Today’s baseball/softball schedule; games of the day Los Altos at Bonita; Los Osos at Glendora

So, this is what I do each day, knowing we have two reporters to send to games this afternoon, it’s left for me to pick the best two. The one that stands out the most is Los Altos at Bonita softball. Not just because Bonita’s Courtney Gano is facing her old team, but her old team is on roll, having just won the Whittier tournament. Los Altos is 7-2 and 1-0 in the Hacienda while the Bearcats are 12-2 and playing their first Hacienda league game. This game was originally scheduled for Los Altos, but I got an email today saying it was switched to Bonita. In baseball, we’re covering Los Osos (4-3, 0-2) at Glendora (6-2, 3-0), simply because we haven’t had a chance to cover the Tartans, and obvioulsy they’re playing well in the Baseline and deserve coverage. Plus, it’s nice to watch the Tartans roll through the Baseline, a league they shouldn’t be in, but if it has to be, nothing better than sticking it to them with Ws. BTW, here’s a teaser, tomorrow I’m all over South Hills at Charter Oak baseball.

Below: How time flies, this was Courtney Gano after hitting a home run for Los Altos as a freshman. Today the senior will be wearing Bonita green against Los Altos.

Today’s games
Baseline League

Los Osos at Glendora, 3:15 p.m.
Hacienda League
Bonita at Los Altos, 3:30 p.m.
Walnut at Diamond Bar, 3:30 p.m.
Rowland at Diamond Ranch, 3:30 p.m.
Mission Valley League
El Monte at Arroyo, 3:15 p.m.
Rosemead at Gabrielino, 3:15 p.m.
South El Monte at Mountain View, 3:15 p.m.

Today’s games
Del Rey League

Bishop Amat at Bishop Montgomery, 3:15 p.m.
Hacienda League
Los Altos at Bonita, 3:30 p.m.
Walnut at Diamond Bar, 3:30 p.m.
Rowland at Diamond Ranch, 3:30 p.m.
Mission Valley League
El Monte at Arroyo, 3:15 p.m.
Rosemead at Gabrielino, 3:15 p.m.
South El Monte at Mountain View, 3:15 p.m.

Player, school … BA, AB H 2B 3B HR GP
1 Nick Hynes Covina .609 23 14 4 0 2 10
2 Nohlan Hernandez Charter Oak .571 21 12 0 0 0 8
3 Joe Munoz Los Altos .550 20 11 2 1 1 8
4 Pena Raymond Bassett .524 21 11 6
5 Josh Luevanos Glendora .522 23 12 3 8
6 Adam Alcantara Bishop Amat .517 29 15 1 9
7 Matt Gelalich Bonita .500 24 12 1 9
8 Peter Lopez South El Monte .500 14 7 1 6
9 Chandler Duffy Glendora .500 16 8 2 0 0 6
10 Giovanni Rivera Sierra Vista .484 31 153 10
11 Nick Simons Covina .474 19 9 3 1 1 9
12 Jimmy Jacobo La Puente .471 17 8 1 1 6
13 Rio Ruiz Bishop Amat .464 28 13 5 1 1 9
14 Auston Ingram Claremont .462 13 6 1 0 1 4
15 Kenny Mathews Diamond Bar .462 26 12 4 9
16 Aaron Caldron Damien .462 13 6 1 1 7
17 Brandon Yepiz San Dimas .458 24 11 1 9
18 Robert Longtree Ayala .444 27 12 4 1 9
19 Rouric Bridgewater Diamond Ranch .433 30 13 1 2 2 9
20 Andres Hernandez Sierra Vista .429 35 15 2 1 10

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  • Foster Kuramata

    Hey Fred Just an FYI the SGV has some of the top track and field times in So Cal from schools in your back yard. Covina, Northview, Claremont, Damien.

  • Los Altos Alum

    I am glad to see Los Altos get a little recognition on their season so far. They are young, with only one senior but they are really coming together. Today will be a big test for them…We do miss Courtny..she’s a great kid and a great player…but we have some talent and will be competitive in the Hacienda…Good luck to both squads..


    Congratulations to all these hitting leaders! How many of them use wood?

  • ?????

    Bonita wins, 3-1 Garza wins another!

  • Good Ball

    Glendora wins 3 to 2. Good Ballgame. Playing solid baseball.

  • SH Baseball Fan

    Jeff Moran, Dominick MArtinez, Tyler France, of South Hills High school all batting over 500 with moran being the highest. Cameron Saylor is batting over 450. All use wood with the exception of Martinez.

  • 888

    No drama in bearcat land Bonita girls 7 Los Altos 0 Great job ladies Liddel and Witt nice hitting way to pick up your tmates. GO BEARCATS!!

  • score

    Chino Hills mercied St. Lucys 10-0. What is going on at the school on the hill?

  • player

    DRanch beats Rowland the boys are coming around. I took off early score was 5-0. Also got word DB over Walnut 11-0. Omana throws 4 innings only giving up one hit.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Hey Fred, Garza wins again! Nice cap on the day he is named Tribune Athlete of the Week. Hard work pays off and Garza is proof.

  • FredJ

    SH baseball fan, it sure would be nice if we could access those stats somewhere … or simply find a roster

  • sh fan too

    Fred, I have to agree but Coach Smith is all about the W’s & L’s, not stats. It’s a shame and not the best for any of his players who are looking to play college ball, the difficulty it is for scouts to check on potential prospects but he hasn’t changed his philosophy in 20 years, he has the stats and will provide them if asked but won’t publish them.

  • stats

    Fred, you can delete any stats for Glendora. Look on maxpreps and you will see they have no “reached on errors” or ‘fielders choices”….Glendora stats are garbage.

  • hey stats

    maybe they dont plug them in on maxpreps but they still count them on the real stats. you dumb fool.