Damien coach Mark Paredes ain’t no dummy, names Kenny Lawler his D-Coordinator …

Many thoughts go through a man’s mind while in the drive-thru at Garduno’s.

Damien coach Mark Paredes has named Kenny Lawler his defensive coordinator and Dave Breunig his offensive coordinator.

Why does this matter? Well, Lawler, in particular, does. He’s a mover and shaker in the area. If you’re a local coach with some legit talent, he’s probably contacted you about having some of that legit talent play in the 7-on-7 league he’s associated with.

And why does that matter? Well, Lawler, in particular, is the kinda guy who can “attract” talent to Damien. He isn’t going to sit back and coach little leaguers. I imagine he’s going to be critical in Damien getting the kinda horses it needs to compete at its level.

Of course, Gano and Co. were supposedly master “attractors” and they ran into a wall at Sparty. But assuming Mr. Gorbachev, in this case Dr. Hemenway, tore down that wall, then I expect to see Damien’s level increase.

In case you’re wondering, Lawler’s son Kenny was the kid who played WR at Upland and is now at Cal.

Oh yeah, and Breunig was at JW North with Paredes last year.

Aram’s take: I heard things about many Damien players heading for the doors. I also heard things about poor play turnout. Paredes has seemed oblivious to all that took place at Damien in recent years, but I can’t gauge if he’s sandbagging me or if he really doesn’t know what kinda stream he’s swimming against. It looks to be time for a classic Aram line: Things may get worse before they get better.

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  • I totally picture you destroying this burrito while you wrote this spot!

    • Actually Mike, it destroyed me. I am who I am. You can’t fight city hall.

      • Mike The Clone


  • reality

    The first thing a new HC has to do is put together a top notch staff. You go nowhere without help. Even with average talent a great staff can coach up what you do have and that is all you can reasonably ask for. Seems like coach is on the right track.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Is this the same Kenny Lawler who was at PCC?

    • I think so, Little Stevie R. I know he was at SAC in some capacity recently.

  • no-step

    A new DC is certainly a big step forward. Last years defense gave up 30 ppg. Nonsense.

  • Jastrab

    My two older brothers played at Damien in the 70’s and 80’s. Damien probably has had equal or better talent at LB/OL/DL to Amat, but they always seem to play at a lower scale in terms of determination.

    If the alum will accept a “Pedro” guy in terms of what he did at Amat and what Amat does in terms of preparation and not allowing kids/parents to run the show then Damien has the whole IE and ESGV to draw talent. They could easily be a top IE or SoCal team if they don’t get in the way. That said, he will not put up with old Damien ways…there is a reason Amat can put a 5-10 180 DE in the game and not get blown out.

    PHd MH will not allow sub par kids, but then again Parades will not need to do what Bishop Alemany or Crespi does as he will take an undersized kids rather than a problem.

    All the pieces are in place unless the alums screw it up!


    • TheCloser

      If you look at the Amat teams from the 90’s they were undersized. Hell, Daylon McCutcheon’s offensive line averaged about 5’10” 210 lbs but they were tough as nails. Yes, he will take undersized kids rather than problems. Still, he’ll need to mix in a Rodney Sermons, Kory Minor, Daylon McCutcheon, Jason Harris, etc. to make it work. Not sure how many of those guys are readily available. LOL

  • Valley Athletics

    Maybe scoby will end up there now. Talking about scoby. By now he should be enrolled at a school . That’s a lot if time missing school.

  • reality

    A burrito? I assumed Garduno’s was a medical lab and that thing was a specimen.

    • it is a specimen. a specimen of manhood. the anti-chipotle, if you will.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Kenny Lawler at Damien is on par, with a slight twist to Asante at Santa Margarita. Strictly a talent locator. Lawler is hardwired into the area and has access to good talent. Any talent Lawler “attracts” is going to expect to play.

    For Damien this is going to be interesting to see how this pans out. Parents and players are not going to sit quietly while “imported from Upland” talent begins supplanting their investment. Yes competition is king, but again, no one Lawler brings in is going to be “bench willing.”

    Nevertheless, even the best talent still requires great coaching. Paredes is good and Lawler is a we’ll see.


    I did a quick Google search on Lawler and his last major stint in the SGV and didn’t go to well. Does anyone know if PCC and Lawler finished on good terms? I think it revolved around a player suicide….

  • Valley Athletics

    His son was a top recruit coming out of upland . Looks like Damien wants to attract talent from the schools near the 210 fwy . Going to be very tough with upland and rancho being good .i know damien has lots of talent in next years junior class to build . Isaac archer 6’3″ receiver on the amat jv team and pitcher on the varsity baseball team .played on Damien’s freshmen team that was loaded . My buddies kid said that he left at end of freshman yr and others where unhappy also with Damien . Maybe now with paredes they can change some of the
    unhappy players mind . I know some kids on the freshman team so if they make varsity I will be checking out some games .

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