QB Christian Lara leaves Santa Fe for La Mirada …


Christian Lara, who threw for 2,126 yards and 17 touchdowns last year at Santa Fe, has transferred to La Mirada.

Lara also ran for 480 yards and eight touchdowns. If you were wondering what La Mirada was gonna do for a QB with Kevin Dillman off to Texas, well here’s your answer.

Aram’s take: Lara is easily one of the best QBs in the Southeast Division and immediately makes La Mirada a major player. The Mats already got WR Tony Brown in from Servite, so now you have a dual-threat QB who can get him the ball.

  • Valley Athletics

    Also heard a rumor that Isaiah Love from WC was transferring to Amat . Havnt heard anything from anyone at Amat of him being there .

  • reality

    The only thing that the La Mirada football team is a major player in is videos. Sure they have individual stars but as a team have fallen embarrassingly short. Its all about seeing your name in the paper for these kids and their parents. Tired of reading about transfers.

    • Football Fan

      Why the hate against that program? From what I read they get more kids to the next level than most schools except for some of the big time private schools and LB Poly. Or is it not important for these kids to get a college education?

      • reality

        To describe my post as hate is an over reach. Football at its purest level is a team sport and being committed to your team will teach you more about yourself than just searching for the program that you feel will spot light your play. For all the kids that transfer there are many more that fulfill their commitment to their team and they are better off for it. They learn character, integrity and loyalty. I challenge the Trib to write about these boys that stay instead of the others that leave their team high and dry.

        • New York

          This type of situation reminds me of a junior college.

        • Valley Athletics

          Not only do you leave your team high and dry . The kid who started last year when dillman got hurt has to probably lose his job .probably a kid who started at la mirada as a freshman . I think the transfer rule is Ok when you transfer for your sophmore or junior season . These senior transfers I don’t like .

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          … and write about the kids that chose to play together through high school so they could finish what they started, as 7 and 8 year olds. Maybe they they didn’t win league championships, but what they gained will last a lifetime.

          But that doesn’t sell so I won’t hold my breath.

          The press, kids and parents these days are delusional. The seniors they hyped this year will fade into oblivion next. That is a fact.

        • Looker4

          Reality you said it best……parents major concern is wins and loses. Their child will get a reality check at the next level. Daddy can’t be there to move him around when things get tough. What are you really teaching them….get out of Dodge when you can’t win. Santa Fe Football, like any other program, has wins and loses. What you gain within the program is a strong character, integrity and how to win with adversity. Not to mention the memories that will last you forever. What memories will Lara have. As a kid I was the QB on my daddies football team but we could not win because we had no blocking. Must have been the players around him. Which I will remind everyone, Brown was there when they couldn’t win either at NSFS. I know, I’ll take him to another much better league, Bellflower. But they could not block for him either and so back to NSFS. 8th grade year could not get it done because of the blocking. Freshman year at Santa Fe made JV QB. Yahoo!. Still nothing, I know transfers to Servite…..here we go now it’s all gonna happen. Nope lets leave again back to Santa Fe. Made playoffs his Sophomore year and went up against power house La Mirada. Which Santa Fe upset by the way, but not with Lara it was with Mancia. Now that guy was a dedicated player and great teammate. So, Junior year still can’t get it done and it has to be the O-line. Well here we go again last chance at La Mirada. Let’s see what’s gonna happen. Good luck Lara family. Heard that O-line will be the slowest ever. You may want to check to see if you can transfer mid-season with no penalties. This guy gives a new meaning to HIGH & DRY.

  • TruTH

    It does not surprise me that players transfer to La Mirada. They have scouts coming in and out week after week and the reality is that players are seeking opportunities beyond high school.

  • Pants on fire

    Is anyone going to start checking on these bogus address that kids use in order to avoid siting out the 30’s?

  • big daddy

    LM should be good this year. Don’t we say that every year though?
    Lara to Brown is a good one, who else do they have and do these transfers have to sit out 30days?

  • AramT

    I think La Mirada might be less talented in terms of overall top-flight recruits, but the bottom line will be better as far as W-L. Fact is, kids want to play for Moschetti and the program does send guys on and gets a ton of publicity. Can’t wait for that Charter Oak game …

    • Valley Athletics

      Going to be a good game against charter oak . From what I hear CO O line is going to be weak . My nephew showed me a tweet from Zion that said ” if any O line player is thinking of transferring give me a ring”

  • New York

    La Mirada will be a major contender when they have a fast enough defense, which seems to be their Achilles heel.

    • AramT

      Excellent point. That was the first thing I noticed against Muir and I believe I tweeted it … they were miserably slow on defense last year. Some of that may be Muir making anyone look slow, but I don’t think so.

  • Valley Athletics

    Let’s see how cif realigns next month . The proposal that was posted a couple month ago had freeway , palomares , hacienda and private c on same division . La mirada was in another division in this proposal .

  • Valley Athletics

    Muir stepping up there schedule . Added hart to a schedule that already includes Alemany .Hart is also playing Chino Hills .

  • Chiefs

    Lara did not have a good junior year. He missed Carlos Tovar blocking for his blind side. Tovar gave Lara all the time in the world for Lara to excel during his junior year. His football career end sin November. Sorry but he is not a next level player, but Tovar is still playing college ball.

    • Pants on fire

      The kids not tall enough to be recruited as a QB

    • AramT

      He didn’t have a good junior year? Did you see the stats I posted? How many juniors had numbers like that?