Column: He opens wide and says ‘aahh’ at coronavirus test site

I took a COVID-19 drive-thru test. Have you been tested yet? I hear the nasal swab is uncomfortable, but the throat swab, which is what I had, is pretty easy. I write about the experience in Friday’s column.

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  • SAWZ

    I got tested at the walk-in site this past week. I was so frightened before-hand that I almost backed out–I was visualizing that “foot-long” swab people were getting shoved into their nostrils at the drive-up sites and the pained expressions of the “patients”. My initial apprehension was not necessary after all–I was given a regular-sized swab to poke up into and twirl in each nostril.. This was a free test for the virus and did not include the antibody blood test.

    • davidallen909

      Thumbs up (but not too far up) to the regular-sized swab.