Scouting Guru updates as signing day nears

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Guru Writes: Tuesday marks the first day that college coaches can get back on the road and start recruiting. There are two purposes of the visits these days — they are looking for any players that have fallen through the cracks and see if there is any interest from the player to their school and to start work for the class of 2012 and 2013.

So here is the latest update from our some of the area schools in the valley. If you don’t see your favorite school on here, don’t worry – I’ll have it for you next week. (To continue click thread).

South Hills — Things are getting interesting at Bogan University … oh I’m sorry – I meant to say South Hills. First offensive lineman Siaosi Aiono remains a solid commit to Utah. Arizona tried to come in late and get him to take an official trip out there, but that fell through the cracks and Aiono will be taking his official trip to Utah this weekend. There are two other interesting prospects out there. The one prospect that has really seen his stock raise is offensive lineman Jeff Vargas. He has good tape from the season and we think we can play defensive end as well. He has a preferred walk-on spot at UC Davis waiting for him, but we think that he’s worth the money to spend on. He is also excelling on the wrestling mat, he just took the 215 pound championship at the prestigious
Temecula Valley Tournament and was named upper weights MVP. It’s safe to say that he is the best 215 pounds wrestler in the valley and one of the top five in state. Defensive tackle Peter Nonu has also gotten some late interest and he is also excelling in wrestling at 285 pounds. The 2012 prospects
for the Huskies will be running back Jamel Hart and wide receiver Jamie Canada.
Here is a prediction for the 2012 season, Canada will be THE BEST ATHLETE IN THE SAN GABRIEL VALLEY and will get an offer from a D-1 school before the season in completed. You heard it here first. He is special!

Charter Oak — Here is the latest on Dennis Rufus. He has tripped to Idaho and will be tripping to Iowa St. in the near future. He has seven offers on the table and frankly no one in the know has an idea on where he is going. Charlie Avila has also been getting interest in the late going and he could get an offer. He has a preferred walk-on spot waiting for him at San Jose State if he wants it. Josiah Thropay has been garnering interest, but it looks like he might have to go down the JC route if he wants to play Division One
Football. The 2012 prospects include quarterback Travis Santiago (who’ll have to overcome his height to garner serious interest) and Chris Gilcrest.

Bishop Amat — Well Bishop Amat fans, this could be the first year in a long, long, long time that things could be quiet on Letter of Intent day. Right now, there is no one that has garnered a big-time D-1 offer.
That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any players that are getting looked at. The one kid that we have been pushing hard is defensive end Julian Gener. He is a stud!!! Played the game of his life against Crespi, then followed that up with excellent performances against Notre Dame, Loyola and Alemany. I love the kid and
I am rooting that he gets a D-1 FCS offer. Wide Receiver Wallace Gonzales had a good year, but there are
character questions about the kid, which is the main reason his recruiting has been very slow. The buzz I’m hearing is that might be in-line to get a baseball offer. I thought that Aaron Bowens and Michael Juarez were good high school players, but definitely a stretch for D-1 schools. As far 2012 is concerned, there is lots to like about Rio Ruiz, but the best player could be running back Jalen Moore. Love the kid and would be surprised if he was not offered by the end of the spring next year. He is very good! And don’t fall asleep on Zach Shay. He’s good too!

Glendora — As reported by Aram Tolegian on Friday, quarterback Chad Jefferies is a solid commit to San Diego State. He has already tripped their and is good to go with the Aztecs.

Diamond Ranch — The best player that has garnered the most interest in defensive back Jacoby Carter. He has taken an official trip to Sacramento State and could end giving an commitment to them in the near
future. He was a diamond in the rough for us and the only player we were interested in when we talked to head coach Roddy Layton last week.

West Covina — Strange happenings. The player that garnered the most interest was linebacker Maurice Dupleasis. He really stood out on film this year and garnered a lot of post-season honors, but needs to work on his academics. The other player that has been getting some buzz lately in B.J. Lee. But his size has colleges thinking twice. As far as 2012 is concerned, the one prospect that we like is Chris Solomon. That kid is a stud! BTW, it was great to see Walter Thurmond making an impact for the Seattle Seahawks late in the year.

Chino Hills — Best player in the 909 is Ifo Ekpre Olumu and he just committed to Oregon several weeks ago. The other player that we liked that has been getting a lot of interest from the D-1 FCS schools is Nate
He has offers from Montana, Northern Arizona and Portland State. He blossomed very nicely this season for the Huskies.,

That is part one. Part two comes next week. We will have updates from San Dimas, Bonita, Claremont among other schools.

We can be reached at

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  • CO Bro

    How about a little shout out to Charter Oak’s Keith Smith LB San Jose State on being named to the Football Writers Freshman All American Team!

    La Habras Ronnie Hillman RB San Diego State was also selected.

  • kh

    fresno st.coming to bonita high
    coming tomorrow to visit zack bomgaurd and lb k.c. huth

  • Get A Life ……


    Sorry KC doesnt meet minimum height requirement 58

  • Vera Wang

    I’d like to come to Bonita to take measurements for the next round of bridesmaid dresses. Shall we? I have a lovely spring collection.

  • signing??

    When did Fresno St. change to mighty midget football? Gimme a break.

  • Ctown

    wheres covina at on here!!

  • All in the SGV


    Please go away again!! I personally heard Bogan and staff call you a joke man. Just stop already.

  • AMAT 73

    What is going on with the QB from Crespi? He had a solid season and can throw with the best of them and I believe he is a senior so any offers .

  • No need to wait for next week

    I can give you the Bonita update right now. They have no prospects.

  • Don

    No need indeed. Always funny how a little success seems to bring out the uninformed, bitter, and jealous. Here’s a couple of certified prospects from the BoHi corral for ya chief.

    Daniel Harriman 6’3, 225 and still growing, Daniel will benefit from a solid year of weight pile work (read gray shirt) somewhere like Mt. Sac or Cerritos College. His body will happily accept enough muscle to allow him to play D1 level ball and his motor, long arms, speed and quickness scream Defensive End. Kinda hard to believe the guru missed him. (Even better, there’s another kid, not a Harriman, same body type, maybe bigger coming up next year from this year’s freshmen).

    Casey Horine 6′ 1, 200 lb roundball and track stud. Next level as a Jason Sehorn type DB: Really fast, smart, aggressive, strong and he likes to hit. Injuries have limited his play, but healthy, he may be the best of the bunch.

    Garrett Horine (Jr.) 6′ 4, 205 lbs. I can’t look at this kid and not think of Richard Wood. Tall, fast and vastly improved at DB from previous season, Garrett is still schoolboy lanky; his frame will take another 25-35 lbs of weight room muscle and still handle anything coming out of the backfield. I’m saying he is a Saturday OLB. Another guru overlook.

    Tarrez Lemmons At 6’3 and 260 lbs, Tarrez is the strongest kid in the school and still learning to play fallsport. My favorite Lemmonization this season was against D Bar where he chased the QB out of the backfield with a guard in one hand and the center in the other, (one way to beat a double team). Tarrez probably projects as an O Guard on Saturdays.

    Garrett Pendleton With so many 6 foot QB’s to pick from these days, Garrett probably gets overlooked in the crush. He is also knocked for lack of mobility, which is unfair since nearly every tall pocket passer I can think of has been knocked for the same thing. Good arm, improving as a progression reader, and a team leader. Someone will give this kid some looks.

    There are others who are solid, mostly LB’s and RB’s and a CB who has really come on the last few weeks but mostly they have plans for life after HS that doesn’t include football.

    I’ll let the guru tell you about them.

  • No need to wait

    Don the topic is signing day (kinda equals D1). Keep up with the topic chief.

    I am sure the JC route is open to your kid so you may have a year or two left to blog.

    If you think other wise let me know where the Bonita signing day event will be so we can be sure to come out and support…NOT

  • R&B Killa!

    The guru now coaches at Crespi!

  • R&B Killa!

    The guru now coaches at Crespi!

  • R&B Killa!

    The guru now coaches at Crespi!

  • Aaron

    Don hit it on the head as far as prospects of Bonita currently. These are guys that not only can play at the next level but can be successful in the classroom.

    However, that’s not what I want to know. Mr. Escarcega what is your job title at Crespi High School and what is the description? I asked this in your last column and you did not respond.

  • Don Fan

    The funny thing about the Guru and, to certain extent Aram, is neither will fess up to being completely in the dark or exposed for what they are…the only game in town, and not much else.

    Take “both” with a grain of salt as neither holds up when compared honestly to their peers. Honestly is Guru on par with the best scouts…how about Aram compared to past Tribune writers?

    Guru is a shill at best, a self promoter and tireless worker…no harm there but if quality is what you want, look else where.

    As far as Garrett Horine goes…if you don’t know about him that’s really all the evidence you need.

    Just look at the size of his father, man must be 245 and solid as an oak at 6’2 plus or uncle who was one heck of a player huh Fred..or better yet look at the family tree ( as Bonita scoring records have fallen) and the levels of success they’ve had over the years. Quality, quality. quality is what you’ll find.

    I’ll leave it at that because they are very private, ego-less people who let their deeds speak for themselves but they are seriously as first rate as they come.

    Don as far a Richard Woods goes…that’s huge praise but….I think he’s more a Andy Russell type or player.

    Casey is another story. At Mater Dei he’s the second coming of The Goat but you are right…injuries have taken games from him but a certain Steeler’s safety had the same knock on him coming out of USC.

    BTW Aram…no one hates you…I just don’t respect you. There’s a difference…look it up.

  • Dan

    Don that was one loaded team you guy’s had over there at Bonita, from the stands it looked like your line was big, you mentioned a couple of 6’3″ boys and I have a feeling Cody Mckenzie was of similar size. Your skill guy’s were good size too. No matter what the haters say, Bonita and WC were two very good teams this year, both would have fit well in the Sierra or the Baseline.

  • No Need to wait

    No doubt Bonita was a good team and that’s why Poddley and staff get so much credit they did it with average talent.You can have a nice high school career being average but your not playing D1. And onsigning day there willbe not D1 signees from Bonita. No shame in that many schools in the the same boat. the only issue is you homers dont know any better.

  • Aaron

    You’re probably right about that. When I talk to any of these kids, because I’ve gotten to know a lot of them. At first I would talk football with some of if not all of them but as our relationship evolved into friendship I stopped. I haven’t asked them about what they have on the table or don’t…you want to know why? Because as a friend, I shouldn’t be wanting a piece of them.

    All of those guys listed by Don have the talent to play DIA ball, that’s the truth. If Garrett Pendleton goes the JC route it’s a crying shame that someone would not just look and see what they’d be getting. That’s the same with the rest of the players Don listed except for Garrett Horine because he has another year left to play.

    There’s so many players I could list that proved dudes like you wrong…the best though looking for an example right now is Danny Woodhead.

  • Get real

    Pendelton D3 player at best.

  • No Need to wait

    I’m gonna take one last crack at this. I don’t care about your relationships or Danny Woodhead. There will be NO D1 football players in Bonita’s graduating class of 2011. Not now not 2 years from now. This class will not produce a single D1 football player.
    Great job to coach Podley for preparing his players and having a great year.

  • Don

    Dear Mr No Need,

    First you drive by and state Bonita has no prospects, then tell me Don the topic is signing day (kinda equals D1). Keep up with the topic chief. And round out your silliness with, you homers dont know any better. I can see why you choose to remain anonymous, being you is embarrassing.

    First, the topic was updates from the Guru. Signing day was a dependent clause, (probably the lack of punctuation threw you off). But no problema, you ignored the whole thing when you tried hijacking the thread with your original incorrect assertion.

    As far as the crack about homers not knowing any better, feel free to look back over the last four or five years and see if I know better or not. Easy to do, since I have always used my name, Don, unlike some who are too cowardly to stand behind what they write or even use the same moniker from week to week.

    The Bonita players I noted are all guys who can actually PLAY on Saturdays. Guys who have that rare combination of size, speed, will, heart, and brains to actually get on the field and play D1 ball, not just walk on and get a t shirt.

    Your crack about JC play? Ha ha ha, funny especially when you consider not a kid on the guru’s list could have started for our local, two time national championship JC team last year. Coach Jastrab sent over two dozen kids to lay at the next level from his 2009 team and will probably do the same again this year.

  • AMAT 73

    What joy are you getting from the no D-1 signings out Bonita. For one thing how can you have such insight on the Bonita players. Did you attend every game to be a fair judge of their talent. Have you deeply scouted them ala Guru style. My guess is no and I do smell some bitterness in your posts. Granted all of us homers do look at our teams thru rose colored glasses as I can see a couple of D-1 prospects at AMAT which I am positive most will say I am crazy . The fact of the matter is not all D-1 sure things pan out like planned. It is very rare when a lock down player at the high school level takes it all the way thru college and the pros. The Woodhead example isone of many in the pros who worked their ass off to get to the level they play at. Look at Marshall Faulk who went to SDSU which is really not a football power by any means and he will go into the Hall of Fame this year. I am sure he was not on very many lists of D-1 schools out of high school. I would wager if given the chance by some D-1 schools some of these young men from Bonita could crack a line up but due to the present day theories on what makes a D-1 caliber player many great players toil at the JC , D1AA and other levels only to transfer to a D-1 school and go on to fine careers in the pros.