Former Charter Oak standout Kurt Scoby will not have to sit out any games at St. Paul, granted a valid change of address by CIF

Kurt Scoby, one of the top running backs in the San Gabriel Valley while a sophomore at Charter Oak last season, transferred to St. Paul and has been cleared to play by CIF officials after filing a change of address transfer, making the junior immediately eligible for the Swordsmen. Scoby left Charter Oak in the spring and briefly enrolled at Duarte before moving on to St. Paul. Mark Sept. 21 on your calendar, that’s when Scoby and St. Paul take on Bishop Amat at Kiefer.

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  • JMO

    I find it funny how CO never made a challenge to block this move, It might have something to do with the fact he missed two months of classes and they knew he would never be eligible to play? The slime will have to forfeit every game if he steps on the field. Sucks, but such is life.

  • The Pit


    Go ahead and talk all the crap you want!

    23Days and counting!

  • SP Football

    To JMO:

    There is a changing of the guard my friend. SP will shock everyone this coming season. We will beat Mater Dei, we will beat Servite, we will spank La Habra, and we will take over in the SGV when we beat Amat. We will take the Mission league, and make a serious run for CIF. These are not bold predictions, but just how it will be. You guys can hate against our new players, and hate on our coach, but we are loaded, and we will take no prisoners.

  • keep27

    Cif would not have even looked at the paperwork if he did not have a 2.0 at st paul. If it was approved, he had at least a 2.0. Doesn’t matter what he had at CO. If cif approved it there will be no forfeiting games.

  • Greenie

    Congrats to Scooby! You are going to make it!

  • saladays

    servite beats st. paul by 30 points

    you guys can get la habra and bishop though

    asante is very weak with his X’s and O’s we will have to see if he has gotten any better.

  • JMO


    I know how good scooby is but facts are facts, every game he steps on the field they will have to give it up! CIF already knows this so good fricking luck, no grades bite.

  • Observantcat

    If Servite beats St. Paul by 30 then what are they going to beat Amat by? I believe that St. Paul will actually win that game simply because of the skill positions. Servite has major problems with speed and that is what St. Paul is bringing to their game this season in a BIG WAY. These are the kind of criticisms that never seem to be talked about, Who are your go to guys? and are they even close to the talent level that has been recruited over at St. Paul? The answer is that nowhere close. Knowing this kid and situation personally I know for sure he will be just fine and the offers will just keep pouring in.

  • Sword

    The is great! Well with all this talent Asante will take us to the promise land and save our school. It is either put up or shut up. Does talent mean he is a better coach, finally we will put the critics to rest. Can he really get it done against teams other than Mater Dei. It is yet to be seen. And all you parents that brought your kids legally or illegally, just shut your mouth and go with it! Dont forget there is 11 players out their on the field not just your kid. Lets go Swordsmen!

  • Registrar

    What CIF did was approve his residential eligibility due to a change of address. Academic eligibility may be a different issue.

  • Grunt 68

    I hope SP does well, only time will tell.
    I have to agree with @Observantcat, on his critic on SP speed. I saw them play against LB Poly( 7on7 tourney), and SP speed was evident. Their secondary is crazy fast and I believe there going to shut down the pass on some of the teams on their schedule. It’s going to be up to the D-line to step up.

  • Sorry St. Paul

    1.Scoby is going to disappoint you
    2. Asante will again under achieve
    3. You will be average
    4. Average and Asante cheepshot football will give you a win against Amat.
    4. You will be 1 of 7 people to beat Amat
    5. The church is coming for you

  • SP Alum

    OK, here is a real assessment. My younger brother will be a senior on the team, and I was a little bitter that the new coach was bringing in his boys and moving out some of the players that have paid their dues. But I guess it is what it is, and now it is time to just support the home team, and accept the new regime.The players have accepted the changes, so we as fans and alumni, and parents need to do the same. We definately have talent on both sides. I think we need a lot of tweeking here and there, and need to gel as a team still. But when we do, we will be good. In realityI do not believe we will beat Servite nor Mater Dei. We play them early on and we will not have the chemistry yet. Plus they are established programs that are dominant now, and over the last decade. We will beat LH, and I really think we beat Amat this year. These non league games will prepare us for league, and we will take league.

  • BIG DEAL ???
    Did this kid even paly a down against the BEST team in the remote area UPLAND HIGH? Answer probably yes– But kid did ZERO–NADA– what all of a sudden he is good LOL KEEP DREAMING WEAK SAUCE

  • Greenie

    I don’t care what People say…Assante knows how to make money. Those preseason games are going to be all Sell outs at Home. Mater Dei Travels big, Servite Travels Big, La Habra which is next door will travel big. Take Notes SGV, The St Paul Fans are going to love the standing room only atmosphere. Besides You know how many college scouts are going to be at these games…This guy is a marketing master. A lot of kids are going to be watching…If he can mustard up a decent record, ST Paul is going to blow up.

  • Observantcat

    Don’t know what game you were watching IE, but that sophomore had 127 yrds on 19 carries that night against Upland, he will probably twice the treat this season. Keep your eyes open. If thats nothing then show me a better contender (JR) in the entire CIF at that position.
    1572 yards 21 touch down on 188 carries. Now thats getting it done.

  • Real talk

    Who is this St. Paul you guys are talking about? Is it the same school that Amat has been dominating in baseball and in football all these years?


    Why did your system no allow me to post my comment. What I wrote dissapeared!

  • Football follower

    I wish Scuby all good things but for the St. Paul faithful to think these few transfers are going to take you back to the days os the Angelus League domination of Mater Dei, Servite, and AMAT you may want to stop boasting. I think the only teams you should be boasting about beating are the remainder of those old Angelus League teams like Bishop Montgomery and Pius X, wait that is an all girls school now. Coaching will make the biggest difference and I do not mean head coach either, the position coaches are the most important part of the team and ask yourself, do you have good X and O guys out there.

    Good luck in your quest for dominance at any cost.


    @SP Alum,
    To win the Mission League St. Paul will have to beat Chaminade and Serra. You think they can with that OL and DL? Let’s learn to walk before you run and beat St. Francis, the last two years they’re the ones that had knocked SP out of the playoffs. Jim Bonds is the best coach in the Mission League PERIOD! What he does with the talent he has is nothing short of amazing.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    I very concerned about the “GEL” factor. St Paul will have numerous talented athletes on the Field. However, all will be running a new offense which they just learned in spring. Their opponents have been their stuff for at least a year. Can St Paul play turnover free football. They have enough talent to beat every team the play, but their schedule is tough enough for them to lose every single game they play. There won’t be any blow outs, a few missed hand offs, a pick here and a pick there, and it could be a frustrating year. I would like to know who is the QB? PK, offensive Cord, Def Cord, and if they are good? This is going to tell if this year is going to be Solid or a bust.

  • COChargers

    Good luck to you Kurt Scoby!

    The Charter Oak Chargers family wish you nothing but the best in your future!

  • Head Offical

    Asante calls it physical football CIF rules comitte calls it personal fouls. His dirty brand of football will not work in the southern section. The will play Raider football which doesn’t fly with southern section officals. City officials have no choice but to tolerate it or they would be no games.
    And if you think the officals aren’t aware and wont be out to contain him and St. Paul you sadly mistaken.
    You can bet Rollins and Thomas have already brought it to the head officals attention.

  • Jefe

    SP Football, delusional much?

  • Longtime Azusa Resident

    So we live in the same apartment complex as Kurt Scoby and never once has he considered attending Azusa even though he lives in our district. Someone please tell me how there was never a legit change of resident and yet still C.I.F. declares him eligible? The entire situation just is unfortunate for school like Azusa that could really use an athlete of his caliber. What gives?

  • Pasadenian

    What i have learned over a long period of time is good/great coaches and good/great players that makes a different no matter where they go to always seem to bring a lot of HATE…..i hope Asante and Scoby have one of the best seasons ever. Its funny that non of you hate on Mater Dei with all of their transfer yet you praise them i think thats called being hypocritical.

  • Attn. Pasadenian,

    Stay in school son. If that’s what they’re teaching in PUSD, I’d transfer too.

  • Known Scoby since the Hawks

    @Longtime Azusa resident:

    Stop HATING on this kid!!! Are you a Scoby stalker trying to watch his every move? Only the people that need to know the real information about Scoby know and it’s not you. Be careful Scoby you have a stalker.

  • Pasadenian


    Its very sad how you HATE on such a great athlete fall in line with the rest of them. But believe this, this kid will be better than you and your kids ever been.

  • Pasadenian

    and will be…

  • Democracy= Agree to Disagree!

    People who disagrees with your opinion aren’t necessary haters, the word is over played and over used. It is a word used most often by people on the side of a losing argument that doesn’t have anything better to say.

  • Pasadenian

    I wasn’t saying anything on Scooby. I was talking to you. Stay in school. I can barely comprehend your writing. While Scooby’s talent is greater than mine, we will see how his career turns out. I played in 3 straight CIF finals in a row. ( won 2 ). And won more awards than you would believe.

  • LousafurHater


    Lousafur is an Amat Honk that was jonesing for Scoby to go to Amat because they have a weak ass running game this year. That’s why he he’s hating. Amat is deep trouble this year. Servite is now favored to beat Amat by more than 24 points and it only gets worse for Amat after that.

  • LousafurHater

    Blogging rule number 1: Never correct another bloggers grammar. It always bites you in the ass.

    Exhibit A: Lousafur says “I played in 3 STRAIGHT CIF finals IN A ROW”. LMFAO…!

    Hey Lou, I think we all got it the 1st time when you said STRAIGHT you dumb ass!

  • Can’t be an Amat honk w/ a name like this??? I do not care where Scooby plays. I hope it works out for him. There is a long list of SGV stud tailbacks that have sad endings to their stories. I hope the kid makes it.

  • BraveDad

    @ Observantcat,

    When was the last time you watched Servite play? Do you attend their practices? The reason I ask is because you wrote that they have “major problems with speed.” I have been watching Servite pretty close for about the last 8 years and I have buddies whose kids attend Servite and I can tell you that one area where they never struggle is speed; another is strength. If you are basing your opinion on the DLS game a year and a half ago do not do that because nobody in the State has DLS type speed. Servite does have some issues to address in 2012, but speed is not one of them brother.

    I watched SP’s skills a few weeks ago and they are improved in that area. But given what I know about the guys up front SP will not match up well against Servite and MD. I wish SP all the luck in the world and would love to see them beat down the aforementioned schools, but I’m not sure it will happen given the lack of talent and size up front. The bigs win and lose games, not the skills.

  • Observantcat

    BraveDad, I want to agree with you but the contradiction is to obvious, and what I mean by that is Who would you consider the Bigs in terms of Servite or De La Salle? Servite was much bigger but DLS was much much more athletic and that turned that meeting into a one-sided track meet. Kurt Scoby is the real deal and only going to get better and more confident as the season rolls on. I believe that St. Paul will focus on their offensive line just to give these skill players to do what they do after that it is just a matter of putting into second gear for guys like Scoby and that can be scary. I think being in California demographics dont do this state justice. If you look at schools in Texas or Florida and even Georgia you get a trueness of what Skill plus Talent will give you. De La Salle is a direct clone of those types of programs along with a whole lot of discipline.

  • Neither

    SP lines is neither big or athletic. Comparing it to DLS will be like major league to single A.

  • Pasadenian


    If you cant comprehend then that’s your fault not mines. What i wrote was very clear and spelled correctly, and come on dude i know guys that also participated on a team that won a few CIF rings, you do know even the bench warmers that didn’t get in the game also get rings. And what happen to your first kid and coach bashing post? I see its been taking down what a PUNK just like the real Lucifer. And dude leave the Al Bundy polk high stories in your pocket, nobody cares about your “fairy tales” your old your days are done get off your porch, stop throwing beer cans at kids when their walking by for school take off your high school jersey and apologize to your children for bashing a kid that they look up to.

    Democracy= Agree to Disagree!

    1. i wasnt on a losing end of an argument, if you had read his first post then you wouldn’t be backing up such a dumb ass kid basher.
    2. you must of been called a hater a lot in your lifetime, i mean for you to come up with that BS analogy is proof that, that word was thrown at you a lot. By the way it wasnt anything for me or him to agree or disagree on he was bashing a kid and coach. i get it you guys are playing Sandusky and Paterno.

  • Democracy=Agree to Disagree!

    You should re-read the posts. You take comments out of context and twist it into hatred. Life is too short to have so much hate.

  • Seen That

    Is that the same St. Paul whose principal embezzeled $84K, and the athletic department was housing “student-athletes” at a local motels?

  • SP Alum

    Yes that’s the same St Paul and Bishop Amat is obviously become jealous of.

    We’re kicking ass and taking names! Nobody is talking about the 6 – 5 Lancers!

  • So Pasadenian we just make stuff up now? I’d be happy to see if Fred could look up that post where I bashed a kid. It never happened.I’d gladly take a ban if that post could be found. And no need to play the tough guy card w/ the name calling.

  • Realityczech

    Slime Alum – “kicking ass and taking names”? Is that what you call NO playoffs the last four years? In your division? Really? And the last time you made the playoffs in that weak division – Amat STILL beat you! And they were turrible that year. But you’re used to that because they beat you at least the last 5 times you’ve played and you’ve only won 1/4 of the games in the history of the matchup. S you’re used to losing. You have a long way to go and alotta work to do besides hiring some slick, no substance coach and recruiting your slimey ass off. That’s what people are really talking about!

  • Forfeits coming

    The rumor is that Scoby’s attendance record is woefully inadequate to pass muster. It seems likely that THIS is why the young man left Charter Oak…his non-attendance situation was going to make him ineligible. And now St Paul is pinning all their hopes on this guy. What a mess.

  • Pasadenian


    If the post was never there then why would i out of all the bloggers choose your name and just claim that you bashed Scoby? Go down the blog read when i first posted and then go below that and i can guarantee to you your name isn’t there anymore im not a lunatic i wouldn’t just put smut on someone name like that. you know what you did. But im done going back and forth with you.

  • BraveDaD

    @ Observantcat,

    When I say “bigs” I mean the OL and DL, not their size. Normally OL and DL are the bigger guys on a team hence the term bigs (also a term to distinguish them from “skills players, which is a term I don’t like because bigs have skill too, but whatever you get my point).

    So with regard to the Servite – DLS game, yes, Servite’s bigs were bigger than DLS’s, but DLSs were obviously more skilled and faster off the ball, which was the key to the game and brings us full circle, i.e., bigs win and/or lose games as did the DLS bigs. Usually the team with the bigger (faster, stronger) guys up front, and I underscore the word usually, win the game.