Aram’s Final Four to replace Anthony White at TC …

The following is my opinion of the four candidates Temple City should strongly pursue or consider. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA if any of these guys are A. Looking for a new gig and B. Interested/going to apply at Temple City. I’m just doing my best to give back to my alma mater, even though it wants no piece. Too bad! If I had to endure two years of Spanish under Senor ApRoberts, then you have to endure my takes. (Special thanks to Senor ApRoberts for passing me when we all know it could’ve gone either way.) …

Here’s the buzz: TC’s next coach must re-institute the shaved-head policy.

In no particular order …

Brian Mustain — I was absolutely horrified when I saw pics of TC’s practices last August and the kids had HAIR!!!! Are you kidding me? Shaved heads used to be mandatory on all levels for Temple City football. Mustain would change that. I know he would. OK, anyway, now might be the time to strike while the iron’s hot for Coach Mustain. The job he did with San Dimas’ defense led directly to a CIF title. Can his stock be any higher than it is right now? Probably not. Mustain knows the drill at TC having played there. Aram’s vibe: If Mustain wants it, he’s got it.

Brian Zavala — Zavala is currently the coach at Wilson, but don’t tell me he wouldn’t jump for a chance to coach where he played. Like Mustain, Zavala knows the TC history well. There’s absolutely no indication that Zavala is even interested … but this would be about as perfect a fit as Mustain. Interestingly, though, I don’t think Zavala or Mustain ever coached at TC. I could be wrong, and if I am I’m sure some caring commenter will correct me. Aram’s vibe: Zavala’s interested. He’d also make them shave their heads.

Scott Morrsison — I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again, Coach Morrison’s personality fits TC perfectly. He’s already coached at a big-time school like Damien. He runs a tight ship, which is something Temple City prides itself on. Discipline. Fundamentals. Grit … all the reasons why Aram was not a good Temple City football player. But that’s why Morrison would thrive there. Anyway, I don’t understand what all the criticism of Morrison is about. He’s a very good coach. Aram’s vibe: I can already hear all the TC honks now, “But he’s not one of us!” What in the name of Bill Donner is going on around there? You already ran off two of you (Mooney and Backus). Well maybe not you, but the people who represent you. I think Morrison is looking and TC should be so lucky. He’d also make them shave their heads.

Erick Escamilla – What Coach Escamilla did at South El Monte speaks for itself. From what I hear, Coach Escamilla is looking to put the big headset on again. Look, the guy gave South El Monte some of the best seasons the Eagles will probably ever have. So why couldn’t he at the very least keep TC locked in that range of good, but not great? Aram’s vibe: Coach Escamilla will get a long look.

  • Two of four have no business on the list

    Aram you need to get out more.

    If Kiki Mendoza, at least hire Head Coach who commands respect from his peers so he can hire the best. Escamilla is a solid guy but he’s no Mendoza. Get out of the FishBowl Mentality. These are all SGV rethreads plus Mustain at San Dimas is a perfect fit with that young crew.

  • New York

    TC’s Board could accomodate Mooney and allow him to be an Administrator and Head Coach. Make room for the talent.

    Backus is such a loyal guy. He would probably step back in. Why not? Isn’t he still on campus teaching? The Admin could save face with the situation by consulting a PR firm.

    How about someone from Arcadia’ staff (other than Backus). They are familiar with the area and have likely been mentored by Dimalante.

    The school needs to seriously manage its reputation. Rightly or wrongly, a quality HC candidate could have reservations by observing the following about TCHS:

    1) Lost Mooney (a very successful, long-time head coach and TC alumnus) because the school’s rules would not allow him to coach while advancing his career as an administrator. Why not at least give Mooney a probationary year to wear dual hats of HC and Admin to see if he could pull it off? Hadn’t he already proven himself in many other areas?

    2) Removed Backus as Head Coach (he had been an assistant for ~ 13 years) a couple months prior to awarding him tenure as an English teacher…does this make any sense?

    3) Has now seemingly been rejected by Coach White, a young coach who chose to be at Buena Park (a program that has won only 3 games during the past three seasons) rather than at Temple City.

    I prefer to think of TC as the school with perhaps the richest football history in the valley. However, it could take some time for a quality candidate to get comfortable with the situation.

  • Legit

    Aram, are you going to help buy a house for Mustain and family? They live a bit far away. You can rent their house in Whittier. Maybe the school can buy a house for him across the street. Pony up TC…Mustain is the man!

  • FootballFan

    I think the current Offensive Coordinator McKay or the Defensive Coordinator Chow, have the experience and the ability to step in and run with it! Temple City will be just fine, they might have lost some key players but they have players ready to fill in those shoes. TC players stay strong and be focused and open minded for the next Coach to step in, the Administration will not let you down. Keep believing in yourselves!

    Good Luck Coach White!

  • tcchamps

    I think they should pull out their thumb and hope for a plumb. They should probably wash their tumb too.

  • Someone who knows

    I’d take a look at Keith Jones, who just resigned at San Gabriel, after being jerked around there by a couple of different administrations.

    I am sure he would love to work at a program that is supported by the community and has a tradition and a talent pool of players.

    Something tells me it is not over for Coach Jones.

  • New York

    Didn’t Coach Jones drop TC from SG’s schedule (possibly in protest to Backus’s ouster)? If Jones and Backus are friends, I can’t imagine Jones would go to TC.

    I like Aram’s suggestions with those TC alumni.

  • Mike the Clone


    A.T. why on earth would any of these guys want to go to Temple City with the “suits” and their lack of enthusiasm for the football program. The administration has tarnished that “Hitchcock Mystic” that is Temple City football. Why would some alumni come back and try to run that program with an administration that wouldnt let them run the program like a Temple City program should be run.

    I don’t see Morrison grabbing that Ram by the horns. Why would he want that hassle? TC needs a guy like him but does Morrison need the “suits” like these dopes at Temple City.The others as far as I’m concerned are just “also rans”.Morrison needs Temple City like he needs a hole in his head and I don’t think he could put up with the “suits” BS. Let some first year coach take the reins at TC and let him be their “yes man” for a few years, Or let the “also ran’s” take a shot at it get frustrated by having their hands tied and then split for another gig.

    Another take, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Randy Backus resurface at his alma mater San Gabriel. Call me crazy but that’s this feeling I just have.

    Comprende Amigo.

    Good Night Now!

    Mike the Clone

  • Dream Scenario

    Ok, TC loses one of the new-age coaches to a diminutive Buena Park program…

    The best fits for TC, based soley on DREAM scenarios:
    1. Maddox, Monrovia:
    What could possibly be better than bringing Maddox over to coach ’em up? No, the offensive style would not fit into the old powerhouse running the Rams enjoyed for such a long time, but do you think the administration has been following tradition lately?

    2. Pasquerella, Glendora:
    Whose a bigger name coach then Pasquerella on the East side who can bring a tremendous running game back to TC? Pasquerella gets the Tartans fired up as well as anyone and no doubt he employs an offensive system that works. He also has always ran with solid defenses. Strongly doubt that he’d ever leave Glendora at least in this type of swap, but assuming this is all a dream, might be the singular best fit!

    3. Roger Lehigh, CO:
    A great staff goes a long ways for HS football. Bringing an experienced and fiery D-coordinator like Lehigh from CO might entice a few other CO staffers to head over to TC. Steve Smith does a great job as well at CO. TC could benefit from having a strong, young core coaching staff who have the time to build something over there. Dom Farrar is the co-head coach/ head coach already at CO so there isn’t another opportunity for Lehigh/ Smith to be coaches and running the show.

  • Wishful Thinking

    MTC I bet you wish that dream scenario comes through.

  • MidValley

    Mustain is a good coach that has had success throughout his career. Year one for Zavala at Wilson had more energy, but few wins. Morrison does have big program experience… he got let go from one. Escamilla had what 3 good years out of 12? And I think TC fans are shooting for more than a guy that will lead them to be “good, but not great”. And he is so far under .500 I don’t think he even qualifies as good. Quit worrying about hair styles and helmet decals and start looking forward. Coaches Hitchcock, Mooney or Backus aren’t coming back to save TC. Fans better start applying pressure now to create a teaching job for a new coach.

  • Goldenarm


    Not a bad 4. This may be an even better candidate pool than the first head coach search following Backus’ dismissal.
    Word is they are gone, but provided either were interested, I would put DC Chou and OC McKay as front runners – at least in the eyes of the AD and Principal. Not saying either is the best choice – but the Admin will be looking for a quicker job fill this time around. This process will likely be expedited compared to last time.

    Keith Jones is the God of the Bubble Screen, but he also likes to run the football, when he has the bodies to do so. There must be a long list of “others” dying to get a resume on someone’s desk – because their is no way of knowing what the TC admin considers as the ideal man to head the next “new direction”. White’s calling card when hired was energy and enthusisiam – not seasoned coaching experience or as a “proven performer”.
    Temple City supporters keep getting ragged on for holding onto “traditions”. In reality, most just want to see a basic foundation that clearly shows the program is on the right track.

  • Garrison would be the Perfect fix! …and FIT !!!

    How about Garrison? Does anyone really think about their answers or just follow lock step to what everyone else is thinking.

    Garrison would be a perfect choice. Area guy, HC experience, and Championship Game pedigree. Plus the man commands respect and did a great job at Damien where his “project” Polonio got a full ride to Villanova. Before Garrison’s arrival Polonio wasn’t on anyone’s list yet by season’s end he was a flat out STUD! That’s coaching!

  • Pat B

    There is one more coach out there that everyone is forgetting about. As a head coach his record is 34-12 with a CIF/State Title to his name (as the head coach) and has never missed the playoffs except for the 1st year as a head coach when he took over a struggling program that had only won 7 of its past 70 games. He has been out of the “loop” for the past couple of years while raising his daugther (who is now going into high school) but has coached at two local high school as an assistant during that time. I hear he is looking to be a head coach again and TC is very close to where he teaches now so he knows the kids in the area and has coached against the coaches on their schedule, beating every one of them that he had faced. I won’t say who he is but I really hope he applies because the SGV really needs him back coaching.

  • Maxwell Smart

    Pat do you work for the government? lol




  • And the man behind the curtain is…

    The coach you are referring to Pat B is Larry Hatley.