Damien coach Mark Paredes ain’t no dummy, names Kenny Lawler his D-Coordinator …

Many thoughts go through a man’s mind while in the drive-thru at Garduno’s.

Damien coach Mark Paredes has named Kenny Lawler his defensive coordinator and Dave Breunig his offensive coordinator.

Why does this matter? Well, Lawler, in particular, does. He’s a mover and shaker in the area. If you’re a local coach with some legit talent, he’s probably contacted you about having some of that legit talent play in the 7-on-7 league he’s associated with.

And why does that matter? Well, Lawler, in particular, is the kinda guy who can “attract” talent to Damien. He isn’t going to sit back and coach little leaguers. I imagine he’s going to be critical in Damien getting the kinda horses it needs to compete at its level.

Of course, Gano and Co. were supposedly master “attractors” and they ran into a wall at Sparty. But assuming Mr. Gorbachev, in this case Dr. Hemenway, tore down that wall, then I expect to see Damien’s level increase.

In case you’re wondering, Lawler’s son Kenny was the kid who played WR at Upland and is now at Cal.

Oh yeah, and Breunig was at JW North with Paredes last year.

Aram’s take: I heard things about many Damien players heading for the doors. I also heard things about poor play turnout. Paredes has seemed oblivious to all that took place at Damien in recent years, but I can’t gauge if he’s sandbagging me or if he really doesn’t know what kinda stream he’s swimming against. It looks to be time for a classic Aram line: Things may get worse before they get better.