Scouting Guru delivers Memorial Day thoughts on top football prospects and much, much more

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Guru writes: Happy Memorial Day to all. For most of the high schools, spring football is either done or we are in the final week of it. And with the end of May nearing, it also means that the college spring evaluation period has come to a close. So for this column we’ll take a look at our revised Top-10, reveal out diamonds to watch and recommend a new hamburger establishment in West Covina. (To continue, click thread).

Since we already went into great depth for our top-10, some minor adjustments have been made based on the “buzz” some prospects are receiving and which ones are not… So here is our “new” top-10 with quick comments on the prospects…

1. Chris Solomon (DB, West Covina) — He got offered by Arizona just before the end of the month. He deserves to be at the top of the list – but here is a piece of advice, if you think you are going to be offered by USC, UCLA or Oregon – don’t hold your breath. Though we have been wrong before.

2. Jamie Canada (ATH, South Hills) –– I took a lot of heat from many people – for which it really surprised me. All I will say is I stand by my instincts and will remain true to them. This kid is legit and hopefully he will prove it on the field this year. One more note, if you run into Bogan – ask him what he thinks of Canada?

3. Rio Ruiz (QB, Bishop Amat) — He hasn’t done a thing wrong to lose his standing with us.

4. Jame Hart (RB, South Hills) — He jumps ahead of Jalen Moore just for the mire reason that the Ivy League and Big Sky Conference schools really like this kid…

5. Jalen Moore (RB, Bishop Amat) — He hasn’t done anything wrong, just no buzz on the kid.

6. Corey Victoria (RB, Glendora) — I think he has a chance, but with Karl Holmes in the backfield, will he get his chance?

7. Ajee Montes (CB, Bishop Amat) — Got confirmation that he has no offers from either Arizona State nor New Mexico. Not getting much buzz on him yet, but we know he can play.

8(t). Travis Santiago (QB, Charter Oak), Vince Hernandez (QB, South Hills) — There has been a little buzz about them, both need breakout senior seasons.

10. Justin Meaders (DE, West Covina HS) — Listed at 6-1, 230, not the size that you would want from a D-1 DE prospect. He has decent film and is the one kid that the HC has been pushing to college coaches. Senior film will be important for him.

As I promised several weeks ago, there are some sleepers out there that have a chance… my list is going to be a lot different from yours. Here are the guys that I feel have a chance.

Seven Sleepers to watch…

1) Chris Gilcrest (WR, Charter Oak) — He’ll have to show that he has legit speed.

2) Henry Omana (QB, Diamond Bar) — He has decent film but has to prove that he can lead a team to a league championship and make a deep run into the playoffs. And since Colorado just got a QB commitment for their signing class several weeks ago (Shane Dillon, El Cajon CA) – I don’t think they’ll be in the QB business anymore.

3) Nick Enriquez (OL, Chino Hills) –Talked to four different Sierra League coaches and they all told me the same thing, this kid has a chance. He is listed at 6’5 but he’s more 6’3 but he has good junior film and his size will give him a chance in his senior year.

4) Davis Morgan (OLB, Diamond Bar) — This is a kid that had a steady year last year and with his size , he’ll definitely get a look at by the D-1AA schools in the fall. A watch and see kid.

5) J.R. Nelson (WR, Wilson) — Made third-team All State Underclass team by He is an intriguing kid with decent film. Will he be showcased his senior year? That is the $64.000 question.

6) Deandre Manus (WR, Claremont) — Limited film makes his evaluation very tough. But, this was the one player that the staff at Claremont has been gushing about all spring. That makes a high priority enior film kid. Another big kid as he is listed at 6-2, 220.

7) Devante Brown (WR, San Dimas) — Fair size for a kid that plays in D-11 HS football (6-0, 180), but has decent numbers for a system that makes its living at running the ball. He has good ball skills and is one to follow. Liking the WR bunch in the area a lot.

Ten things that I think I think…..

1) I think fans have to prepare themselves for the lowest amount of kids that will sign on signing day this spring. I will agree with the writer for the football blog when he says that the talent in the West SGV is much better than the talent in the East SGV. When you have two elite football players playing ball on the west side, we have to suck it up and tip our caps to the boys on the west side.

2) I think it’s time for the area principals to be proactive and make the Hacienda League a ten-team conference and split it into two divisions. The three teams that needs to be in are obviously Charter Oak, Glendora and South Hills. And if you think I’m crazy, the Marmonte League is moving in that direction starting in 2012. It would be great to have a SEC type of format for league championship weekend in week 10. And the publicity would be great for the leagues. If the Marmonte League can do it, the Hacienda League can do it too.

3) I think it’s time for this question to be asked. Who is going to be the back-up QB at Bishop Amat and South Hills High School this year?

4) I think that no matter what anyone says, West Covina will be the prohibitive underdogs against Loyola. They have yet to prove that they can beat a D-1 team and just remember this… even though Loyola went winless in league, they were very good in pre-season play. And with Steve Grady back as an assistant coach at Loyola this season, they’ll be just fine. West Covina is just not Serra League tough right now.

5) I think we’ll know just how good Amat is when they play Servite. I don’t have a real feel for the game.

6) I think we all need a countdown the launching date of the football preview issue. If last year was any indication, this year’s will even be better.

7) I think that there will be another big-name area football coach that will not be coaching after the 2011 season. I just feel it in my gut.

8) I think that Ryan Maine will do a nice job in his first year at Diamond Bar High School. I had a chance to meet him several years ago and he really impressed me with his football knowledge. He’ll bring a fresh attitude and energy to his job. If the fans allow him to develop the program the right way – they’ll start getting some legitimate wins.

9) I think that if Glendora fans are looking for Todd Quinsey to led them to a 8 or 9 win season, you are dreaming. There will be a period of transition which means that kids will have to adjust to the style of the new head coach and his staff, new offensive and defensive schemes and much more. Plus, the Baseline League is pretty brutal. And I say that with a little bit of experience from last year.

10) And here are my non-area football thoughts….

a) Looking for a great place to eat… you can’t go wrong with “The Habit” at the Eastland mall. I’ve been to the same establishment in Encino and I can tell you after you eat their for the first time, you’ll come back again and again and again.

b) Interesting tweet sent by Eric Sondheimer last Friday, “Doesn’t Bishop Amat (baseball) belong in Division 1?” I concur.

c) It was at this time last year that people thought I was crazy that Remontay McClain should have been on my top-10 college football prospect list. He could run (and he is proving that again this spring) but you have to be able to catch the ball. He was a track guy playing football.

d) Look for the Sierra League to be the toughest league in all of the SGV and the IE in baseball next year.

e) I disappointed that Jim Tressel has decided to resign as head coach at Ohio State. Somewhere around here, Chris Bowden is going through withdrawls right now.

f) I’d say I would see you at the USC this summer for camp season, but with the NCAA sanctions in place, fans will NOT be allowed to watch any of the camp. Parents of kids are the only one allowed at Brian Kennedy field. Yours truly will be working the USC, UCLA, California and Washington camps. Who says June is not a busy period?…

g) Finally, as we being the spandex and shorts time of the football season, just remember that football is played with helmets and shoulder pads. We tend to forget during this time period.

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