might be brutal for some 1st-place league finishers. Paramount becomes the proverbial, “team no one wants to face in the 1st round.” Add Rowland, Norwalk, and DR as those types of teams as well. This is going to be fun.

    -The Hacienda, with 4 teams, must have a team in each 4-team bracket, as they do here.

    -I see one gimme-game. That would be LM vs. Arcadia. Outside of that annihilation, any other team could win the their 1st round game.

    -Lastly, these are the best #3 league teams since the Southeast began. Paramount, Norwalk, and Rowland. Not to mention DR as the at-large, especially since last year’s at-large, Muir, made a semifinal run.

    **Good luck to all this playoff season!!!

    • 626

      Damn! Just missed a perfect bracket. Gook luck to all the teams!