Next year’s local recruits could be a special class …

With Signing Day now in the rear view mirror, it’s time for area football fans to turn their attention to next year’s class of local high school football recruits. And if early returns are any indicator, the local class of 2015 it could be just as lucrative as ’14.

Arguably the area’s biggest hotbed of recruiting activity will be at Muir where the Mustangs have two outstanding receiver/defensive back prospects in Taeon Mason and DeSean Holmes. Mason just recently gave an early verbal commitment to USC, but if recent history tells us anything, early commits are about as valuable as pet rocks.

Holmes, who transferred to Muir from Alemany this offseason, has an ever-growing list of suitors that include UCLA, USC, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Washington.

Monrovia has been no stranger to hot recruits and next year should be no different. The Wildcats are top-heavy with receivers who also play defensive back. Leading the way is Jordan Nathan, who turned a lot of heads recently at the US Army All-American combine in Texas where he ran the second-fastest 40-yard dash time with a clocking of 4.29 seconds.

Other Wildcats receiver/defensive backs who figure to draw interest are Khalil Bradely, James Jackson and Octavius Spencer.

The Diamond Bar duo of receiver/defensive backs Kanya Bell and Antonio “Noodles” Hull should also see their fair share of interest. Bell is recovering from a knee injury that cut short his junior season, but does have offers USC, UCLA, Washington, Arizona St., Nebraska and Boise St., to name a few.

Hull played in just one game his junior season and plans to use the offseason passing circuit and 7-on-7 competitions to bolster his stock. He will also visit several college camps this spring.

La Mirada had a stellar signing class this winter and may have another waiting in the wings. Leading the way is lineman Anthony Cerillo, who already has an offer from Colorado. Fellow lineman Nikko Nau figures to get offers soon, as does new transfer Tony Brown, a receiver who just came in from Servite.

Diamond Ranch has been sending players to the next level consistently under head coach Roddy Layton. Next year’s group should include defensive back Daniel Garcia, receiver/defensive back John Perkins, linebacker Chris Kirchgraber and receiver Jordan Frisby.

Glendora offensive lineman Ben Northup has next-level size, at 6-foot-6, 300 pounds and should see plenty of attention from recruiters because of it.

  • Sports News

    Antonio Hull has checked out of DBar will be transferring closer to home.

    • What?

      If that’s true, then his family is gambling on him being ineligible for another year unless there is a valid change of address. Also, he is not eligible for the 30 day sit out period due to this being his second transfer.

      • Valley Athletics

        From I heard is he does not have to sit out because he sat whole season at D bar . I know of a person who left Amat for Walnut and was allowed to play whole football season because his sophmore year he did not play football at Amat . This year he cannot play baseball because he did play baseball his sophmore year at Amat . Maybe he will end up at Gorman . Know one knows .

        • TruTH

          He might not have played the season but Hull did play for Diamond Bar against La Serna

          • FootballGuy

            I would think that if he moves back to the district in which his family lives he would be OK. As I recall, they live in Pomona.

          • What?

            Not true, under CIF rules he would have to move out of the Pomona District (where he currently lives) in order to transfer to a Pomona School and still be eligible. Personally, I think his family would have to be insane to play Russian Transfer Roulette with his eligibility once again. Besides, isn’t he going to be the main focus of a wide open DBar offense this year?

    • AramT

      PLEASE STOP!!!! I spoke to Noodles yesterday and he’s still at Diamond Bar and plans on staying at Diamond Bar.

      • What?

        Good to hear. I’m going to make sure that I get out to DBar at least a couple of times this year to see him and Bell play together.

      • Valley Athletics

        Heard Bryan lamb also transfered to Gorman .

  • Valley Athletics

    Why didn’t Scoby sign a letter of intent ? Does he not qualify ? Is he waiting for a better offer ?

    • fb102

      He will be at Mt. SAC next season……

  • AramT

    Fresno St. has reserved a scholarship for him. They used 22 of their 25 … one of them saved for Scoby. When he gets to where he needs to be academically (a month? two? three?) it’s his.

    • MoreKetchup

      That is a really big “When” Aram. I truly hope teachers are not being pressured to pass him.

    • the turn

      if he didn’t spend so much time burning people that believe ..his bullshit sob storys .. he mite go somewhere

  • Valley Athletics

    Can’t forget Cameron Hayes from diamond bar who hAs over 10 D 1 offers .