Thursday Night Lights: Northview, Gladstone stay alive; Azusa closes in on 10-0

Above: Northview’s Marquise Thomas rushed for 173 yards and three TDs to lead Northview to a 41-14 victory over Nogales on Thursday.

Northview 41, Nogales 14
Northview High School knows the road to a CIF-Southern Section playoff bid is out of its hands.
But the Vikings did their part Thursday to stay in the hunt.
Marquise Thomas rushed for 173 yards and three touchdowns and Northview stayed alive with a 41-14 victory over Nogales in a Valle Vista League game at Covina District Field.
Northview, also getting 58 yards rushing from Kyle Spears and a 70-yard scoring pass from Raymond Hernandez to Marcus Ellis, improved to 3-5 overall and 3-2 in league. The Vikings, who have lost to first-place Covina and second-place San Dimas, need to win their last two games and hope to finish in a tie for at least second with Baldwin Park, with whom they finish the season.
Nogales, which received 132 yards rushing and two touchdowns from Patrick Miranda, slipped to 1-7 and 0-4.
“We’ll see what happens tomorrow night, and we’ll go from there,” Northview coach Marcel Perez said. “Our kids keep working, and obviously we still have Baldwin Park left, so we’re still trying to fight.”
Gladstone 21, Bassett 6
It wasn’t pretty but Gladstone High School remained tied for second place and stayed on track to win its first Montview League football title since 2005 with a 21-6 victory over Bassett on Thursday night at Citrus College.
The Gladiators (4-4, 4-1) scored twice in the last 3:29 of the first half to break open a defensive struggle, then hung on for the win.
Jerry Gutierrez caused, then recovered, a fumble at the Olympians 6-yard line. Joseph Herrera blasted into the end zone on the next play. He then ran for the extra pointtwo-point conversion and the Gladiators had a 14-6 lead.
Azusa 51, Ganesha 7
Ganesha High School was the first team into the end zone, and it received the best wishes of every Montview League team in its football showdown against visiting Azusa High on Thursday night.
But the Aztecs scored 51 unanswered points to knock off the Giants, 51-7, and improve to 8-0 remain unbeaten at 8-0 overall, 5-0 in league.
Ganesha (3-5, 2-3) took its lone lead of the game when Andy Baeza scored on a 2-yard run in the first quarter.
But after Giants quarterback Francis Terriantate was injured late in the second quarter, the offense never recovered. Terriantate had 53 yards on 11 carries and did not play in the second half.
Brian Nieto was the offensive star for Azusa (8-0, 5-0) with 118 yards on just seven carries. Nieto scored on runs of 1, 23 and 37 to pace an Aztecs offense that wasn’t running on all cylinders, but was more than good enough to handle Ganesha.

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    Mid-Valley No. #1 Azusa.
    By Fred Robledo on October 28, 2010 7:56 AM. That number #1 looks real good in front of AZUSA! You’ve earned it Coach Scherf, Bettle, Muncie, Beltran, Bubba and to the rest of the Coaches. All your hard work has been paying off, and I know come playoff time you’ll have AZUSA prepared.

    The Skeptics can’t wait for you to lose that#1, slot by losing. Take Ganesha, Gladstone very serious to the end of the season. There’s nothing better they would like but Win, and especially Gladstone, being our cross-town RIVIALS!

    So all you SENIOR players it’s time to play HARDER and TIGHTEN every thing up,and HIT HARD!!!





    OH, almost forgot to say. FRED CAN’T TAKE AWAY THESE (RANKING)! This is the RANKING you want AZUSA!!!

    ALRIGHT FRED. This blog is great and your doing a great Job! Like I said way back. A good cup of coffee and Fred Robledos PREP SPORTS PAGE is the way to start your Mornings!


  • FredJ

    Aztec Pride, if Azusa won the championship, we would all be happy for you, it would be the feel-good story of the year…

  • Walnut Guy

    First off, why doesn’t Azusa ever play Glendora? seams like it would be a natural rival game.

    Second, why is there no talk on here about the rumor that the Diamond Ranch head football coach and several staff members have been suspended by CIF for illegal recruiting violations???


    Thanks Fred, but all the credit and accolades go to the Coaches I listed here. Some of these coaches have mentored my son when he played for AZUSA. By the way Fred, you once mentioned his name Steven Arceo, on your two minute drills three years ago with Rauley Zaragoza, when they were going to play against Covina in that first playoff game. Both were pictured in the Front Page of the SGVTRIBUNE, the day after the game. I still have that paper!!!

    Fred,check out CITRUS COLLEGE.COM and click on athletics, then click on football. Go to the story about SECOND HALF WOES KEEP WINLESS IN CONFERENCE. Well the picture of that player is my son, Steven A.#47, explayer from AZUSA. Rauley Zargoza is also having a good season, but unfortunately Citrus is having a down year.

    Well I hope this story doesn’t have an unhappy ending for AZUSA, if you no what I mean Fred! Because when they lost to San Dimas, those tears weren’t of JOY!


  • LMFAO @ todays games

    LMFAO today is a triple header of all the teams that will not make it to the champiohsip games hahahahahaha bahbahbahbah hahahahahaha Northview-Nogales, Bassett-Gladstone, Azusa at Ganesha hahahahahaha i think i pissed myself laughing at the schedule for tonight.

    Signed with love your Daddy

    Colts baby!

  • jcaz

    I drove by Northview high school today with my son today, and noticed that that fund raiser with the Ford Mustang was still going very strong.

    If possible, I would urge some of you to spend a moment of your very busy and valuable time, to drive by that school and buy a ticket for a very good cause…

    The gentleman that was taking care of the raffle told us that the drawing was not until January, so there is still plenty of time to get up there and by a ticket or two.

  • Covina Alumni

    @ LMFAS

    Please do not come on here and post such things as you did. Your disrespectful and we don’t need people like you to represent us (covina).
    Didn’t your mother teach you If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
    Pump your own team up and don’t make fun of other teams it makes you look like a A$$.

    Covina Alumni

  • Ether

    Walnut Guy (COACH O’Sheilds),

    I know who you are. Hahaha…CIF cant govern what happens outside of the football field.

  • Walnut insider???

    Are you kidding? Or are you really an idiot? Of course CIF can govern what happens, ask Zavala over at wilson. DRanch coaches go to both, Walnut and Diamond Bar JAA games. They talk to kids and parents there. They got busted on it. I doubt coach O’shields comes on this bullcrap of a website to waste his time on morons like you. So, i guess you really don’t know who he is. And yes, Azusa is way overrated.

  • Colt74

    Good job Northview, Gladstone, and AZUSA !!!!!!!!!

    AZTEC PRIDE….you guys are slacking off!!! Do you realize that you have let 30 points be scored on you this season? Come on man…. that’s 3.75 points average allowed per game! Totally unacceptable!

    To the haters…read that again.
    3.75 points average against in 8 games…..

    Impressive is an understatement…..

  • DRanchhhh

    Well Well,

    WALNUTZ guy and INsider,

    You guys seem to be reaching ALOT. Did you think that CIF was going to give you guys that WIN in hopes of you guys makiYng the playoffs?? Is that what you were looking for?? It’s no secret that Damien Coaches, BA coaches , DR coaches and even YOURSELF attend Diamond Bar Pop Warner and Walnut JAA games. All of those local schools and their coaching staffs have been doing it for years. Most of your staff COACHED THOSE TEAMs up until CIF erected the rule where you could no longer hobble both sides of the fence from HS to Youth Football. How far is YOUR STAFF reaching to be at the same game Layton was at and videotaping him?? I even heard that your coaches NARRATED as if you were trying to influence the recipient of this film. Lets put that out there. Why didnt you report yourself?? Evryone at DR knows it was your OLINE coach filming. The big guy, bearded dude!! Did you get Sermons from BA while u were busy taping?? No you didnt bc YOUR STAFF is bitter and horrible at what you guys do. Let me ask you, why are you so mad AT DR?? Based on the way your people treated us, WE should be upset. Why are you guys going through so many loops to punish our team?? This is a serious case of when adults cant take defeat so they find other routes to hurt people. Remember WALNUT coaching staff, we are talking about teenage kids that you are trying to scandalize. Teenagers!!! What are you guys 24+ in age??

    BTW, what are you guys teaching your kids over there at Walnut?? I cant EVER recall, WIN OR LOSE, any of DR’s kids bumping kids aggressively opposed to shaking hands at the end of a game. I cant ever recall Layton teaching a DR kid to blantantly KICK another kid in the balls on the LINE bc you cant beat them. I cant ever recall ANY team showing up to visiting field and having the SOCCER NET on the visiting teams sideline and when addressed, being advised that they should move it themselves (It has wheels). I cant EVER remember Roddy teaching his kids to openly TWIST ankles when they tackle. Your school has a HISTORY of doing shady shyt. Michael Ball incident ring a bell?? Purposely, PURPOSELY Facemasked the kid bc you cant catch him and it snaps his collarbone…do you remember that?? Do you remember leanord rhodes stepping on the DBHS kids knee after he became upset bc he was tackled down low?? I was at that game. Fcuk, get it together WALNUT. There will no easy path to the playoffs this year or any other year. whether you like it or NOT, DR will hand you your asses every year going forward, so get used to it!!

  • Momma Loves Me Some DR Football!

    Geeeez Fred? Really? You’re just now jumping on the DR Bandwangon? Move over parentes Fred’s joining us tonight but don’t sit him next to me, he still reeks of the foul stench of bad picks for the last 4 games. Fred, Jump On, Strap Up and Hang on for the next two following games. Good Luck to all teams playing tonight. Friday nights, got to love’em!

  • SGV For 30 Years

    DRanch I’ve read a lot of stuff that you have written and I really haven’t commented on it. But know you have struck a nerve. With your attacks. On one hand you say that it’s wrong for adults to call out teenagers. On the other hand you have basically called Walnut a dirty team. You have accused them of everything from ankle twisting to collar bone snapping. Isn’t that calling out teenagers by (I assume) adults? Funny you should bring up that Michael Ball play. Tell me this, in all your football years, Have you ever heard of some breaking their collar bone after being facemasked? Did you know Ball got driven into the turf on that same play?

    This situation is not about CIF and the play-offs. It’s about coming into someone else’s yard. I won’t even say the Coach Laton was recruiting because I don’t know. I wasn’t there. If you are sitting in your living room and you see someone who you know is out of place walking by, would you take the time and investigate that person? I think at the very least this is a case of bad judgment.

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!

  • Azusa is rolling

    Great Job AZtecs! 2 more wins and you threepeat the montview…Are you Favorites to Win the Midvalley?

  • DRanchhhh

    SGV for 30,

    I respect your posts and I will continue to respect your POSTs. My issues is not with the kids, but the people they are taking INSTRUCTION from. The kids did that and I believe that their coaching staff has a lot to do with their dirty play. And the last stunt that they are trying to pull off just really sux butt. Backyard nothing!! Dont use that as a means to justify their (Walnut’s staff) videotaping coaches. Coaches from all of the local schools go to those games in FULL force. I just saw Damien at a Pomona PW game 3 weeks ago and they swear that Father doesnt allow recruiting. Just so happens that they want to film DR guys?? You dont see anything wrong with that?? Why wasnt BA brought up?? Lets keep it real. They are a horrible group. What goes around comes around. I am tired of them trying to tear DR down. Put up or SHUT UP. Game play does the talking. Stop going over and beyond to try to get WINS. Last time I checked I didnt know you had to be from a certain side to go to a YOUTH FOOTBALL game. How did they not know if those guys had a kid or KIDS actually playing there?? I mean there own CHILD. So you film and narrate. And so you know, not to many people come on this blog in represetation of DR. I have for 3 years and when people ATTACK the school that I follow and adore, Dammit, I am going to respond as anyone would. This can be entertainment which it normally is, but when grown men go this far and it effects the kids, a line has to be drawn.

    note: Its not just DR that I follow and respect neither. I found myself defending Azusa not long ago.

  • Walnut Insider???

    Wow, what a baby. I was just stating facts. I don’t care about the win you had over walnut…you guys won, good job, it was a great game. The fact is, what the Dranch staff is doing IS illegal, and the got caught. The walnut staff doesnt even go to the games, so we both know youre lying.No coach told Dranch to move a soccer net, in fact, walnut sent five injured players to the sideline to move it. So, youre debunked again. SGV430 is right, Ball boke his collar bone on the tackle by the next player, not the facemask, it was just a nice picture for the paper to print….theory three debunked. And im sure walnut staff spend five minutes of indo time to practice ball kicking techniques! haha. what a joke. Get a life.

  • baby blue nutter

    Wow…looks like some went fishing for a DR response and snagged a whopper. Frankly dddrrranch…that was pretty pathetic. You have a problem with the coaches…not the kids playing the game. Go break his camera. Lets be serious….if it was all about the kids, your coaches would not be risking their season like this every year. DR has been popped before. If you are going to blame Walnut, you might as well blame Los Altos. And to some extent Bishop Amat. Those parents went to their coaching staffs and complained about the way DR was doing things years ago. Of course this was at a time when those programs were down….and I don’t know if those coaches did anything. Believe it or not. I’m just saying what is out there. The parents started putting pressure on the coaches.
    For DR or any other school, this is all about the parents taking responsiblity. The parents know whats jumpin off at their high schools….when it comes to shaking hands. As a matter of fact some of the parents particpate. If you want to take that risk…more power to you. But when other schools start showing up with their hidden cameras…you have no one to blame but yourself if someone gets suspended or your childs season is ruined. So, pointing your finger at anyone other than youselves is the real BS here. Youth sports can be a nasty business….and you know damn well other schools are watching. I personally have no problem with shaking hands…but you assume the risk. Doesn’t look like you are willing to accept the responsibilty for that.

    I don’t see how this impacts Walnut anyway. I would like to remind eveyone…Amat is back in business. When Amat is in business, you can go cross reference your Pop Warner and JA rosters against Amats…you’ll know where the top players are going.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    DRanch: If we are going to keep it real. The incident you are talking about happened on Walnut’s field. I agree with you, everyone has the right to attend the JA or Pw games. But according to CIF if you do that while Wearing you School’s gear, you are using undue influence. Now what being said do people follow that rule? Not really but it is a rule. DRanch is a high profile program with a history of not dotting all the eyes and crossing all the tee’s. If I’m the coach and I know this, then I want to make sure I don’t get caught up in some mess. Since we are keeping it real, DR is a great school with a great though brief (since ’97) history in academics and athletics. A lot of times they don’t get the credit they deserve because of what other people preceive as arrogance, or their own jealousy. There are those that are out to get them, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want DR to provide others with a stick to beat them with.
    As for the dirty play you speak of. I was at that game. I saw quite a few boarderline hits on both sides. I think most of that is up to the officials to clean up. If the blow to the nuts happened, that kid should be ejected period. If the coaches see it on film, they should be suspended period.

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!

  • DRanchhhh

    Babe blue:

    You have no idea what your talking about.


    I agree up until to the point of DR dotting their “i’s”. Prior to the AD dropping the ball in the sermons situation, you dont hear about DR doing anything, so that I must disagree with, however I see the point you are making. Either way I will move forward as I am sure DR has.

    Issue DEAD, going forward

  • baby blue nutter

    Of course…I don’t know what I’m talking about. And once again…the issue is dead.

    Do what you do…just remember when your start calling out kids…you’re talking about somebodys baby.


    Colt74, thanks for the plug! Good luck tonight…

    Walnut insider???”And yes, Azusa is way overrated”. Come on you too!Nobody from AZUSA I believe has ever said anything negative about Walnut! Read your post many of times, thought you were better then that?

    Now I see why Draaanch came on here! GOOD LOOKING, DR…




  • Joe Amat

    SGV430 & DRanchhhh,

    There aren’t many things that irk me more than someone coming in who is relatively knowledgeable and throwing around “rules” by saying things like “….But according to CIF But according to CIF if you do that while Wearing you School’s gear, you are using undue influence…” All that does is spread the rumors, old-wives tales, and urban legends I speak of often. Then people go around repeating those “rules” and spreading rumors when those “rules” are “violated”

    That is FAR, FAR, FAR from the rule and CIF has no interest in being the “clothing police” any more than they are going to travel around and take attendance at youth games that many times HS coaches are coaching in, other times their children or extended family are playing in. Nor is their any rule in talking to people while you are at those games – regardless of what you are wearing.

    There ARE things that you can and cannot say while you are having those conversations wearing your school gear, but their is NO rule anywhere against attendance or what you wear to those games.

  • SGV For 30 Years


    I do know what I’m talking about. You are right about you aren’t allowed to say certian things when talking to potential students. You need to go as Manzo about a coach wearing your team gear when addressing those potential athletes. Of course CIF isn’t going to be the clothing police on this issue. But if one school tells on another and can prove it, then they will act. Those aren’t old wives tales. Look at the CIF Website at the number of transfers that are approved vs the ones denied.

    The whole point here was the Coach Layton was at a game being played at Walnut High School. I don’t know what he was doing so I can’t speak on that. But I do know this for a fact. That wasn’t the first time he was spotted there.

    SGV430 Ouutt!!

  • baby blue nutter


    That’s not the same Walnut Insider you are thinking about. That Walnut Insider you are thinking about has the little scissors next to his name. This guy was here to kick up some dust…and actually did a pretty good job.

    Did I just defend you Insider? Must be turning over a new leaf.

    I guess this means Roddy and the Walnut coaches can’t be friends. Pitty…

  • Joe Amat


    Good for him. Really.

    Not being sarcastic – but if I was a coach I would be *everywhere* in my school gear, be the nicest most approachable guy around, talk to everybody, shake every hand, and tell all the kids that were good how well they played… all without EVER mentioning the school I was from once. Then if someone brought it up I’d tell them to call the Athletic Director or stop by the school office.

    I can *guarantee* that a story would come back about “recruiting” … but NONE of that would be a violation in any way shape or form.

  • SGV for 30 Years


    What you say may be partly true. But you don’t think that if you had a history of violations, questionable transfers, and ineligible players that you would make sure you did everything by the book? Gano and Bogan did it for years and their names and faces never came up. Does recruiting go on all the time? Of course it does and we all know it. The smart coaches just keep their names and faces out of it, especially if they are going to be at a rival school. Like I said earlier I wasn’t there so I don’t know why the coath was there. What I can say is that he his guilty of at least bad judgment. Which DR dealt with so as far as i’m concerned the situation has been handled in house. They have a huge game coming up I wouldn’t want this to be a distraction.

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!!

  • Dexter Roble

    No kiddin, you better go ahead and make your Super Bowl futures bets while the odds are really high. The Jets are favored right now.

  • Cythia Allegood

    Dude I told u I would figure out a pressure washing company in Knoxville to do my siding cleaning. I just couldnt do it because its so dang high. Glad we met here.