Column: Ontario may push envelope on Internet, postal status

Friday’s column starts off with a juxtaposition of news from Ontario: one piece about high-speed Internet, the other about a quest for another post office. City Hall would also like the emerging Ontario Ranch neighborhood to have its own postal designation, i.e., Ontario Ranch, CA rather than Ontario.

There’s also three cultural notes and a follow-up on my extended reading of a YA novel that supposedly can be read in one sitting.

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  • Tad A Decker

    Hi David,

    Unless I am mistaken, there is an existing fourth post office in Ontario, and it is actually below Holt Blvd. I am thinking of the old main post office on the SE corner of Holt and Laurel. It is the one with the red tile roof, and the depression era murals in the lobby. (At least I think it is still open!)

    • davidallen909

      Tad, I may be wrong too, but I think that post office closed some years back, and is now an art gallery. It’s not showing up on a Google search of Ontario post offices…

      • Tad A Decker

        David, my curiosity led me to drive by the site (I work nearby) and I think it is still open–the sign is on the front and mail trucks were out back. There were not many signs of life there, but there is still a faint pulse perhaps. The art gallery you mentioned is I think located in the old location of the post office, behind the “new” building, at the SE corner of Laurel and Transit. This post office does show up on the USPS website as the “Downtown Ontario” post office.

        Anyway, welcome back from St. Louis!

        • davidallen909

          You’re right, the old PO/art gallery is a block south of Holt. I’m rarely by there in daylight hours and forgot the geography.