Monrovia, arguably the best in the Mid-Valley Division, suspends star running back

Breaking on Miguel Melendez’s Star-News blog: De’Shawn Ramirez, the elusive running back who dazzled fans with his speed and made secondaries look silly, has been suspended from Monrovia High School and the football team. The junior-to-be currently is in summer school working to become eligible to attend Monrovia High, said Monrovia football coach Ryan Maddox. “He’s in the process of going through some issues here on campus,” Maddox said. “He’s gotten himself suspended and he’ll start the year suspended. He’s got a process before he’s eligible to play football for us. Whether he’s part of the team or not we’ll see as we get closer, but as of right now he’s not practiced (with us) or part of the team.”

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  • anonymous123

    What amazes me is the fact that this is what it takes to get some ink in the SGV news papers. This Kid will rebound and hopefully comeback with a vengence to help his team to a crown this year and maybe next. I hope that he will learn a great lesson for whatever he has done to cause him to get kicked off of the team. Monrovia will be alright as far a backups are concerned they run about 4 deep in the skill positions.

  • Frank

    Yes it is unfotunate, that teams from that side of the valley are almost never mentioned, I have complained several times, such as when Fred does a top 10 list, a lot of good schools are left out, and weak teams (Charter Oak) are in the top ten because they really only include the few schools east of the 605, and not much further south of the 60 freeway, Monrovia and Arcadia were never mentioned in the baseball top ten, and it was really sad when you would see some of the other teams who had terrible records, listed. so you have to keep in mind no matter how good this blog is, its weakness is its not a true SGV blog. I mean I’ve even seen blogs on here promoting Azusa as a decent football team, People west of the 605 would laugh at that.

  • just sayin’


    Each area has their own newspaper AND blog for their teams
    West of 605
    South of 60
    Go there for your info

  • Let yall know

    Hey to anybody who doesn’t know! I’ve grown up with Deshawn, played with him on the hawks, saw him on the Indians! Even now he’s dogggin people! Easily best running back in the valley thats pasadena area and San gabriel Valley area!! Monrovia is really going to miss him this year unless he can get his act together and get back to where he belongs. THE FOOTBALL FIELD!!!

  • anonymous123

    Seems to me it has a lot to do with the overall mentality of the news writers. No one seems to care if you had an outstanding game or are a truly gifted athlete, but the moment you mention suspension, gangs or anything else that is negetivly motivating here comes the press. You wonder why a lot of these kids never recieve offers from any of the Major D1 schools unless they attend BA… Because if they live on the other side of the 605 they will never get positive press. Let something wrong go down then you will know each and every kid on the team. If this Kid Ramirez did something wrong and was suspended then so be it but How about writing about some of the other players on the team that are headed toward D1 colleges or is that too much to ask? It seems like our journalist are failing these kids more than they are appreciating them in what positive accomplishments that they are acheiving. If you read the LA times or the OC registrar you wont find that kind of disregard for their athletic programs. The SGV is WACK!

  • transfer police

    he might transfer out to the east side. will be following a familiar route.

  • Check this out

    You all still don’t get it, the newspapers live by supply and demand too. There are plenty of positive stories in the Trib every day, but I just looked up today’s top ten most read and what are they, car crashes, police corruption, robbery, body found, that’s what we (society) are choosing to read. In sports terms, this story about a high profile kid kicked off a football team is going to get read more than a summer passing league game, sad, but true, but the Trib is following protocol as I see it…We’re to blame.

    1. Trailer full of all-terrain vehicles overturns, closes parts of 57 Freeway in San Dimas
    2 Mystery smell leads to restaurant evacuation
    3 West Covina police ask for public’s help finding the killer of a 24-year-old man
    4 Another warehouse pot-growing operation found in San Gabriel
    5 Woman robbed of purse in South El Monte
    6 Burned body found on 210 Freeway in Claremont
    7 3 Azusa residents arrested on suspicion of two-month robbery spree
    8 San Gabriel police find second pot-growing operation in two days
    9 Man allegedly reports fake kidnapping in response to road rage incident
    10 State legislative leaders meet with downtown L.A. NFL stadium proponents

  • Rumor

    The rumor is that Ramirez wants to go to Charter Oak, he has friends there, and is figuring a way to get there. I’m sure that the Monrovia-east Chargers will find a way to make it happen.

  • Dan

    Which teams West of the 605 would have beaten Charter Oak these past 3 or 4 years? St. Francis may have given them a run for their money but who else? Just wondering cause cause you seem to be indicating that they are a weak team that didn’t belong in Freds top ten list.

  • Duh????

    HEY, here’s an thought….If you don’t want negative press, DON’T DO ANYTHING THAT WILL GET YOU KICKED OFF THE TEAM!!!! Little Roger who is pulling a 3.0 and holding his own on the team ISN’T BIG NEWS! Sorry but there are alot of “Rogers” out there. The “Roger” who is a prominent player on the team who just got kicked off because he did “whatever” to necessitate his being removed from the team “IS” newsworthy. Stop crying about bad press. Tell your players to act right and bring positive press by their actions on the field, not their bonehead moves and/or attitude off the field. I don’t know what he did and really don’t care but I am interested in the fact that Monrovia’s Star running back is not going to be on the feild this year.

  • Anonymous123

    Rumor Has It: That is exactly what it is a rumor that you are spreading, If you know this kid and his family you would know that is the furthest thing from the truth. He is rooted in the Monrovia community and is working his way through this situation so that he can remain at the school to continue his education as well as his sports. He has the support of his family and his community believe that. So for all of those rumors that might be floating around, put them to rest!

  • Anonymous123

    DAN, I know you are a Die Hard East Fan, But Monrovia would have either beaten them or given them a good run for their money, Even with all of their Transfers, I is likely that they will soon be playing the likes of West Covina and Charter Oaks in the next couple of years in the pre-season. You will see the difference it will make not to have Monrovia’s best kids transfer out of the district……Keep your eyes and ears open.


    Hey FRANK;

    EAST 40, the west ZERO!

    Also see who AZUSA beat last year in the playoffs from the WEST.

    Do a little research FRANKIE…




    I went back and forth between Charter Oak and Monrovia games last year including both championship games, had nephews on both squads. This year Monrovia would most likely beat a young Charter Oak team, especially with De’Shawn. Last year Charter Oak would have won going away. That was Charter Oak leading the way in that 40-0 all star victory last week, last years team was stacked.

  • DR did the damage !

    Did Viramontes go to Charter Oak? Wasn’t he the MVP going away? BTW Smith didn’t impress with his technique. He’s bull strong and has great explosion but he hops on every play. Look at the film. Plus he doesn’t have the best instincts unless it’s right at him. A couple of times he was blitzing and the play was to the outside and he’d turn his head and go ‘Oh oh” I’m guessing he went 3/4 speed the whole game and leave it at that. His next level coaches have lots of work to do. After that he’ll be much better.

  • Please

    Charter Oak may be a little young but watch and see. You’ll be surprised at how well they do this year. They have some key players returning and should be able to put up alot of points this year!


    @DR did the damage

    Viramontes had a good game, but Charter Oak had alot of impact players, AJ played both sides and led the game in receptions, Leon Youngblood had a pick 6 etc. Keith needs work on his technique like every high school player but the essentials are there…if you’re a DR fan you should know that. Viramontes didn’t look like that against Keith and CO in a regular season or championship game. My point in the previous post was the East domination over the West in regard to the CO vs Monrovia standpoint.

  • CO will be tough no doubt

    I’d have to agree, Charter Oak will do very well this year. They are loaded at the skill positions with Thropay at 6’5″ playing one WR/TE (having played Qb that will help him big time understanding coverages) and the SH transfer playing the other wide out (at least that’s what I heard) who is 6″5″ at least and also a budding talent. I saw both at Bonita and while the transfer ( wait they are BOTH transfers ) looked raw he still has tremendous upside.

    I know they’ll have Big Andy on that line, after starting as a Soph and winning back to back CIF Championships, who is already on D1 radars. I know lots was made of Adam Muema, even thugh I thought Golden was better, but the line made holes and after their three year run what has changed? Nothing.

    CO will be a beast as long as Santiago is as advertised. I thought, after seeing him in person, that he had tons of “baseball” mechanics in him but I’m sure he’ll do fine.

    Wish nothing but the best for CO and welcome them into the SL. Gano, Bogan and Farrar…the gangs all here. Now if Damien schedules Bonita or San Dimas then it would really be a party!!!

  • Aaron

    Bearcats Scrimmage Damien at the end of August. Damien has played San Dimas more than a few times in the past…but we have never me them in anything other than Basketball and Water Polo.

  • Frank

    @ Dan, In baseball Monrovia, alhambra, arcadia, and Maranatha, oh yeah st. Francis, would all beat charter oak. In footbal, Monrovia, st francis, would also dominate you guys, lets be real, you played Diamond ranch in finals,(lol) whom got killed by any real teams, i.e. Bishop Amat.
    @ Azztec pride, your kidding me right! Aren’t you in leauge with Duarte, who’s varisty team was mostly freshman! this year they will be sophmores, you guys should watch out. Theres my research!

  • To Aaron

    Aaron how has your team looked in the passing tournaments? And how did your QB stack up against the Shurr QB?

  • Dan

    I’ll give you the baseball, I was never refering to baseball, football is a different story, I’ll buy that St. Francis would have a decent chance, I’d call it a toss up. Monrovia not quite, and if you think either of those teams would have dominated CO then I’ll conclude that your not real familiar with football on both sides of the 605.
    Anything could happen in a game but I’d say Monrovia would have been a good game for a half or maybe 3 quarters. CO would have been to physical in the end, CO pulls away by a couple of TD’s. Sorry M-town fans, I like Maddox and your team but I’m just being honest. St. Francis is a better game, both programs are similar caliber, this year St.Frances could have pulled it off but so could have CO, so its anybodys game, Last year with Chris Allen, Muema, Smith, and the two book ends CO wins hands down.

  • Frank

    @ Dan, yes, in baseball many teams were more dominant then charter oak, I have to give credit to CO for football they had a strong team. But, whether they would beat Monrvia or st francis, is just us talking trash. We really dont know, all three had strong equivalent teams.
    But here’s the deal when Fred does a top ten, he refers to it as the SGV top ten, my argument is that he doesn’t often give a true representation of the SGV.

  • Anonymous123

    Well Dan, what do you think might have happened if Monrovia kept it’s transfers and played a Charter Oak team?…..Maybe Monrovia pulling away in the second half?….I think you need to see them play and then think about teams pulling away in the second half. No one accomplished that all season.. John Muir almost pulled off the upset of the year by losing by 1 point. I think that Monrovia would have pulled that game out by 2 maybe three TD’s

  • joe smith

    Wake up said!
    Aztec Pride. All you do is post is Aztec this Aztec that. We can beat this team that team. Here is your pride with the big boys.
    @”The West looked like it might get the early advantage after Azusa’s Kendrec McDade laid the ball on the ground on his own 37″
    @BTW Nice semifinal playoff game
    SD=50 Azusa=24!!!

  • Dan

    I can agree, and your right, all this talk is just speculation and talking trash, but it’s kind of fun to do ain’t it. By the way I’m not a CO fan.

    Anonymous 123,
    Saw both teams last year, CO a couple of times
    and Monrovia in the title game, When M-Town couldn’t use their speed due to the rain and had to be physical they couldn’t hang with San Dimas.
    On a dry day it may have been a different result but that is more speculating cause San Dimas may have been a better team at the end of the season.
    CO was even more physical in the trenches than San Dimas but with Muema, Golden, Powell, Rufus, Boyd, etc,etc, they had more speed and skill than anyone in the SGV, even Monrovia. Thats why I say that CO would have pulled away in the end.
    Now that just about all those boys are gone it will be interesting to see what CO does this year. As for Monrovia, I get the feeling they will be turning it up a notch or two in these next couple of years.
    For the person who said he prefered Golden over Muema I disagree, in the playoff games that I saw, Muema was the difference, Golden was good but Muema was much more physical, not only does he have the cuts but it usually took a slew of tacklers to bring him down. So many times you would see Muema come out of a mob of defenders to break for a big gain or TD. Of all the backs that I saw these past couple of years not only did he have the vision and cutting ability, but his physicalness is what separated him from the


    Hey JOE MOMMA,

    SD is on the East SIDE! I WAS REFERRING TO SAN MARINIO (WESTSIDE), YOU GENIUS! You mentioned “AZTECS this AZTECS THAT”! Well let me tell why Im in this board promoting the AZUSA AZTECS!

    1. For the LOVE of the GAME!!!

    2. My son who was on the team that beat Covina in the playoffs, and went undefeated in League. And now is playing for CITRUS COLLEGE OWLS!

    3. A new coach that has the City of AZUSA (PROUD)! Come on, second year as the head coach and has reached the semis.

    4 Why? Because I watched most of these kids growing up and I knew one Day these kids could do something! With the right coach, AZUSA has done something that it hadnt done in a very long time and reaching the semis for the first time! BACK TO BACK LEAGUE CHAMPIONS means WHOLE lot, to a lot of parents. YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT! THATS WHY IM ON THIS BOARD, (JOE)!

    So to my self-righteous, unbelieving, arrogant new PEN PAL FRANKIE, you can KISS MY AZZTEC AZZ!




  • Joe Momma

    Easy Pride!!

    Sounds to me like you had too many Azusa Specials at TJ Burger!!

    1.Listen Genius. I was not referring to any side. I was just making a comment on your post to Franks “See who AZUSA beat last year in the playoffs from the WEST.
    2.If my team got beat 50-24 in a playoff game, I wouldn’d be popping off.
    3. It’s nice to promote your team but come on, anytime the little team from A-Z in the USA gets a first down or beats a team under .500 in the playoffs, you make it sound like they just won the CIF Championship!!
    4. It’s nice that your son is playing football for a Community College. I guess he did not have the talent to play DI,DII,DIII or just forgot you need (16) core classes for D1 and (14) core classes for DII. Just sayin!!
    5. Just remember your remarks about does Duarte have a football team. They may be on some down years but one day the program will rebuild and back on top to kick some AZtec &@# and your little Aztec team will be back at the bottom and you Genius will be at La Tolteca or Carmens watching the Raider games and no longer on the blog!!

  • Frank

    @ Dan, it’s obvious your a CO fan, and thats cool, and yes I love talking trash on this blog thats what makes interesting.
    @ Azztec Pride, If you know anything about Duarte’s reasons for a break down in their program, it was due to Coach Crutchfield being let go. Most of the kids who played for him refused to play after he was let go, or they transfered to other schools. but if you remember recent history Duarte was whipping Azztecs every year. Hey didn’t Azusa give Duarte their first touchdown last year?
    Lets be real you guys won a lot of games, but you had a creame puff schedule the two real teams you played, beat you pretty good, and expossed your team, why don’t you guys book a tougher pre-leauge schedule, We know your leauge is week, but at least make it up with tougher pre-league games. U dont play Monrovia who’s only a few miles from you, or Arcadia, how bout st. francis, Charter Oak, or San Dimas, oh I forgot they killed you guys.

  • just askin’

    Joe Momma – are there TV’s at the new La Tolteca?

  • Dan

    I’m WC Bulldog fan all the way, but I keep up with the local football scene, and when I can I try to attend the better local matchups if WC isn’t playing that night.

  • FRank

    @ Dan Sorry I misread your previous comment on not being a charter oak fan.

  • Scott Fisch

    Good for Coach Maddox and his teaching his football players academics come first. Success in the high school classroom is nothing compared to college or life in general.

    Keep up the good work Ryan, both on the field and off.

    PS. Attaching my name again and not hiding out. Careful what you ask for…


    Frankie and Joe Smith,

    Well I dont want you to think that I did not read your nice little message in the bottle for me. Its bee a long nice 4th of July weekend and I could not reply back. I have better things to do over the Weekend then blog and read your pathetic, mind boggling post, so Ill blog here at work and kill some time! First Ill start with Joe Smith. Whats with the EASY PRIDE statement? I mean do you know something about me or were you planning to put some dirt out there on me, because I took that as a threat, like you were going to blog me to death? LOL I see your all (CLASS) by trying to do your best on stomping on my feeling! Come on, your going to have to do BETTER THEN THAT (MOMMA)!

    Whats up with your TJ burgers comment and can you please let me know where its at in AZUSA, because the only burger joint I know is In & Out, located on AZUSA ave. Im going to try to address each comment as respectively as I can, without stooping to your level JOE! By the way you sure do know the geographic area of AZUSA pretty well?? You must be a GENIUS. Let me tell something about those two restaurants you mentioned, they make more money then youll ever make in your life time, with all those BEAN & CHEESE BURRITTOS that all those Caucasians folks eat! LoL By the way do you think every Hispanic is RAIDER FAN? There you go thinking again JOE! Ill let you in on a little secret and the team I follow is the RAMS big Momma!

    The comments you insinuated about my son isnt cool big Joe, and for me, what my son has done on the playing field has surpass everything I dream of. You see big JOE; I love the game of Football.

    By the way Joe, I have a question for you, why would you piggy back on Frankie boys comment, because I dont remember you on this board with your Moniker? I mean Im just saying, when YOU came on here with your first comment about AZTEC THIS AZTEC THAT; I mean whats up with that? Did you get all ANAL RETENTIVE with my post? Heres a little suggestion, if it bothers you, dont read it!

    One more thing Joe, HISTORY WAS made in the GOOD OLD USA, from ATO Z (AZUSA FOOTBALL)that is. By the way, are you and Frankie Duarte fans, because maybe Fred will put up a little story about Duarte on how AZUSA has beat them two years in a row, even before Cruthfields team fell apart!

    AZUSA AZTECS BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS, and that my new found friends can never be taken away!


  • Maa

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