New blog rule: Nobody is allowed to say ANY player has an offer from Arizona State …

Got it? OK. I will explain this only once: Arizona St. offers everybody and their mother, and their mother’s best friend, and the best friend’s best friend.

Tu sabes? So from this point forward, let’s not say “So and so has an offer from Arizona St.” like it means something because I think even Fred Robledo has an offer still on the table from 1986.

It means nada. They offer EVERYONE early.

Now then, have a nice weekend!

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  • JMO

    Was Fred’s in tennis or soccer?

  • No, it was football. You don’t have to even play for ASU to offer.

  • The U

    So how many kids in the SGV have an offer from Arizona State….So I guess your implying not many kids in the SGV can play football at the D-1 level…I’m sure there are hundreds of kids in the SGV that would love to receive an offer from ASU…

  • sgvpride

    If a kid wants to go to ASU I think they would go to ASU. Its PAC12 football and D1. I highly doubt the SGV players are getting offers left and right. If they did more people would take them up on that. Most sgv players are D2 or NAIA caliber type of players. D1 ride is hard to come by on its own.

  • Think back to last year at this time. I can think of two West Covina players right off the bat who had the proverbial ASU offer and yet at crunch time ASU was nowhere to be found.

    It’s well known what ASU does. What I’m saying is nothing new.

  • Don’t think for a minute

    ASU isn’t the only college out there offering a scholarship to everyone and their mother including Fred. Most tier 1 programs all do it. It’s been the norm for years.

  • Coach T

    Reminder that ASU will be handing out Scholies at our food truck festival on May 10 at El Monte HS. They’ll be by the Buttermilk Truck. Come out and enjoy!

  • WTF?

    Well then if Fred got an offer that is one more than you got huh Aram?It is definitely more believable to use Fred as the guy who got one than using yourself.

    Iknow two players who got early ASU offers and are playing or played at ASU. AJ Pickens and Omar Bolden. the difference? they are from the IE not the SGV.

  • JMO


    The IE are all SGV transplants, twenty years ago nobody would ever admit they lived in the 909 errrrrrr 951.

  • New York

    When you say that an early ASU offer means, nothing…what do you mean by that? Are you suggesting that an early offer is not indicative of whether or not the student will ultimately choose ASU? Are you suggesting that an offer an early offer from ASU is not a significant accomplishment for the student to receive? Are you suggesting that ASU rescinds the early offers? I thought verbal commitments were binding from the school’s perspective. So maybe ASU backs off toward the end if the student was not smart enough to lock in the gurantee by making the verbal.

    So again, what is is that you are suggesting with ASU’s early offers?

  • New York

    If “Most sgv players are D2 or NAIA caliber type of players” then I think overall football in the valley would be pretty superior to most regions. Maybe your message did not come off the way you intended. Maybe you meant to say most of the players capable of playing at the next level are D2 or NAIA caliber, because if most of the kids suited up on Friday nights were capable of playing D2…lookout! Those would be some pretty fierce local teams. D2 is no joke, neither is NAIA.

  • sgvpride

    @New York

    Yeah it probably came out wrong. You clarified it though. My overall point is if it was a legit offer by ASU why aren’t more players taking that offer? That’s all.

  • Clearly Sondy Sondheimer is not following In The Huddle rules, which is coolio to the flow.

    This from the LA Times high schools page …

    Football: Dorsey duo picks up Pac-12 offer

    Dorsey defensive backs Jayme Otomewo and Daquawn Brown have received their first Pac-12 offers from Arizona State.

    — Eric Sondheimer

  • west SGV

    The 2 backs for West Covina that were being recruited by ASU were being recruited by Coach Broussard!!!! He was the running back coach that is now at UCLA!!!. If ASU offers you that is an accomplishment in itself. Also Karl Holmes c/o 2011 Muir is at ASU #85 he (redshirted last years). Coaching change can mean end of your scholarship offer. Alot of kids dont go there bcuz its hottt as hell

  • SGV Dad

    Once again. Open mouth insert food, oopps I mean foot.
    This is a recent quote from Koa Kaleopaa from La Mirada HS. He made an unoffical visit this past weekend. He was not offered but likes what he saw..

    “They said that before they offer a player they want to get and know them, Kaleopaa said. They dont recruit someone just because theyre a good player but also recruit someone who has a good personality and is disciplined. They didnt want any me guys that look for attention. ”

    The ASU football program is going thru some big changes. The new coaching staff has the fan base pumped up. The Erickson Error is over.

    Do some simple research before you bloviate on matters you know little about.

    USC can bring in 15 new players next year, do you think they only offer 15. UCLA over committed this year and will have to ‘medically redshirt’ a few players if Mora doesn’t run a few off during the spring, ala Urban Meyer.

  • SGV Dad

    Heres a little research:
    From, prospects with offers.

    USC has offered 72 prospects. (9 Running Backs)
    UCLA has offered 103 prospects.
    ASU has offered 81 prospects.

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