• Leo Tolstoy

    Fred brings up an interesting point about Bishop Amat’s sideline issues, and it’s been going on for years. Great eye Fred. This might have something to do with the fact that the Lancers have a few former Head Coaches and in critical situations everyone has something to say. In fact the Tribune had a sideline photo of this very thing happening in a Bishop Amat game where every coach seems to be yelling at the players at the same time.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      How do they win next year with out Haynes?

      • Leo Tolstoy

        It’s high school, there is always another player in the wings.

      • Valley Athletics

        They Re going to have Garcia who is very good . And everyone seems to forget about camargo at Qb .

      • AMAT 73

        We win with Damien Garcia at QB and Benson at RB . #37 , just wait this kid has the goods and expect to see much more of him this week . Our backfield is set for next year and also many more pieces in place . And as VA states below , we can always use Camargo .

  • SGVSports

    Aram, I guess that hammer that CIF used must have been plastic, it didn’t slow down Pomona.

    Pomona played shorthanded, focused and VERY physical.

    Games were played off the field this week and they didn’t work, now it will be settled on the field.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      If they beat Sdimas, you may be talking about a finals team…I remember when they came to Mtown with a good team….

      • SGVSports

        I seen Pomona play twice, don’t think they can beat Mtown (to small). I have seen San Dimas play and they are going to have some major issues with Pomona’s team speed. It’s going to come down to coaching, In the past San Dimas won that battle. Pomona is now running the spread, with the team speed this is going to cause some major issues for San Dimas.
        Doubt Fred or Aram have seen Pomona play all season. I see this being a close game or a blow out in favor of Pomona. San Dimas will score against Pomona’s defense. I just don’t see San Dimas stoping Pomona’s offense, the only thing that is going to stop Pomona’s offense is Pomona in that game. . .

        • Hands Team

          Just to make a point, against common Opponent SD is at minimum at TD better than Pomona. In every scenario at either half or end of game SD is better. BP also had players out due to grades and injury. Either way week 10 is the game of the week between these two.

          Pomona 61-BP 21 (40-14 half)
          SD 70-BP 27 (42-13 half)

          Pomona 53-Wilson 10 (27-10 half)
          SD 58-Wilson 7 (31-0 half)

          Pomona 17-Northview 9 (7-9 half)
          SD 41-Northview 7 (27-0 at half)

        • Saints Parent

          The Pomona game is going to come down to the DLine and Ends. The SD LB’s and DB’s may have trouble covering Pomona if they have all night to run around and get free, ESPECIALLY if the corners continue to line up 7-10 yards off the ball sideways. They will need to get up in the faces and jam the speedy receivers on the line making them have to work to get into their routes or reroute them entirely. LB are going to have to reroute every receiver coming through the middle and cover their space. If there is constant pressure on the QB, then that will be the difference. SD facing the spread is going to be old hat. If you look at their opponents, it has been almost a weekly occurrence in some fashion. No doubt will be a barn burner for sure.

          • Saints Parent

            But we still need to focus on Covina FIRST…. which we will

    • Leo Tolstoy

      Actually teams violated rules, they were held accountable and the teams moved on. Why don’t you? Great job by the Pomona community for a great game.

    • Inland_FB_Fan

      Come on, they beat Baldwin Park for goodness sake….lol. It’s not like they beat a powerhouse football team.

  • sportsfan

    Amat’s loss is completely on coaches. Every loss this year has been on the coaches. Against Rancho the team came back from a large deficit and was winning with about 5 minutes to go in the game. The “non-existent” running game was getting chunks of yardage. They give ball to RB who gets about 7 yards, they have two shots to get a first down and eat more time off the clock and what did the brilliant OC call? Of course a pass, it’s intercepted, Rancho takes it down the field chewing up the clock and scores a TD and wins. Against ND the running game was getting yardage but the OC kept calling pass plays, result was two picks and fumble by the QB.
    Last night the clock management again killed Amat. The genius OC and Haggerty are too smart for their own good. The success that team had in passing leagues got to their egos. They want shootouts and emphasize finesse and not toughness. Look at who they play most of the time at RB, that safety who has a good hands but has a tendency to dance around in backfield looking for a hole. Even their defense was infected last night by that mentality. Their hard hitting safety was on the sidelines most of game, in his limited playing time he had a couple of tough tackles and an INT.
    The coach should be reminded that this is tackle football not passing league