The third annual PrepXtra Football Preview Magazine is available Today in home delivery, newsracks and our SGVN offices, don’t miss it

If you have a home subscription to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pasadena Star-News or Whittier Daily News, you’ll find the 111-page PrepXtra Football Preview Magazine in your newspaper this morning. The Magazine is also available with a copy of your paper at newsracks and will be sold at our home offices at the Tribune, Star-News and Whittier Daily News, so don’t miss it.

To view contents of the PrepXtra Football Preview Magazine Online click the link. We have team previews of every team in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune coverage area available now!


QB: Brandon Martinez, El Monte, Sr.
RB: Dionza Blue, Bishop Amat, Sr.
RB: Aaron Salgado, West Covina, Sr.
WR: Jack Austin, Chino Hills, Sr.
WR: Bryce Bobo, Charter Oak
ALL: Aaren Vaughns, Charter Oak, Sr.
OL: Lake Aiono, South Hills, Sr.
OL: Riley Deen, South Hills, Sr.
OL: D.J. Theard, Bonita, Sr.
OL: James Rivera, Arroyo, Sr.
OL: Raul Gomez, West Covina, Sr.
PK: Jack Schneider, Charter Oak, Sr.

DL: Alex Hernandez, Charter Oak, Sr.
DL: Justin Hornsby, West Covina, Sr.
DL: Kammy Delp, Diamond Ranch, Jr.
LB: Bradley Ojala, West Covina, Sr.
LB: D.J. Daniels, Bishop Amat, Sr.
LB: Sal Velasquez, Bishop Amat, Sr
LB: Justin Bugh, San Dimas, Sr.
DB: Khari Garcia, Charter Oak, Sr.
DB: Darren Andrews, Bishop Amat, Sr.
DB: Muleck Henderson, West Covina, Sr.
DB: Jordan Robinson, Ayala, Sr.
P: Brandt Davis, Bonita, Sr.

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  • Blog Shutdown

    What’s with the “pending approval” stuff on the blogs? Since Terrazas took over, ZERO comments have gotten through on his site. Is there a new communist threat which makes this tight scrutiny necessary?

  • Sierra League Fan

    I clicked on your link about previews for each school and there was no preview/team story on Chino Hills. You guys have them ranked #2 pre season but didn’t do a preview of them? What’s up with that?



    I hope you guys didnt make this mistake in the magazine.

    This is off your preseason all area list.

    Jack Schneider, West Covina, Sr.

  • SGV Football,

    Nope, he’s listed as Charter Oak in the magazine. Don’t know how that happened online, but we’ll get it fixed.

  • aztec

    soo you guys don’t cover azusa or the montview league anymore?? and if not do u know another website that covers the Northwest division? thanks.

  • So Close but Yet so Far

    Its obvious you guys put some time and effort into PrepXtra but there is no Xtra in it. The content is no different than what you blog daily.
    It would have been great to have some depth charts, returning start up and new comer introductions. A little more statistical data would also be nice. You all these things sporadically within your team write ups but they lack structure.
    Each team write up should follow the same format so you get the same insight on all the teams. As an example with your current format if a coach doesnt want to talk about offense then there is no offensive coverage causing your magazine to fall short of expectation. In addition special teams is almost not existent which is funny because that will turn out to the difference in some of your to 10 match ups this year.
    Sorry guys you get a C+ on content.

  • The Pit

    Damn boys…great job…I fucken love Football season, You get to see old friends, relive memories on the gridiron .(throw back a few beers) I woke up around 5 am to read the Prepxtra and when I read “Are you ready for Football” by Aram,that shiat got me pumped up, I went to my garage and put on my shoulder pads and helmet, started to do push up until I got to number 3 and I quit, I think I pulled something( damn I shoulda stretch first). I can’t wait for my sons to have the same experiences.

    Good luck to all and I pray that everyone stays free from serious injuries.

    SP 31
    Amut 30

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Just picked up my yearly copy of the Trib lol! Great work guys! For the nitpickers out there, please realize that this magazine is FREE! As in no Xtra cost other than the standard price of the Newspaper. So if So close but Yet so Far is handing out his own Prep magazines for FREE, please let me know so I can pick one up. If not, I would just say thanks for the work and effort that our local paper sportswriters put in! Thanks guys!

  • Observantcat

    Observantcat said:
    I like the cover although I truly believe you did a lot of fans a bit of injustice not by putting Blake Heyworth on the cover. He is the only area QB returning that has led his team to a CIF berth and his numbers speak for themselves even minus 4 pre-season games. Now some of you may wonder and understand why some of the Monrovia fans step up the way that they do. After looking at Fred going Back and Forth with Aram and noticing the anger building every time the name Monrovia was mentioned in a sentence with Bishop Amat I see the undo influence that he may have had in not putting Brett on this cover. But BRETT YOU ARE OUR GUY AND WE WILL STILL BE SUPPORTING YOU THROUGHOUT YOUR SENIOR YEAR AND YOUR POST HIGH SCHOOL YEARS. As for the rest of the Cats, keep on doing what you’ve been doing because for a City of this size the athleticism is incredible. Now for a word from our sponsers

  • Aaron

    Wait a minute…you’re putting a guy in as a punter, Brandt Davis? When he was an all-state Kicker as a Sophomore and was slighted this year for All Hacienda because he was a junior? Your own list is political. I’m sure Brandt can punt just fine…but the punters in the last two seasons were Seth Balentine (’11) and KC Huth (’10). However, after comparing stats I think you screwed up and meant to put Schneider as the punter since he is also CO’s punter in the past. But Schneider is an excellent kicker.

  • Fred Robledo

    Observant, the cover choices were part of a theme for the cover story choice, which are three guys from three different coverage areas that mean so much to their team that as they go, so goes their team. Cox fit that profile, we felt he meant more to his teams’ success than any other individual does to their team. Monrovia has six, seven, eight impact players like that. Remember, Nick Bueno, and Nick Bueno alone, was our cover boy in 2010, so it’s nothing personal against Monrovia

  • Observantcat

    Thanks for the explanation Fred. I just wanted to put it out there because Brett Heyworth really came to life for Monrovia throughout the year and he is the catalyst for the team this season. It is easy to get lost in the fray of all of those great players but the main player you must have running on all cylinders is you QB and Heyworth will be the Man this season from beginning to end. It definitely doesn’t hurt to have the running & receiving core that he has to back him up either. Well tonight is the second round of the real trash talking. LET THE PARTY BEGIN. San Dimas by 7! Where you at Saints4Real?

  • billyb

    Two questions about the recent article on Azusa. One, when did the Aztecs get into the Mid Valeey division? And two, who is the head coach, Ithought it was Joe Scherf. Am I mistaken? You list Marcel Perez at the bottom of the article.

    Please check your articles before you print them.

  • Jefe

    I gotta say, to the entire staff that worked on this, you guys did an absolutely phenomenal job on this year’s PpreXtra. I’ve been devouring every page since I received my copy this morning.

    The O.C. doesn’t have ANYTHING that compares to this publication. Not even close.

    Good job, guys!

  • Fred Robledo

    Billy, the Aztecs have been in the Mid-Valley Division the past few years and the story includes coach Joe Scherf throughout, not sure what you’re looking at.

  • Fred Robledo

    Honestly, I’m glad the magazine is in the books and we can start watching, writing and talking about the football season. It’s the time of year we don’t care how much we work, we love every minute of it …

  • AMAT 73

    Very nice job on the magazine. Great effort and very well produced. Nice to see some brand new teams on the cover . Way to spread the wealth .
    Hats off to Fred , Aram , and Steve . Best issue yet .

  • Saints Fan

    Observantcat —– aaah, don’t you mean BLAKE , not Brett….. sorry Brett would be your TE / LB right…. not your QB…

    by the way —- Saints by 10, book it !

  • TeachDGame

    AWESOME magazine…. hit the road at 6 am this morning to pick it up and was not dissapointed…

    Great Work !

  • Real talk

    Amat freshmen defeat Servite 21-10
    Amat JV lose to Servite 28-0..
    Friars had many varsity players …… One down 1 MORE TO GO!!! GO AMAT!!!

  • s.g.v legend

    Frankie palmer and branding martinez, wow really, what have they done or what did do that I didn’t see that you writers saw. Aaron salgado as running back and u left Ainsworth out, who puts the prep xtra together, the prep xtra is a joke!

  • Fred Robledo

    Hey Legend, Ainsworth left Covina, he’s at Monrovia now, which means he’s not considered for the Trib all-area team.

  • surprised

    i heard that Crescenta Valley put a beat down on Monrovia at their scrimmage yesterday afternoon. Any truth to that rumor????

  • Observantcat

    Cresenta Valley Rumor is just that. Monrovia would have won by 8 TD’s had this been a real game.

  • Aztec Fan

    Yeah Fred, I don’t see an Azusa article on the website.

    If the Azusa article is only in the printed version then why? Might just be an error with the website right?

    If I could pick up the print version I would but, I don’t think the tribune delivers to Texas.