Cordell Broadus checks out of Diamond Bar …


Wide receiver Cordell Broadus, son of famous rapper Snoop Dogg, checked out of Diamond Bar High School on Friday and plans to transfer to a bigger school to get prepared for his college football career.

Broadus denied rumors earlier this month that he was leaving Diamond Bar for Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas, NV. His next destination is unknown at this time.

“He told me that he wants to play for a bigger school to get him ready for college,” Diamond Bar coach Ryan Maine said. “We’re going to miss his presence at wide receiver. We wish him the best of luck.”

Broadus, a junior, caught 60 balls for 685 yards and eight touchdown this past season. At 6-foot-5, he’s garnered plenty of recruiting attention and figures to be one of the top receiver prospects in the 2015 recruiting class.

Broadus arrived at Diamond Bar during his freshman year after a brief stint at Long Beach Poly. Because of his father’s fame, whatever Broadus did got plenty of attention. When Broadus tweeted about former USC football Lane Kiffin earlier this season, it set off a Twitter firestorm.

When Broadus was the center of a bench-clearing brawl against rival Diamond Ranch, the news of his suspension and the team’s forfeit against Rowland made national headlines.

Shortly after the season ended, speculation about a possible transfer out of Diamond Bar began. Broadus told his newspaper he had heard the rumors about a possible move to Bishop Gorman, but said they weren’t true.

Despite Broadus’ exit, Maine said that Kanya Bell, Broadus’ talented cousin who also has several college offers, has indicated that he will stay at Diamond Bar. Bell, a junior receiver/defensive back, is currently rehabbing a knee injury that caused him to miss most of the season.

Snoop Dogg has maintained a residence in Diamond Bar for quite some time. The rapper/actor made an appearance at Diamond Bar’s playoff game against La Serna last month. When Cordell and older brother Corde left Long Beach Poly in 2011, Snoop Dogg indicated that their transfer to Diamond Bar was so they could enjoy a more normal high school experience.

  • Inland 2

    Cif really cracking down on transfers. Any transfer will have to sit out 30 days. What a mistake to waste your senior year.

    • Valley Athletics

      It’s 30 days if he is eligible . He is saying that he is transferring to a bigger school to get ready for college . That makes it Athetically motivated which is against the rules . He could get denied just like noodles .


    Where’s Patrick, all this smack talk of Cordell not transferring and sure enough he transfers, Bell is next! I thought you had the in over there at Diamond Bar….

    • D-Mo

      Any word on offers to CO’s Prevost?

  • Db dad

    Very stupid thing to do your senior year and very risky. Sitting and not playing

  • Jefe

    TMZ Sports (yes they actually have a sports department) is reporting that they (Snoop & Calvin) are eyeing St. John Bosco.

    • AMAT 73

      If it pans out and he wnds up at SJB, what chances does he have of making it to the playing field .I’m sure there are players ahead of him .

      • Jefe

        With Wadood and Fields graduating, he’d have a great shot, IMO. I don’t think he’ll end up at Bosco though.

      • Valley Athletics

        With shay fields, naja hale and jalil wadood graduating he has a good chance of taking there spots . Now that they are the hottest team around , expect many more transfers at Bosco .

  • Coach MBR01

    If he moves and snoop has the financial means to buy any house then he is eligible to play from day 1. Money trumps cif in this case lol.

  • Inland

    I guess that means my nephew Austin Cox is the man!

  • Inland

    I guess that means Austin Cox is the man now!

  • Don

    Let me say first that I have always favored a no restriction
    transfer policy for High School players. Grist for the blog, keeps the mommies and daddies engaged, and promotes the sale of spirit packs at multiple schools. Most of the time the transfers don’t work out quite as well for the kid as hoped but hey, you pays your money, you takes your chances. So to speak.

    Now as to the kid in question, I see he has generated some D1 interest; some because of his size and talent, some because his daddy is a millionaire rap music star which makes the kid a very valuable commodity on campus even if he never plays a down. His height is
    listed between 6’2” and 6’5”, (depending upon where you look it up), and weighs in at over 180 lbs, (kid looks very strong for a 16 year old), and his 40 yard time at 4.50, (unverified from what I can determine). I’ve seen him play against both Bonita (2013) and WesCo (2012) as well as his highlight video and was impressed with his size and strength but not so much his speed.

    The published 4.50 40 time is run Forest, run speed and I didn’t see that. What I saw was mostly throws underneath and jump balls and fades in the corner, all of which he handled well. What he did less well was get a ball in space and out run the defense. Maybe this was due to limitations at QB or on the OL. Tell the truth, the kid looked most of the time like he was looking for some smaller defender to crack. This does not play so red hot in Saturday football where guys like Denicos Allen and Anthony Barr are way bigger, just as fast or faster, and seem mostly interested in removing some of your vital
    organs. I suspect, given the chance, the kid’s natural
    aggressiveness could be tempered enough to reduce some of those linebacker induced concussions.

    • inland_1

      Well put. If this kid never plays a down in college, he is an asset just to say he is on the team. Snoop now becomes a “recruiter”. If he ends up in the Pac 5 or the Inland, he is going to look pretty average when linebackers & some D lineman are running him down.

      • dj

        First of all he’s getting all this hype because of his dad….he averaged 10yards a catch in one of the weakest leagues around…his cousin bell is a way better player… If he averaged 10yards in that league he not gonna do nothing in the pac 5 or inland division…..

  • Bear

    He’ll probably find his way at SJ Bosco like the rumored 4 defensive starters from Long Beach Poly after Lara resigned.

  • Valley Athletics

    A 6’3″ 280 pound freshman from st Bonnie’s is also expected to transfer to bosco . Kid played some varsity ball as a freshman at defensive tackle and offensive tacke . His dad is a big time lawyer and pays tuition for a couple other st Bonnie players ,which can also end up at bosco .