Football games on Wednesday? Any others

Because of the Veterans Holiday, I just learned that Bassett is hosting Sierra Vista on Wedneday, joining La Puente, who is hosting Duarte Wednesday night too. We have three games scheduled Thursday and the rest Friday. If there are any other schools that have moved their games, please let us know, otherwise I will assume the rest of the schedule is correct.

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  • Ganesha

    Workman at Ganesha is Wednesday at 7PM

  • Colt74

    Just an observation but in the still photo for the video tell me that Steve does not look like Mr. Smithers from the Simpsons…..

    If you say he doesn’t then I will know to cut my dosage in half…..

  • Frank

    I think Duarte is just trying to get the season over as quickly as possible. There next game might be on tuesday!

  • kh

    fred so glad your going with dr.
    we will beat them by 40 my friend.
    dont forget two off are starting d guys were out.
    nose gaurd sr. 6-235 lbs mekinneze and 33 bunrgard not a excuss 33 might still be out but mekineze is ready to go brother.
    over at breanna sandolvals signing party .great job all kids going for the dreams.