UPDATED: Source says number of suspended Pomona players rises to 18 …

UPDATE: The number of Pomona football players suspended for their role in last week’s brawl during the Wilson game has risen from 12 to 18, according to a source close to the team. Pomona issued its own suspensions earlier this week, but the CIF-Southern Section has reportedly stepped in and added more players to the list. Pomona is 7-0 and plays Baldwin Park (6-1) in a key Valle Vista League game on Friday night.

Confirmed: Twelve players, FOUR OF THEM STARTERS, will be suspended from Pomona High School’s football team for Friday’s game against Baldwin Park. The players were deemed by the school to have participated in last Friday’s brawl against Wilson. Pomona is 7-0 and bidding for the Valle Vista League championship.

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  • Colt81

    I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. As “brawls” go, this one appears pretty minor.

  • RealTalk

    From this video, it looks as though there was a fumble. both teams were trying to get to it and then a coach runs on the field and Wilson players followed. Maybe he saw a fight break out in front of him and went to break it up.

  • Kevin Brown

    What made the coach think there was a fight when there was a referee standing right there and the play hadn’t been blown dead? The coaches action (running on the field) caused his kids to do the same. Had he not done that, there would have been NO brawl… The coach should have let the referee blow the play dead and the kids would not have reacted. There are CLEARLY Wilson players with their helmet off running on the field…

    • Jess Ramos

      i was their the ref did blow the whistle and the play was dead it was the last 45sec before half time. it was a fumble recovery . whistle blown and yes head coach wilson did ran out to the field twice, if you saw sideline ref on wislon calling it down wilson player still continued to play

    • Skywalker

      Is that Michael Victor shoving players around in the video? When does he get suspended? Will he be reinstated for SD game?

  • Jefe

    Give me a break. That was NOTHING. Overreaction by CIF, as per the norm.

  • mrs.Tee

    This all started off with the referee clearly who called at least 5 ….15 yard penalties against one team unbelievable, Pomona high team still continue to play clean football, Pomona , working toward family and brotherhood I know people dont see that comimg from pomona but it true and now that this kids learn to gel together the newspaper taunt there name, from where I was sitting wilsons player where clearly on top off our kids, coaches (wilson ) on the field the whole time nothing was call right is right and wrong is wrong , when are we going to stop politics, if you see your family memeber on the bottem of a pile what would u do ? its wasnt a fight but a kid trying to recover a fumble. I wish the same newspaper person I spoke to two weeks ago would have reported the good things about pomona students of this team
    And not the bad we need to do better…..just because we’re not living on the best side of town doesn’t mean that we dont have talented kids who love this sport, and do it well we just want to play ball….

  • no-step

    Why do these two Pomona schools, DB and Pomona, have so mush of a problem with personal discipline which leads to violence? Is it something in the water, or does it go much deeper than that?

  • Nhsmom

    I have not seen Wilson play yet this season but I have seen Pomona. I have to say there were a handful of Pomona players that did not play clean football! They showed unsportsmanlike conduct and made aggressive moves towards other teams players after the refs called plays.

  • Saints Parent

    So I am curious and have seen the live game film not this snippet. Why are the Pomona #’ the ONLY ones being discussed? Wilson player did grab a Pomona player and violently throw him to the ground (and was NOT ejected by the way) in an extremely cheap shot. Then it got heated and then MOST of the Wilson team jumped on the field including coaches and got into the action. Didn’t look like any ejections on the field as most of the players were still in there and Wilson bench was still full. I am thinking based on what I saw on Video, this should be similar to the Diamond Bar scenario where they are going to have to suspend most of the team. So newspaper guy’s, what is the Wilson status? Wilson has Northview this week and NV is going to win anyway, but if Wilson had to forfeit nice informal bye win for NV. Pomona is going to have a tough time vs BP since I assume ejections are a number of guy’s on the field so Starters.