Soccer: Claremont, Amat go down in regional semifinals

CLAREMONT – The only thing better than playing for two championships in two years is playing for three.
For two seasons in a row the Oak Hills High School boys soccer team has lost in the CIF-SS finals. But thanks to Wednesday’s hard-earned 1-0 semifinal victory over top-seeded Claremont in the Southern California Regional Championships, the Bulldogs will play for the Division II championship on Friday against third-seeded Santa Barbara at 7:30 p.m. at Warren High.
“We weren’t thinking about a title today, just thinking about beating a very good team,” Oak Hills coach Darren Goodman said.
“Nobody seems to give us much credit down the hill. We were ranked ninth in our own CIF division and here we are beating the Division 2 champ. If we win Friday we’ll get that respect.”
Wednesday’s victory, courtesy of Chazz Cameron’s counter-attacking goal in the 25th minute, marked the fifth win in six postseason games for Oak Hills, the lone exception a 4-2 loss to El Rancho on March 5 in the CIF-SS Division 4 final. CIF-SS Division 2 champion Claremont carried just one loss into the semifinal meeting with the fifth-seeded Bulldogs (24-2-3).
Division II
La Jolla 2, Bishop Amat 0

Consecutive bus trips to Bakersfield and San Diego finally got the best of the Lancers, who had no answer for the Vikings (17-3-3) and Callan Parra, who scored two goals.
Bishop Amat (28-2) had three chances to score in the final 15 minutes but came up empty.
“We didn’t play one of our better games,” Bishop Amat coach Ruben Gonzalez said. “All the credit goes to La Jolla. But we just ran out of gas.
“Our goal at the beginning of the season was to win (a CIF-Southern Section title). The rest was extra. But to play Friday, then turn around with trips to Bakersfield on Monday and here today finally caught up with us.”

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  • on the sideline

    Hey….anyone have the scores for Claremont and Amat?

  • tommykiss

    Amat lost 2-0

  • saintsgirlsr4real2

    Amat lost 2-0 to the team that only scored one cheap goal on San Dimas? Really? And they felt snubbed about being ranked 6th? Hummmmm. Guess they finally ran into some defense. HaHaHaHa

  • MIke

    Claremont lost 0-1. Great run by the Pack!

  • SGV Athlete


    really?? your going to compare teams like that? guess what, YOU LOST TOO AND DIDN’T EVEN MAKE IT OUT OF THE FIRST ROUND!! at least AMAT can say that they won a CIF Championship.

    Great season Lady Lancers! Now it’s not time to rebuild, its time to RELOAD!!

  • soccer lvr

    Too many road trips? Really? – LOL. Try having your last 4 games on the road and having to travel 5 times further in the finals than the “visiting” team. At least some teams had fun in their last game!!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to the Lady Lancers on a great run . Fell a little short regionals but you will still get to hang the first CIF soccer championship banner at AMAT . Saints4real up until this point I thought you were a better person but your true colors came thru loud and clear on your post. Let me go bulldog on you , you can come by and kneel and kiss the ring anytime you want fool. Hated to go there but you deserve it and no offense to the Lady Saints as they had a great season also .

  • Another Saint

    We just wish we got the credit we deserve. Yes, we did not win a ring THIS YEAR but we will still return most of our starters next year. When we lost one game to Northview in sudden death overtime – only our 2nd loss all year, we were suddenly lowered into looser status even though KH was the number one scorer in the valley. No matter what Amat does they are always considered at the top of the chart so sorry if my buddy REAL took a little offense. Amat did great as always, Saints did amazing with only the kids from the community, and we will continue to try hard next year. Soccer is over – seniors are making their final decisions – Im out. . .


    CONGRATS to the BISHOP AMAT girl soccer team-
    You had a great run.
    See you next season.

  • 2011 Soccer Season Review:
    San Dimas VS Bishop Amat

    San Dimas lost the CIF championship game.
    Next soccer function: NONE see you next season!

    Bishop Amat Won CIF championship game.
    Next soccer function: CIF RING SELECTION.

  • AMAT 73

    AMAT Parent,
    Not nice as the Lady Saints had a great season just fell short of the prize. Blast saints4real if you like but not the Saint’s team.

  • SaintsR4real

    Amat73….. get your SHHIZZELL straight, cause I haven’t posted on this blog!!

    I accept your apology šŸ™‚

    Both Amat and Saints had a fabulous year, they don’t need any sour parents to ruin it!!

  • @ Amat 73 with all do respect mind your business! My daughter plays on the team and I’m not going to stand here and and let people talk down on the great season they had.

  • Confucious

    blowing out someone elses candle doesn’t make yours shine brighter

  • J


  • AMAT 73

    AMAT parent,
    With all do respect it is my business.Being an alum and having had my children and now my grandchildren attend makes it my business.We have it bad enough with all the haters so making a blanket accusation like yours was totally uncalled for especially when only one person blasted them not people as you wrote. If you noticed my reponse was to the one person who tried to put down our Lady Lancers on their loss. I have no problem with you taking it to saintsgirls4real2, only with you taking it to San Dimas in general like your post came across ( sorry for the mistake Saints4real ).

  • soccer rules

    Salesian Mustangs advance to their FOURTH consecutive Regional Championship with a 3-1 victory over Annenberg.

    Tha Mustang dynasty continues.

  • Amat 73 No one asked you about your history. unless your daughter played on the soccer team you voice don’t count. once again stay out of it.

    OK my message was only to the fan that was talking smack…

  • Soccer Lvr

    This is ridiculous! Just congratulate Bishop and and everyone who had a great season! Soccer is an equal opportunity sport. Don’t bring down the girls who worked so hard last year. A little rivalry is ok, but don’t be rude. Congratulate and move on. This happened last year with the Sierra Vista girls’ team. We won last year, now it was Amat’s and Baldwin Park’s turn.

    Congratulations to everyone who made it to CIF and to state. Looking forward to next year.

    Go Lady Dons!

  • AMAT 73

    AMAT parent,
    That was exactly my point. Your post came across to ” me ” as rubbing it into San Dimas’ face not the one blogger. For all you know my grandchild could be on the soccer team but that’s our business and by the way I am a LANCER so it is defintely my business because you are a reflection on my ALMA MATER . Enjoy the championship and see you at the ceremony and banner raising. Don’t forget history and tradition are a large part of THE AMAT FAMILY.

  • Amat 73 I got upset cause my daughter is a forward on the team, and to make a statement about of offense getting stopped by a defense and then putting a HaHaHaHa at then end. What did you expect me to say “kneel and kiss the ring anytime you want fool”.

    I’m just tripping that you would come out and talk smack to me. I was not addressing you.

  • AMAT 73

    AMAT parent,
    I understand getting upset concerning that post as it got under my skin also. Just thought you went after SD as a whole instead of the fool . Maybe you didn’t under stand my reference to the bulldog’s kiss the ring line. Don’t trip too hard as I was not talking smack to you at all, more of a friendly note and you can take it or leave it .Good luck and I hope you and your daughter enjoy the rest of her time at AMAT .