Don’t underestimate Los Altos …

Consider yourself warned.

After Los Altos made a huge run to the Central Division championship game last season, it was easy to look at the roster and conclude the Conquerors will fall off this season (and maybe beyond) because of all the talent lost to graduation.

That’s probably not going to happen. Los Altos’ junior class went 10-0 as freshman and allowed 18 points all season. That group includes running back Tyler Nevens, who freaked as a sophomore last season by rushing for 1,683 yards and 15 touchdowns.

But the depth of talent for the junior class, which looks like it will dominate this year’s starting roster, goes beyond Nevens. Here are the numbers …

— Eight players who can squat over 400 lbs.

— One player who can squat over 500 lbs.

— Of the two players who can squat over 400 lbs., one of them is Nevens and the other is receiver Art Vargas. Five are O-line starters.

— QB Michael Campbell (a rare senior on the roster) is thought to be the best QB since head coach Dale Ziola has been there.

— Current junior is technically (weight room) stronger than last year’s senior class as seniors, which was technically the strongest class in school history. Yes, stronger in the weight room (numbers-wise) than the Cody and Harwell teams.

  • Conq’76

    Hope they are mean as well! Should be a fun season….

    • MoreKetchup

      This is going to be a stacked Hacienda. I wouldn’t be surprised if the playoff spots are determined by the final league game again, like it usually is.

  • Ha-C-end-a

    Thought that last year too and they were ok

  • Conq’76

    Am i reading things right, Los Altos has scheduled 7 non-league games?

  • SGV Football Historian

    Nice player and fun to watch, but this highlight film does not show enough of his fantastic plays from start to finish. VERY hard to follow the great athlete that he is. Several of the plays you are able to tell who is carrying the ball and then we are on to the next choppy play. Won’t hinder his recruiting as college coaches hate hi-light films. They want to see athletes on the film without the ball making things happen (blocking and impacting the game when it isn’t ALL about them)

  • Brian brandon
  • Brian brandon

    Tyshawn brown from monrovia vs Baldwin parks allstar line Paco the Cal Berkeley commit

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