PrepXtra Rewind: What can we say? Big Bob went off! Meanwhile, the blogger “New York” spoke with eloquence about all things Monrovia. Oh yeah, The Scouting Guru, Fred, Aram, Miguel and Steve were there also …

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  • New York

    This will be oversubscribed. Can I dial in?

  • Email me your number and I will give you a call during the show.

  • coltfan97

    I wonder who Big Bob is going to pick????? HMMM I wonder!!!!! I wonder if he thinks it’s going to be a blowout? Does he give Covina a chance?

  • New York

    I sent you an email. This sounds fun.

    I assume it is 7pm PST.

  • New York

    Hey Colt97,
    I haven’t forgotten the home of the great Nin Burns, Michael and Freddy back in the day. I would never overlook Covina! Those guys took down Mira Costa and Lompoc (longtime playoff nemesis).

  • coltfan97

    That was a great year for the COLTS. I remember the Mira Costa game, the first half was played in the fog!!!! You couldn’t see anything!!!! Coach Thomas was the D.C. then!!! That was a great team with a lot of speed!!!!! New York those were good times!!!!! That Lompoc game was one for the ages!!!! I hope this game is like that with everybody on pins and needles!!!!

  • Colt74

    I’ll take another game like the Coina – West Covina game where it all came down to one play.

  • coltfan97

    Your right New York those teams like Arroyo Grande and Lompoc are big!!!! We should never have been in that division!!!!!

  • coltfan97

    New York you know your football!!!! I will talk football with you anytime!!!!!! I think it’s great that you stay in touch with Monrovia Football!!!! I do disagree with you on the game, Covina will win!!!! I am like you I am a fan!!!!!

  • coltfan97

    Big Bob I like you, but you give no respect towards Covina!!!!

  • New York

    Monrovia has had the most Mid-Valley playoff success. This is our 4th year in the semis. San Dimas is 2nd in playoff success.

  • New York

    I don’t think Big Bob is completely objective…lol

  • New York

    This is lots of fun. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Covina’s capabilities.

    Guru et al.

    The Cody and Harwell comparisons are not relevant. I brought it up at the beginning of the season without realizing how big Ellis is. Ellis is probably 40-50 pounds heavier than those guys were and he plays interior. Didnt those guys dominate off the edge? Offensively, McCarthy could have been a great tightend, but we really haven’t used him that much.

  • Fred Robledo

    I survived the onslaught of Bib Bob…

  • coltfan97

    New York, your right Big Bob was not objective!!!! I like his reference to “baby ball”!!!! I have a question will Monrovia stay in the Mid Valley Division next year??? CIF will re-allign all the divisions in the spring!!!!

  • Colt74

    Big bob not seeing Covina first hand makes him about as objective as a blind man at an all women nudist camp.

  • coltfan97

    Harwell and Cody came off the edge, but in college Cody played in the interior!!!! McCarthy in my opinion, and what I saw last year, he is better than both of them!!!!! Covina has to rely on their technique and their scheme because you have to game plan for McCarthy!!!

  • New York


    Did you play and graduate in 1997?

    I hope Monrovia moves out of the MidValley. It really hasn’t competitive until the semifinals. I sorta take that back because we beat Paraclete in the quarters a couple years ago.

    Regardless of whether or not Monrovia wins this division, I would like to see Monrovia in a tougher league so we can be pushed to reach out potential. I think Monrovia would be a great addition to the Valle Vista as well as the Pacific. The Pacific would be good geographically. Plus, it would put us into a playoff bracket that would be good from the start.

  • Observantcat

    My boy BIG BOB, you struck a few nerves in that small room. At least you told it as you see it. Great Job New York for representing the other half of Monrovia fans. I like that fact that Big Bob gives his controversial analysis of the game which made Fred have to think if only for a moment. I agree with some of the most obvious statements when it comes to maybe switching pre-season schedules and what would each teams record be at this stage. Also If you could downplay Monrovia’s pre season weakness, why cant you do the same for West Covina’s pre-season games? Big Bob was right, West Covina was 1 play away from loosing to Glendora, 1 Play away from loosing to South Hills and really 1 play away from loosing to Covina and the rest of their schedule was very winnable except for Loyola so there you have it Eastside HYPE that Fred likes to do in order to downplay the truth. Good Job Big Bob for stepping in and squashing that rhetoric. This game has a lot riding on it and I believe like everyone else it is the real Championship game in the Mid-Valley, both teams have mentally and physically tougher players on both sides of the ball and seem to be in full stride. And as for McCarthy, I dont think pepper spray will keep him out of the offensive backfield that night. PS….Colt74, dont get any ideas.

  • New York

    The first time I saw Cody play was when he was dominating inside at USC. He was a critical component to USC shutting down Oklahoma in the National Championship.

  • New York

    McCarthy and the boys had better run some extra gassers this week. Billy lines up in a DEEP shot gun. Chasing after a QB that deep is tiring on a big man and it then opens up the run game once the d-line gets winded. Monrovia needs to keep a nice rotation of pass rushers.

    As Coach RYCROFT always said: The best pass defense is the pass RUSH! Put a tailback in at defensive end if he can get to the QB!!

  • coltfan97

    Yes I did play!!!! I wasn’t a talented player, and didn’t play much!!!!! I know football, and love it so much!!! I would like to coach football, and I don’t care at what level either!!!!

    I totally agree with you, but I think CIF is either going to keep where your at or move Monrovia to the Pacific!!!!! The reason for this is the travel cost, and the way the economy is!!!!!

  • Colt74

    Would never use pepper spray. We had thought of spraying your LB’s and DB’s with Eau de Bacon and try and distract Ellis the whole game.

  • Fred Olsen

    Colt 97&74 do you remember when Northview blasted the colts thru out the 80’s.

  • Fred,

    You actually didn’t survive the onslaught if Monrovia wins.

  • coltfan97

    Yep I do and 1987 was the year of the Viking, But when Pasquerella showed up in 1989 things have turned around for Covina!!! Do you remember the 90’s?

  • Our Bitch is Back

    Colt74, then you would really be in trouble, Big Bob would wonder where that scent was coming from and ask the refs to call a time out.

  • Our Bitch is Back

    Colt74, then you would really be in trouble, Big Bob would wonder where that scent was coming from and ask the refs to call a time out.

  • Our Bitch is Back

    Colt74, then you would really be in trouble, Big Bob would wonder where that scent was coming from and ask the refs to call a time out.

  • Question

    Fred, I thought, if anything, the leagues would be changing CIF divisions next year and that leagues wouldn’t be realigned until 2013-2014. If that is true then Monrovia, Covina, and SD are stuck in the Mid Valley for the next two years, unless their entire leagues move up. Do I have it right?

  • Dan

    Big Bob is off base in his assesment of West Covina, West Covina had a few close calls early in the season, but make no mistake they were clearly the better team on the field in each one of those games. As they were on the verge of putting each of those teams away the Bulldogs would commit a key turnover or have broken coverage mistake on defense that allowed the other team to get a few quick scores to get back in the game. Otherwise WC wins those games big.

  • coltfan97

    We all know Big Bob is a homer so what do people expect him to say!!!!!! He hasn’t seen Covina or West Covina play!!!!! Honestly the only team he can really judge is Monrovia!!!!! He doesn’t know what Covina has or doesn’t have!!!

  • What a disappointing show…sorry guys that one blew

    Sorry guys but that one sucked, big time!

    BigBob…”Monrovia…Monrovia…Monrovia…please…Monrovia..pleae…Covina?…Covina?…Covina???…Come on man,,,,Monrovia…Covina???”.

    20 minutes to say that? Wow…I’m flabbergasted…talk about homerism…so this is what exactly..”analysis”?

    Guru…what can I say? Once again very in depth analysis and insight into the nuances of the game of football, the meaning of life and…wait!!! what have you brought to the show but unfocused meth level fidgeting and unnecessary table banging.

    Miggy my man….don’t worry I was yawning too as the night wore on…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !

    Fred…as always…get your own show. You’re as natural on camera as anyone and actually have your own takes that are always well thought out and concise. I think you make the Time Warner show better and drop that way too stiff for live TV Reginal Miller.

    Steve…your have the voice for print, the professionalism for print and the work ethic for print.Would love to read your takes in a free form daily format a la Alan Mallumud…probably the best informed all around local sportswriter @ The Tribune.

    Aram…I finally see what all the fuss was about when you were once the Wonder Kid in these parts. I also see why some label you as flat out lazy. Too bad, you really have it all in spades.You remind me of Elden Campbell during his Lakers day…all the talent in the world and yet I saw him once at Kerlan Jobe getting balled out by Jerry West and Mitch Kupchak for sleeping walking thru rehab. Well he did win a NBA Championship with Detroit and play for how many regrettable years. One thing I fear is you’ll be in these parts forever…lol

    Gee guys just when this thing was at an all time high with Layton, Sermon, Daylon and Koffler you guys slump with New York (so much for a NY Minute huh?) and Big Bore. Get some professional expertise’s not so hard to call USC and get a few interns to do it for free. Have some respect for your audience.

    Hey if I didn’t tell you who would ?

  • Fred Robledo

    You’re right, first thing I told Miguel when we walked out was, “this was a disaster.” To much talking over each other, sounded like a bunch of guys at a bar arguing over a game….

  • Joe Amat


    Yes, you are correct. This is the time they evaluate Divisional placement for each league. As a whole. Re-leaguing for individual schools happens every 4 yrs. Based on overall league success, the Valle Vista league has outperformed the Rio Hondo by miles and would probably move up before they do ( although I’m not sure I see any of that happening )

  • Question

    Joe Amat, thanks for the clarification!! I keep hearing all these rumors about Monrovia moving out of their league/division and Glendale and Hoover changing leagues, and yada yada yada.

    Hopefully now that this has been clarified we all know Monrovia can not change leagues for two more years (same for Glendale, Hoover, and Blair) and it is not likely that the Rio Hondo or Valle Vista will be moved to a higher CIF division after this year. And if so, the Valle Vista would be much more likely than any other league in the Mid Valley to move up.

    And it is very possible that we see the entire Sierra move down from the Inland to the Central.

    Thanks again Joe Amat!!

  • Cluster F*@#

    Billy Blob was hangin his hat on comparing scores between Covina-Monrovia-San Dimas-Pomona. Blob used the McCarthy injury as an excuse for San Dimas (and he used injuries as excuses fo the SH loss too) but everyone there neglected that Covina was missing Livingston in the2 pt win Blob wanted to use THAT comparative score to show MHS beat Pomona by more.

    Blobs performance was a disaster – please – NO 3rd time.

  • Colt74

    Agreed. Bob was funny the first time. Obnoxious the second, and to use his line about him for a 3rd time….



  • Philly B

    Fred hahahaha “Bob you gotta take your Monrovia Goggles off man” LMAO, that was too funny. New York, thanks for representing monrovia well and with class. Aram, Ive kept my name the same since i graduated, you should have me on for a not so strong bias. I love my wildcats and all but…COME ON MANNNNN. For bob to show no love for covina…no matter what he thinks will be the outcome on friday night!!!! Aram your a big guy, you should of been sitting next to big bob, cuz fred was getting overpowered by big bob and he had no non-bias comments.

    Monrovia needs to get out of that league that is the rio hondo weak league. Aram, it true itll be another two years before monrovia can get out of that league. Move monrovia to the pacific!!!! I would say valle vista, but travel cost and economy probably would hinder that.

    Way to go miguel for silencing big bob for a least a few seconds. Fred is right, monrovia should step out to the i.e. or orange county, or ventura county and play a team that has a respectable program.

    I have no idea why garrison is on the coaching staff, because alot of monrovians wanted garrison out. but whatever. I cant wait till this game. Then we’ll get the true resepect out of aram for monrovia hahaha.

  • The longest three hours of my life…LOL

    Sorry Fred…

    I could see you dying next to Big Bob. Maybe this is why I quit being a Raider Fan…can’t get a word in edge wise and it’s always the same…”Denver? Chief? Jets? Steelers?…COME ON MAN!!!…Raiders!…Raiders! Raiders!!! YOU WANT TO TALK RRAAIIDDEERRSS???”

    As far as Guru goes…don’t need him..AT ALL ! Who’s decision was it to bring him into the picture? He needs his own show…maybe he can finally show me what the fuss is all about. Reminds me of coaches who are great at running drills at practice but couldn’t coach their way out of a paper bag. All energy and no substance.

    Got to say the on screen persona Aram is trying to sell is as inconsistent as his work ethic. Big Man, we all have issues in life, some more than others, so please cut the “I”m grumpy” one week, “I’m excited” the next week…”I’m a bully” this week and “I’m just a great fan of sports” the next week…wait did I say week? Sybil comes to mind.

    Considering the importance of this week’s games, and the careers that might end, the focus of the show shouldn’t have been bloggers who were essentially one sided homers or in the case of New York..not even “in country”, but the players, coaches and games themselves.

    For years I’ve said Aram is better than what he puts out, unfortunately last night’s show showed he’s not. This was amateur hour at it’s best. Reminds me of high school or a 100 level college effort. Maybe instead of laughing at the Mid Valley guys you all should look at last night’s show and ask yourself this…”How are we any better?”

    Fred, you’re a UCLA grad..what grade would that show have earned the group. Be honest.

  • Fred Robledo

    Actually, I’m a Cal Poly grad and UCLA homer, and would give that show a D … Seriously, we owe everyone an apology, that was the worst of the year by far. From now on, we’ll stick with Aram, Miguel, Stevie R., coaches, players or call-ins with coaches and players. I thought the New York interview was fine, but everything else was rubbish. These are the lessons we learn doing a live show.

  • Amateur Hour

    Fred…”Failing to plan is planning to fail”…I think a man of some accomplishment said that once or twice…lol

    BTW, that’s a “D” at Poly…no offense, but at UCLA or God forbid USC, that’s a flat out “F”.

    Here’s what you guys need.

    A director..a stop watch…editing…making the calls off camera (ring tone is annoying as heck) and transferring the call on camera..duh! the lighting’s great as Aram needs to fade into the back ground and his black jacket are so much better than the plaids that made him look like a picnic table next to Fred…lol

    Like I said before…once the show airs live “cut” the show down. Maybe even “add” a commentary by each writer…that would be cool and might show off your skills/insights or help readers know where you guys are coming from…plus it makes each of you a brand….guys this is Marketing 101 stuff.

    This is easy stuff guys and come basketball season, which lends to even more shows and interviews, really adds value to this venture, which if you believe Aram will one day replace Print…not at this rate.

    Ever thought of having a Coaches Corner, where coaches high light the issues of a particular match up. Would be nice to hear Coach Le Duc explain the Flex, Coach Z explain his Offense, Coach Daylon explain coverages, or have Coach whatever explain whatever…seems tailor made with so many great coaches in the area.

    Too much flying by the seat of your pants…some one is completely missing the boat here.

  • Idea man

    What you guys should do is have Joe Amat on and talk all things high school sports. Of course you may have to have some kind of voice scrambling software to protect his identity!

  • Fred Robledo

    I thought it was failure to prepare is preparing for failure .. In any case, those are good ideas and we need more help on the production end, you’re right about that. There are a lot of things we need, but what we want and what we can afford are two different things. I don’t know if or when those resources will come, that’s why Aram, Steve, Miguel, Keith and I do what we can on our own. We’re no different than the other newspapers in our group in terms of what’s expected us, but we’ve always done more on our own with video’s, blogs, updating scores, Coveritlive, Tommy’s postgame, and the live show because we love this stuff, love the feedback from readers, the hometown feel and the support fans in the SGV give their teams and us. And we’re lucky to have my cousin Mike and good friend Tom, they don’t do it for the money, they do it because they’re sports fans like us, and are good at what they do. For any of you out there, if there is anything you feel you can do to add to this experience and want to be part of it next year, feel free to contact me.

  • Ten Year Plan …right on schedule…LOL

    It’s easier to do production than you think. Obviously you guys haven’t really thought this thing through on any level. With so many out of work industry people out there and being in a hot bed of university talent, who would do this for free just to build their resume, you guys are missing the boat and neglecting a reality…you’re out of your element here.

    Ask yourself, what do you guys do well and why? Know your limitations and get people in who know what they are doing. This isn’t the boonies where talent and expertise is a 100 miles away. You’re in a major metropolis…talent is every where!

    At the end of the day you want your “business” to grow, you want to produce a “product” you can be proud of and you want to “know” and “control” your brand. This Prep Show is no different than your blog…not to well thought out.

    Has it really been 7 years now? Seven years later did the blog have it’s intended outcome? Btw…what was the intended outcome?

  • “I don’t need to see my opponent to know I can beat him”…lol

    Fred when you “showed” Big Bob how many times he’d seen Covina play….that was priceless….ZERO !!!

    Did you know that going in and still had him on?

  • Lance R

    WOW! is all I can say. Fred at least you call it the way you see it in the prep football department as well as how this show went off. Horrible and your right, I said the same thing to myself while it was going on, a bunch of Bozo’s on camera, shooting a drunken bar, over talking each other, cant get a word in edge wise video for everyone to see. This Bob guy was way out of control taking shots at you Fred and the Guro flipping the light switch comment from Bob was done in poor taste, true trying to be funny but that was way out of hand. He was comedy hour not football talk. Fred do yourself a favor and cut yourself loose from some of these guys they are bringing you down from what you do best. This includes Aram and his hissy fit, meltdown I am mad at the world BS. Very unprofessional as I used to have high regards for Aram but guys when your on camera people are pretty much meeting you as a person and some of you are showing by body language and opinions just how unpolished you are as writers and talk show host, not to mention adults. Fred keep doing what you do best, you just may have to break away from this Video taping and just do the writing, this is making you look bad. Have some discretion on who you bring in, this guy was a mess. Arams mean Bluto looks already mess the show up, but Big Bob, man that was the worst.

    Covina 24
    Monrovia 17

  • CoViNa

    Fred, who and why is the BLOB guy of any significance. He’s not very intelligent and sounds like a fool. Put someone on who at least has some football knowledge and not just a ‘HUGE’ homer. Smile Blob so I can see u.

  • Colt74

    I’ll keep watching the show no matter what, if any, changes are made. I tune in to watch the news for the information. I get the same information on my 55″ HDTV with 7.1 surround sound system that I get on my 20″ crt tv with built in DVD player out in the garage.
    I also go to a restaurant for the food not the plate it’s served on. And it’s the same newspaper whether it gets delivered by bicycle or limo.

    Keep the hometown flavor.

  • Monrovia Hammer