La Serna fires wildly successful head coach Margarito Beltran

As reported by our Steve Ramirez Thursday morning, La Serna High School has fired head coach Margarito Beltran.

The move comes just a day before La Serna opens the season against Eastlake on Friday night. The reasons given are somewhat vague (at least to me).

“Following allegations of an incident involving physical restraint of a special needs student, a La Serna High School teacher, who is also a member of the school’s athletics staff, was placed on paid administrative leave last week pending the outcome of an investigation,” Russell wrote in a press release. “However, after violating the terms of his paid leave, the employee has been removed from his coaching position and remains on paid administrative leave from his teaching position.”

This is the second peculiar thing this year about Beltran’s status at the school. Going into spring practice and the summer passing circuit, rumors swirled that Beltran was no long the Lancers’ coach. He put those to rest by saying he had taken medical leave and would return in time for the season, which looked exactly like what was happening.

Regardless, Beltran was one of the best around. His teams were an annual postseason force. His program one of the best around. His systems/schemes excellent. Get the point? This is the kinda guy who will likely catch on somewhere else.

Andy George, a La Serna assistant, will take over as the head man.

  • reality

    “The kind of guy that will likely catch on somewhere else” Do you even read what you write? No school will touch a coach that has been recently fired for cause. I don’t care if you are Knute Rockne. Now if it turns out to be a disgruntled parent causing trouble or looking for a payday that is different. But if he has already been axed from his coaching job it don’t look good. Maybe he could coach the Mean Machine from that prison movie or that drunk at USC might let him carry water but certainly not coach this PC world.

  • Jayvon Logan


  • Bulldogs have bite

    They fired the wrong guy! They should have fired their classless, lowlife, loser of a stadium announcer. . .

    • Rob Stoll

      The announcer you’re referring to was let go after the 2012 season. As a Lancer fan, I wholeheartedly agree that he was an embarrassment.

      • Bulldogs have bite

        I see. He needed to go. The La Serna program is too good to be represented by a grade A tool like that guy!

  • guest

    Another situation that reminds one of Muir Coach Ken Howard who was directed by school officials to search the backpack of a student with a less than stellar record, including the alleged assault on a LA County Probation Officer and other allegations.

    The incident resulted in the filing of criminal charges on Howard who was also dismissed, Despite statements that laid blame for much of the incident upon the student who when told to open his backpack, ran and attempted to flee the authorities.

    Aram remember that the schools will always default to treat students as sacred cows, and pending investigations, only one side of any story will surface and drive the narrative.

    Could it be that the “special needs” student was violent, and despite his/her problems, is protected despite what behavior created the end result. A system whereby mainstreaming into a classroom for the special needs student is protected and the rights and safety of other students and staff not protected. Where a full time aide to keep a violent student with special need problems in check is the answer rather than enrollment in a facility that has the abilities to deal with and provide a better education to the special needs student that ends up taking large chunks of teacher and administration time to the detriment of the education of the larger student body.

  • reality

    I read a piece on Houston high school coaches salaries. They average 92,000$ a year topping out at 132,000$ a year at get this,public schools. Here, it is about 3500$ making a great coach like Beltran having to herd a bunch of difficult kids all day then go coach all night. Now because of that, his actions displeased the admins that generally place little if any value on coaches so it was prudent to fire him in their eyes. Beltran is in a bad spot now, perhaps untouchable for any other schools, because Ca. publics refuse to pay their coaches no more than a dollar an hour.

    • Close but no cigar

      Public school teachers in Ca. get paid very well, in fact they are the highest paid teachers in the country. In addition to that teachers in Ca. have great benefits and retirement. Actually a retirement plan that is so good that it will eventually bankrupt the state. Just because the state of Tx. has their priorities screwed up doesn’t mean we should jump into the deep end with them. FyI, there is no shortage of teachers and coaches here in Ca.