Opening all-encompassing SGV Top 25 …

Next season, aka this season, we will be running an all-encompassing SGV Top 25. That means Whittier Daily News, Pasadena Star-News and SGV Tribune teams will be considered. So from St. Francis to Bonita down to Diamond Bar and back across to La Habra, this is everybody. This is the very best of the very best.

What you have here is the opening Top 25. This is the Top 25 going into April’s passing league games, which it seems like nobody is doing. But nonetheless it’s a schedule landmark. This Top 25 will be updated going into spring practice, then again going into passing league, then again after passing league, then again going into the football preview issues (which I’m told will be a sight to behold), then again weekly during season and finally a final Top 25 after the season is over. So without futher adieu ……..

1. Bishop Amat
— Freddie just blew his tax return on season tickets.
2. La Habra — Cody Clements returns and the Highlanders shouldn’t miss a beat.
3. Charter Oak — QB Santiago and WR Rufus are back for Big Lou.
4. Diamond Ranch — Roddy is looking like odds-on choice in Hacienda and Southeast.
5. South Hills — I’m actually skeptical about this, but everyone I talk to says lookout.
6. Glendora — QB Jeffries gives Tarty a head start on a nice season.
7. St. Francis — Life after Riley could be scary. But Ian Hamilton should blossom.
8. West Covina — Yet another team my sources are saying is very scary.
9. Muir — Both lines are supposed to be strong and you know the Stangs always have skill.
10. Damien — Sparty loses a lot, so there could be more rough times ahead.
11. La Mirada — Hearing there’s up to four D-1 guys on the roster.
12. Monrovia — Cats scheduled up and have the returnees to justify it.
13. San Dimas — Yes, I know the Saints have scoreboard, but M-Town has more back.
14. Rowland — Coach Snyder is casting for a supporting cast for Michael Ball.
15. Schurr — QB Cantu gives Schurr somebody great to build around.
16. Santa Fe — The Chiefs lose quite a bit, but never doubt Mahlstede.
17. Baldwin Park — Could Braves be even better than last year’s 9-3?
18. Bonita — The Hacienda will be easier on the Cats and a good QB is back.
19. Arroyo — With so much skill returning, the Knights are going to be scary.
20. Whittier Christian — QB Anderson and his top two receivers are back.
21. Rosemead — Panthers quietly have one of the most veteran squads around.
22. California — Life after Terris Jones will be interesting.
23. Pasadena — I can’t take it! Is this the year?
24. San Gabriel — Have to believe the Mats will find another big-time arm.
25. Alhambra — No Ruedaflores, but Moors always put out a solid product.

As always, please tell me where I went wrong or right.

  • BIG B

    Why isnt arcadia top 20….. go to their practices and see how talented their skill players are… come on…

  • Blue Price

    What about the Ranch? They gave Schurr a run for their money in the first round and return three great running backs. As West Covina found out last year in that blowout, never underestimate the Ranch!!!!

  • Area Fan

    La Habra will a force to win another CIF title. WDN reports they got a transfer RB from St. Paul, who is quite the player. The recieving core only lost one Senior to graduation. The coaching staff will have them whole team ready. Lookout….

  • Whatever

    Bishop Amat is ranked one. Then they will lose every passing scrimmage like last year and drop off. Then they will win during the season and go back to the top.

  • moneytalks

    Big B,

    Arcadia returns 7 sophomore starters and the best skilled player in the area, Taylor Lagace. Plus, AJ Rail is back at safety after starting his sophmore year (ACL inhury for his junior year) I would say rank arcadia around 13. Pasadena is going to be horrible this year. They lost everyone.

  • K

    Baldwin Park and Arroyo ranked higher than Whittier Christian! I seem to remember WC (who returns a TON of guys) ending BP and Arroyo’s seasons last year. Come on AT, I expected you to know that!

  • KO

    Cool rankings! Whittier Christian has a lot of returning players… should be in the top 15. They have arguably the best player in the area, Jeff Worthy. He’s close to getting early offers from UCLA and TCU. Also receiving phone calls from Notre Dame. Lots of guys around him also, especially on the defense.

  • pathetic

    U may wanna check out what’s goin on @phs. Whatta mess!

  • Aram


    I wrestled with that. But I figured that since Arroyo has more coming back and Baldwin Park has a stud who CIF wouldn’t let play last season joining the team, those two got the nod. Plus, WC lost Fulbright, which is big. Believe me, Andrew Campa told me all about Worthy. It’s very tight. Things may change when I get a chance to see some spring practices.


    La Habra,La Mirada,Santa Fe , Whittier Christian, Cal Hi , and Schurr (well they are at least at the top of the hill) really are not in the SGV . Maybe you include them because they cross the SGV’s path in the playoffs or because they are covered by the Whittier Daily News but not really true SGV teams.

  • just sayin’

    NITPICKER – not to nitpick but – I think Aram wrote:
    “That means Whittier Daily News, Pasadena Star-News and SGV Tribune teams will be considered.”
    Reading is fundamental.

  • football fan


  • Aaron

    My hear says why isn’t Bonita higher, but watching the entire season unfold it just makes you think…a lot of growing pains there was. They bring back a lot of players, and I mean a lot, many of whom had injuries that just hurt.

    However I understand where you put them, I mean 3-8 right?

    The thing I don’t agree with is why Diamond Ranch is so highly ranked because they’ve lost the end of that special group of players…and who is their leader now that Gus Viramontes is gone. Someone said on the Guru’s blog entry that South Hills has never beaten Diamond Ranch in response to my comment of Diamond Ranch having never beaten Charter Oak, and yes they are winless against CO.

    Honestly I really think Bonita if you look at who is returning should be the favorite to win the Hacienda, yes my expectations are high…Let’s GO BEARCATS!

  • ???

    When r u gettin the CO and SH schedule?


    Since when is crossing over the Puente Hills and in to La Habra and La Mirada still the SGV. Once you start coming down the back side of Colima,39,Fullerton Road you are out of the SGV . Look it up.Pasadena, I understand as it is in the SGV which is why St Francis , Muir are not listed. As I wrote maybe they (LH,LM and others) are being mentioned because the WDN covers them but they are not in the SGV .For the football fan idiot moron jerk do yourself a favor and buy youself a gps system because you will need it trying to find La Habra in the SGV. Just go to Wikipedia and carefully type in san gabriel valley and you will see a listing of the cities in the SGV located north of the Puente Hills . You do know the difference between north and south don’t you. North is where your empty head is and south is where your brains are located . You know what you sit on all day.


    Glad to you see all 3 newpapers will be involved.
    Also, glad to see that it will be updated after Thanksgiving!!! You know whats coming at the end of October!!!
    Turn out the lights…The party’s over…All will be back to normal in LaPuente!!!
    San Gabriel…Alhambra…make room for the Lancers!!!


    you are right on with your geography:

    football fan, click this link to see what is inside of the SGV so next time maybe you wont make an azz out of yourself….

    Aram, I love this. There is no such thing as too much football in the Month of March. This is what I think the rankings should look like.

    1. Bishop Amat
    2. La Habra and Charter Oak tied for second
    3. ????
    4. Glendora
    5. South Hills
    6. Muir
    7. Rowland
    8. St. Francis
    9. Damien
    10. La Mirada
    11. Schurr
    12. Diamond Ranch
    13. West Covina
    14. Monrovia
    15. San Dimas
    16. Arroyo
    17. Santa Fe
    18. Baldwin Park
    19. Bonita
    20. Whittier Christian
    21. Rosemead
    22. California
    23. San Gabriel
    24. Alhambra
    25. Pasadena


    OPPS I forgot about Bonita, I have to bump them up.

    1. Bishop Amat
    2. La Habra and Charter Oak tied for second
    3. ????
    4. Glendora
    5. South Hills
    6. Muir
    7. Rowland
    8. St. Francis
    9. Damien
    10. La Mirada
    11. Bonita
    12. Schurr
    13. Diamond Ranch
    14. West Covina
    15. Monrovia
    16. San Dimas
    17. Arroyo
    18. Santa Fe
    19. Baldwin Park
    20. Whittier Christian
    21. Rosemead
    22. California
    23. San Gabriel
    24. Alhambra
    25. Pasadena


    Just like last season even though others won titles Amat still wound up the number 1 team in the valley. Just face it fool Amat will be number 1 again after all the dust settles next season. Get used to it llanta man.

  • sad but true

    Very sad New Direction the TC program has gone.

  • Apache Joe

    Arcadia has generally been a top 20 SGV football school in the last 15 years. They return a ton of starters and have an already proven 1st-team All SGV kid in Taylor Lagace.

    They should definitely be above Pasadena.



    Hold on there pal, let me give you a scenario. This year it could next or the year after. Lets just say Amat losses in the third round of the playoffs and either CO, Glendora, South Hills or Damien end up winning the Inland Division title. You dont think that a CO, Glendora, South Hills or Damien could be ranked number one at the end of the season if they are crowned champs of the Inland and BA gets sent home…. BA’s numer 1 spot is not guaranteed like you say it is.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Gotta love it being a AMAT player & grad almost 30 years ago. HOWEVER as much as I love my Lancers, I would have NO PROBLEM with La Habra @ # 1. Going for 4 in a row in yahtzee, go fish, and especially FOOTBALL, is saying something! AND I believe L.H is here to STAY for years!

  • !stang!

    Arcadia doesn’t even have the best player in the pacific league! The team will make some nosiy in the league but do not say something crazy ” the best skilled player in the area” if you want to see the best player in the valley checkout last year Muir vs Arcadia .

  • South Hills Mayor


    Why such hype about Charter Oak? They are literally going to be in a rebuilding mode next year and being sent to the Sierra league means they may not even make the playoffs.

    Now, let’s say they do make the playoffs as a 3rd place team. This means Chaparral, Corona Centennial, Norco, or Redlands East Valley is their first round opponent and everyone can agree on Charter Oak will NEVER beat any one of those teams.

    You mention two returning athletes and with their preseason schedule they literally are probably going to be under .500 next year.

    Do your homework and call The Scouting Guru because I am not trying to harass you but seriously South Hills will field the best football team next year. They have better Offensive and Defensive Linemen than anyone else in the Valley and their skilled positions are even or better than anyone else in the Valley either.

    Mark my words South Hills will be the last team standing this year and the only teams to make some noise besides them is Chino Hills. Top to bottom Chino Hills has the best returning football team in our area.

    Other than that, Arroyo, Monrovia, and San Dimas in their division and Diamond Ranch, Schurr, and West Covina in their division.

    Dogs bark, but Dawgs bite!


    I think this years ‘Mead squad might surprise some people.


  • high school football fan

    Santa Fe will be down this year but will be playing a lot of fast Juniors. One of them being Mahlstedes grandson. Who had the best hands on the team last year. Rumor also is two more years at SFHS and he retires.

  • high school football fan

    Santa Fe will be down this year but will be playing a lot of fast Juniors. One of them being Mahlstedes grandson. Who had the best hands on the team last year. Rumor also is two more years at SFHS and he retires.

  • high school football fan

    Santa Fe will be down this year but will be playing a lot of fast Juniors. One of them being Mahlstedes grandson. Who had the best hands on the team last year. Rumor also is two more years at SFHS and he retires.

  • !stang!

    ST.Francis At 7?

  • a don

    there will be NO CAL HI without their beloved every-single-down back terris jones returning.

    it is El Rancho’s time to take over. ER definitly has the best running game in the area.

    definitly should be in the top 25

  • The Stang Fan


    No better way to rile up the natives than throwing out a Top 25 list. I think after #’s 1 and 2 this thing will change a ton before the end of the season. But, hell, don’t most lists.










  • K


    I guess I understand all the hype on Arroyo. They have Vasquez and Rivera returning (although I don’t know if he is going to have anyone to throw to). I still think BP was overrated this year and will be next year. They didn’t even give San Dimas a game, Gladstone played them tough, and the WC game in the quarters wasn’t really ever close. I do love that you are showing the Whittier area team some love though!

    Make sure you make it out to the Arroyo passing tourney this July. Mostly Mid Valley teams, it will be a lot of fun to watch!

  • Aram

    I can’t believe some of you are arguing about geography. Do I need to call it the SGVN (San Gabriel Valley Newspapers) Top 25? This list is comprised of the schools in all three zones of our papers. Consider it the very best of the best. Can’t wait to put out an All-Area team for all three zones.

  • just read

    So a highschool football team plays a total of 10 games a year, 5 non-league and 5 league games. If you take a look at Damiens schedule, they play 4 games with 4 teams that you have rated in the top 5..
    – Bishop Amat #1
    -Charter Oak #3
    -Diamond Ranch #4
    -South Hills #5..


    Every year we hear the same old yelping out of you dogs every year. We are the best team in the SGV. We are going to take our division. Same old thing all bark and no bite. Let me say this you got some nerve coming on hear writing that CO will never beat the teams you mention. This is coming from an Amat supporter and I am telling you they have more of a chance to beat them then SH would ever have on their best day. Man you can’t even get past DR let alone CO. You might not even be the 3rd best in your own league. Maybe you do have talent but with the attitudes and leadership (coaches,guru) that was put on the field last season I think your team better worry about those issues first because talent doesn’t get you over when there’s turmoil on the sidelines. Remember one thing here CO and Amat do not rebuild we reload so get ready cause the Chargers are still the team to beat as far as SH is concerned. At least you can say CO did take us on a few years back and no matter the outcome they came to play and that is something SH will probably never be able to say. If you were to poll the entire valley the game they would want would be Amat vs CO and SH would be nowhere to be found in that competition. You need to beat someone before you try to bite . To me I think number 5 is a gift ranking to you . You should be more towards 11 or 12 .


    Aram, did you happen to check out La Habra’s pre-season schedule? They might’ve well play in the PAC-5 Trinity League….They play OLu week-zero, Servite week-2 and St. John Bosco week-4..


    What no AZUSA AZTECS?. They should be place right around where San Gabriel, Alhambra,Rosemead are. Didn’t San Marino win over San Gabriel and only lost to Monrovia by two points. AZUSA won SM in the playoffs.

    AZUSA has a good squad coming back and they should be fine this coming season. Here’s another thought, Azusa won Ontario Christian who played in the championship game against St. Margets.


  • James McG

    Great idea! The SGV area needs a wider footprint of schools, similar to the Daily News ranker. Each papers individual Top 10 are typically dominated by the same schools, (SF, Amat, Charter) and don’t have enough comparable teams.

    The Top 25 paints a truer picture of SGV football. Way to go guys.

    St. Francis should still be #1 though.


  • James McG

    Great idea! The SGV area needs a wider footprint of schools, similar to the Daily News ranker. Each papers individual Top 10 are typically dominated by the same schools, (SF, Amat, Charter) and don’t have enough comparable teams.

    The Top 25 paints a truer picture of SGV football. Way to go guys.

    St. Francis should still be #1 though.


  • Tom Kiss

    your going to have to include the Chino hills schools since they are in the Sierra league, especially when one of them beats CO or SH….

  • really?

    James McG – St Francis lost to Alemany and Notre Dame – both teams Amat beat. St Francis lost their top offensive and defensive player in Riley. Amat returns their top RB in Anderson. When was the last time SF beat Amat head-to-head? Connect the dots.



  • Frank

    I would rank Azusa Right below Duarte, they have their whole freshman class comming back as sophmores


    Norco, please give me a legitimate answer as why you think “NO WAY IN HELL CO, Glendora, South Hills or Damien win the Inland?” I’m curious to know why you are hating on the SGV so much.

    Lets hope your still lauging when one of the SGV teams knocks Norco out first round in the playoffs.

  • BIG B

    I think theres no doubt that taylor is the best in the league. remember he was only a sophomore and only can go up… arcadia should be a top 15 team… they are young but only get better.. i dont understand why theres no talk about them

  • reality

    Bottom 10 1.Pioneer 2.Basset 3.Ganesha 4.Sierra Vista 5.Mark Keppel 6.Gladstone 7.Whittiet 8.Nogales 9.Ontario 10.Los Nietos J.H.


    Frank,that’s a good one!Duarte? you could have picked a better team than that! Will be there again just like last season.


  • S.G.V. Oldtimer


    No one in their right mind at Charter Oak or probably any other school in our Valley seriously thinks that any of our teams can contend for a C.I.F. title obviously for every reason you already mentioned perfectly.

    Now with that in mind, obviously our Valley’s team will compete until the final whistle and do everything humanly possible to represent as best we can our Valley but ignore SGV FOOTBALL because he seriously represents only himself. Granted he’s a C.O. fan but I can guarantee you he only speaks for himself because I just the other day approached several C.O. families at a baseball game and they were very humble and realistic in their assessment of the future.

    I too went and watched and actually try and watch our Valley’s best teams and matchups not just in football but in every sport and my personal opinion is none of the teams in any sport can seriously contend with the top tier in the I.E. today but years ago absolutely. My feeling is the I.E. today is what the S.G.V. used to be in the 70’s – 90’s!

    Tell me though how are you so well-connected and versed in Norco and I.E. football? For someone that never came on this blog before until rumors started circulating about our Valley entering your C.I.F. division you do seem so interested in our the S.G.V. so you have to at least respect some of our teams (Sierra, Serra, and Hacienda Leagues teams) successes. Does you son play for Norco’s football team?

  • SGV




  • Double C

    Not that anybody on here would care because San Marino sucks, but their head coach just resigned. Two schools in the Rio Hondo without head coaches heading into spring…could be interesting.


    S.G.V. Oldtimer,

    I’m glad you took a football poll at a baseball game about the future of CO Football. Do you think our only SGV PAC 5 representative gets tired about people telling them they are not going to win a PAC 5 championship? They can care less about what you and the old farts tell them about their team. I’m not the only CO fan that knows next year will be an up hill battle. Change is good and I guarantee you CO will find a way to win games. I love how you believe there is no hope with the future of CO football or the SGV in general. People like you don’t have faith, instead of asking the parents why don’t you ask the athletes that strap it week in and week out to answer your questions about CO football… All the kids are pumped to move up to D2, they know they have to work harder than ever this year. Since you are doubting the future of the SGV the next couple years why come on here and rant about how the SGV won’t make and cannot compete with the IE?

    P.S the real CO Fans don’t give a rats azz about what some non competetive parents think or what your old azz thinks.

    CO football has great coaches and will have the kids ready to play.


  • AMAT 73

    SGV Oldtimer,
    I don’t know what other schools you talked to but if you would like to come by AMAT we will gladly tell you that we feel we contend for a CIF title every year. We were in a small funk a few years ago but have come out of the just fine and getting stronger and closer to our main goal every season. I feel I can safely say the people of CO pretty much feel the same way . If you don’t think you can win then why play .We are the perfect example of that . How many people and it was mostly the entire valley tought AMAT wouldn’t do squat last year. Lo and behold we knocked off some dam good teams and won our league and ventured in the playoffs further then we had in quite some time. Don’t sell your SGV bothers short if you truely don’t know what you are talking about . As you said SGV FOOTBALL pretty much speaks for himself , you should feel the same way about your feelings on SGV football because you seriously only speak for yourself .

  • billyb

    The only reason AMAT is # 1, they steal players from every other school. enough said.

  • reality

    5 teams that will move down if not out by week 3 1.Damien 2.Monrovia 3.San Dimas 4.So. Hills 5.Alhambra 5 teams that will move up by week 3. 1.Rosemead 2.California 3.La Mirada. 4. Schurr 5. Bonita 5 teams waiting in the bushes by week 3. 1.El Rancho 2.walnut 3.Pomona 4.Claremont 5. Los Altos

  • Land of the Free, Home of the Lancers

    We don’t steal your kids. Your schools are so bad parents go into hock to send their kids to Amat. ‘Nuf said.

  • la serna

    la serna had a bad season but is gonna be somthing to watch next year! returning just about all there starters from last year , like big play maker andrew rosales and QB bunerostro. they have 3 very good running backs coming back, oj medina and richard alvarez will be a big threat in the del rio leauge. the offensive line looks very big and the defensive side looks good. gonna have to feel up spots on the d-line , after losing seniors george reyes, michael ochoa, and ryan veloz. the secondary is returning everyone. good luck boys!

  • Baseball NUT!

    Norco guy,

    I respect your passion about courgar football, and the INLAND division as well. I feel it will take a year or two for the SGV teams to compete for the simple reason of enrolment. The SGV schools have less than 1800, while the WHOLE BIG VIII have over 3500, with three schools well over 4200. Thats a HUGE dfference to choose from a talent standpoint.

    You also let it be known how GOOD Norco is, and YES they have been dominant, these past few years. You also say your passionate about the O -Line and all the hard work they do. They have been VERY GOOD, as I have seen them IN PERSON. SO I thought I would call NOT one but TWO VERY good friends of mine tonight who BOTH coach at Norco, including the O- Line coach, Bill Macias. The other guy coaches “D”.
    I told him we have a VERY passionate guy on our little blogs, talking about how Awesome the Courgars are year in and year out. He just laughed, and he asked me to ask you ‘How you think Norco will fare this season?”. He tells me he lost SIX O-lineman that played, their QB, BOTH TOP RB’s, and a WR, and a TE. he says ONE “O” player with a deal of playing time is returning. He wonders how they will score, BUT they will be prepared and ready. So maybe our tiny schools out here won’t be the only ones in transition

    But please keep your passion, it makes things interesting, but lets NOT forget NORCO, may NOT even win league. He also mentioned the same thing I said, when I asked about the SGV teams coming to DIV II. He notes that “in time” the top tier teams in the SGV will be VERY competitive in the division. HE also wonders WHY the move, and says enrollement has no merrit, here becasue his area schools are DOUBLE in size to ours out here, and it just doesn’t make sense for even in a non league game for teams to travel from Norco/Corona to the Covina area.

    Have a good season, and how is baseball seson out there?

  • http://playallday playallday

    aztec pride, love your passion for your school, but when you guys beat oc this year, oc had seven starters out of game with injury and suspension. azusa won with a last minute miracle. but we wil see you at citrus this year, lets see how it goes this time



    Like that, (PLAYALLDAY)! sounds like you have passion for the game also! Injuries, suspensions and miracle ending are all part of the game! I’ll tell you what, that was a game AZUSA had to win after losing to Bell Gardens. Bell Gardens came into Citrus College and put a hurt on the BIG A! The reason why I threw in OC, is because you played in the Final game and that had to account for something. By the way, my nephew played for Arrow Christian Academy who OC whipped. Okay play, so how many of those starters are returning next season?. AZUSA has a good squad coming back also and they should be okay.

    So this coming season OC will be traveling to Citrus College and I will definitely be watching that game. But I must warn you, if AZUSA has the AZTEC DANCERS there at the game, OC will be in trouble! (To much AZTEC PRIDE)!

  • F*K him up

    baseball nuts you just said this guy macias was a very good friend of yours and then narco puts him your very good fried on blast. Those are some damn good fighting words. I say take this old fart narco behind the shed and beat him with your baseball nuts HAHAHAHA

  • to the man behind the curtain

    Wow, Norco! That’s pretty courageous of you to trash a guy on the web, calling him names, demeaning his kid and his coaching contribution. Why don’t you now throw your own name out there so Mr. Macias may have a chance to retort? Let’s see what he has to say about you, cause you talk a reeeaallyy good game?



    come on and have some CLASS!Putting people’s names out there like that is classless and then especially putting his kid out there also is shameful.You need to put that towel around your mouth…

  • F*K him up

    maybe narco is the one on the outside looking in, according to the official norco website macias is the offensive line coach.

    Hey Narco lets see how this feels. How did your nephew Derek Amendola like only playing 1/4 of the season and only having 16 tackles as a SENIOR!(Fact) Pretty sad by any ones standards, must run in the family you old fart.


    No need to come on here with your personal problems with staff at Norco. Then come out against his kid . Hey in a game players make mistakes miss assignments and so forth and are you that close to the program that you know all the blocking assignments on a special teams play to say that about the kid. No need to put the kid on blast like that or let us know your qualifications to make a statement of that nature . Please add that fact to next post seeing as you are just speaking facts.

  • San Gabriel Valley Born

    I like what CHECK YOURSELF said. Yo’re right, La Miranda and La Habra are in Orange County; not SGV!
    Now get this, some nut coach from Los Angeles, is trying to ride on the coattails of sucessful football programs,by bringing his team, Garfield High school to play in a San Gabriel Classic! Why do the official
    put up with this! They surly are not desperate for players! Oh, I forgot to mention about the Garfield Coach, He elected himself to coach one squad, don’t remember which side.Guess who played starting QB? You got it right___ his QB from Garfield!!They are in LA;
    NOT the San GABRIEL Valley! So stay where you belong or move here!


    Dranch and SGVsBEST, you guys have officially been passed up by this nut job Norco! I thought Dranch was nuts last year. This thing called Norco takes on players and coaches like there is no tomorrow. I have not seen personal attacks like this since Fred put an end to attacks on coaches on his blog.

    SGV Oldtimer, remember you said to ignore me. Who do you think we should be ignoring now?


    Narco –

    You talk too much!!! And, that’s coming from me!!!
    Did you bolt down your double-wide? The next quake may happen in NarcoTown. You don’t want the meth lab (errr your Sheet Metal Estate!!!) to go up in flames. Do you?
    You’re much too worried about the Sierra League, little man! Don’t worry about CO, SH, Glendora, or Damien. We’ll be just fine…See you in playoffs little man!!!


    It sounds to me like your the one with the thin skin if I am the one getting to you. HA I still can’t believe you have become the biggest dip Shizt on this blog. You make people forget about Dranch and SGVsBEST. Your wound up so tight any little thing triggers you, if I am herpes then you have to be gonorrhea. You know you need to stop with all that in breeding going on out there in horsetown usa its affecting your way of thinking.

  • Baseball NUT!

    First off I am too old for a pissing contest, but i will respond one final time.

    You talk about all this stuff, and probably hope that us little guys in the SGV have no knowledge of what goes on in the IE. However REAL football fans already know, and have facts too about football in SO. CAL!
    Yes I know about Kelsey Young comitting to Stanford. I also know you named THREE OL guys, NOT FOUR, INCLUDING # 78 Brent Walker who has played his last game as a SENIOR in the fall. As for moving Joshua Young a all- league TE to LT, makes no sense especially when he is 190 soaking WET!

    As for Macias, well I’ll let him know what you said but I’m pretty sure him, Gehart, Krugar, Torres, Whaley or ANY coach on the staff really can care less what you think. You also talk about HIS kid letting a guy go untouched for a TD during CIF. Hey things happen, and to be honest Norco was probably lucky to even be in CIF.
    They could have easily been a average team last season, as they stopped Roosevelt on 4th and goal from the 2, when a FG could have sent the game to OT ( I was there). Then who knew what would happen. Norco could have lost to Corona, as well as North, Santiago, Centennial, AND a Dbl OT win vs Arlington. Thats FIVE wins by 19 TOTAL points less than 4 a game. So a 11-2 season COULD have gone without a CIF apperence.
    ONLY TWO WINS were by more than 7 points in league and those were the bottom feeders of the BIG VIII, King, and Poly! so YES it WAS a good season, for the Cougars BUT it could have been ALOT worse. NOW you have NO O-Line or suspect AT best, a NEW QB, who will now be instructed to NOW throw and have a whole new offense and a TE who may be forced to move positions. Three WR’s who will now be forced to come up with big plays, when all they had to do last season was run a good route. Sure hope they watched the Rooselvelt kids @ WR, as those two were the BEST ( Hill & Slavin) in the IE! I Hope the “D” stands up, or it may be a long season. I mean with Kelsey comitting what does he need to prove? And will he take a chance at losing his scholarship offer by getting hurt? Looks as though Roosevelt has improved, Centennial will be there, and now Chris Clairborne the former NFL LB, is the new D.C at Corona!

    Say what you want but some of us DO HAVE FACTS, AND KNOW MORE THAN WE LET ON!

    I will not answer anyomore in this thread. Better get back to work before my boss/wife fires me! LOL……

  • Soft Toss

    First of all Norco while I respect your football success on the field Damien students are more concerned with going to college! Ask our opponents!

    Let me know when a former player gets a degree from a school like Stanford !!!!

  • Your side of the fence.

    Norco, All you do is blah blah blah. Where did you come from anyways? All of a sudden Aram comes back and host this blog and you pop up. Why dont you go back to your side of the fence and when playoff time comes around then you can start talking your crap. So until then concentrate on fixing your old broken down tractor and make sure all the live stock is well feed and we’ll start expecting to hear from you again as playoff’s get closer.

  • football jones


    I think it’s time to clean-up this cesspool.

    ‘F*K him up’ ???

  • Soft Toss = Got Hit on the Head?

    No offense soft toss but I played at Damien when we were concerned about winning and going to college. That is a lame excuse. Second, you are either being sarcastic or you are really stupid. Ever heard of Toby Gerhardt? You know the RB from Stanford. You know the guy who already has his diploma from Stanford. You know, the former NORCO HS RB. What a Douche you are.

    Norco has a storied treadition of putting great student athletes into college. They should be repected but some of their fans make it hard.

  • Joe Amat

    It does make me chuckle when I visit and see a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Sometimes even like to participate.

    “Soft Toss = Got Hit on the Head?” ,

    Sorry, you look really bad right now. Egg on your face. “Soft Toss” as in *here’s a soft one* for you. “Soft Toss” as in an *easy question*. “Soft Toss” as in *tee-one up* for you. You certainly did NOT hit that one out of the park.

    It was quite obvious immediately that “Soft Toss” was trying to do you a favor. “Soft Toss” was on your side. “Soft Toss” was setting you up to slam the knuckleheads with the Toby Gerhardt comeback.

    Please don’t claim to be from Norco – it would hurt their argument and just resurrect the “dumb-hillbilly” jokes.

  • http://playallday playallday

    aztec pride, you are right,, if the aztec dancers are there, its all over for oc, but ask your jv kids about the transfers who were not allowed to play varsity last year. its gonna be ugly. our qb did go to oklahoma u as a wide reciever, and the senior lbs and rbs are going to smaller schools. there are kids coming from d2 schools who played jv last year becaus of cif saying no to transfers. but we still have to play on the citrus turf. looking forward to the dancers

  • no consideration

    BIG B….Arcadia practices all their sports year round…they offer those classes as p.e. but we all know what they’re really doing…and lagace wasn’t the best sophomore player in league last year that would be Kevoun Seymour from Muir he was critical on defense and offense he had interceptions in big games for Muir and is next to follow in the line of the Stangs impact players…and lagace had over a 100 yards against st.francais but i believe he had less than 50 against muir so how is he the best player?

  • no consideration

    another thing you said their skill players are talented but it all starts in the trenches and don’t get me wrong i see arcadia as very under rated but the thing is they still have to prove they can do it without golper

  • DRanchhhh

    Did someone Call?? LoL

    Norco, You will learn a very valuable lesson on the SGV Blogs. When you tell the TRUTH, you are crucified. When you explain the FACTS, you are DEMONIZED. You might be good just explaining “Half” of what you know!!

    Looks like Roddy has done it again, Mission Viejo-Week 0. Lets go!!

    Btw Norco, I double dog dare you to challenge BA or CO Fans!! LmAo!!


    jolly rancher found out what happens when you pop off. 0-6 vs the two schools he mentioned in 2 yrs. we don’t want to go to composite scores! quite an accomplishment. how’s THAT for telling the TRUTH

  • SOFTER TOSS !!!!!

    Norco I think that was my point!!!!!

    Do you know what “soft toss” means? Think T-Ball !!!

    “Here’s the ball Johnnie. See the ball Johnnie. Here’s it comes Johnnie….and an underhanded soft toss “EVEN A CHILD COULD HIT!!!…AND JOHNNIE HITS THE BALL…FOR A HOME RUNNNNNNN !!!!!!” LMAO

    WOW …is the brain power “that” low in this blog. Didn’t you notice I gave you everything but Toby G.”s SS # aNd blood type !!!

    In comedy it’s call a “SET UP” !


    Aram, congrats on your first 100 hits on this new blog.

    Aram, any truth to Diamond Ranch playing Mission Viejo week 0?

  • DRanchhhh


    Your right, you see what happens, we play 14 games and your school ends up at home!! Yes we lost to CO, but the experience that those kids get is priceless. Btw are you another administrator??

    False alarm on the MV game guys, Rancho Santa Margarita instead. My bad!! MV was on the list (Aram, just verify this with Roddy) couldn’t come to a common ground on the contract.

  • Even Softer Toss

    Yeah, ok soft toss. If it wasn’t for Joe Amat bailing you out you wouldn’t have even known you were playing tee ball. Nice try but that’s like realizing your an idiot before you think everyone else does.

    Coming in at the eleventh hour wink-wink.Yeah I was giving you an easy one. You really must be a douche. I bet you wear leisure suits and pull up in an old RV at your cousins house for Christmas unannounced. Don’t you Cousin Eddie? That should be your new handle.

  • facts

    jolly rancher – you can’t be playing the “we were still playing and you weren’t” card after getting your @$$ handed to you as bad as you did. that just may prove everything that everyone has been saying about the difference between D1 and D6. you don’t want to go there I assure you.

  • Huskies


    Why so skeptical about SH? They have a big, strong line returning and some good players as well.

  • Norco-tics Galore

    Norco-tics Galore

    So let me understand your latest salvo. The “soft toss” Tony Gerhart comment about Stanford was NOT an intended “soft toss” or was….or are you saying I purposely wrote “SOFT TOSS” and didn’t know it’s intended meaning? Or did I NOT know the answer to my own statement would be Tony Gerhart? Now you’re NOT only talking out of your ass but the ass of every relative you have. You see that’s what you get for trying to lighten the mood. I see you’re enjoying your new toy and being the asshole with the biggest mouth and talking trash to everyone and anyone even when others have tired of your bullsht.

    Now here’s my comment’s basic assertion FU. Enjoyed your roasting SGV Fishbowlers for about two days and then it became a non stop trip down “So this is why high school only last four years” ….to get away form loud mouth grunts like you..

    I see you’re the new bully in town and like most bullies you never know any other speed but stupid. Now we’re laughing at you and not with you. Ever notice why at High School reunions while you’re still ready for the BMOC treatment every one is trying to figure when you’ll just shut the hell up.

    Props to the Norco Program and especially Coach Gerhart who must be so proud of his boy and his run at a Heisman from out of no where, speaks volumes to his upbringing.

    Last point I hope you lend Coach Gerhart a hand seeing as he is hiring coaches “YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR”…whatta prize you are. Maybe you could leave your name as you dragged Macias thru the mudd.

  • Norco’s Family Tradition

    Your no one’s Daddy as your red haired kids prove. Take you own advice imbecile. Don’t get your feelings in a bunch. Who called who a douche first, and for what? Joe Amat made the comment to you and I thought he pretty much explained it and then your stupid punk ass comes at me wink wink. FO you fckn braggard! What’s your story, I moved to Norco seven years ago and now I’m on their nut sack all the time, 24/7. Do yourself a favor and don’t worry about my sack. Check your wife’s cell photos, that’s my sack in her mouth. I gave her a new understanding for the term double wide that doesn’t involve aluminum. The family that nutlicks together stays together. Hey call it a family tradition. Norco is big on tradition, right.

  • Wow! Really?

    Wow! Really ARAM? This is not what I expected from your ALL FOOTBALL 24/7 BLOG. Put a little time into your work. You actually “HAD” a good thing going.

  • Fire Starter

    Did I say this was my blog?? All I have pointed out was how you seem to bring on hate about coaches, players and peoples wives. Before Aram came back we in the SGV used Fred’s blog to discuss our thoughts and concerns with SGV Football teams. Now Arams starts this blog and you pop up. Again answer the question, dont they have a blog for you to spill your crap covering I.E. football??
    Your messing with the wrong people, we the SGV will mass together and support whatever team comes to your Valley and crush you in the Playoffs! Put that in your Corncob pipe and smoke it!

  • Abraham Lincoln

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Farrar and Gano are literally probably amused and even maybe entertained by each of your foolish. Why? Remember both men have combined for 9 C.I.F. Championships and what I always find amusing and entertaining are their quotes. Never once have I read even just one of their quotes and not realized that they are so damn competitive even their words are meant to be psychological warfare.

    They have every one of you fooled into believing what they said was meant to be literal while I would be almost certain they are able, ready, and willing to fight a good fight and are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

    So stop fooling yourselves and being made to be a fool and beware because my early prediction is in the next few years the Sierra league will be a force to be reckoned with FOOLS..!

  • Trevor Gervase

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    Will he really leave Old Trafford?
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