Cheese Cave opens Tuesday

I walked on Yale Avenue past Claremont’s Cheese Cave on Monday afternoon and saw that not only is the butcher-block paper down — and all the poems — but there were people inside. A sign outside said it was a private party and that the business would open at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

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  • Bob Terry

    Has anyone bothered looking for Osama Bin Laden there?

  • meg

    A friend was telling me that in fact they had a soft opening last Friday. She said the cheeses were all amazing.

    This seems like a golden business opportunity. I can’t imagine it will fail, unless they manage to combine bad service with bad cheese. Even one of those probably won’t sink them.

    [Do you think they had only soft cheeses at their soft opening? — DA]

  • DebB

    After reading this, I went over there at lunchtime. The two ladies were very friendly and knowledgeable, telling me about the various cheeses, offering samples. They have a good variety — California, US and imported cheeses; cow, sheep and goat cheeses; and other cheese-related stuff.

    I bought 3 types of cheese: a soft Calif. goat cheese called Truffle Tremor (love it!); a medium-soft cow cheese with horseradish bits from Wales called Harlech (also yummy!); and a harder Calif. goat Gouda called Midnight Moon (good, sharp!). I also got a jar of dried fig preserves. Then I walked down to Some Crust and bought a loaf of fresh Rosemary bread, then went home and really stuffed myself! So happy…….

    [Thanks for waking up from your food coma to file this report, Deb. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Man…DebB knows how to roll…I hope there was at least a smidgen of wine around to go with that bounty.

  • Laura Turnbull

    I would also recommend the “Barely Buzzed.” This cheese is dusted with cocoa and espresso — great combination of flavors, just wondering what wine would be good with it.

  • Bill

    Aren’t they closing Yale Ave. on Monday for sidewalk repair in front of the Cheese Cave?

    [I saw sidewalk repair Monday morning on Yale but not north of Bonita where Cheese Cave is. — DA]