I think you owe me an apology … and I owe Glendora an apology …

I hyped Glendora ALL SUMMER LONG and all the way into halftime of the Alta Loma game. And during this time I got nothing but heat and doubt and arguments from all of you Monrovia bloggers.

“Not fast enough”

“Glendora at No. 2 is a joke”

“Too slow”

“How can you say Fink is the best QB in the area?”

SHADDUP! WHO’S THE MAN? ARAM, THAT’S WHO!!! So anyway, after Thursday’s win over a very good (not great) Charter Oak team and beating Los Altos handily last week, I think we can all give credit where credit is due. And I accept your apologies. And I extend my apologies for jumping off the Tarty wagon after the first half of the Alta Loma game.