UPDATED: Sources say Diamond Bar likely to forfeit upcoming Rowland game due to suspensions … Cordell Broadus among those suspended after D-Bar/D-Ranch brawl

***UPDATE***Sources close to the Diamond Bar football team are saying the school is bracing for the very real possibility that it will have to forfeit its Nov. 1 game against Rowland due to being unable to field a team after suspensions are handed down tomorrow by the CIF-Southern Section.

Diamond Bar’s roster is expected to be extremely hard hit and there’s now doubt that the Brahmas will have enough players when they next take the field on Nov. 1 against Rowland. If Diamond Bar is forced to forfeit the game, it could cost the Brahmas a chance to make the Southeast Division playoffs.

Diamond Bar will not be allowed to pull up players from its JV team to make up the difference because doing so would fly in the face of the punishments that will be levied on Wednesday.

Sources say that both the Diamond Bar and Diamond Ranch high school football teams are expected to be hit with a large number of player suspensions later today when the CIF-Southern Section releases an official statement about its findings in the wake of last Friday’s brawl between the two teams, which caused their game to be stopped with over 3 minutes remaining on the clock in the fourth quarter.

Among those expected to be suspended for Diamond Bar is standout receiver Cordell Broadus, who is the son of rapper Snoop Doggy Dog. One source said the Brahmas could be hit with more than 20 player suspensions. Diamond Ranch is also expected to see a high number of players ruled out for Friday’s game against Rowland.

The suspensions would be for one game, although both schools can also impose further punishment. Diamond Bar has a bye this week. Its suspensions would take place the following week when the Brahmas play Rowland.

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  • PatrickHT

    Nothing that wasnt gonna be expected..but as should be!

  • Valley Athletics

    TMZ called the southern section offices according to LA Times , so expect it to be on today’s show .

  • brad mill

    Interesting, 20 Diamond Bar players will be suspended and what should be an equal number of Diamond Ranch players but the only name appearing in your headline is Cordell’s? I know you guys are using him and his dad’s name to see newspapers but this if ridiculous. You even chastise people for using kids names in the comments. Not cool. My wife read this and assumed that he started the fight. For all you haters that blame this on Snoop’s kids, get a life. Check the DRanch roster and see how many of those kids come from outside of their school boundaries. Snoop actually lives in Diamond Bar. I think it’s actually kind of cool that someone in the public eye like that sends his kid to a public school.

    • FredJ

      In addition to be the son of an incredibly famous local person, he also happens to be one of the best players on the team.

      • Joey C

        He’s overrated DR shut him down. He’s no D1 player. Way over hyped…. but it sells stories

        • Try again

          The kid had 5 rec. for 90 yards, not bad considering we don’t have Bell on his opposite side and DR double covered him all night. That’s hardly a “shut him down” defensive performance. Typical kind of “urban legend” bs coming out of DR.

          • Joey C

            Check out his avg he is overrated he would not make the field on a pac 5 team that’s why he left LB

        • Valley Athletics

          Many PAC 12 offers and you say he is overrated .

          • Joey C

            All for the pony and horse show. kid barely has over 500 receiving that’s weak for a D1 player. His own dad says hes overrated and who knows their kids the best?

    • AramT

      So let me get this straight, when Snoop Jr. tweets out his takes about Lane Kiffin’s firing, it’s national news. But when we report his suspension, it’s bad form? I wonder if anybody woulda cared to hear any of the other Diamond Bar players’ takes on Lane Kiffin’s firing.

      Save the “Snoop lives in D-Bar” crap. Both his sons started out at LB Poly. Or did you fail to remember that?

      This blog isn’t for the faint of heart, so please find another place to read.

      • PatrickHT

        I dont think its that Aram, but what about DR??

      • PatrickHT

        But i DO agree with you

      • Inside edition

        Yes Aram, he did attend LBPoly but he and his brother were having difficulty getting to school on time due to varying traffic conditions so they transferred back to their home school.

      • brad mill

        Oh brother Aram…you are going to use a high school kids tweet about a college coaches firing (an opinion shared by other high profile recruits that also got national attention) as justification to place his name and his name only in and article about a high school fight? really? So what other DBar players have been named in the suspension? I can think of two others that are much more important to the team than Cordell. Are they out. What about DRanch since you know so much already. They have several college level players…any of them suspended. Interesting that you already know but CIF has not announced any names as of yet. And yes, both of his sons started out at Long Beach Poly, that’s where Snoop played high school ball. Of course he wanted his kids to follow in his footsteps. So now that his kid goes to the school he should have attended in the first place that becomes crap? Just an example of cheap journalism and taking the easy way out. I don’t know Cordell from anyone else. And you’re right, this blog isn’t for the faint of heart…but when someone disagrees with you and calls you on it your response as a professional is “please find another place to read”. Wow…I must have hit a nerve.

    • PatrickHT

      How do you know its 20 players?? Is that what you have been told?

    • Joey C

      That’s because he took a swing at a player with his back turned. So why try to defend it? He screwed up and should apologize for it. No class from DB.

  • reality

    I just wonder if both teams players and coaches knew that their next game was against a very weak Rowland team that they could beat with jv’s made them unconcerned about being suspended for a game. I think so.

  • reality

    Hey Aram nows your big chance. Why don’t you bring back your old “Sneak Attack” taping. I know your tight with Maine and have access to DB. Give TMZ a run for their money..

  • Southeast follower

    Snoop is a public figure who has made millions in the public
    eye…whether we like him or not. So naturally his son who has benefited from his Dad’s celebrity status. I don’t have a problem with SGV using his name…his dad sells records with his gangster rap so he shouldn’t be surprised by the violence it brings. Maybe he help pay for those new DB uniforms.
    His son is not going to be hurt by this what are they going
    to do pull his offers. He doesn’t need a scholarship to attend college. There are many student athletes in the area that deserve college offers and who exercise good sportsmanship every game and work hard every day.

    You should see what tweets go before and after games. Really…do we want these kids on a college campus? College Recruiters need to take off those blinders.

    I really would like to see CIF ban these schools from having
    any home playoff games.

    • PatrickHT

      There is nothing incriminating about his tweets, he is a HS teenager .You have to take into account, he has no history of getting into trouble

      • Valley Athletics

        Most people here don’t even know him . My nephew hanged out with him at south pointe jr high and the kid is a great kid . He just got caught up in the moment like most kids due when they are competing .he shouldn’t be judged by this .

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          He SHOULD be judged by it. But, hopefully he is smart enough to not be defined by it.

        • Joey C

          Right… like he’s so innocent. He messed up and needs to pay for it. Daddy cant bail him out every time.

      • Nomoredrama

        Well, he’s got a history now, and unfortunately, it’s not just for fighting, but, throwing a cheap shot and getting caught on tape doing it. What society is not learning, is that with camera phones, social media, etc…there are cameras e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. So don’t do anything you don’t want broadcast or printed for all to see.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    You can’t have it both ways…every parent of/ kid wants their name in the papers when it’s about scoring TD’s or getting scholarly recognition or offers…When it’s something bad, no one wants to be singled out. It would be Biased if high profile players did not get there name in the papers for something bad that happen in a game. The standouts have learn, that this is going to happen anywhere they play at the next level, but next time it will be on ESPN etc…It’s not the first or last high school football brawl…It’s not something criminal, it’s just high school football news. Missing a game with Playoff seedings for Dranch and playoff birth for Dbar, is punishment enough. Not to mention embarrassing. No need to bash Snoop…I am sure some other players who parents are not millionaire rap stars were involved in the fight as well. It’s just news, not a personal attack on anyone….The tape shows it all right there…You live and learn when you are teenager…Broadus seems to be a regular teenager.. come on.

  • Stormy

    Rather than test him…rather than letting him take the field and run with players who he was meant to run with, you made him settle for this crap.
    Rather than giving him an opportunity to play against the best of the absolute best, you sent him to Diamond Bar. WTF?
    You should have sent him to Bishop Amat. If you wanted to stay in the ghetto you could have at least sent him to the ghetto school that represents and is respected….smacking those OC fools in the face again and again. They don’t hide at home, fool.
    Now your boy is gonna be all over the news…playing and brawling on live TV in a game and in a division that no one in California gives a damn about.
    NIce one, Snoop…Snoop-a-Loop.

  • Valley Athletics

    Just heard this story on kroq news.