Super Tents get more super

One of my Seven Wonders of the Inland Valley, the Super Tents building at the University of La Verne, was the site of a ceremony and open house Tuesday evening to mark the completion of $8 million in renovations. Nice to see one of the Wonders spruced up. (The Montclair Mystery Tower, meanwhile, was being spruced up, then was tagged unmercifully, and now is being spruced up again. We’ll see if it looks better in the end, or worse.)

Friday’s column will have more details on the Super Tents. In the meantime, I’ll tell you that my tour of the facility, led by Jeff Rouss of ULV’s major gifts department, showed that the interior is much improved. The building has far more useable space now than in its previous open layout. And the halls still have that “new tent” smell.

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  • Shamalama DingDong

    I hope your wonders of the Inland Valley include Hubcap Annie in its Quonset hut on Foothill in Upland. That’s my $0.02.

  • Bob House

    Hi David – Had I known you were going to be in La Verne, I would have suggested checking out two other nearby places.

    In the ’50s and ’60s, there was a “round house” on the top of the hill north of Puddingstone Reservoir. It was built in the shape of a circle. In the day, you could see it from San Dimas Ave. If you Google, look between Cannon Ave. and Rebecca Dr., north of Puddingstone. There does still seem to be a circular presence there.

    The other place is the old Cal Poly Voorhis campus, west of Puddingstone. It began as a home/school for underprivleged boys built in the 1920s by the family of Jerry Voorhis (Nixon’s first political victim). It really takes you back in time with the Spanish Mission architecture — and an actual Spanish Mission (chapel). I have fond memories of wandering the campus in the ’50s and swimming in what may have been the largest swimming pool ever, before Cal Poly moved to Pomona. (My dad was a long-time Cal Poly adminstrator.) It looks like things haven’t changed a whole lot from the ’50s there.


  • Lisa

    The “Super Tents” have always reminded me of Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour.

  • Renee Shoopman

    I have lived and worked in Pomona off and on for many years. And think parts of downtown are mystic. I knew and worked for former owners of the Mayfair lounge. There was a story about an escape tunnel that ran underground from the basement of the Mayfair building to somewhere by the railroad tracks. Used by bootlegers and cheating husbands? Has anyone ever heard this story?

    [Seems like every downtown has stories about tunnels under the streets. Apparently there really are, or at least were, some in downtown Ontario. — DA]