Pieology coming to Rancho Cucamonga

Pieology Rancho CucamongaOK, so lots of folks are eagerly anticipating the Slater’s 50/50 opening up in Victoria Gardens, but that’s not the only new restaurant in town.

Catty-corner from Slater’s, at 8158 Day Creek Blvd., Suite 120, will be Pieology.

What is Pieology? Many are describing it as the “Chipotle of pizzerias.”

Its assembly line ordering is what sets Pieology apart from the other pizza joints out there.

You decide which sauces, cheeses and toppings go on your thin-crust pizza, or you can choose one of the restaurant’s seven flavor combinations.

Your pizza is then quick-baked in less than five minutes.

Whether you choose one of their combos or make your own, the price is $7.50. Their classic cheese pie with red sauce, mozzarella and olive oil is $6.

The location is hiring. Click here to begin your quest to be a pieologist.

This might not be the only Inland Empire Pieology location for long. According to this series of Tweets, there’s also a Chino location in the works.

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Update: A little bird just told me that the location is set to open September 1. Get your taste buds ready!