Glendora tournament missing a few heavyweights

The Glendora baseball tournament begins the first week of March, and though I like the line-up, I’m disappointed that Bishop Amat is not in it this season, they kind of added drama to the mix, you all remember the infamous game against Northview a couple years back, without going into details of course. Also missing are the two defending divisional champions, South Hills and San Dimas, but they usually don’t take part anyway. Other than that, it should be good again with host Glendora and Diamond Ranch in the same pool, Bonita and Northview matched in another pool, and Charter Oak in tight with usually tough Crescenta Valley. For the complete schedule, click thread.

Glendora Tournament

Friday, March 5
Diamond Ranch vs Claremont 3:15 Claremont H.S.
Bonita vs Ayala 3:30 Henderson
Alta Loma vs Charter Oak 7:00 Henderson

Saturday, March 6
Northview vs Bonita 11:30 Henderson
Crescenta Valley vs Charter Oak 3:30 Henderson
Glendora vs Claremont 7:00 Henderson

Monday, March 8
Ayala vs Northview 7:00 Henderson

Tuesday, March 9
Diamond Ranch vs Glendora 3:15 Glendora H.S.
Crescenta Valley vs Alta Loma 7:00 Henderson

Wednesday, March 10
Pool A 3rd vs Pool B 3rd 3:30 Henderson
Pool C 3rd vs Pool A 2nd 7:00 Henderson

Thursday, March 11
Pool C 2nd vs Pool B 3rd 3:15 Glendora H.S.
Pool C 1st vs Pool B 1st 3:30 Henderson
Pool A 1st vs Pool B 2nd 7:00 Henderson

Friday, March 12

Saturday, March 13
Pool A 3rd vs Pool C 3rd 11:00 Glendora H.S.
Pool C 2nd vs Pool A 2nd 11:00 Henderson
3rd Place Game 3:30 Henderson
Championship 7 p.m., Henderson

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  • WTF?

    Amat has been in the Glendora HS Tourney as far back as the early 80’s and now they are not?

    There was a very brief stretch where they did not play but why?

    How does that happen…? It has always been a chance for the Lancers to play local Valley schools.

    It is a shame and embarassment that Nieto has pulled the Lancers out of fear and chance that they may lose to some of the other Valley schools.

    As a former Lancer player and father, how long is this going to be allowed? Nieto though he has won his championships is slowly piece by piece taking apart the Amat program.

    What happen to stellar, RESPECTED Head Coaches at Amat like, Mark Paredes, Glen Martinez and Ken Kendrena?

    It is really about HIM, not the school, program or the kids.

    Don’t come back at me with they’re in the …tourney, playing Mater Dei etc. Guess his pipeline is drying up and he’ll only be able to ride Rio’s coattail for so long.

    Where’s the AD in all this? Oh, nevermind, we ALL KNOW that Manzo will DO ANYTHING his Cashcow Nieto asks of him.

    Terribly disapppointed as I’m sure the Glendora Tourney folks are as well.

    (Heck maybe even Murphy at NV is as well… LOL..)

  • Whatever

    HEY WTF?

    How can you say that playing Mater Dei is an embarassment to Bishop Amat baseball? A few years ago being in the Trinity league there was a great sense of pride in playing against those guys and comparing Amat’s abilities to the best Orange County had to offer. Amat baseball has nothing to gain by beating SGV teams, besides if you played at Amat you would know that. I call B.S. on you actually being a former player, otherwise you would see the value in playing the best teams in the state. Putting the team on a stage against the best in the state is about the players, if you actually played you would know that as well.

  • soberman

    i like glendoras strength.
    looks like a strong classic,cant wait.
    with or without amat who cares,maybe some other teams might get a little wallace playing or still under cif guns.would love to see him get ahold of one ay that cracker jack park.last year.bomb award went to bonita the team who holds the trophey,jason plowman,what a shot into the night it went with flames fallowing it.i dont know who the pitcher was but at less him should give him self credit,for the longest bomb ever at goddard,,,hands hang um they bang um

  • sgvreader

    Posted on Maxpreps, great job by Amat scheduling nonleague opponents for their athletes.

    Friday 03/05/10 Newport Elks Tournament @ Palm Desert Away 3:00PM

    Saturday 03/06/10 Newport Elks Tournament vs.
    Santiago/Corona 12:00PM

    Monday 03/08/10 Newport Elks Tournament @ Mater Dei Away 6:00PM

    Wednesday 03/17/10 *La Salle High School Home 3:15PM

    Thursday 03/18/10 Chatsworth High School 6pm @USC

    Friday 03/19/10 *La Salle High School 3:15pm Home

    Saturday 03/20/10 Redondo Union Tourn vs Penninsula Away 12:00PM

    Tuesday 03/23/10 *Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Away 3:15PM

    Saturday 03/27/10 Redondo Union Tourn vs Royal Away 11:00AM

    Monday 03/29/10 *Bishop Montgomery H. S. Home 3:15pm

    Wednesday 03/31/10 *St. Paul High School Away 3:15PM

    Monday 04/05/10 National Classic Away TBA
    Tuesday 04/06/10 National Classic Away TBA
    Wednesday 04/07/10 National Classic Away TBA
    Thursday 04/08/10 National Classic Away TBA
    Friday 04/09/10 National Classic Away TBA
    Saturday 04/10/10 National Classic Away TBA

    Tuesday 04/13/10 *La Salle High School 3:15pm Away

    Friday 04/16/10 *La Salle High School Away 3:15PM

    Saturday 04/17/10 Redondo Tourn vs LB Wilson Away TBA

    Tuesday 04/20/10 *Cantwell-Sacred Heart Away 3:15pm

    Friday 04/23/10 *Cantwell-Sacred Heart Away 3:15PM

    Saturday 04/24/10 Redondo Union Tournament Away TBA

    Saturday 04/24/10 Redondo Tourn vs Loyola Away 11:00AM

    Wednesday 04/28/10 South Hills High School 7pm MSAC

    Saturday 05/01/10 Redondo Union Tournament Away TBA

    Tuesday 05/04/10 *Bishop Montgomery H. S. Away 3:15PM

    Friday 05/07/10 *Bishop Montgomery H. S. Home 3pm

    Monday 05/10/10 *St. Paul High School Home 3pm

    Wednesday 05/12/10 *St. Paul High School Away 3:15PM

  • usg

    Great schedule Andy, keep up the great work.

  • red

    Ride them horses [franco, ruiz, mccraney, anderson, mcnitt, paez, bigmac, eusebio] to the finals Andy.

    As for you koolaide, aka wtf, quit crying.

  • punked

    Payback for Shorty, don’t expect Amat in glendora…punked.

  • COChargerfan

    “Whatever”…let’s look at this more closely, Amat skips out on playing the local teams who have always have very good teams, as evidenced by all those CIF titles, to play Palm Desert, who is a losing D4 team, Santiago Corona, a D1 team that usually finishes .500 and when they make the playoffs are one and done and only THEN they get Mater Dei. Two out of three so-so teams is not exactly scheduling up before you take on those powerhouse Cantwell-Sacred Hart, Bishop Montgomery and La Salle teams in league play…just kidding guys to give the football guys some of their own medicine.

    The local teams playing each other pre-season in Glendora is a great tradition that bands the SGV community together so why not continue if you are Amat? I, for one, will miss this chance to see their team play a few games.

  • Joe Amat


    There you go again. Throwing things out without checking. Palm Desert was 22-6 last year. “losing D4 team?” In the Newport-Elks Touney Palm Dsesert, Santiago, and Mater Dei is just in Pool Play – who do you think else might be in the tourney?

    Last year was Mission Viejo, Capo Valley, ML King, Esperanza, Orange Lutheran, Huntington Beach ,Paramount, Santiago/Corona,Foothill, Mater Dei ,JSerra, Ocean View ,,Patriot ,Tesoro, Valencia, Beckman, Corona del Mar, Troy ,Tustin, Northwood ,Elsinore, La Quinta/GG Carter, Arlington ,D Westminster, La Habra, Brea ,Valencia/Placentia West Valley ,St. Paul Laguna Hills, La Serna Pacifica, Centennial/Corona, Century Estancia,Calvary Chapel/SA, Buena Park ,Los Amigos, Capo Valley Christian ,Whittier Christian, Saddleback,Santiago GG, Magnolia ,Valley Christian, Rancho Alamitos , Valley, Calvary Chapel/Downey , San Juan Hills, Godinez, Cerritos,Laguna Beach, Nogales ,Savanna, Orange ,Segrestrom, Warren ,Garden Grove, Compton ,Newport Harbor, Irvine ,Schurr, Santa Ana ,Western, Sunny Hills. Maybe I missed someone – but you get the drift. A few good teams sprinkled in there… plus a bigger tournament means more games. No brainer for most.

    Now which do you think might be a better tournament to enter. One with 16 local teams and have the games played at the local little league field – or playing a sampling of the teams above in a historic/prestigious tournament against some of OC’s best – on real HS fields?

    And before you address the rest of the Amat schedule… address the * entire* rest of the schedule. I have ALWAYS said – you need to balance your schedule after CIF deals you the cards they do. When your league is stacked, do what you need to do to get ready for that, whatever that coach thinks that might be. But if your league is down (as in the Miramonte football league … or the Del Rey baseball league is) and you want to claim to be the best or prepare to be so – schedule accordingly. ie: Newport-Elks, National Classic, Redondo… Chatsworth at USC – as opposed to the debate we had during the fall regading COs’ pre-league choices.

    The other issue is the arrangement of divisions. If you remember in football a while back, West Covina and Charter Oak played a “cross-league matchup during the Bye Week in league play. Once the San Antonio and Miramonte we moved into the same playoff division, that made less sense and they stopped, as it could set up a playoff rematch. which is not always desirable. Since the Del Rey is now in the same playoff division with the valley schools – it makes less sense to play them in the regular season

  • blaaaa

    Wrestling cant get a blog during their season but baseball can get on the books in January? Blah, Blah, Blah – who cares. . . . . .

  • COChargerfan

    Joe Amat…I know who Palm Desert is and that they had a winning season last year…but 13 of those wins came from league play…from the D4 Desert Valley League which is full of very average teams that the SGV teams would rock. As they also would for more than half of the other teams that you mentioned.

    And being the best isnt about your pre-season schedule, but about winning the last gameand in your division that honor went to San Dimas.

    The Glendora Tourney is full of very good teams and to say otherwise is just plain incorrect.

    And, there may be more teams in the Elks tourney but you only get one more game5 instead of 4.

    And come on, Henderson is small by high school standards but is not a little league field and, actually, is a pretty nice fieldmuch better infield than Maverick.

    What makes sense to me at least is Amat continuing to play the local teams for the SGVs entertainment and not bailing because of some mythical agenda.

  • kh

    for me and alot others this gives us a chance to see all the local hs players at once in the glendora classic,did elks have any first round draft picks out of the trouney last year.its local say local,everybodys talking about short of funds but why drive 50 miles round trip when glendora in 5 all boils down to your scared to show case your little talent.and if your limited,then you really have to do some coaching,maybe thats the probelm.why isnt arcadia LA SELLE, SOUTH HILL AMAT DAMIEN AZUSA WHO EVER .THE WINNER HAS THE RIGHT TO SEAT ON THEY THE BEST TEAM TEAM TO START OFF THE SEASON.JUST LIKE LAST YEARS CHAMPS BONITA BEARCATS,AND WILL BE THERE THE HONOR THERE RUN FROM LAST SEASON AND HOPES OF THIS SEASON.

  • You can run & bunt but you cant hide

    WTF is right, Amat you know your coach is cherry picking and doesn’t want to get embarassed so close to home. And “whatever” this is’nt PAC5 football so Amat trying to schedule orange county teams is a bunch of crap. SGV baseball is as good as it gets. With your weak league the OC has nothing to offer you except a place to hide. After all it’s harder to get those tourney results posted in this blog. But you can be sure we find them and let you know.

  • You can run & bunt but you cant hide

    WTF is right, Amat you know your coach is cherry picking and doesn’t want to get embarassed so close to home. And “whatever” this is’nt PAC5 football so Amat trying to schedule orange county teams is a bunch of crap. SGV baseball is as good as it gets. With your weak league the OC has nothing to offer you except a place to hide. After all it’s harder to get those tourney results posted in this blog. But you can be sure we find them and let you know.

  • You can run & bunt but you cant hide

    WTF is right, Amat you know your coach is cherry picking and doesn’t want to get embarassed so close to home. And “whatever” this is’nt PAC5 football so Amat trying to schedule orange county teams is a bunch of crap. SGV baseball is as good as it gets. With your weak league the OC has nothing to offer you except a place to hide. After all it’s harder to get those tourney results posted in this blog. But you can be sure we find them and let you know.

  • Don

    Im with kh here. The Glendora Tourney has always been a great chance for locals to see some good local teams play each other. Its good for the programs and good for the kids, allowing boys and families to renew old friendships many have had since kids played t-ball together. Some of my favorite HS BB memories over the past decade or so have come out of that little league field in Glendora. Dozens of kids from schools all over the valley proudly wearing their letter jackets and hanging together along the right field fence is one that always makes me smile.

    As far as the venue itself goes, since the teams that play there all play there, the length of the foul lines shouldnt matter to either. I mean it isnt as though they let Bonita take their swings at Henderson and then move down the hill to GHS for Northview to hit, right. The Glendora Boosters use the venue because its the best location to maximize their fundraising effort, (something my pals from Amat should be well familiar with).

  • Joe Amat


    As a matter of fact, out of teams form last years Elks tourney – Tyler Matzek, a 6’3 210 pitcher from Capo valley was the #11 pick in last years MLB draft(that’s higher than #21 – if that’s what you were going for) and Grant Green, the shortstop for USC, was drafted #13(also higher than #21) and he’s out of Canyon of Anaheim.

    I can also guarantee that there were FAR more D1 signees out of the 64 team tourney than there were out of the Glendora Tournament , which I love – so don’t get me wrong. But to try to say the tournaments are the same caliber is just another FishBowl conversation. And to try to say someone is “scared to show case your little talent” – I would say it will get “show cased” to a few more folks in the Elks Tourney – honestly don’t you?

    And for the “you cant hide” – did you really just write “ll it’s harder to get those tourney results posted in this blog” about an Amat game? I’m sure you’ll find out every time Nieto spits in the dugout and scratches in the coaching box.

    COCF, Really, I know you don’t believe much of what you write but are smart enough to try to stay in character during a good debate. You are way too smart to be raising your son that way. I’m positive you don’t believe that the only people who can say they did their best are those that win the last game of the year. That’s like saying it doesn’t matter of you do your homework – as long as you ace the final. That’s not what you tell your son – I’m sure. I’m sure you also understand that Amat doesn’t schedule merely for “the SGV’s entertainment”. If you think they should – you are placing them on a much higher pedestal than I’m certain you want to.

  • Saints to the end!

    I am calling it now… Back to Back CIF Champs SD Saints Baby!

    Matt Munoz just transferred over last week to San Dimas from Covina. Matt is a Junior stud at short stop and at the plate. We have played togther with the Bobmers for several years now and he just made us better.
    Go Saints!!!!

  • kh

    thanks joe.
    thats good to see talent all over the place.
    but i dont recall how many o.c. teams win cif last year compared to sgv team.joe if you know ,its not a big deal just throwing it out there. i talked to the catchers dad on amat team yesterday,hes happy with the way things are going at amat. his sons going to irvine next season,thats andy line for the kids ,cant beat that playing ball and close to newport ,what a life for a young man,maybe too much of a life.its just to bad we cant see amat,dont really care about s.h. we already took care of s.h for the time being. would love to see them in the plays off if both teams get that far,lets dont put the cart in front of the horse.might
    end up driving like kevin donald back ass ward…febs. here its getting time to i really dont see how fred can rate b.a ahead of s.d or sh. and bonita all going deep into cif.and with bonita losing on a homer call late in the 7th should start out.
    1.s.h won cif lots of players returning
    2. s.d. won cif.whats there to say, great job
    3. bonita beat glendora s.h and won cory lidell
    4.b.a. fred will have them on top,hang tight
    5.glendora.history will repeat itself.
    6.northveiw.good coached team. key players
    7.damien.asks ottie, there the best.hiddin ball.
    8.d.b. new league better hopes.
    9.c.o. always find ways to compete
    10.i sure theres 5 teams holding up the rear.
    so there it is ,now tear it apart amattys.if you would of stayed home and took care of business in the G- classic.there would be a spot on the top after the first week the season opens ,but now theres always freds # 1 GO BEARCATS

  • Covina Insider

    Saints your correct your getting a hell of a baseball player but your also getting a kid who thinks he is too good to coach! I guess the kid thought the new rules on the team didn’t apply to him so he refused to accept change and discipline. He lost his teammates respect when he quit on them before. Maybe,that head got big when he received a verbal from S.D state. I hope for his sake after sitting out this year he doesn’t display that same childish attitude because he is too good of a kid and an excellent ballplayer.

  • Saints to the end!!

    Colt insider, Coaching? What coaching? YOu have none and you know it. Matt has been playing with most of these kids (bombers) and he knows where to go to win. I am also willing to bet you that he will not have to sit out, he can use several address’ out here. remember he playes with a few of us with the bombers besides CIF only looks at the football players.

  • Stick it out

    If the kid Matt did transfer he will have a tough time at SD as well as they have a ton of MIF along with the Soph kid Kennedy who I hear is probably better than that kid, haven’t seen him play just heard alot of good things. The next question is will he be able to play this year? I don’t get kids transferring or quitting teams, that won’t look to good on your resume. Just a thought and best of luck kid. Go Colts

  • Husky Fan

    Is it true Matt Munoz just transferred to SD from Covina and already has the OK to play? Thats BS, if the made the can deny the Canada brothers, or have Jacob sit out a year coming west covina or even deny Wallace fom Glendora to Amat then this kids should sit out or play JV. CIF will lose all trust if this happends. I am all abou the lids playing but they need to be fair and what is good fro one is good for all.

    Check it out for us.

  • COChargerfan

    Jeff Moran was ruled ineligible after transfering from Covina to South Hills at the start of the year so it seems far-fetched to think that Munoz will be able to play varsity this year.

  • softball fan

    How about a softball thread Fred??

  • KH is smoking something

    KH – how can you put Bonita #3. They lost Jio, Plowman, Nico, and Gelalic. There is no way your juniors and seniors can step into those shoes. not gonna happen. Quit talking about the Cory Lidle. Yes, Bonita overachieved, but, really, Glendora pitched their JV guys and many, if not most of the team were missing key guys. Just because Bonita football sucks and did not make CIF doesn’t mean other teams were not missing their FB guys. I think you guys will be decent, but you are not gonna end up #3. BTW – you don’t rank teams based on last year’s results. Too much turnover with seniors. San Dimas won’t be close to #2. They lost too many seniors as well.

  • kh

    again i dont smoke or drink,but i will have a dip every now and then.
    so what do you rank the first poles on the start the season off.
    you say cant go on last year,cant go on the pre-season cory games. you tell me my friend what the hell do we use?
    freds picks he only watches game that the great amat plays in,plus freds the master softball guy,fred let me go and scout all the area teams and will give you the real report on what i think from a management side.never mind i dont want to make any more non friends.people are up tight if you tell them the truth about there kids.ok as far as bonita goose we lost gio,nobody will ever replace him but we have a very good senior with experience and a div 1 prospect jr. sharing some time ok we will be fine at ss.3b way more power there this year then last season player,terry was good player last season , this season the power is on at 3 sack. was my pre-season mvp.and only a jr. At 1B big rt.senior with lots of bat speed and we in baseball know what bat speed creates power. d.h stronge hitting lefty and hes a jr. 2b or not 2b i cant say who will start but there both good all around ball players wont get hurt which ever one starts,and the senior plays 3b too. the out field our strength speed in cf or rt. two jr.should see alot of playing time both should be pre season all leagues inless i broke or lost my glasses. LF. field will be seniors day all season whos hot will play were loaded with out fielders my friend. now pitching well we have alittle guy at 6-7 leftie throwing high 86-90.jr. senior ss/ rt,pitcher all league, jv kid will make team strong presents rt.6-2 mid upper 84-87 with tight slider and real good c-up. theres three starter and didnt mention middle man who comes at you three quarters and shut out s.h. for four another jr. rt.and the d.h lt.hander can get you outs too. and catching solid returning catcher from last season and a monster in the wings if something goose wrong. so theirs what i see boys we will win and win big.dont care to here glendora thur jv guy,s.h.was playing cif football and brother we did make cif football and almost kicked s.h. ass 28 to 21 with the game tied 21 to 21 with 4.55 left.get your stats season the team will be untouchable,this season will win cif.dont you remember last season was last season.dont live in the devo said THE FUTURE IS a team were stronger this season then last.we dont have to wait for the big bomb.we will aveage about 8 runs a game.we are stronger mentally and better equipped at key position for the up coming season.i wanted to put us on top but fred will have to do that if and only win we play to our potentail.good luck ball players

  • kevin donald


    Roll over in bed & wake up your sister BJ and ask her why your family is named only with initials. It’s probably because your mama knew you wouldn’t be able to spell an entire name. BTW, is AC Green a cousin of yours?

    The Donald

  • Joe Amat

    Reminds me of a joke (sorry jcaz)

    SGVsBest’s sister was pregnant and in a bad car accident, which caused her to fall into a deep coma. After nearly six months, she awakened and saw that she is no longer pregnant.

    Frantically, she asks the doctor about her baby. The doctor replies, ”

    Ma’am, you had twins — a boy and a girl. The babies are fine. Your brother came in and named them.”

    The woman thinks to herself, “Oh, no! Not SGVsBest; he’s an idiot!”

    Expecting the worst, she asks the doctor, “Well, what’s the girl’s name?”

    “Denise,” the doctor answers.

    The new mother thinks, “Wow! That’s a beautiful name! I guess I was wrong about my brother. I really like the name Denise.”

    Then she asks the doctor, “What’s the boy’s name?”

    The doctor replies, “Denephew.”

  • hahahahahahahaha

    That is great Joe Amat.

  • Bo Knows


    At this point the leftie has some arm issues and doesnt throw 86-90. Maybe 82-86 and the best arm right now is a soph who can locate well.

    Pitching will be the issue for the bearcats and the bats may not be as strong as you think.

  • kh

    is there a soph. pitcher on the team,weres he been.thank you and the senior pitcher too i forgot another football player athlete,pitching with those two others were sacked .sorry kevin i knew you couldnt keep the trap shut.i just going to let it go ,your nobody dude your still trying to figure out,if field is in better shape the angel stadium.what a dork… now do your job and spell check for me.its baseball season no more time for non players, the season getting started. do you know how many bases are on a ball field mr. duck???? now you have something to think about,good luck.and your famous quote from last season was the fressman team would beat the varsitey team.your 0for 2 on your quotes.and now your talking about a bj from my sister,which one theres 3 and all out of your league.the only one you have not crummed on is my mother and dad.your the real deal..again i cant wait tell some one blows your coverMR.DONALD KEVIN lets just put it out there any one know who the duck is.might put alittle money on the line to fined can run but you cant hide..your buddy bj

  • Jokeman

    of course, KH turns this Glendora Tournament blog into his own personal “Bonita baseball is the greatest” thread. Don’t call out Kevin when in fact you said you were gone off this blog and did not last a month. BTW, i don’t think that last comment was from KD, he normally post something half way intelligent.

  • kh

    my two favorites,
    jokermam and donald d kevin,
    its me, jokermam well nobody else is talking baseball. i just gave a little run down of what ive seen at our ball park.and hey when it comes down to you two guys unloading on me ,yes i did shut it down, nobody wants to here that a man get over it,do you guys both know me personally,if so you must be some tough dudes,
    if thats your only pump, you guys get out of the blog,go for it dudes.
    once the season gets closer am shutting all blogs down,just having a little time with the computer,as you can see ,things in my brain are starting to put it all together,english is not that hard if i think before i jokermam whats your hs team and give us alittle insight on the up coming season?any pitcher i should turn in for the up coming draft,thats what i do .i cross check talent for some very important sources.donald if you done with the field servey,maybe you have some kids that can play middle infield or power hitting to fill spots.instead of making fun of my writing skills.bring something to the table for me.right now i have a job for a righty or lefty pitcher has to have aaa time or cup of coffee in the big 130k plus bonus.the jobs over seas,its the year of the tiger,so stop acting like a bunch of pussycats.and if you know any players,i have or can help get players work all over the world,ilaly holland.find me some players,you might even make some money.and if you think some of those bullshit blogs are from me .right, guys like you and duck are helping me get better.hey no correction from you guys on my last two going to work,am pumped its bb season.

  • Jokeman

    KH – you are a funny guy. I have turned the corner. I like you KH. Keep the blogs coming. What is your take on SDHS. They lost a ton of seniors as well. What does Charter Oak look like this year. I know they have the soph pitcher. Will they be favored to win the Miramonte. They are always right there at the end.

  • more info

    The Munoz kid is on his way to San Dimas now. His dad and kid didn’t get along with the coach which is funny since the dad was on the committee to hire and pushed for him. When will his dad stop coaching his own kid? A little adversity and then you bail. It only gets tougher in college.

  • Nieto Knows ALLLLLL!!!!

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Nieto knows all and in knowing all he knows that his team is not up to par and will get their arses handed to them by the SGV teams playing in the Glendora tourney, so he takes his team to play in the OC tourney and when he loses he can say, well they are all D1 teams.


    Spin any way you want, bring out all of your stats, type ’til your fingers hurt it still does not change the fact that Nieto is afraid to play the SGV teams, cause his team has a better than good chance to lose.

  • Rock Day

    Nice Try!!

    Covina insider,More info.

    Matt,jeff and others left by your design,when Pete came in he had Parent & Player respect,it was when you all pushed for your freshman to come in as if they were some kind of studs to take Covina to the promise land.Bandits what a JOKE!, you had Mrs Munoz fooled.Be happy you got your boys starting,(no names you know who you are!)Matt did what was good for him and in this case he has my respect. Nice try. GO POUND SAND!!!#$%^^*#$ P.S. You still have Noah & Kile But you will most likely screw that up too.!!

    This is for the Parents and players that could see through the &ull $hit.!!(bad bet pete your better off folding)..!!!

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    Hi I just dropped by and wanted to say you to have a Merry Christmas. Let all your wishes make come true for you and your family and lets hope the next year be prosperous for all us.Merry Christmas