Rancho Cucamonga beats Chino Hills to win Rancho Cucamonga Tournament … WHAT A DAY!

The Noodles Era at West Covina begins …

It was only fitting that the Rancho Cucamonga Tournament came down to the host Cougars and Chino Hills on Saturday afternoon. Those in attendance saw loud and clear that the two most talented teams in Saturday’s competition were the Cougars and Huskies.

Rancho wins it by beating Chino Hills by 2 in the final.

Here are my thoughts on what I saw …

— Just awesome to get back out there and see the coaches and players and their families. Everyone is so excited and it’s only May. Rancho’s staff and booster did a GREAT JOB putting on the show. GREAT JOB. It was quite simply a very fun WELCOME BACK TO FOOTBALL!!

Bishop Amat — I watched all of Amat’s game with Chino Hills. Keep in mind the Lancers were without DJ Daniels and Darin Andrews and that’s a big blow. Amat looked like a run-first team in a passing tourney. The Lancers simply aren’t designed for passing tourney success, kinda like West Covina, and that’s no big deal. But still, you can get a look at the talent Amat is working with and I was impressed. Cook is one heckuva target at WR. Camargo is what everyone said he is — a future stud. He’s gonna contribute nicely this year. Dionza Blue cannot really show his stuff in a tourney like this because he’s a tailback, but man that kid is gonna be good. QB Koa Haynes looked OK. He had to eat the ball about five or six times vs. Chino Hills. Amat has him rolling out quite a bit. My only worry for Amat fans is that you were out there today with two VERY GOOD but not ELITE Inland Division (D-2) teams and they passed the look test much better than you. That might be a worry since Amat is in the PAC-5.

Chino Hills — QB Matt Simko got on a flight from NoCal around 1 a.m. to leave an Elite 11 camp and get down here and compete. He did not disappoint. Simko was the best QB I saw all day. He’s polished. Reminds me of how Travis Santiago could quickly move past his first read if it wasn’t there and find something else. WR Jack Austin is a man-child. Simko and Austin are gonna be scary. Beyond those two, I was very impressed with how well Chino Hills passed the look test. I kinda doubt I’ll see another local team that looks that good. Could be No. 1 in the area by summer’s end.

Rancho — Wow. Reloaded or still loaded. Whatever you want to call it. These guys have athletes ALL OVER. And I have to think the line will be a force again. This team is gonna take some beating in the Baseline. They’re a sight to see, so I suggest you do if you get a chance. I saw the Cougs play West Covina, and Rancho was on the board on its first offensive play — a deep pass over the middle.

West Covina — The Bulldogs don’t quite pass the look test like they did the past two years. But this team is very, very quick. Very quick. Aggressive, too. But when you see WestCo vs. Rancho, you can tell there’s a diff. Even WestCo warming up near Amat, you could see a difference. Now granted, WestCo’s line and guys like Justin Hornsby weren’t out there, so take it for what it’s worth. I didn’t expect much from WestCo’s offense. They run first, so passing games have never been their thing. Watching Noodles was nice. He’s got talent and can throw a decent ball. He got the first snaps of the game I saw vs. Rancho, so I’m not sure if that means he’s No. 1 on the depth chart. Jon Najera also looked good at QB. As far as looks test, the Bulldogs look like a top-notch Southeast team. Last year, you may have said they could double as a Central or even Inland team. Again, that’s without seeing the line and watching the offense do its least-favorite thing — throw.

Diamond Bar
— Caught the Brahmas here and there, and they have some skills. Pretty impressive offense looks to be shaping up. There are weapons to work with. Obviously, D-Bar has a lot to answer for in the line area, so I’m not gonna trip out on the projections. But Saturday was all about skill players, and D-Bar looks good.

Ayala — This is a sleeper team. There’s talent and speed. I was pleasantly surprised. Like D-Bar, though, the Bulldogs better have some line guys. If they do, this team could stun some people in fall.

  • That’s What I Figured

    I figured it would come down to Rancho and Chino Hills. I think both teams are loaded. I think the addition of Simko is the missing piece of the puzzle and will make them much tougher than last year. Jack Austin is a beast and with Simko throwing to him, will have a huge year. I think Chino Hills is the favorite to win the Sierra league. With the skill, experience, and depth they have, they will be very tough.

  • yeah sure

    Simko was the best out there but not my much. No need to be handing out league titles just yet.

    The QB at Ayala went toe to toe with him. Somebody said he’s only a sophomore this year.

    How is it that teams (WC and BA) in the looser’s bracket gets all the ink but the teams in the winner’s bracket didn’t get much? Home cook much?

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I’m sure geography and playing to the old readership base has something to do with it. And now that I look at it, if you consider the readership base, I think I spread it around quite nicely. Maybe not enough on Amat.

  • Dogtown

    Westco #5 and we don’t pass. 1 loss in tournament to RC.

  • The U

    Kinda wished Upland had entered Rancho instead of the Los Osos Tourney. In 5 games the Starting D gave up 1 Td while the Starting Offense put up 25 TD’s… Sante Fe was only SGV team in tourney, clearly out matched in game with Upland but not sure how they fared in consolation bracket….

  • http://hotmail.com SoCal Fan

    Watched all RC games, Chino Hills, and so on. Amat didnt look good at all and won’t until a new head coach is selected. Plenty of great assistants but the shot caller can’t even call his Momma collect. The only thing impressive was that they showed up on the field and on this page.

    RC and Chino looked great and deserved to play each other in the final. RC has great atheletes and the kids looked like they were having fun while battling. Diamond Bar and Ayala made it to the final four and have plenty of future stars at the skill positions.

  • FootballFan

    I’m so happy football is back. Rancho did a great job with this tournament. The fields were nice, the weather was great, the tournament officials ran it like pros, and the host team dominated. Rancho had a ton of talent, their defense was outstanding and their offense didn’t miss a beat. I don’t know what games you were watching Aram, but the Rancho QB looked much better than Simko. Don’t get me wrong, Simko was throwing some excellent passes. But the Rancho QB was just tearing it up. Simko couldn’t complete a pass in his first series against Ayala. Although he did catch on later. Jack Austin is the Real deal, he made an amazing fingertip catch over the shoulder down the far sideline that had everyone on the field cheering. The final between Chino Hills and Rancho was something else. Ayala and Diamond Bar both looked good too. There didn’t seem to be much love lost between those two. A lot of physical play during their game. Ayala had a corner who had some great covering speed. I heard Diamond Bar was playing a lot of sophomores. They should be good. West Covina looked like they were actually passing a lot this tournament. Big change from them in the past. Noodles is a beast and he’s only 14!! Didn’t see Amat, thought their players looked a bit on the small side. Didn’t know anything about that San Juan Hills team until they beat Amat. All in all a great day. Football is back and with the Lakers possibly not making it this year, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • Noodles who

    Aram nice of you to give Noodles a nickname and all, but I hear the kid would like you to at least mention his real name

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Actually, It was Antonio Hull’s father who gave his son the nickname “Noodles”. Maybe you should take up the issue with him?

  • Lancelot

    @socalfan-Well it’s a damn good thing that when we play football for real, when it really counts…..we are fully padded up and not holding anything back, otherwise, those teams that beat Amat on Saturday might have an ACTUAL win over Amat in something other than a passing scrimmage.

  • Noodles who

    I dont care how he got it, just wanted to know his real name

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @Noodles who said,

    If you are a new reader to these blogs I understand, sorta. But it does not take much research or back reading to see that “Noodles” real name (Antonio Hull FYI) is mentioned quite often for a kid who has not really taken any meaningful varsity snaps yet in his prep career.

    Here is an article written by Aram JUST 3 DAYS AGO that mentions his real name.


    If you google Antonio Hull, you will find the majority of hits that come up are from either this blog or sgvtribune website articles!

    Welcome to the sun light my friend. I hope you don’t miss the rock that you have been living under the last few years….

  • Noodles who

    Some of us don’t spend our days and nights trolling high school blogs, but thanks for the info…it’s a beautiful day, step outside and see what life looks like

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @Noodles who,

    I am outside relaxing having a BBQ on my smartphone, which apparently is smarter than you. Ask any regular posters on here and they will tell you I am not on here posting that often. Don’t be sour because your attempt to criticize Aram backfired on you and you look like a complete tool now! And don’t come on here with false information by saying “I hear the kid would like you to at least mention his real name”. You have not heard squat, you didn’t even know his name a few minutes ago! How can you hear from somebody you don’t even know you moron?

    You could have posted a simple question stated in a respectful polite way. For example: Nice article, by the way what is Noodles real name?

    Instead you went the snarky, sarcasticly critical route and now act all surprised when somebody lights you up! Stay off the internet my friend, your kung-fu is weak!

  • Noodles who

    This is Antonio’s cousin idiot, he loves the nickname but recruiters like real names

  • No Playoffs for Ayala….Again

    Besides Jordan robinson, Ayala has no one. Their Qb was decent. No Where close to Simko though. Ayala has no line and is very thin at the skill positions. The best they will do is 4th place in the Sierra League. Their QB will be a junior next year. He has improved since last year i’ll give him that.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @Noodles who,

    If you’re his cousin, you’re not helping Antonio in the least by being critical of the Media outlet that gives him the most ink! As I pointed out before, Aram and the tribune has given Antonio Hull plenty of coverage using his real name. More than some deserving kids who have actually played more than a handful of varsity snaps!

    You know what recruiters like more? Actual game film or seeing recruits actually play! I’ve seen Noodles play on the Frosh team. And as talented as he is, we will be hearing his full name, nickname, new nick name etc… a lot in the upcomming years! So relax if somebody forgets to put his name in a small blog post about a passing league game, his picture is up and everything when some readers may want to see a picture of a player from their school, like Simko or Haynes!

    You come off sounding entitled, and that reflects poorly on your cousin if indeed you’re his cousin. Think about it.

  • Noodles who

    Thanks, I did my job , now anyone reading knows his name

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @Noodles who,

    You could have done your job a lot easier if your first post went something like this:

    For all those wondering, Noodles real name is Antonio Hull.

    See how simple that was? You have a lot of growing up to do kid. Hopefully the recruiters and those of us who would like to be fans of your said cousin don’t relate your imaturity and entitlement to your cousin. From all I hear about him so far is that he is a really good kid and his mother does a good job keeping him on the right path and holds him acountable for his academics. I hope to make a really awesome highlight video of him come seasons end!

  • BEEF

    How many yards rushing did Dionza Blue have? Did the Lancerrs run much out of the Power I? Were they able to turn the corner on the sweep? How wre their counters? Was play action effective? Did they control the line of scrimmage and stop the run?

    Oh, wait…

  • Amat Will Under Perform Again!

    “BEEF said:
    How many yards rushing did Dionza Blue have? Did the Lancerrs run much out of the Power I? Were they able to turn the corner on the sweep? How wre their counters? Was play action effective? Did they control the line of scrimmage and stop the run?
    Oh, wait…”

    I twouldn’t matter if they did have their line and run all those plays…Rancho and Chino Hills still would have beat them!! In fact, Chino Hills Linemen are always tops in the Sierra League…..Bring on the excuses why you lost to San Juan Hills….can you say, no skill kids??? Rancho and Chino Hills are both well rounded football teams with a sound passing AND running game. Too bad your Lancers are so one dimensional. Also, doesn’t teams lie Alemany, Charter Oak, and chino Hills throw the ball a lot? Better learn to play soem pass defense….lol


    How many sacks did Amat have? Did they put much pressure on the QB? Any knock downs/hits/hurries? Did they blitz much? Did their defensive gurus Difiori/McCutcheon mix it up much?

    Oh wait…

  • http://hotmail.com SoCal Fan

    @Lancelot – Man I love the Lakers, USC, and the Raiders. But when they suck I admit it. I like Amat’s tradition and have always loved the school but they just arent good anymore. Amat is surrounded by talent and even get some great kids to come to the school. But again, they cant win. In a year or two Amat will be better then average but only if they could keep the freshman and sophmores they currently have. But I’m sure more will leave after this year’s losing season.

    I will say it again. A great assistant coaching staff but the head coach needs to go. Last year he had Jalen Moore but would often loose by passing long. Not to mention the other talent was on the varsity squad. Hagerty will only win at the Blue and Gold game against his JV.

  • I was there and I saw it!!!

    Amat fans need to relax, PASSING LEAGUE is just what it means. Dont kill the messenger. Amat did look small, they couldn’t stop Chino Hills passing attack, an offense you will be seeing in the regular season. I would be a little concerned right now, your first win came against Ganesha, who I believe came in last in the tournament. I didn’t see your final game, i was watching the Championship game, but if you beat Huntington Beach then you came in 9th place. I do know that DJ Daniels wasn’t there. However, If this was a gauge of how your pass defense/offense is, then you should be worried. So to answer your questions, Dionza Blue had better get a lot yards, because no one is going to respect your passing game. The Power I is going to need to be VERY effective and execute if you’re going to have any success. Amat had better be able to hit the corner on the sweep, execute on their counters,and have an effective Play-action if they hope to contend for a title. They had better be able to count on their defensive gurus to blitz effectively, pressure the quarterback, get a lot of sacks/ knock downs/ hits/ & hurries because your pass defense was horrible. It was just a passing tournament, don’t get all Butt hurt cause your team underperformed. If you can truly answer your own questions, then you know what your future holds. Good luck in the season.

  • FootballFan


    What were the final results? I know the first four:
    1. Rancho Cucamonga
    2. Chino Hills
    3. Ayala
    4. Diamond Bar
    5. West Covina?
    6. ???
    7. ???
    8. ???
    9. ???
    10. ??
    11. Ontario?
    12. Ganesha?

    Guessing on 5,11,& 12.

  • Real Sports

    Hey – I heard there’s an Over-The-Line Tournament coming up to take a look at next years baseball teams and a H-O-R-S-E Contest for our preseason basketball rankings. Of course that concludes with the Raging Waters Swimsuit Competition to see who passes “The Look Test”

  • Inneedofananswer

    Someone help me here? Didnt the head coach from Colony become the OC at Chino Hills? If so, how can Simko become eligible? CIF rules see this as “undue influence”, and states a 1 year ineligible status….. Sect 207 rule 4 c of the blue book.

  • Know the Rules & The Facts

    “Inneedofananswer said:
    Someone help me here? Didnt the head coach from Colony become the OC at Chino Hills? If so, how can Simko become eligible? CIF rules see this as “undue influence”, and states a 1 year ineligible status….. Sect 207 rule 4 c of the blue book.”

    First of all, Bechtal is still at Colony coaching the the team thru the spring…HE IS NOT AT CHINO HILLS….yet! He has coached one practice@ CH. Simko has already enrolled @ Chino Hills therefore he is not “following his coach” which is a violation of CIF rules…He has already moved into the Chino Hills area. I hear they are also getting a Soph. Receiver from Colony who moved to Chino Hills and has already been cleared, as has Simko, by CIF and both are eligible.

  • Know the Rules & The Facts

    “Inneedofananswer said:
    Someone help me here? Didnt the head coach from Colony become the OC at Chino Hills? If so, how can Simko become eligible? CIF rules see this as “undue influence”, and states a 1 year ineligible status….. Sect 207 rule 4 c of the blue book.”

    First of all, Bechtal is still at Colony coaching the the team thru the spring…HE IS NOT AT CHINO HILLS….yet! He has coached one practice@ CH. Simko has already enrolled @ Chino Hills therefore he is not “following his coach” which is a violation of CIF rules…He has already moved into the Chino Hills area. I hear they are also getting a Soph. Receiver from Colony who moved to Chino Hills and has already been cleared, as has Simko, by CIF and both are eligible.

  • Bechtal has NOT coached 1 practce @CH

    My mistake in previous post… Bechtal has NOT coached 1 practice @ CH

  • 238

    Rancho looked great.
    Chino Hills looked good, especially on defense.
    Simko doesn’t know the offense get.
    Diamond Bar only got 4th place becuse of thier initial bracket. They beat Ontario by 2.
    Ayala looked impressive at times.
    Noodles went limp against Rancho.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    Please keep certain things in mind when you’re watching passing games, because it’s very subjective. We all have different things we take away from it and get an early opinion going.

    Amat is never going to look like a great passing tourney team. They never have, as best I can recall. Their best offensive weapon is Blue and he won’t be showcased in a 7-on-7 game. I respect that everybody has different things they look for in a team to form an opinion during passing games, but mine are whether the athletes pass the “look test.” Amat was without Daniels and Andrews, so you can’t really tell. But Blue and Cook pass. Camargo does as well. Koa looked just fine. He ate the ball a few times when a more seasoned QB, i.e. Simko may have found a second or third option, but in the grand scheme that’s okay because you don’t want Koa forcing it. So he’s already got that going for him.

    Again, my only concern is that when you see the bodies that Chino Hills and Rancho had out there (and Rancho was without Hawkins for track), then you get a little concerned because Amat didn’t stack up to them ACROSS THE BOARD. And maybe nobody should be stunned by that, right Amat fans? After all, you’re D-1 and Rancho and CH are D-2.

    But again, Daniels and Andrews were no esta aqui. I wouldn’t be too worried about Amat’s skill guys or back seven (OK, maybe the corners), I would be more concerned as to whether the line has some beef. If they do, there’s plenty enough skill guys to do damage.

    What impressed me most about Chino Hills is that they had the right type of frame in the right spot. They look very good. And whether or not Simko knows the offense yet, you can tell he’s got some polish.

  • Don’t Get Too Excited…

    I’ve never put a whole lot of stock in wins and losses at passing tournaments. Because like others have said, things change when the pads go on, but with that said, there are a few things that you can effectively evaluate though.

    On the O side, are the recievers running crisp routes. Are the QB’s, Tight Ends, and Recievers on the same page, well on ther way, or not even in the same library. Is your QB throwing well. If he can’t throw with just a shirt on, he’s certainly not going to be effective when the pads come on.

    On the D side, are my secondary guys getting beat? Are they anticipating the play accurately, are they doing dumb stuff like letting guys behind them. Are they pressing the recievers and most importantly, are they dictating what they will allow the offense to get away with or are they being dictated to?

    If I were Amat, I would be very concerned on the defensive side especially considering the league you are in. There are some stellar offenses in the PAC-5. Your offense will score, no question and true you were missing a couple of guys, but 2 guys does not a defense make. There were some fundamental weaknesses that pass heavy offenses in the PAC-5 will fully exploit and your offense will not be able to score enough to win a lot of your games. Think USC’s Defense during Lane Kiffin’s first year. They lost most of those games. They imposed their will on teams when they were on offense, but when the defense was on the field… the groans were loud and often.

    RC looked sound all the way around. They won, but that’s irrelevant. They did not make many mistakes. They were imposing. They will do well when it counts.

    Chino Hills was pretty sound for the most part. Lukily Simko has the summer to get dialed in. During his game against Ayala, there were quite a few series that he could not complete a pass.

    Ayala, was better than I expected them to be. Looks like the 2QB system didn’t work out so well for them last year. Looks like the right QB won out. Defense let a lot of guys behind them. Not good, not good at all. If they don’t fix that, being in the Sierra League they better hope that O can put up at least 42 a game, EVERY GAME or they are going to be in deep doo doo come league time.

  • The Pit


    You’ve been to all the SGV schools the pass few years

    When are you going to the PIT.

    Check out spring football 3-6pm

  • disillusioned

    Amat looked anemic on defense (and small) and you can’t tell me that two guys make that much of a difference (are they at least Big Guys). Where is their size? Is this the secondary that we have been hearing so much about? The guys who have been together forever and will hold the defense together? Get ready for a rough ride lancers because it wasn’t pretty. Also, I wasn’t overly impressed with your offense either.

  • Amat Was Picked Apart

    I know it was only passing league, however, I was surprised how badly Amat was picked apart by Chino Hills. I too was not impressed by the size and athleticism of Amat’s D. I know Amat is primarily a running team but they do need to throw the ball to keep teams off balance or if they get behind. They will also need to play solid defense in their league. I thought Rancho was VERY athletic, they passed the look test for sure. Chino Hills was also impressive. I like their new QB. He’s a big kid with a strong arm and great poise. I think once he learns their offense, he’ll be one of the best in the area. Ayala looked good at times, better than last year, but still a couple steps lower than Rancho & CH. It will be fun watching these teams in the passing league circuit this summer. I know it is only passing league, but it does show you who the athletes are.

  • Lancelot

    @SocalFan-I hear ya, but I just don’t subscribe to your assessment. Hagerty does need to be more imaginative at times and in reading your response you must believe in the old ground and pound. I like it too BUT as everybody points out, we just are not that big up front and sometimes you gotta throw’em a curve ball. Hagerty doesn’t throw enough curveballs. Blue will have his work cut out for him but Amat always finds a way to get it done on the ground. The passing game will have to open the ground up big time this year. Haynes will need to produce and produce early……I’m more concerned w/Amat’s defense this year. Varela was a huge force last year at linebacker and this year he is gone. Alcantara ran the secondary for two years at Strong Safety and now he is gone, Valasquez is learning a new position and there’s no Rio to put at Free Safety in a pinch and Montes is noi longer on the corner to shore up the run. All that said….I still believe in my Lancers because, this is really nothing new. Still undersized, still losing great players and still in the conversation.

  • Sierra League Fan

    It was great to see 2 teams from the Sierra league do well Saturday. I was very impressed with Chino Hills. That new Qb is going to be good and he has a very talented group to throw to. What really got my attention was how much their defense has improved. They were very young defensively last year, looks like they have more experience. They pretty much dominated Amat whom I didn’t find impressive.
    Ayala looks to be improved as well. They seem to have found a solid QB. He was hit and miss at times, but he was much better than last year. I hope these 2 schools do well in the summer tournaments.

  • Please explain

    Please explain what players (positions actually) on defense and offense are included in 7 on 7 passing scrimmages. Obviously QB, receivers etc…, but what else? Do they only pass or is there running plays and sweeps etc?

  • passing league is important.

    Passing league is important. if it was not, then why does every football on the planet have a 7 on 7 segment or practice game? If your QB can’t make throws without a line in front of him and no one hitting him…how will they do in live action. If you qb can’t throw a good ball in a t-shirt, then imagine with Shoulder pads on. If your WR’s can’t catch without contact, what happens with the FS comes to lay the boom. The important thing is to compete, and improve. I would not weigh too heavy West Covina’s performance in passing league tourney’s. They are a wing T team. I think Antonio will be dangerous running, and will be able to make good enough throws to keep defenses honest. West Co needs to get better at throwing just because. Bishop on the other had should be concerned. They run a balanced attack. They are not big enough to pound teams with the run game alone. They are a “Cat and Mouse” type team. Execution, and play calling are big in Lancerville, However, If they can not cover, that will be a problem in pac 5 play. If they have to roll out every time, that is going to put the QB at risk for taking big hits. If they can’t pass, teams will stack 8 in the box or blitz. Sooner or later they BA is going to have to go deep down field. Now, BA fans really should be worried about how big the line is. Will the line core at BA preform at lineman challenges. Size matters on the line, However Concord De la salle has a small line…small in 6’1-6’2 225-235 lbs range. But Their formula works and they win. I think BA doesn’t even average that? I could be wrong.

  • Don’t Get Too Excited…

    @ Please Explain,

    On O, You have a QB, a few Recievers, maybe a couple Tight Ends, an RB, and sometimes a center depending on the tourney. Essentially all the skill guys on O even if they will most likely never recieve a pass in a game situation (RB and FB).

    On D, you have Safety’s, LB’s, and Corners. If the opposing team is using a center, sometimes you’ll get an 8th man that basically runs up to the LOS and takes a knee.

    That’s what I’ve seen anyway.

  • dont believe the hype:

    your problem not mine: dont get too pumped up Chino Hills theres a reason a kid as great as Simko is goes to 3 schools in a year. Thats your problem now well if it doesnt work out, there is Chino and Ayala he can still move to if he doesnt get his way. GOOD LUCK the super star is your now! He wasnt good enough to start in Mountain View league but hes a over night sensation did we miss something?

  • dont believe the hype

    all yours now CH: dont get too pumped up Chino Hills theres a reason a kid as great as Simko is goes to 3 schools in a year. Thats your problem now well if it doesnt work out, there is Chino and Ayala he can still move to if he doesnt get his way. GOOD LUCK the super star is your now! He wasnt good enough to start in Mountain View league but hes a over night sensation did we miss something?

  • Don’t Get Too Excited…

    @ Don’t Believe The Hype,

    Simko went where the spot would be easy pickings and the recieving corps has at least 1 D1 caliber player. No way he would have picked Ayala. Would have had to REALLY compete for the spot. Too big of a risk to chance not being THE guy.

    There’s a LOT to be said about a kid willing to play at 3 or 4 different High Schools in his career (unless parents are in the military or their jobs require them to move around a lot) and not much is good. There’s probably some baggage there. Just sayin’…

  • saladays

    Passing league means nothing!!!!

    teams who suck in passing league Monrovia, San Dimas, Centennial, Norco, Servite, Lakewood, Long Beach Poly, Bishop Amat, West Covina, La Mirada, Los Altos, Mayfair, Diamond Ranch, Muir, Tusitn, Foothill, St. Paul, Domiguez, Crenshaw, Dorsey, San Pedro, Garfield.

    this is just off my head thinking through the divisions of teams who historically do nothing special in passing but do well every year.

    Conversely how many teams have gotten hyped from passing league and been awful Diamond Bar, Arroyo, Wilson H.H., Covina, Loyola with the previous HC, Maranatha, Glendora, LB Poly the last couple years, Crespi Last year.

    Some others that suck at passing league Bellevue Washington, JT Curtis, De La Salle, Bellarmine, Manatee.

  • AyalaBulldogFootballFan

    So Aram, I’ve been away for a while. Any word on who will be at Bonita this year?

    Passing league is fun to watch. Helps pass the time until August. No more. No less.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    These comments about Simko couldn’t be more off base and ridiculous.

    Anyway, let’s say some of these Matty Ice detractors are right, tell me what is wrong with the kid and his parents going to where they think might be best for him?

    He’s a quarterback prospect. He’s put his life into this. He was up at Cal at Elite 11 and caught a plane super late Friday just to be able to be with his team and compete in the Rancho tourney. Pretty impressive, I’d say.

    This is a kid with a great arm, good size and a good head on his shoulders, and OH YEAH, he’s got FOUR SHORT YEARS to realize his dream of being a D-1 QB. So he does what he thinks is best to make the dream happen.

    At Colony, his head coach just resigned. You think he should sit there and hope the school makes the right choice for the next head coach (this close to the all-important offseason) and that none of his teammates leave? Or would you go somewhere like CH where the QB has to be replaced and there’s a D-1 target also awaiting his senior season.

    Again, this is my problem with the CIF rules, even as they are now. Simko has done everything by the book. He’s made a valid residential change and that’s that. But I don’t think he should even have to do that. He’s got perfectly good reasons to leave Colony for greener pastures. Do you really think that given the way so many HS football programs are mismanaged by administrators that kids with legit shots at playing at the next level should be held hostage in those programs surrounded by higher ups who could give two craps about football? I don’t think so!

    When are you people going to wake up and realize that athletics are just as big a part of the HS experience these days as academics? You may not want to accept that, but for a lot of kids, playing sports is the most important part of their HS experience.

    Anyway, I got to talk to Matty Ice and Louis Napoles for a few minutes on Saturday. We watched part of the West Covina-Rancho game together and they’re great kids with quite a bit of knowledge about what’s going on around the area. They’re fans of the game and they’re also players. They also read the blogs and Simko is aware of what’s said on here. So keep that in mind. I’m not gonna censor any of you because you’re entitled to your own opinion and Simko knows full well to take the hating with a grain of salt.

  • patrick

    @ Saladays,
    Your are so late ! But stay thirsty bro!

  • SchoolAdminsSuck

    True, True, True! School Admins do suck. They generally will do anything to eff over Athletics, and what sucks more is good AD’s get pushed out that will back their HC’s.

    The REAL question about Simko isn’t really about Simko. Kids transfer all the itme. The question should be what did the Colony Admins do that would make Coach Bectel leave a promising program in the beginning/middle of spring ball. THAT is the REAL question. Parents should be marching with torches and pitchforks asking WTF?

  • know your facts aram

    Aram: did anyone fill you in on the Facts? I guess not, well heres how it goes. there was a Kid playing at Claremont as a upcoming starter behind Kessler his dad found a trainer for him (bechtel) his trainer tells him come over here at Colony and abandon your team a week before season starts and ill make sure you start. Well the other QB was more athletic but didnt have the arm so they shared the spot. Now the trainer quits and we all know where he is going its no secret, Chino Hills and guess who went first and is waiting to be reunited? Really Aram? Im glad not every QB is a hopper, that would wreck teams all over.

  • recruit 101

    how it works : Transcripts dont lie thats why the first thing colleges recruits ask for is the transcripts, SHOW ME THE KIDFACTS not the CARFOX. If you leave a high school for what you think is a better situation everytime one comes up then why wouldnt you do it at a college level? Its called the runaway bride syndrome. Sometimes you have to stick it through and compete, it will make you a better person in the long run.

  • Former QB, soon to be former Damien Dad and current Stanford Dad, gee do you know it’s me???

    Okay what are we getting excited about in the Fish Bowl this time? Has any one seen the kid out of Cathedral High School, Hayden Rettig? Kid is amazing and comes from some of the best parents on the planet. His brother plays QB at Boston College so you know the kid got genes to spare. He’s a legit 6’4″ 215 and was a legit 6’3″ 180 as a Soph, plus the kid is a great leader!

    Funny thing about this kid is he transfers out of Oaks Christian to attend Cathedral and starts as a Soph. DId he leave because Gretzy’s kid was in the wings or did he just transfer because his parents wanted something “better” for him. All he’s done is enough to have more than 15 D1 scholarship offers in spite of a less than .500 record and getting thrashed by Bishop Amat a few years back. Still the kid loves the school and his parents couldn’t be happier, in spite of the loses and such

    Parents have coin but the kid rides the bus and does everything with the team plus he has ZERO EGO !!!

    All this talk about who’s who as a QB and over the years what has it gotten any one who pretends to know the position from behind a keyboard or a desk? My money was on Baca from Ayala a few years ago but then I realized he wasn’t 6’2″ as was advertised and is now listed as a senior at Norther Colorado as 6’0″ and 215, he must have shrunk somehow.

    Of the QB’s I’ve seen in the past 8 years in the Fish Bowl the only one who really impressed me has been the young Thropay out of Chino Hills. Kid has got mad potential. I was never impressed with Santiago, Allen or Deen for various reasons, size, foot speed or an inability to will a win. I liked Kessler but he was a careless QB, like Pendleton but he had to much Big Ben without being Big Ben when it counted most. Jefferies is a talent but he’s Jake Plummer thin/small and that’s going to be a huge hurdle for him. I do like the Maranatha QB having seen him beat Salesian twice but was it system, coaching or that stud WR that made him who knows? BTW he beat Salesian in the last minute both times.

    I haven’t seen Simko but when I do I’ll let you know. BTW any one better than Rettig in the FISH BOWL?

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Know your facts,

    You’re gonna tell me to “know my facts” when you say Simko left Claremont “a week before the season.” ??????


    Is BEFORE July 15 “a week before” the season?

    A week before the season? Well, I guess that sounds dramatic enough to make it seem like you know what you’re saying. But actually, the season started for Claremont on Sept. 2. Simko was gone BEFORE the Claremont Tournament WAY BACK on July 15. So how is that a week before the season? More like a full month and a half before the season, but I’m the one who needs to know my facts? Check yourself, holmes.

    Don’t believe me? Read this link ….


  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Recruit 101:
    Dude you couldn’t be farther from being accurate. Maybe back in the 1970s or even the 80’s, you’d be on to something. Heck I’ll throw in the 90’s for good measure. But TODAY, no scout is going to lose any sleep over that! Your argument is so fundamentally flawed, it’s laughable. “Makes you better in the long run?” Really? Are you serious? Next time your employer wants to demote you, I want you to remember, “… it’ll make you better in the long run.” What a crock.

    @Know Your Facts:
    You talk like you’re good friends with the family? You sit in on those conversations between Simko’s family and his “trainer?” I know you got your Dick Tracey decoder wristwatch on and you’re the Sleuth of the Year for 2011 award winner, but did you ever think something MAY have happened at Claremont?

    Exactly! That should be the question asked. What did Colony’s Administration do to a dedicated coach like Bechtel to force him out. Yeah I said it. Force him out. You don’t always have to have someone point to the door for you to know you’re being handed your hat.

    I don’t know Simko and I don’t know his family. I don’t know Bechtel either. But I’ve seen Simko play and he’s the real deal. Bechtel’s reputation as a high caliber coach is long reaching as well.

    Simko is a QB with an arm. What was he supposed to do? Wait at Colony for a head coach that MIGHT run the wishbone? Stick it out like Recruit 101 says? His parents would be flogged, tarred and feathered for doing that to their child. And posters here would be ripping them silly. You can’t have it both ways. Praise him for his ability but rip him for leaving an unstable and I’d imagine sinking ship at Colony.


    I think Aram is more hard wired into the situation than any of the two I mentioned earlier.

  • Choices

    Why do bloggers get mad, when people “choose” to play where they want to play? What’s it+ to you? Why do you care…is your kid on his team? If he is, would you want to play with someone who does not want to be there? There is no loyalty unless there is commitment. That commitment is not a four year commitment, it’s a yearly commitment. Things change from year to year. Sometimes schools commit to winning by hiring the right AD, Coaching staffs, and creating a atmosphere for their kids to succeed. Some schools don’t. Schools have to prove year end and year out that they are committed to their programs. They moment they slack up on commitment, is the moment that kids begin to leave. Maybe they don’t come at all, because there is a new incoming class every year. From the moment they step on campus they have to be impressed with the program just as they have to impress coaches. If you look at some of the coaching hires over the years you can tell that some schools are not interested in winning. With lack of teaching jobs, there are good coaches out there looking to be found. If you expect studs to stay around, the program has to be committed to excellence and you will see your loyalty. Schools like West co, Monrovia, Charter Oak, Bishop Amat of old, Bonita, Chino Hills, San Dimas, Azusa have been committed to excellence, They revamp fields, hire top coaches, Win etc.. Etc.. Others can’t be mad if a kid wants a piece of that. Schools like Glendora, Pomona, Duarte, Hacienda Heights, Colony have made questionable moves and their programs Have suffered.

  • new CIF advice to all kids

    To all players: keep on looking there may be a better place for you somewhere else just pick a place where they have good potential prospects that way while they are there for the players who earned it you too can get some looks, dont worry theres nothing wrong with having 3-4 different school IDs , maybe he went to CH for the peanut butter sandwiches? They looked pretty good, why dont we get those? Thats it im moving to CH I want sandwiches too! Hey Aham I have a question for you? Whats his GPA? OPEN ENROLLMENT AT CHINO HILLS COME ONE COME ALL, well only if you felt neglected or lied to by your coach + 3

  • The grass really is greener

    Beware if you come to CH. Our freshman program has 100+ every kids every season, we don’t cut anyone and 75 of those kids will NEVER even sniff the field – even on Saturday “reserve” games where we routinely play our Thursday starters. If you come here you better be ready to compete on DAY 1! If you don’t impress early, of if your reputation does not precede you, good luck sniffing a down. But hey, at least you get to wear the jersey. Usually.

  • Butt Hurt Daddy???

    The Grass is Greener,
    Really??? Are you F-ing kidding me? Chino Hills has almost a full schedule of Saturday “reserve” games. Every kid gets to play in those. They do not play the Thursday stars. Sounds like you are upset that your little Jimmy isn’t the superstar you think he is or pressuring him to be. Stop living your frustrated football career through your son and let him play for the fun of it without pressure from you. This is not Pop Warner or Junior All American where everyone plays and get popsicles after the game. Stop bad mouthing a solid program. If things were so bad as you make them sound, why aren’t kids transferring out of Chino Hills to other programs? Stop whining and grow a pair. I have had 2 kids go through the program…one had a very successful career and one didn’t play much at all but LOVED the experience…I am proud of both sons equally! Name the kids who have left Chino Hills to play elswhere and compare that to the list of kids who have transferred INTO the program. Sounds like you need to take your kid to Don Lugo so he will actually see the field and be the player you obviously never were.

  • Hypocrite!!!

    “Don’t Get Too Excited… said:
    @ Don’t Believe The Hype,
    Simko went where the spot would be easy pickings and the recieving corps has at least 1 D1 caliber player. No way he would have picked Ayala. Would have had to REALLY compete for the spot. Too big of a risk to chance not being THE guy.

    There’s a LOT to be said about a kid willing to play at 3 or 4 different High Schools in his career (unless parents are in the military or their jobs require them to move around a lot) and not much is good. There’s probably some baggage there. Just sayin’…”

    This coming from a school who a few years ago had the same experience…..Remember Ryan Orozco???? Went to Chino Hills, to Orange Lutheran, to Ayala and sucked all the way.

    Have you watched Simko play? There is NO DOUBT he’d be the started at 90% of the schools in the area…Ayala included. You Qb is decent I’ll give him that. But no way is he better than Simko. I don’t blame the kid for leaving Colony. The move provides him with tougher competition (Sierra league & Division 2), better academics (CH is in the top 5% in academics in the state) , and a chance to play for a stable program. Why jeopardize your senior year at a place where you don’t know what’s going to happen with an administration that is not supportive of athletics?

  • Mountain View League???

    “dont believe the hype: said:
    your problem not mine: dont get too pumped up Chino Hills theres a reason a kid as great as Simko is goes to 3 schools in a year. Thats your problem now well if it doesnt work out, there is Chino and Ayala he can still move to if he doesnt get his way. GOOD LUCK the super star is your now! He wasnt good enough to start in Mountain View league but hes a over night sensation did we miss something?”

    Dude, there is no mountain view league…lol. That tells us you know NOTHING!!!
    Did you know that Simko was the offensive MVP of the “Mt. Baldy” league last year? You just made yourself sound very ignorant…….go back to the figure skating blogs where you might actually know something!

  • Anonymous

    Hayden is thinking about signing with LSU that should be your headliner

  • Wait until it’s a done deal

    Why should Aram report every time someone “thinks” about something? Has he been offered by LSU? If so, he should mention that.

  • The grass really is greener

    @Butt Hurt Daddy???

    I love how when somebody shines the light of truth on that precious program the nutjobs start to come out of the woodwork. My son is a 3 year starter at CH and does quite well for himself thank you very much. There’s a reason we have a bad rep, we earn it. It kills me because we’re part of the Husky family so it’s guilt by association, but it is what it is and we’ve made our bed.

    That was the old guard that took that worthless QB Orozco and if I’m not mistaken, there’s another HS you’re missing on that list. I believe he went to 4 schools not just 3.

  • Know Your Facts!

    Grass is greener,
    Orozco started for CH freshmen team and played varsity for CH (not much ..except for a horrible game vs. Damien). He then thought he could play with the big boys @ O Lu and sat the bench. Then he went to Ayala…let me count the schools CH…1, O LU…2, Ayala…3. Isn’t math fun!!!

  • Sierra League Fan

    Grass is Greener,
    How does Chino Hills have a bad rep? I have been following this program since the school opened. I had a son in the first graduating class who played FB and a nephew who is playing now. I think the previous poster got it right. They give ALL kids the opportunity to play at the freshmen level. You do sound like a disgruntled parent who thinks his kid should play more. Coaches at the high school level play the best kids…period. If you do not like the program, why don’t you transfer? I would not stay someplace I am not happy at. If the “grass is greener”, why not go there instead of bad mouthing a fine program. It is hard to argue the success of CH football. The Varsity has made the playoffs all but 1 year of their existence and has won 3 of the last 4 league championships and made it to the semi finals twice. Their lower levels are also very good. Their JV team has won 3 straight league championships and the freshmen has won 7 or 8 league titles in the 11 years they have had a FB program. So what arguments to you have? Why do you think CH has a “bad rap”? and who is this bad rap with? You make a good point. If you come to CH to play football you better be ready to compete day 1 ! Is that a bad thing? Or do you believe things should be “given”? That is the problem with today’s society. Everyone wants things given to them without working. High school football is not like youth football. The best players play. Just like real life, the best people for a job will get it! The Saturday games are for kids who are still learning the game or are not skilled enough to “start” on Thursday’s. The cold hard facts are that there are 100 kids for a max of 22 positions…do the math. Instead of bitching about it, help your son to develop his skills and teach them to COMPETE for a position. They may not get it this year, but who knows what will happen in the coming years.

  • The grass really is greener

    @ Sierra League Fan,
    Let’s see, we have a bad rap for playing favorites, playing daddy-ball and most of all catering to whiney parents and generous boosters so we earn every bit of that rap. If you’re in THE crowd, you never hear about it. You only hear it if as a parent you sit back and shut up and let your kid do the talking on the field which is definitely a rarity here in the Hills.

    My kids have not lost spots because of it because of what goes on here but I know more than a few that have. My son that is there now has started all three years so far, Frosh, and 2 years at JV. He’s enjoying it and frankly I’m enjoying his experience as well knowing that I had absolutely nothing to do with his success. He’s earned it himself and that’t a life lesson that is also rare here in the hills where every kid gets a trophy just for showing up. He most likely will see reduced playing time as a Senior which is what happens where there’s some really talented kids coming up which is the way it’s supposed to be. There’s absolutely NO reason for us to transfer. He’s not playing at the next level anyway, so why take a spot away from a kid that is trying to get there?

    Bottom line, it SHOULD be a competition to see who the best are, that was my point in my first post, my other point though is that I know for a fact starters were played on reserve games, while kids that need development were not even remotely given opportunities. True I don’t have a dog in this particular fight, I still believe everyone should be given one shot to contribute. If you’re not ready, or not prepared, too bad, that’s life. Sometimes in life you only get one shot at something so you best be prepared to make the most of it.

    @Know your facts…
    For some reason I thought he spent a season at Diamond Ranch, a season at O Lu, a season at CH, then finished out at Ayala. I may stand corrected, regardless, c’mon man… 3 schools or 4 schools, is there really much of a difference?

  • Anonymous

    Why havent you had a headline about Hayden yet? he has given his verbal commit to LSU

  • Rudy

    It’s really hard to tell how kids will develop. You must know if you plan on sending your kid to CH, WC, CO, BA, Mtown, or any of those types of schools, they are going to have to compete all 4 years, due to the talent that is coming in yearly. You could be a 3 year starter, then some hot shot 10th grader comes up, or a top notch transfer comes over. You must know this from day one. If your child is happy with playing in Saturday games, and On JV as jr, there is nothing wrong with that. If they have ambitions, of being a star, then send him to school where that is easier to accomplish. It’s not hard to do your research…when your child is in the 8th grade, go to a couple of spring ball practices, passing league games, talk to some coaches, find out what school is best for for your child. Just because your kid was best player at Kare, or on the 8th grade flag team, does not mean that they are going to win a spot at the top schools in your area. If your kid was the best player on the freshman team does not mean they will get handed a job for the next 3 years. Honestly parents should “spy” on their kid in a few practices, see them in action when you are not supposed to be there, and see if they are a hard worker, see if the other kids are better…bring a buddy to help you. If you don’t feel you are getting a fair look, or if you find out the talent is too rich, there is nothing wrong with leaving. In a short four year career, go out and find the best experience you can. Being that only the top 2% of kids get offers, transferring every year is not going to make a difference. If you are in that top 2% then it does not matter anyway.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    That’s great for Hayden Rettig, but until somebody can tell me if he’s related to Austin Rettig, I won’t be satisfied.

    Anyway, Cathedral ain’t a local team.

  • Jefe

    What’s with Aram swinging off Noodles’ nuts??

    It’s getting ridiculous.

  • You think you know.

    (TO : Former QB, soon to be former Damien Dad and current Stanford Dad, gee do you know it’s me???)
    When was the last time you saw Jeffries ? ? ?
    I saw him working out with his former QB coach Lawrence now Damien QB coach at Damien last Friday afternoon. He didn’t look a bit small but about 6’3″ and built solid as a rock I say around 210 lbs. He was showing little Pucci the ropes.
    I guess you have your opinions but just how credible are they ?

  • Yes

    Aram to confirm your question yes Hayden is the younger brother of Austin Rettig

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    So who’s Austin Rettig, you’re all asking (not really).

    Well, Austin Rettig will go down in the AYSO Region 40 history books for scoring the game-winning goal in OT in the 1984 championship game for my age group.

    Wreckers 1, previously undefeated Star Warriors 0.

    I was on the Star Warriors, one of the greatest teams in sports history to never win a championship.

    Anyway, Austin is a year older than me and went on to play football at San Marino.

    How he’s got a younger brother who is a senior in HS is beyond me, but hey, why not!


    I heard that the other QB candidate for DB Nolan Luzzi didn’t get any play time

  • Correction

    Idk who this austin rettig your talking about is but hayen is the younger brother of CHASE rettig starting qb at bosten college since he was a true freshmen

  • socalfootball fan

    Perhaps the reason Nolan Luzzi did not see playing time is he just finished the baseball season for the brahmas and missed spring practice. There will be plenty of time to compete for the starting qb spot.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Grass is always greener,
    So, you are one of those bitter dads. Saying our program has a bad rep…… in the eyes of other bitter dads. Let’s dissect your “problems” with the program:

    “we have a bad rap for playing favorites” – Please give me an example where a player played in front of someone who was better than him. Coaches at the high school level and above keep their jobs by WINNING! Coaches put the best players on the field that give their team the best chance to win…PERIOD! Just because “Billy’s” daddy thinks he’s an all star, he might not be. So if you are going to say that, please give examples.

    “playing daddy-ball” – Please explain. If you are talking about the DC’s kid playing LB, please tell me who was better and should have been playing instead of him. I thought the kid was decent, he did make all league so other coaches in the league must have thought so as well.

    “catering to whiney parents and generous boosters” – Once again, give an example. The coaches play the best players regardless who mommy and daddy are. Who are these so called “generous boosters” you speak of. I didn’t know CH football had a sugar daddy. I see lot’s of parents working tirelessly to provide the players with a great HS football experience. I have worked countless bingos, sold programs at games, worked BBQ’s etc. just like many other parents with no expectations that my boy would play more.

    You sound like one of those sh*t talking, disgruntled parents who are bitter because your son doesn’t get to play on Varsity ” a 2 year starter on JV” ….. in other words, not up to playing varsity level competition.
    If CH has such a bad rep, why do they still have 100 new kids joining the program every year??? Why aren’t kids leaving CH to play at other schools ??? Why don’t parents who feel they are being wronged speak to the coaches?? The answer to these questions is that Chino Hills is a successful program both on and off the field. In any organization there are gutless people who complain behind people’s backs because they don’t have the spine to confront the problem head on.

    “My kids have not lost spots because of it because of what goes on here but I know more than a few that have” Once again, please give examples where favorites were played over someone better than them.

    So, you have tried to discredit a football program without giving one example to support these claims. People like you and your whiney little parent friends are cancers that need stay quiet, confront the problem like a man, or transfer. Do I think the coaches at CH are perfect, not by a long shot. However, I support them as they work on helping the boys become successful young men. I am thankful for the experiences my son and nephew had.

  • The grass really is greener

    @ Sierra League Fan, would love to give examples but the reasons I won’t are as follows; I’m not going to trash kids in print and I wouldn’t want to pee in your kool-aid.

    For the record, I am NOT talking about Chadwick. He earned All-League honors this year if I remember correctly. That’s an honor to be recognized in that way.

    Plain and simple, I don’t think my son is a starting Varsity caliber player. He goes out plays when asked and enjoys playing the game. Nothing to be bitter about. I think I would be unhappy if he went out there for someone other than himself AND his team, but nevertheless, it’s his experience not mine. Seems like you’re the one that’s bitter about something. Maybe I struck a nerve and you don’t like it when someone within the family airs the dirty laundry. I’m a successful businessman with my own company and I don’t need to relive my glory days through my kids. It’s their experience, I’ve already had mine, it’s their turn now.

  • Move along to greener pastures…..

    Greener Pastures,
    I think Sierra fan hit it on the head. There are people like you that talk crap about a program without backing up with any proof. You put the program on blast but hide when you are called out. That is the problem with high school sports . Parents can get on sites like this, talk crap about a coach or program and hide. Gutless if you ask me. Sierra fan simply asked for examples. You can name positions or give intials or something without putting the kids names out there. This makes you look really weak man. Like he said, if you don’t like the program transfer.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Greener Pastures,
    Talking about not naming names…Nice job doing it yourself. If not the one you mentioned, please explain this whole daddy ball thing then. I am not bitter at all. I am supportive of the CH football program and simple asked you to back up your slanderous comments. I hate people that talk sh*t and don’t back it up. trying to bring down a solid football program with unfounded rumors. You sound like a 13 year old girl playing he said/she said. Why would you think I am bitter. the only thing i did was ask for examples…..that makes ME bitter? As a so called “successful businessman” you condone these rumors? Is this how you conduct your business by getting in little groups and talking crap about other businesses without proof. That is called slander my friend….hope you don’t end up in a lawsuit spineless, butthurt, daddy.


    Mr. Bitter

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Aaaaaaannnnnnd cut!

    In other news.

    Aram, what’s going on with Colony? I hear they still don’t have a coach. Any word on the wire whose coming in? I was told Rice was on campus yesterday. The scoop was he was trying to put in some face time in hopes of getting an interview. That’s sad that program hasn’t filled that spot yet.

  • seeing Is Believing

    Don’t know if this is true. In fact I can’t believe it if it is but according to the rumor mill Steve Randal from Ontario High is going to be the next coach. That has got to be a rumor, right?

  • anonymous

    @Sierra League Fan, I think your reading comprehension is a little off. Looks to me like he gave credit to a player.

    I hope you are not a lawyer because if you are, identify yourself immediately to be disbarred. Slander. Thanks for the laughs. It’s called a dictionary, learn how to use one you tool.

    Looks like the troll landed a big one.

    Man, I have got to show my buddies this place, funny chit.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Coach Randal is what I’ve also heard. Not really my area, though.

  • http://www.board-andbatten.com board and batten

    certainly like your website but you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to inform the reality nevertheless I’ll surely come again again.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Aram – thank you.

    Coach Randal. That would be an interesting pick. Not quite the thunderous monster, program rattling pick you’d expect them to make. But considering the way they handled the Bechtel situation, I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Wow!

    Is that the same Randall that claims to have won a CIF Title at Duarte in 2003? Or at least that is what it says on the Citrus Football Website. Either they made a mistake or he purposely fudged on his resume. That is a BIG fudge IMO. I can’t believe that is the guy. They haven’t announced anything yet so maybe he is notthe guy. His Ontario teams were garbage. And to be honest Duarte took a huge dip under him. It was Crutch, like him or not, that got them on track. Wasn’t Crutch the HC in 2003? Colony must be trying to de-emphasize winning or something.

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  • Huskies in the house!


    The website above gives you really good insight as to what Chino Hills thought process is about Simko coming in to play quarterback. Sounds like a no brainer to me. What does this mean for their other sophomore transfer quarterback Thropay. Is he just going to wait a year now and start there as a junior? Chino Hills from what the coach is saying just won the lottery. I say more power to them although makes for a long night for us unless we can run the ball and keep our offense on the field. Go Dawgs!

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