Breaking News: Ayala Football coach Tom Inglima forced to transfer to Chino High, will not coach Bulldogs football team in 2011

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
With the high school football season nearing and teams in summer passing tournaments and setting-up for the push toward fall, the Chino Valley Unified School District transferred Ayala High School football coach and teacher Tom Inglima to Chino High for budgetary reasons, forcing the fifth-year coach out as the Bulldogs’ head football coach.
Ayala principal Diana Yarboi explained her reasons for the transfer through a written statement, that reads in part:
“Mr. Tom Inglima will be transferred as a physical education teacher from Ayala to Chino High School for the 2011-2012 school year as part of budget adjustments for the Chino Valley Unified School District,” Yarboi wrote. “It has long been the policy of Ayala to have the varsity football coach as an assigned teacher. Given Mr. Inglima’s transfer to Chino High, a new varsity football coach will be named within the next two weeks.”
Randy Reams, Inglima’s offensive coordinator, is a teacher at the school and graduated from Ayala. He has been named the interim coach, a position that is expected to become permanent once he applies for the position. (To continue click thread)

Although Ayala has walk-on coaches in other sports, athletic director Steve Martin explained having a football coach as a teacher on campus remained a priority.

“High School football is the sole sports program that does not have a year round club or travel team,” Martin explained. “Therefore colleges who appropriate thousands of dollars in recruiting visits to the high schools when seeking potential players always wish to speak with the head coach regarding those players. If our head coach was not on campus, he would not be available to communicate with these college recruiters. This opens Ayala up for criticism when our nearby high schools have head coaches on campus and are available at all times.”

The news didn’t come as a complete surprise to Inglima as several teachers were warned off possible layoffs and reshuffling within the district because of budget cuts. Inglima said he was forced to transfer because he was the least tenured among the physical education teachers at the school. Still, he was surprised to lose his head coaching position this close to the season.

Inglima has two sons on the football team, his oldest, Tommy Inglima Jr., will be a senior safety/tight end this fall.

“It’s very hard to leave because my sons are there and I put my heart and soul into that football program,” Inglima said. “I met a lot of good people at Ayala and had the time of my life there. I felt we built a strong program the community was proud of, and was excited about the upcoming season.

“But it was also instilled in me to stay positive, that’s the Bulldog way, to keep your chin up. At the end of the day I’m lucky to have a teaching job. I was at Diamond Bar years ago and was laid off and know how devastating that is for you and your family. Although I would have loved to have kept coaching at Ayala, I’m still working and hope the ripple effect hasn’t cost another person their job.”

Inglima changed the culture of Ayala’s football program after taking over in 2006, improving everything from fundraising to participation while compiling a 26-27 overall record in a tough league and division.

After going 0-10 in his first season, the Bulldogs tied for the Sierra League title two years later in 2008, finishing 9-3 and advancing to the second round of the Central Division playoffs. Inglima was named the Inland Valley coach of the year that season.
Although the Bulldogs were 4-6 this past season, they had three winning seasons during his tenure.

“Our football program is in better shape than when he took it over five years ago,” Martin said of Inglima. “I can honestly say that. He put a lot of heart and effort into this program and he will be missed.”

Inglima said he will likely take the year off from coaching football, in part so he can watch his kids play.

“The part I feel best about is the football program is headed in the right direction and I feel like I’m leaving it in a better situation then when I took over,” Inglima said. “We will see how things go from here, but right now I’m looking forward to watching my kids play and wishing Ayala football nothing but the best.”

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  • reality

    Teachers unions could care less about the importance of good high school coaching, and the dedication and hard worh these guys put in with little pay and recognition. “Yeah any Joe Blow from the school can do the job and if not we will get some walk-on Dad”. Coaches are far more important than administrators or lazy union teachers with 20 years senority that just take and complain and do a lousy job of teaching anything but how to avoid work and having the union protect their big lazy butts. Parents need to start fighting these unions, they are not gods but cheap hoods.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Wow you guys….this is old news. I heard about it being official Friday and tipped off Fred yesterday …..

    How about some props for breaking the story? This should have happened long ago!

  • FredJ

    Thanks for the tip, but anonymous comments are just rumors until they’re confirmed.

  • Joe know it all

    It’s not the teacher’s union that transferred him, it was the school district and board. Get rid of all of them with their high salaries and board members who don’t know anything about public education. The least they could do is hire him as an assistant coach, but I don’t know if the Principal is that smart to do so. She might be as dumb as the poster above.

  • Living Legend

    @reality: It was not the union that had him transfered, it was the district. Secondly, it is just like in private business, the low man on the ladder may have to be transferred to another station. For all we know the union fought to even keep his job the only thing was he was going to have to be transfered.

  • Friday Night

    Didn’t this happen in Friday Night Lights??

  • reality

    @Legend. In private business if you have a new worker that is hired on and is making you money you keep him and get rid of the old sluggards. Unless you belong to the teachers unions or other public sector unions.(City, county,state,P.O. are all fatcats that reward incompetance)The district transfered him because of the union policies that admins must adhere to. Why should any principal be able to just get rid of a coach without following some due diligence and allowing the coach to at a minimum defend his position? Admins are giving the tax payers so little information on what is going on at our schools it is almost a crime. I think one crying parent can get a coach fired in this climate with admins saying the old “Were going in another direction” as if they own the school. My rant is that we as parents must fight to get our schools back in the control of those who pay for it and so we can be heard on situations like this. Put in school board members that are willing to fight the unions and admins(they are partners in crime)and their senority rules and if they threaten to strike LET THEM. There are plenty of young great teachers in the area just layed off that will rapidly fill in and will no doubt do a better job. Those old lazy teachers will scramble back fast for their jobs. Make them prove they are still involved and not just taking a check.

  • FBFan

    I agree with you reality, but the sad part is if you put the power back into the tax payers hands the same problem which you mentioned before is present. One whining parent can complain and take the job and livelihood of a hard-working individual. It seems to me that public ed is in a very tough situation.

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    Hmmmm Wow. There are alot of people blowing off steam. First of all you are hired to be a teacher. Then a coach. At least thats the way is appears on paper. We all know the truth though. Coach Inglima did an awesome job of turning that Ayala program around. No one can argue that. He also knew that he was the low man on the totem pole as far as his teaching positon goes. No one is immune to getting moved to a different site. It happens to Principals to.
    Reality: I don’t like the way you characterize teachers. The truth is that most teachers are hard working and dedicated to their profession. Coach Inglima got the shaft on this deal. I hate to see anyone lose a job they love and put their heart and soul into. The problem will be this. If he decides to take another job. Unless he stays in the district, he will be low man again possibly facing the same situation. I don’t see him returning to Ayala as an assistant. I think he wants to run his own show.

    SGV430 Ouuuutttt!!!!!!!

  • Sierra League Fan

    This has very little to do with his “transfer” he has been on the “chopping block” for the last 2 years. The transfer just made it a “cleaner” way for Ayala to cut ties with him. He has been on the hot seat for the last couple of years for “situations” that have occurred. Plus, going 26-27 the and missing the playoffs the last 2 years didn’t help. He is one egocentric guy who alienates himself from his coaching staff. I am good friends with a couple of guys on his staff and this situation was not a good one. That’s the main reason Manny Saiz left to go coach @ Chino. This was a collapse waiting to happen. Even though I don’t personally like the guy and his arrogance, I do feel for his boys who are still at Ayala, not a fun situation. I am curious to see if any kids transfer to Chino Hills or Chino – School that are on the upswing.

  • reality

    @SGV430&fbfan. Appreciate your POV’s. Wrap your minds around this. Most Districts from Long Beach to Chino have large lists of laid off teachers. They will be the 1st ones called back if ever it is needed. When will a coach ever be able to be hired in another district with a job in this climate. The unions have locked out that possibility. And the chance of hiring a brand new coach with a teaching job is immpossible at these districts. The laid off list of teachers is huge in many areas. So with so many fine young coaches locked out they must get a coach from within or as I see it, very soon we will have mostly walk-on coaches like at Wilson,Glendora and I’am sure plenty of others. Too bad.

  • john

    Great move šŸ™‚ but there still is a problem there,1 more needs to go.tks to the freshman coach my son at least had one great coach with Ayala.Its just a shame that all these great kids were and still are in the middle of this problem with the football program,its not just Inglima as far as I’m concerned ,there is still one from his coaching staff that needs to go too.hopefully he doesn’t take the team over next,these kids deserve better…

  • anonymous

    Coach Inglima was the best asset to the Chino Hills Football Program. We received a great number of outstanding athletes that transferred from Ayala due to Tom’s antics, screaming and demoralizing behavior.

    We are all sad to see him go!

    CHHS Boosters

  • Ken Barr

    The reality is that high school coaches will soon go the way of the dinosaur. First, budgets will force more coaches to be walk-ons. Look at the situation in Glendora with new head coach Todd Quinsey.

    Second, the pressure from parents. It used to be a booster club was there to “support” the teams. Soon it became a means for selfish parents to make sure that their kids got the starting spots- even when undeserved. Now coaches have to put up with anonymous cheap shots (see above) from disgruntled parents. If you are going to blast a coach at least have the courage to put your name to it.

  • Knows the truth.

    There is a lot more that happened behind the scenes that people are unaware of and it wasn’t the budget. Good Ridance Inglima!

  • Sierra League Fan

    Know’s the truth,
    I hear ya man. These people think this was “transfer” related. Not quite…it was Coach Tommy not Following the “BULLDOG WAY”. What a hypocrite. The program will be much better without him.

  • Knows the truth…

    Inglima’s favorite quote that he tries to instill in others…

    “If you don’t want me to discipline you, then discipline yourself.” …

    Looks like he doesn’t even live by what he tries to impose on others. Hypocrite! “Do as I say and not as I do”…That should be his new favorite quote. Looks like since he couldn’t discipline himself, someone had to do it for him.

  • Sierra League Fan

    I am not a “disgruntled parent” I listed why Inglima should go but my post was removed……His actions spoke WAYYY louder than his coaching. If you had knowledeg of some of the things he did, I am sure you would agree. Let’s just say he wasn’t following the “BULLDOG WAY”.

  • Sierra League Fan

    I am not a “disgruntled parent” I listed why Inglima should go but my post was removed……His actions spoke WAYYY louder than his coaching. If you had knowledeg of some of the things he did, I am sure you would agree. Let’s just say he wasn’t following the “BULLDOG WAY”. By the way, how much does it cost to have a BULLDOG WAY tattoo removed….Coach Tommy may need to have that done.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    SGV for 30 Years said:
    Coach Inglima did a good job of rebuilding the Ayala football program. No one can argue that fact. Right person right time. But there is always a but. His personality made him hard to work with. I’ve heard that there are a couple of lower level coaches tht chose to stay lower level because they didn’t want to work with Inglima. This tranfer is the best way for school admin to make a clean break and Inglima keep his teaching job. Some districts would have really screwed him. Chino Valley USD just spanked him. I guess that comes under the “If you don’t want me to discipline you, the you need to discipline yourself.” Time will tell if Coach Inglima learns from this experience. I’m sure he will get another head coaching opportunity down the line.

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!!!!!!

  • Knows the truth

    Hey anonomous, I wish I would have seen your list. I wonder if you know the same things as me. We should compare notes.

  • About Time for Tom to Go!

    SGV for 30 Years you said Tom did a good job at rebuilding the program. I’ll argue you that point. When is a 26-27 record a sign of a power house football program. After missing the play offs for 2 years and a 0-5 league schedule it sounds like time for another coach to rebuild the program.

    Because of his antics he chased good players away, he chased good assitant coaches away,he talks a big talk but never follows through.

    It’s about time that they moved him out.

  • Hopeful

    Hopefully the new coach will have some morals and set a good example for his athletes.

  • Bulldog Fan

    Let’s keep this all in perspective, Tom is gone and it is time to move forward. Coach Reems, if granted the head coaching job will inherit a handfull of talented players that have gone unnoticed and have the potential to put Ayala back on the map. I can think of a few players that have great talent but I wont put their names out there. It started two years ago when these players went undeafeated in their freshman year and lost I believe one maybe two games in their JV year. Mark my word, Ayala will be the shocker this year.

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    To About Time for Tom to go:

    Don’t get me wrong, The guy is a jackass. I’ve seen him in action a few times from as far back as his DBar days. But Ayala was 0-10 his first year and won the Sierra the next year (if I recall correctly). How can you not give him credit for that. That was all I was saying. To tell you the truth I’m not sure people like Inglima can or even want to look at themselves and make the neccessary changes in how they do things.

    SGV430 Ouuuuttt!!!

  • Bulldogs

    It wasn’t his coaching that got him in trouble and forced him out.

  • Larivee

    Coach Inglima is a fine human being! Like all of us he isn’t perfect and can’t please everyone all the time.

    Yes, he could have done some things better, again, like all of us! We should cherish that which he did that was good, and that, was to make Ayala respectibale again. As to last season, one better understand more went on then has been publisized.

    His passion for life and the game of football may have made some enemies but it also made him friends.

    Tom’s transfer is not an inditement on his character or his abilities as a football coach. It is an inditement of a broken public school system.

    All the best to Coach Inglima! We are here for you!

    The Larivee Family!

  • What a Joke

    He made Ayala respectable. Too bad he couldn’t make himself respectable. As far as character goes, he has none! I know of families he has destroyed including a close friend of mine’s. Husbands in Chino hills and now Chino need to keep an eye on their wives if they are around this guy.

  • Huskie pride!

    As much as I hate the bulldogs! He was a good coach and defiantly made chino hills high respect ayala’s talent a little more. But chino hills high will always be the best in Sierra league

  • disgusted parent

    The trainer should be removed as well for her involvement.