NEW! All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 … (Post passing circuit) …

NOTE: This may or may not be the last Top 25 before the season. Depends how much I find out during August. Regardless, this will take a focus on what was learned (heard) during the spring/summer passing/linemen competition circuit.

1. Bishop Amat — Most athletic Lancers defense in some time.
2. Charter Oak — Pac-5 level talent in the skill spots.
3. La Mirada — Reloaded. Only concern is chemistry.
4. Glendora — Even with Fink, not impressive on passing circuit.
5. St. Francis — Word is Knights are down a notch.
6. West Covina — Promising better pass attack.
7. La Habra — Offensive skill talent is scary.
8. La Serna — LB Campos looks like special talent.
9. San Marino — No real word on if defense is better.
10. Monrovia — Line play looking real strong.
11. Northview — Word is line play is down from ’14.
12. Damien — Word is there’s minor improvement in talent.
13. Los Altos — Weight room numbers are scary.
14. Muir — QB and line concerns remain.
15. Bonita — About the same as last year.
16. South Hills — Guessing game in several key spots.
17. San Dimas — My, how soon we forget.
18. Diamond Ranch — Talent lacking in key spots, I’m told.
19. El Rancho — Not getting much info on this team.
20. La Salle — Talent level didn’t drop too but it’s young.
21. St. Paul — Mystery team due to skill talent questions.
22. Montebello — Defense and running game still look good.
23. El Monte — Two very legit skill players at QB and RB.
24. Arroyo — Strong line play. Like really strong.
25. Rosemead — Word is Panthers way down along both lines.

  • RRay Most

    about time we get some football talk going

  • tanksolot

    Hey Aram, welcome back to the land of football reporting. Someone poke you with stick, Oso Grande?
    I’m all in on CO (as usual). Most important games would be against LM and Glendora. Got them both at Charger Stadium, too. Heading to Nevada for a shot at revenge against Green Valley. I hope we travel well.

  • reality

    Thanks but no thanks. Anyone could have made a list as generic as this. Your sister paper the Inland News has been detailing teams in articles. and talking to coaches for a month.

  • observantcat

    Is Pomona not in this region? You have Monrovia off by about 4-5 spots backwards.

    • AramT

      I’ve taken Pomona and Claremont out. And for that matter Chino Hills and Ayala, too. Going old school

  • SGV Football Historian

    I too, like and appreciate the “old school” approach. Good old fashioned “dead period” for a few weeks, but let’s crank this thing up with most teams starting next week. I am excited about football in the valley. All of the top teams are good and many Central Division teams will make rankings irrelevant if they get to play each other. We shall see…..

  • Football 1

    The Cathedral Phantoms are Loaded and have the best QB in the Division Andrew Tovar

    • Not Since 1995

      Who cares…

      • sir lancelot

        Yeah who cares

        • OnBLUE

          HEY I CARE! I remember back in 2010 when there was a lot of talk about Cathedral becoming the next parochial “baddass” and everyone better watch out and stuff. They were hammered by Amat that year 53-6. With revenge in their hearts and a better understanding of the level of Pac-5 competition, Cathedral would be better prepared the following year..just kidding…they got hammered again by the Lancers 56-7. See? I do care. =)

        • Kennedy Bryant

          LOL this is going to be a fun year

    • AramT

      Cathedral is among the Southeast Div. favorites. No doubt.

    • sir lancelot

      Cathedral is a flop. They may have won Salesian but Salesian proved that they can hang with the big boys when they went farther then cathedral. Plus this is Amat football lets get this season going.

  • HSF

    why cant i see all the comments?

    • sir lancelot

      Cuz you ha e to update your phone. That side kick you have do t work anymore

    • sir lancelot

      Cuz you have to update your phone. That side kick you have is out dated

    • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

      It may be your dial up internet…

  • OnBLUE

    Up until now…most of the talk about Bishop Amat has been focused on its 2015 offense. But what’s this??? Defense? Say it isn’t so! =)

  • Football 1

    Hey Amat Fans. What have you done of late. You guys are like Cathedral you both have to Win something and then talk. Yea Cathedral got hammered by Amat and that’s it. Cathedral Hammers Amat in every other Sport so what. Cathedral knows it does not belong in D1. The phantoms are doing Great just where they are at. Cathedral at least has Two recent Grads playing in the NFL. I haven’t seen a Amat player in the NFL in a long time. you guys at Amat can thank the Kids from Duarte for your recent success,

    • AMAT 73

      So if we are like cathedral and need to win something before talking then what the heck are you doing on here flapping your cathedral lips ???? Also we all know cathedral does not belong in D-1 , no need to post that , it’s a well known fact !!!!

    • OnBLUE

      You are absolutely right. After Cathedral lost back to back to Bishop Amat by a combined 109-13 points, there is no question that the Phantoms do not belong among the best high school football programs. You’re right…Cathedral is doing fine just right where they are at…at a MUCH lower level of high school football.