Who is this masked man? The streaker that got away at the Amat-Charter Oak game

After rushing the field and alluding security, the streaker hopped two fences on the south side and disappeared into the darkness… What he didn’t know is that our photographer Keith Birmingham never misses a thing.

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  • Real talk

    I think He’s Charter chokes chance of winning last night . Cuz he got way quick. Lol….

  • Colt74

    My guess is NotSince1995. Lord knows the attention he craves is not being satisfied this year on the blogs.

  • Observantcat

    Wow Fred, I didn’t know you had it in you, a real BA Homer. LOL

  • Half Moon Rising

    Cheater Choke’s AD should recruit this guy.

  • one game at a time

    If Cheaters Choke had him on the team, it would have been a different outcome. Pretty slick and elusive, and entertaining too!

  • secret charger!


  • Mike’s Son

    Well he obviously is a skinny guy who loves his a fat mothers undies and has no problem offending the crips in prison with the “doo rag”.
    His mother is on food stamps….just look at the malnourished turd.
    And he borrowed his lovers Van’s to do the streak.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Get that boy a sandwich!

  • Better Game

    Another reason to reject this game and watch the Loyola-Bosco match instead: this kind of crap is unheard of at the higher-priced schools.

  • Anthony

    I was at the game and it was funny. That kid was fast and so was the security guard chasing him. Ex alter boy having a melt-down. (that was a joke!).

  • JMO

    One guy at a time, “maybe two”

    Cheaters Choke, that’s the best you have you sorry BIATCH. At least make it choak you sorry A$$ TOOL, take your weak crap out of here or do I mean week or do I meen uuuuhhhhhhhhhh. If your going to talk crap then or than get creative DICKHEAD.

  • reality

    JMO – the point is, unfortunately for you, based on the team and his performance this guy might be the best CO has!

  • JMO


    Really? That sh!t was weaker than two guys at a time. There are a few Amat fans that I will take crap from and you are not one of them DOUCHE.

  • I know that guy!

    Hey thats definitely AMat73 after 90 days of PX90

  • one game at a time

    Just another Moron aka JMO

    I see how far your public education got you. So you flunked remedial English, what else is new? Go back and make my burger well done sonny…and make sure you scrub the toilet real good!


    And by the way Go Amat! Cee Ya Cee Oh!

  • JMO

    OUCH, your so mean

    I recall playing with a QB from Amat at a private University, I didn’t a booster chair to get me to the next level gerbil boy.

  • Yo mama

    @mikes son I personally know this streaker and believe it or not his mom is not on food stamps! Lmao and he is actually very very smart. Smarter then you and your whole family. He is attending ucla next year. He is just a very smart kid having a little fun. Try it sometime jackass(;

  • JMO

    yo mama,

    I thought it was funny as hell and that kid could run like a mofo, the kid who took off after him was a CO WR from 09 team and could not catch him. This kid entered from the Amat side, I guess the nuns aren’t doing a good job over there.

  • The alterboy

    Who let the gimp out of the confession box?

  • Yo mama

    @JMO it’s nice to know you dont take life so seriously! I think it’s hilarious too!! And the fact that he isn’t some hoodrat lowlife makes its even funnier! Haha I know he is pretty fast I didn’t think he had it in him! He makes me proud!

  • Just Saying

    I can’t beieve somebody actually admitting to be friends with this fool.

  • Trojan

    I’m sure UCLA is very proud!

  • Colt74

    Trojan said:

    I’m sure UCLA is very proud!

    Compared to say how proud USC is for losing to STANFORD for the 4th year in a row?????
    Just askin’

    It’s a kid having fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

    When ones life becomes so uptight that something like this upsets you… my recommendation would be to see a proctologist to have what ever crawled up removed.
    just sayin’

  • sgv baby

    Colt74, your absolutely dead on. Some people just have no sense of humor. I remember way back in the days people would steak without their mommy’s chonies lol. USC vs UCLA is gonna be a good one. USC will bounce back and UCLA is looking sharp!

  • GoAmat

    Who cares who he is. All we know is tht Bishop Amat gave CO a beating! Not even a close game!

  • Colt74

    I think this is funnier than hell and what IMHO we need more and more of in our day to day rush to become uptight adults.

    I thought about stripping down, covering myself in CRISCO and glitter and doing the same but this guy
    ran onto the field first…

    To those that know me I apologize sincerely for that mental picture.

  • To mama

    Yeah this is kid is just having fun and living a who cares life! He got away with it I believe this is his 4th time and believe me he will do it again. Hahaha

  • allday

    Wow it really WAS a pair of women’s shorts…


  • greg gallegos

    Fred, that wasn’t a streaker, that was an idiot kid running around in his underwear…a sreaker is an idiot kid running around naked from the neck down…big difference…

  • fyi

    fyi, kiely rycraw was the ex player chasing him. he didnt go after him until the kid was almost gone. rycraw is around a 4.4 40 yard dash runner

  • scmc

    Allday, man that’s too much. The fact that you found these was funnnnnny.

  • Yo mama

    Hahahaha that’s kinda creepy you took time to find these shorts lmaoooo