Boys Soccer: No three-peat for Mountain View, back-to-back champs out in first round; Baldwin Park crushes Maranatha 5-2; Chino Hills upsets Kennedy; Los Altos goes down 4-3 to Oak Hills

CIF-SS Boys Soccer Playoffs
Wednesday’s second-round schedule
All games at 3 p.m.

Division 1
Glendora vs. Edison, site TBA (coin flip)
Division 2
Claremont vs. Valley View, site TBA (coin flip)
La Habra at Chino Hills
Division 4
Santa Monica at La Puente
Diamond Ranch vs. Artesia, site TBA (coin flip)
Bonita vs. Ganesha, site TBA (coin flip)
Division 5
Cajon vs. Pomona, site TBA (coin flip)
Lakeside vs. Baldwin Park, site TBA (coin flip)

CIF-Southern Section Boys Soccer Playoffs
Friday’s first round results

Division 1
Glendora 1, Aliso Niguel 0
Division 2
Chino Hills 2, Kennedy 1
Claremont 1, Indio 0
Capistrano Valley 2, Damien 1
Division 4
Oak Hills 4, Los Altos 3
La Puente 3, Burroughs Burbank 1
Bonita 3, Glendale 1
Crescenta Valley 3, Diamond Bar 2
Ganesha 2, Saddleback 1, OT
Diamond Ranch 1, La Serna 0
Division 5
Oaks Christian 1, Mountain View 0
Baldwin Park 5, Maranatha 2
Monrovia 1, South El Monte 0
La Canada 9, Nogales 3
Carpinteria 3, El Monte 0
Pomona 2, San Luis Obispo 1
Victor Valley 2, Northview 1

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  • MV soccer

    According to my bracketology the Vikings got a good quarter bracket. They’re going to start off facing Oaks Christian for the first time since the 2005 CIF Championship game. Should be a good game. The second round should be a pass. Then the Quarter finals get good with either Pomona, Cajon, or Silverado being capable opponents. I pick Cajon aadvancing but either team should be a great game (Silverado was last played in the 2009 championship game). The semi final would then be La Canada-Mountain View a classic. These teams play every year. La Canada won earlier this year but I felt that the View was barely getting going. They werent playing with the same intensity as now. They advance with the experience and the final against Victor Valley. Every year has ended for the Vikings against one of these Victorville-Hesperia schools and they are scary. It seems like every year a team makes it to the final. View wins it 2-1 and three-peat!

  • At Least You Have…

    @ MV soccer:

    Oh no! Well at least you have Basket, I mean Foot, I mean high test sco…, well at least your not South El Monte.

  • tommykiss

    Chino Hills took a 1-0 lead in the first half, Kennedy tied the game 15 min later, both teams had chances but the score ended tied 1-1 at the end of regulation. In OT both teams had chances, but Chino Hills was able to break through, when a long Ryan Garrett throw into the Kennedy goal area and was converted by Del Cid giving Chino Hills a leas they would keep till the end. Kennedy was a league winner while Chino Hills finished 3rd in the Sierra League.

  • Bearcat

    Bonita Boys played most of the game in the pouring rain. They scored twice in the first 13 minutes. They allowed a goal that skidded through the box , was saved, but Glendale was the first on the rebound.

    In the second half, Bonita converted a penalty kick to solidify the game. Most of the opportunities were on the bearcats side, they were just a little off due to the slip and slide nature of the game. Congrats boys!

  • LA Futbol

    Didn’t get to go see our boys play, but I heard they were up 3-0 in the 2nd half and blew it! How does that happen? Was anyone there who can enlighten us? A 3-goal, second half lead in soccer should be pretty secure most of the time!

  • LA Soccer Dad

    I have always been taught to walk away after a hard loss and not whine or make stupid statements that will bite you later but after hours and hours of it being on my mind; i just cant get past the feeling that the Los Altos boys soccer team was cheated out of a win that they had “in the bag”. No game is ever over until the last whistle blows but what happened in Hesperia was a travesty.

    I know, I know I hate to hear how the Ref’s lost the game. It is the most over used phrase in sports and we’ve been on both sides of the argument but let me give some facts.

    Los Altos took a 2-0 half time lead.

    LA came back out and added a score within 10 minutes of the second half to lead now by 3-0.

    A few minutes later, the center ref was in the center circle in the midfield when the side ref lifted his flag to show Offsides around 6 meters from the LA goal. Everyone stopped except one Oak Hills player which he punched into the goal. At least 4 to 5 seconds had passed. The center ref ran over to the side line judge and we knew it wasnt going to be good immediately. After a 2-3 minute conversation the center ref awarded Oaks a goal; 3-1.

    The next 8 fouls ALL went against LA, the 8th being a set shot at about 25 meters that also went in. In normal dry weahter, that goal is stopped but the wet ball sneaks in past Senior Keeper Alex; 3-2.

    The next 3 fouls go aginst LA with the now 11th foul against LA in a row causing one of our midfielders to go out with a bloody cut hand from a cleat stomp by an Oaks player after the play. LA Coach asks refs to protect the players. When he is dismissed he asked ref “where they are from”. The only response he gets is NOT here. Is it unfair for a coach to be able to know whether a ref is from the local area, has kids in the area, etc?

    Oaks player takes a beautiful shot and scores a fine goal; kudos to him. 3-3.

    Two more starters are kick [that makes 4 starters that have been taken out for injury] with only a yellow card to Oaks.

    On another set play [foul call on LA] Oaks gets their 4th goal [3-4 Oaks].

    At this point, the ref goes over and decides that he wants to move the Oaks parents that are near the end of the field. It would have been nice at the beginning of the game but now LA is down and time is of the essence; but the ref is moving parents from the TEAM WITH THE LEAD. Why, the LA coach didnt ask for the move. If it was important, why did it not happen at the beginning of before the game. The parents were there the whole game.

    Because of some hard fouls by Oaks, some LA players go down for a few minutes while the Oaks players and coaches are complaining of time being wasted. I hear the ref tell a player not to worry “time is out”. The game is stopped at exactly 45 minutes, no extra time. I understand that it may be part of CIF policy but why did the center ref mention “not to worry; time is out”. What would have happened if LA was on top. How much time would he have added?

    LA did a great job and should be proud of their accomplishments. Seniors I am truly sorry that your season and high school career ended the way it did, I hope the best for you in the future.

    I cant understand why the refs allow sideline talk get under their skin so easily. If you are going to go out and ref the game focus on the game. I can understand that you dont want things to get dangerous but they are upset by even the slightest comment. I am shocked to see Refs that stop play to argue with parents. Focus on the game. I dont think if should be unreasonable for a coach to ask where a Ref comes from. There is too much investment of time, engery, kids that play hurt for a game to be determined by a ref who has decided what the outcome should be.

  • FredJ

    LA Soccer dad, thanks for summarizing the game for us, I’m not surprised at all, I have seen some horrible officiating over the years, especially when it comes to refs that seem more concerned with the sideline than focusing on the action. I’m not disputing anything you wrote, but in regards to the first offside, remember you have to play until you hear the whistle, regardless of whether a flag goes up. The referee may have seen something different and decided to wave off the the linesman’s flag, which is why you never stop playing. But reading what you wrote, I understand your pain, that seems like the call that set the wheels in motion for what happened next.

  • bp brave

    Baldwin Park rulez!!! u biznatchez

  • Charles Hulbert

    I am a parent of a player with the Santa Monica team that lost in Oak Hills 4-0. While we clearly didn’t play as well as Los Altos we did experience the same local referees and their calls. We had one red (double yellow) card the entire season and were given two reds in the high desert. One of our co-captains was also carded for asking the referee why their player, who went cleats up into our goalkeeper on the ground, wasn’t carded. Fouls were disproportionately called against the visitors, several obvious corner kicks were instead given to Oak Hills as goal kicks and a six second call against our goalkeeper resulted in an indirect kick in the box ten minutes into a scoreless game. Oak Hills appeared to score their second goal on an offside play and were given a questionable penalty for their third goal. Kudos should be given to the Los Altos teams who obviously played a very good game in an extremely tough and unfair environment.