• World Cup CryBabies

    Is anyone else totally annoyed with the fake injuries from the World Cup – watching grown men become cry babies squirming on the grass – no wonder only 14 million viewers in the USA watched the last USA match – more viewers were watching Spongebob, at least Spongebob’s crybabies made sense

  • Pathetic

    I absolutely agree. I am trying extremely hard to respect soccer and develop an interest in it. However, the fact that soccer players are nominated for Academy Awards and Razzies is despicable.

    Although soccer players are outstanding athletes, they continuously prove that soccer is the ultimate sissy sport. And for all you soccer lovers, don’t try to justify their pathetic acts of physical misery by asserting that it’s strategy and that it’s part of the game. If a sport is asking me to roll around on the ground and cry like a little *#@%$ every time an opposing player breathes on me, I say no thanks. I choose to play a man’s sport that demands that I man up when adversity strikes.

  • wishbone

    No yellow card here. The soccer referees would have missed it.

  • Tech Support

    Insert my required Walnut joke here.

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