NEW!!! All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 9

Some teams have clearly gotten the memo: It’s Winning Time!!!

1. St. Francis (8-0) — Should be an interesting two weeks.
2. La Habra (7-1) — Like we said in Aug., they’re back.
3. D-Ranch (7-1) — Survived suspensions, now back to business.
4. La Serna (6-2) — Frankie Football has Lancers rolling again.
5. Bishop Amat (5-3) — Two weeks left to salvage season.
6. Charter Oak (4-4) — Scary good now on both sides of ball.
7. Chino Hills (6-2) — Got a scare from Ayala … for a half.
8. Glendora (6-2) — Etiwanda loss could prove very costly.
9. Monrovia (7-1) — Put up a 70-spot on La Canada.
10. Los Altos (7-1) — Usually 9-1 wins you your league.
11. Muir (7-1) — CV represents final Pacific test on Friday.
12. Arroyo (7-1) — So much for Mountain View providing a scare.
13. Diamond Bar (5-3) — Forfeit vs. Rowland looms very large.
14. San Dimas (4-4) — One more tuneup before Pomona showdown.
15. Pomona (8-0) — What suspensions?
16. Santa Fe (5-3) — El Rancho looks like huge test.
17. West Covina (5-4) — Getting right at right time.
18. Rio Hondo Prep (7-1) — All set for Pas Poly showdown.
19. San Marino (7-1) — Fast fwd to Week 10, please.
20. Bonita (5-3) — Hellacious schedule to close season.
21. Damien (4-4) — South Hills game for a playoff berth?
22. Whittier Chr. (5-3) — Maranatha game is for first place.
23. El Rancho (5-3) — Smelling upset against Santa Fe.
24. Northview (6-2) — Looks like BP game is for playoff spot.
25. Rosemead (7-1) — Can’t get caught looking ahead vs. Gabrielino.

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  • SirRedDevil

    C’Mon San Dimas over Pomona really? That’s crap!

    • Hands Team

      Just to make a point, against common Opponent SD is at minimum at TD better than Pomona. In every scenario at either half or end of game SD is better. You cant play cupcakes in the preseason an expect people to respect you. In every category, rating and prediction SD is a better team. Week 10 will be a great game, worry about the rankings after then.

      Calpreps prediction SD 31-PHS 28
      Max Preps Rating SD 14.2 – PHS 13
      MAx Preps Strength SD 6 – PHS minus14.5

      Pomona 61-BP 21 (40-14 half)
      SD 70-BP 27 (42-13 half)

      Pomona 53-Wilson 10 (27-10 half)
      SD 58-Wilson 7 (31-0 half)

      Pomona 17-Northview 9 (7-9 half)
      SD 41-Northview 7 (27-0 at half)

      • SGVSports

        Your over here talking that crap about common teams. NV game, Pomona QB breaks his collar bone, So quarterback plays most of the game. BP game, you talked about all those injuries to BP. Pomona at least their QB out due to injuries. On top of all injuries they had at least five starters, you have to assume some of them went both ways (at least 1/3 of their starting lineup).
        They you brought up all the experience San Dimas has against the spread(other thread). You forgot to mention you lost by 20 and 23 points. That validates you are going to have some major issues with Pomona since they are faster than Bonita (not even close) and as fast or faster than Diamond Bar.
        You also didn’t factor in the Pomona qb is one of the fastest kids on the field and isn’t afraid to tuck and run. The kid had over 500 multi purpose yards in the Baldwin Park game.
        I don’t know who is going to win this game, but I do see some major match up issues for San Dimas. If Pomona plays a decent defense against the Wing-T this could get nasty.
        You didn’t bring up the one huge advantage San Dimas has over Pomona, Pomona attempting to defend the Wing-T. That is a huge advantage to San Dimas.

        • Saints Parent

          SGV Sports… Pomona has played some very good football and handled their business for sure. There are some very fast athletes on the squad who are going to challenge the SD team for sure. But I have watched a lot of film on Pomona so far and one thing is for sure. They are NOT Bonita and Diamond Bar. Don’t kid yourself. As I posted before, the game will be won or lost on the line of scrimmage. If your offensive line holds SD Dline and gives your QB time to survey the field and or scramble, then it will be difficult. But if they are in his face and giving him no room to ramble, you can have all the speed in the world running routes and looking back wondering why the whistle has blown. That will determine the game. You will have to score 35+ points to win. SD’s offense is quicker now than it was earlier in the year and running a little more smoothly. Their Defense is also playing night and day better than earlier in the year. I am predicting a very good and tough game.

          • SGVSports

            I agree with all your points.

            I would also add that I expect the Pomona offensive to continue to get better each week. As they did against Baldwin Park. They are playing a sophomore quarterback with a little more than two games at the varsity level under his belt. This kid showed unbelievable composure for a sophomore at the Baldwin Park game. Lots of room for improvement, but has to be one of the best or best sophomore quarterback in SGV. Clearly the best QB in the VVL, and being told the second best on that Pomona team. The only team I haven’t seen play in the VVL is Nogales and I won’t. Hacienda league game next week. .

            Would also like to point out Aram ranking the 4-4 SD over the 8-0 Pomona team is ridiculous, It was also done with intent, his dislike for the Pomona program and his enjoyment in pissing off Pomona supporters. San Dimas has a tougher schedule, but they lost to all those teams. Somehow Aram gave more credit for a 20 point loss to upper division team than a win to a equal team (four times). Either way don’t think we will be seeing Aram at Pomona. To bad they now have one of the best fields in SGV, right behind Diamond Ranch. Although Diamond Ranch needs to get a PA system. That being said Pomona’s announcer needs to turn it down a notch or two, many three.


      • SirRedDevil

        We’ll call the schedule what you want but Pomona handled their business you’re talk ling as if San Dimas beat one of them “Dominant” teams they played in Non-League because last I checked they went 0-4

        • Saints Parent

          Sir… I think you have valid points, but the CIF Pollsters are telling you something as well , your 8-0 doesn’t mean as much as 4 other teams with 1 loss, and you have two 4-4 teams nipping at your heals in SD and Paraclete. You guy’s have had a great season and are playing some good football no doubt. In 2 weeks we will see whose schedule prepared them for what. If you beat SD, you will earn the #3 Seed and your chance at a little break in brackets. Then SD will have to claw its’ way game by game. it should be a very good game for sure.

          • Saints Parent

            And I am not going to play the head vs head competition game. Those games really don’t mean a lot. BP got the wind knocked out of them in our game and I think lost all their swagger. And nothing will matter when you walk in to SD with a 9-0 record and a chance to win league, you will still have your swagger. But you might want to consider that SD won’t be thinking much about that 0-4 start when they are fighting for the same thing… Again, I am betting on a very good and tough game.

      • Kevin Brown

        Hand Team, I like the fact that you use stats and common opponents. It makes your argument seem valid. However, while I agree that SD is a well coached team, offensively, I am not fired up with what they do defensively. Their edge guys play with NO rules, their DB’s are suspect at best and look un-coached. To their credit, the kids play hard as hell. Pomona will have to exploit those defensive flaws in order to beat SD.
        Z has just about perfected the Pop Warner offense, oops, I mean the Wing T. Pomona’s defense is stout and will have to slow SD down. With all the misdirection and trickery, you can only hope to slow them down because they’re going to score points. John Brown’s defense will be ready though.
        All in all, I think this game has all of the makings of a classic with Pomona coming out on top. Ultimately, whether Pomona wins or loses, it will not define their season. They’ve played great football despite the naysaying, administrative blunders, suspensions and injury. The question in my mind is could SD play through the same adverse circumstances? Without transfers? Also, food for thought, you can only play the teams put in front of you…

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      What do these rankings get you? I think Pomona is a dark horse…However, so is San dimas…SD is the reigning league champ…

    • GrimReaper

      Defense wins championships. Pomona lacks defense, San Dimas has defense.

      Easy no brainer.. San Dimas wins walking away.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    The SGV’s Pac 5 season comes to close this week. Will there be a coin flip in the Serra League? Well the super soph’s should win the serra next year?

    Is CO inland ready?! Could this be Farrar best work? Maybe a humbled CO gets past the 2nd round…Unlike the start studded teams of the past

    If Saint Francis wins or comes with 14 pts of Serra… The Western Div better watch out. Mtown will be rooting for you!!

    The South East is going to be gut wrenching. Dranch…let’s go! The Further you go, the more it helps the Green.

    The Midvalley has a view teams peeking out.. Watch out for Pomona. The VVL Champ deserves a top 4 seed.

    RHP is prepping…

    • AMAT 73

      Hate to say it but your bubble will be burst next week when we beat Crespi and Loyola the following week . Other than 1 and 2 the Serra is wide open but we do need to take care of our next 2 opponents which I feel we will do . In case it slipped you we now have a RB in # 37 Benson, the kid has talent from the little he was used you can see he will make a difference . He was sitting out do to transfer but can play now . Nice runs in Friday’s game but too limited action for him . Also St Francis will get worked by both Chaminade and Serra so your hopes of those wins boosting MTown in these rankings is , well just a dream for you . I think CO will do well as they in my opinion are a bettert football team then CH who all said would make a nice run . Maybe considering CO beat them you have changed your feelings on that since we all know how you feel about them . I agree the Southeast will be a battle to the finish and I think the champ comes from the Hacienda but it won’t be DR .

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        I am not rooting for BA to lose in the Serra, I just saying what’s going to happen St Francis is going to lose, but how bad is the question….Mtown is in the top 10 that’s good enough for me. With Dranch sitting at # 3 with a loss to Ayala, I can feel good. Monrovia beat ayala, Chino hills beat Ayala. So who knows who should be ranked whre, and quite frankly it only matters if you are not participating in the playoffs. Mtown’s league schedule does not allow us to jump others… Mtown is focused on playing out our schedule then seeing if we can get a state bid in Div 3. Life is good!

      • Jefe

        I would be shocked if Amat lost to either of these two teams.

        Just can’t see it happening.

    • Boycott lacerito

      They should just play them super sophs this year. What do they have to lose??? I bet half the JV can give some of those seniors a run for there money. The sophomore class have about 20 studs that have balls and want to win the AMAT way!! Don’t think this year but look out the next 2 years.

  • Valley Athletics

    Legit rankings …

  • Oooops

    Glendora should be ahead of CO (head to head win and a better record) and Los Altos should be ahead of Glendora (better record and better showing vs a common opponent in Bonita) Bonita should be ahead of SD (better record and head to head convincing victory)

    • AramT

      I cannot argue with those who feel that way … but here’s my thinking.

      1. Glendora’s win over CO was close and somewhat giftwrapped.

      2. Amat’s win over CO was not close.

      So I can’t have CO and CH above the Amat team that they each found themselves down by THREE TDs against.

      Both Glendora and Amat are working on two-game skids. Amat’s losses are better comparatively. The Alemany and ND games were coin flips. Glendora was a decent favorite against Eti, so that’s a bigger disappointment of a loss.

      Like I said, it’s all close and subjective and I respect others’ opinions.

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        CH down by three TDs, but lost by five points. Amat escapes, literally and figuratively.

        CO lost by 24 to Amat.

        CO beats CH by 7.

        That’s just shows how crazy a season can go.

        • AramT

          I don’t think anybody left the Amat-Chino Hills game or Amat-Charter Oak thinking the better didn’t win.

          CH and CO had their shots and missed badly. That FACT extends Amat a lot of credit.

          • The stands

            I agree. CH an CO had their chances and blew it. Just like Amat had their chances against RC, ND and Alemany; all games which could’ve gone their way…but didn’t. Never the less, I still think Amat is better than any team in the SGV. It would’ve been nice to see Amat and St. Francis play this year.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            St Francis won’t be as good next year…Amat would win… ST Francis has a really good team one year, then a so so team the next..

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Well since you put it like that Aram. lol. But I wasn’t calling your rankings into question, so re-holster that keyboard. lol I was just noting how crazy a season can be.

        • AMAT 73

          Just call us the Houdini of the SGV or Steve McQueen due to that great escape from CH .hahahaha

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            ROFL LMAO! Good one!! πŸ™‚


    Aram flip flop 3 &4 with 5 & 6

  • SGV FB Dad

    Amat needs to be taken out of these rankings once and for all. With the exception of St. Francis, who I feel Amat would beat by 10 or more points, there is no way DR, La Serna, nor La Habra would beat Amat. These rankings are a joke.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      What if upland beats rancho in two weeks? Then we will have a team, that beat the team, that beat you! Hold your breath Amat Fans….If this happens, and you don’t make it to the playoffs, your ranking will be justified at # 5

      • SGV FB Dad

        Upland will play RC close, but Upland is a shadow of themselves. Amat will easily beat Crespi, and narrowly beat Loyola to get an at large for the Pac-5 playoffs. If you go to the southern section CIF rankings, they have Amat at #16 in southern california. La Habra is the nearest in rankings behind Amat. To see DR, La Serna, and any other schools ahead of Amat tells me that these rankings are a joke.

        Seriously GP, if Amat played La Serna or DR, would either of those 2 schools have a chance?

        • Not Since 1995

          You know whol is a scary Shadow of themselves…?

          Bishop AmNOT 2013…

          Remember 1995…? Yeah…of course you remember…!

          Not in 2013 Papi…Not even by a “Coin-Flip”…!

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Yes, they would anyone has a chance, BA plays harder verses SGV teams…They care about area rankings…If not they would win the serra, as so many on here predicted they would this year…now they are predicting they win out….It’s something about being #1 in the area, that Amat fans get a kick out of…Once again they are #1 in my book, but nothing to show for it. Meaning, they are under achievers in the Eyes of like schools in the Pac 5. Put Amat anywhere in division 1-4 and still don’t win the division…They could win the Central….

    • Southeast follower

      Thats what a lot of people said about La Serna playing Westlake.

      • SGV FB Dad

        Westlake is also a shadow of themselves. Come on people, be realistic.

        • The Chef

          and Amat appears to be less than a shadow of themselves… while Westlake at 7-2 just happens to be ranked #8 in CIF Pac 5 right behind Alemany and right ahead of Notre Dame… and I don’t see Amat mentioned… So remind me again who is the shadow?

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            You know why? because…everyone in the SGV is caught up with subjective newspaper rankings. Everyone is concerned with who beat who when it does not count for anything. No one is even concerned with playoffs. Westlake lost to La Serna, but they are taking care of business in the games that count. regardless of how you feel about anyone’s schedule etc…it’s there’s and you have yours. That’s all the matters. If you can’t get over the hump on your level, suck it up. There is always next year. Just be happy with your Super High SGV Ranking….

          • SGV_FOOTBALL

            Are you serious? You are the biggest supporter of comparative scoring. All year you have been trying to make Monrovia seem better by comparing the DR loss to Ayala and how you beat Ayala. Please don’t act like you don’t care about rankings.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            As long as Monrovia is in the top ten…I am fine.

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    Rankings are not always about who can beat whom heads up. We see that in College week in week out, year in year out. Handle your business and don’t leave your destiny in the hands of pollsters. It’s as easy as that. If you don’t want a low ranking, win your games. ALL OF THEM. Don’t want people to talk s… never mind, people are going talk smack no matter what, so I’ll throw that one away. πŸ™‚

    Neither C-No, CH, or any other Sierra Team for that matter is built to get out of the first round. C-No will get a harsh seed with their pre-season record. You can’t give the 2nd Place team a better seed than the league champion.

    Chino Hills may not see another league title for at least a couple more years once they get into the Baseline.

  • charger parent

    co could make a long run in the inland, deffense getting scary good. PREVOST! enough said. like aram said ” its winning time”



    • SGV FB Dad

      Wake up, CO wins the first round against a pansy team, and loses round 2.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      You’re delusional.

  • SGV FB Dad

    Seriously Aram,

    Do you see any of the 4 teams you rankes above Amat beating Amat this year….Please, your honest opinion.

    • Jefe

      Hasn’t Aram already stated that that isn’t necessarily his criteria when he ranks these teams?


    @Aram, why do you keep ranking St. Francis in front of La Habra? Is it because they are unbeaten? I cannot figure this one out.

  • Not Since 1995

    Yo Opino que…Its WINNING time…!

    1. St. Francis (8-0) – Could make some noise in the playoffs.
    2. La Habra (7-1) β€” They stayed alive
    3. Charter Oak (4-4) β€” Who’s gonna beat them in the Sierra League? 3 out 4 Championships
    4. La Serna (6-2) β€” Not as good as past years, but…
    5. Rosemead (7-1) β€” This is the year…
    6. DRanch (7 – 1) – Chokes right about now.
    7. Chino Hills (6-2) β€” Got bitch slapped by COHS…again!.
    8. Glendora (6-2) β€” Will beat Etiwanda.
    9. Pomona (8-0) β€” Remember…No Guns on campus…
    10. Los Altos (7-1) β€” This could be the year, but…
    11. Muir (7-1) β€” Remember…No Guns on campus…
    12. Arroyo (7-1) β€” Who Cares league
    13. Diamond Bar (5-3) β€” Snoop can’t buy a championship?
    14. San Dimas (4-4) β€” Pomona is our bitch
    15. Monrovia (7-1) β€” Division 11.5 still gets a ring?
    16. Santa Fe (5-3) β€” Sucks right about now
    17. West Covina (5-4) β€” Getting hurt right about now….
    18. Rio Hondo Prep (7-1) β€” I have more respect for these guys than the Ganrovia Mildcats…
    19. San Marino (7-1) β€” Asians play ball…? Just askin
    20. Bonita (5-3) β€” Can you say Toast…
    21. Damien (4-4) β€” Looking like a team that wants to win…
    22. Whittier Chr. (5-3) β€” Who Cares…
    23. El Rancho (5-3) β€” Will upset smoke Santa Fe.
    24. Northview (6-2) β€” Nice little team making some noise. They have a shot…
    25. Bishop AmNOT (5-3) β€” Its time to Choke…again…! The worst 5 – 3 team in the Pac 5. Nuff said…

    You can argue with my choices, but you would be wrong…

    • Kevin Brown

      Aye Fuck Boy, Pomona is NOBODY’s bitch… Get it straight with the disrespect… The game is next week… Dumbo…

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      That’s some funny commentary right there.

    • Hands Team

      Hilarious!!! More please

    • Eastern Ave.

      That was phuunny!

      Easy on the guns line! Life in NW Pas ain’t easy!

      The list was funny.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Hey Hyna…Love it!

  • MoreKetchup

    How is San Dimas ahead of West Covina Aram? Please explain the intricate science that went into this decision.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Wow, that’s complicated, but I guess it makes sense.

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    D Ranch ahead of Amat, CO & CH???? Seriously???..LOL D Ranch lost to Ayala who got DESTROYED by CH and CO and Amat beat CH. You honestly think D Ranch could handle any 3 of those teams??

  • Don

    St. Francis . . . 3rd place in the Mission wins a road trip to Cucamonga or Corona. WHOOOoooo . . .

    La Habra . . . amazing the Mazzoties have maintained focus on their own work and not the Sunset

    D-Ranch . . . they’re baaackkkk

    La Serna . . . again

    Bishop Amat . . . can still whip any team between the Arroyo and Chino Creek. Again. And again.

    Charter Oak . . . 3/4 of the Charger’s ydg is over the top. WTF?

    Chino Hills . . . wishing and hoping and dreaming and praying for a 1st round Citrus Belt foe.

    Glendora . . . really, really, really wants reassignment to the

    Monrovia . . . has no hope of ever beating anyone else in the top 11 here. Sorry.

    Los Altos . . . Usually 9-1 wins league, unless you are in a
    league with Roddy and the Maulers.

    Muir . . . is the team the rest of D7 pretends not to be afraid

    Arroyo . . . is having a once a decade season. Let’s hope it
    continues because it’s great for the SGV.

    Diamond Bar . . . is thinking that Central Division looks pretty good right now

    San Dimas . . . needs more balance but hey, they’re in the Mid Valley

    Pomona . . . see Arroyo

    Santa Fe . . . wishes they had never heard of the Inland Division.

    West Covina . . . he who lives by the coin toss . . .

    Rio Hondo Prep . . . what are these guys prepping for? Rio Hondo doesn’t even play football anymore.

    San Marino . . . dropping 72 on Blair seems a little wrong to me.

    Bonita . . . gutty little Bearcats angling for a coin toss . . .

    Damien . . . see Glendora.

    Whittier Chr. . . . would be fine if not for the Tri-Valley

    El Rancho . . . ahhh, the good old days . . . are gone.

    Northview . . . better start considering something they can control, like getting a new Baseball Coach.

    Rosemead . . . fear the Mead . . . whooooo . . . whoo . . .

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Really…every time you Pull out “Dranch” make sure you point out that. Monrovia beat the team that Beat Dranch…Sorry, but it’s true…there is no way to dance around that….

      • Don

        I was never very good with circuitous logic. Are you saying that Monrovia would beat St. Francis, La Habra, Diamond Ranch, La Serna,
        Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, Chino Hills, Glendora, Los Altos, or Muir?

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Realistically, I think Monrovia could beat DR, Glendora, Los Altos and Muir…La Serna would be tough to beat…and BA-NO
          LA Habra-NO

          Once they get out the RHL and Midvalley they may have a shot at beating some the top teams….they need a few more SF beatings to grow as a program…

          • Don

            Interesting, thanks.

          • New York

            Sounds like you are back down to reality, brother. Welcome back! lol.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            LOL New York I am always real…I talk Monrovia up as much as possible. The SF was what I needed to continue my rant….I don’t have that stand on my friend.

      • …and I guess you’d also have to point out that Amat beat the only team that beat Mater Dei? At the end of the day, doesn’t get you much…unless of course you’re waiting for at large berths and they take head-to-head and common opponents into consideration.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Mater Dei is not in the SGV Rankings…

          • …nor is Rancho Cucamonga, Los Osos, Westlake, or the majority’s of La Habras schedule – but those games factor largely in the rankings. SOME schools venture out of the Fish Bowl.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            True..I have no problem with La Habra…


      These types of posts seem to be growing and becoming more popular. Either way it was funny Don good job! You seem to be familiar with the Mission Valley League.

    • inlandfootball

      “St. Francis . . . 3rd place in the Mission wins a road trip to Cucamonga or Corona. WHOOOoooo “. . .

      When did this league get moved to the Inland Division?

      • Don

        next year with Chaminade and Serra πŸ˜‰

  • New York

    I say put Charter Oak and Amat as high as they deserve based on the teams they have beaten. Don’t you think they should at least be #2 and #3, respectively? Otherwise, why put a 4-4 team so high? Go all the way! Put Charter Oak at #3 and Amat at #2.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    I missed it…thanks CEE OOOH ! We holding down the SGV…Monrovia…the little big guy lol