La Serna fires wildly successful head coach Margarito Beltran

As reported by our Steve Ramirez Thursday morning, La Serna High School has fired head coach Margarito Beltran.

The move comes just a day before La Serna opens the season against Eastlake on Friday night. The reasons given are somewhat vague (at least to me).

“Following allegations of an incident involving physical restraint of a special needs student, a La Serna High School teacher, who is also a member of the school’s athletics staff, was placed on paid administrative leave last week pending the outcome of an investigation,” Russell wrote in a press release. “However, after violating the terms of his paid leave, the employee has been removed from his coaching position and remains on paid administrative leave from his teaching position.”

This is the second peculiar thing this year about Beltran’s status at the school. Going into spring practice and the summer passing circuit, rumors swirled that Beltran was no long the Lancers’ coach. He put those to rest by saying he had taken medical leave and would return in time for the season, which looked exactly like what was happening.

Regardless, Beltran was one of the best around. His teams were an annual postseason force. His program one of the best around. His systems/schemes excellent. Get the point? This is the kinda guy who will likely catch on somewhere else.

Andy George, a La Serna assistant, will take over as the head man.