VIDEO of Diamond Bar-Diamond Ranch brawl and latest update; CIF looking into Pomona-Wilson altercation as well

MORE FIGHTS? — CIF-SS spokesperson Thom Simmons confirmed the section is also looking into an incident (fight between players) that occurred during Pomona’s 53-10 victory over Wilson on Friday.

STORY: As of Monday afternoon, Vern Sparling, who is the Foothill-Citrus area officiating liaison to CIF, was collecting video of the game from both schools and also the ejection lists from the referees who officiated the game.

“I think we should be more worried about the fact that we had two benches that went on the field and got themselves in the brawl. The behavior of the teams involved were such that perhaps that the last thing they should be worried about is whether or not they can make the playoffs.” CIF-Southern Section spokesperson Thom Simmons.

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  • 12th man

    You must have better sources than Aram..he’s still looking to post any type of video from the brawl~

    • tor eckman

      He’s a member of the paparazzi- train wrecks, auto crashes, anything that will generate hits to his website.

  • FredJ

    Also like to know what happened at Pomona-Wilson .. Anybody?

    • Gabriel Garcia

      clearly Wilson started it there whole bench cleared and were attacking players from pomona when on the ground by the way it was on there sidelines where no coaches from Wilson were holding there players back and also Wilson out number pomona by atleast 20 players so what do you expect not for them to have each others back while team members are clearly gettingstomped on by the whole team it

      • SGVSports

        I was sitting on the Wilson side and had a great view of the incident. Gabriel recap was right on. The officials kicked out one player from each team. The starting center from Pomona and the starting running back from Wilson. My source (coaching staff) said the officials stated Wilson started it. I saw Wilson’s running back actually started the incident, totally out of control, tossed a kid way after the play ended. Pomona players were stopped on during the incident. The Wilson coaching staff was supporting the behavior during the game. My assumption the reason why was the behavior was keeping Wilson in the game. The actual incident was fall out from the play before. Pomona laid out two Wilson players, one being the running back on very clean hits.

        Leaving the bench thats a tuff one, the incident took place right next to the Wilson bench. Wilson had 50 players on the field against 11 for Pomona. Even when Pomona’s sidelined emptied it was 30 Pomona to 50 Wilson. This CIF official mentioning the sidelines empty is an idiot. These are kids and a TEAM. Now how the coaching staff handles the situation should be taken into consideration. During the incident I did see a couple Pomona coaches very aggressively pulling their kids away. I didnt see what the Wilson coaches did or didnt do.

        This reminded me of the Wilson/Pomona game three years ago, but not even close. That was the Zavala era, still cant believe they covered up that game. Wilson had three or four players kicked out should have been more. At least 25 personal fouls during the game. I still remember Rice (Pomona HC) meeting Zavala at the 50 yard line and giving him an ear full. For those of you that dont know Rice and Zavala played at La Verne. Rice was the best player to ever come out of La Verne and Zavala was an underclass, didnt see much playing time. Rice went on to play some Pro ball before I think he blew out his knee.

        • The stands

          I went to that game at Pomona. Some of the WIlson kids complained that Pomona kids were getting punches in during tackles, and were trying to twist ankles during tackles as well. I didn’t personally see any of this. A couple of Wilson parentls eventually complained enought about Zavala to the administration to the point where he was fired.

          • Gabriel Garcia

            Manthat wasthree years ago popomona is trying to changeIif u can seebthere 7-0 there more discipline and if you were at the game last Friday u would of seenthat pomona players ddidn’trrunoffto fight tgthey ran offto help there bbrothers

  • Jefe

    Very lame that Fox Sports edited the fight out of the Prep Zone archive.

    • Prepsportsfan

      It comes up on Fox Sports West site. Look up week 7 HS scoreboard show part 2.

  • Gamer

    It isn’t fair to the team where the incident occurs on their sideline. Of course while you are at the sideline, more of that team at sideline will step off the white line.

    • FootballFan

      if you go by players over the white line the video here shows most of DR over the white line too

      • PatrickHT

        and thats the fair statement to assume..This vid i saw was from the DR line and plenty of them stepped outside the line as did DB

  • FootballFan

    look at who was being penalized all night for unsportsmanlike conduct, etc. all played a part in how it ended up

  • reality

    Saw a video on the Patch website of CIF official in charge of looking into this mess. Seems to indicate that video would be main source of factual determinations. My question to him would be since there seems to be a surprising lack of video will they interview eye witnesses? Also, said the schools themselves play a large part in investigating and administering their own sanctions. I do not see that as happening because right now the admins fear the wrath of parents of kids who are disciplined and potential law suits. My quess would be that a few coaches will be sanctioned, maybe a forfeit or two and all will be forgiven. No action against the players from CIF fearing law suits as well.

    • kudos to the LB Wilson Principal for forfeiting their next game…

      • PatrickHT

        DR is not gonna forfeit the game if thats what you are thinking..It would not matter anyway, they would still be a game up on LA

  • Nhsmom

    I will say that when Pomona played Northview, a few of their players showed a lot of Unsportsmanship like conduct! I’m shocked that this was the first fight for this team to be honest and I won’t be surprised if there are more before the season is over.

    • Gabriel Garcia

      This is not true that was a very good game even though the reefs were calling bad calls. Our team played there heart out after losing one of there team mates they fought hard to come back and we did it we won. People are just mad that they are getting beat by pomona and that there 7-0 people from covina and Northview and other teams in the league seem to always act like there kids are so innocent

      • Nhsmom

        First of all I’m not mad that we lost to Pomona, however the conduct of certain Pomona players should be addressed. Just as I would expect the same if it was one of our players.

  • Leo Tolstoy

    Is any one really surprised? Diamond Bar made a deal with Snoop Dogg to bring in a few players and raise expectations. Unfortunately DR has a very good team and Coach Layton has his players focused on a Championship. Interesting that Snoop chose Diamond Dar, a school which has historically fallen short of expectations, rather than Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, Chino Hills or Diamond Ranch who have historically sent players to the next level and played step up competition. Snoop Dogg is like every other deep pocketed dad out there who grease the rails in hope of living out their childhood gird iron dreams through their children. Snoop’s kid could have played at Serra, closer to his LB Poly roots, but there he’d have to compete. Not hating Snoop’s kid but if competition at the high school level scares him what’s he going to do in college? What a waste this whole mess is. Didn’t Master P already do this at USC with his kid?

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Snoop Dogg lived in the area prior to his sons going to high school….and they originally went to Poly first…Dbar is Free close, and not every kid wants to Go to Catholic school. Especially if you are not Catholic….I never understood why so many african american Kids go to Catholic Jesuit schools. I don’t know too many African American Catholics, they are mainly protestant (in protest of Catholic Church) It’s all christian…but the average people say it’s not..But when it comes to football and sports..They just go there anyway…However, I see a whole bunch Blacks on Catholic/ Jesuit they have to go to mass too? …Examples…..St John Bosco, Serra Etc… ,

      • not even Mater Dei would put up with calvin broaddus….let alone Amat…. if you make a deal with the devil, he always collects

        • PatrickHT

          Post something you know for a fact! For all we know YOU are the devil! is that a fair statement!

          • no private school would go out of their way to tarnish the schools reputation , which Mr Broadus would certainly do if he tried to enroll his son. I mean promoting the gangsta life is not what those schools are about.

      • Leo Tolstoy

        African American students have been attending Catholic schools for years all across the country. So many come from single parent homes and find father figures and family at these schools. To many of these young men and women this environment is a safe haven from their surroundings and a springboard to a better life. No one is naive enough to pretend the athletic windfall these athletes bring to their schools don’t factor in but the mission of these schools is the same for all students, to build successful young minds. Serra is a great example of a school that has dealt with changing demographics to build a great community. Coupled with all their storied athletic accomplishments is a school with academic accomplishments as well. I spent some time recently with the Alumni Coordinator and he introduced me to several on campus coaches. One in particular was the Head Basketball Boys Coach who replaced John Stockton at Gonzaga and is now Dean of Disciple at the school. He was first rate and first class, as were all the coaches I met. African American students can speak for themselves but as an objective observer I was very impressed by Serra’s overall campus life. Kudos to them for getting it done the right way.

        • when was John Stockton head coach at GU ? or does he coach from the stands watching his son play ?

          • Leo Tolstoy

            Replaced John Stockton as a player at Gonzaga.

      • Stephen Carter

        This has got to be the most ignorant comment ever, “..I never understood why so many african american Kids go to Catholic/ Jesuit schools. I don’t know too many African American Catholics, they are mainly protestant”. Number ONE we are Black, not “African American”. If thats the case, we are in the same bracket as a Charlize Theron. We are Americans as you ARE. Black Americans! Number 2, I happen to know a LOT of Black Catholics. Your comment places Blacks in ONE religious category; Protestant. Number 3, Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity. Number 4, are all Blacks supposed to Christian or Muslim and only attend Muslim, Christian or Public Schools?? That like saying Historical Black Colleges are only for BLACK Students and that is the FURTHEST THING from the truth. In fact they were created to house Black Students who otherwise could not attend State, Private and Local Colleges. Not one time in history has ANYONE ever been denied access to an HBCU. While I went off on a tangent, I want you to understand that YOU “GP aka…” should not ever place BLACKS into a Box as such. I wont call you racists, but you are FAR OFF with those comments. !!

        • PatrickHT

          You beat me to it Stephan! and your comment is 110% correct , there are many catholic africans, jamaicans, carribeans..etc…So i guess other races really do lump us all in one group..Now our other black brothas and sistas can see for their own eyes what us American blk folks go thru! Godamn shame!

      • PatrickHT

        GP, please dont stereotype African Americans in cant possibly know enough AA to assume that! You have to remember there are many Jamaicans, Africans(by way of Nigerians) and the such who are practicing catholics.

      • PatrickHT

        Its hard enough being AA in this country without having somebody questioning your etnicity on a highs school sports blog for crying out loud!

      • where should I start, not all athletes at BYU are LDS…not all athletes at BYU go on missions…even LDS members do not all serve as missionaries… many African American parents welcome the chance to send their children to parochial schools, usually because it’s a far better option than the local public HS and there are considerable numbers of African American Cathilocs, especially in the far as the Cathiloc/Jesuit thing…wrong again, Jesuits(Society of Jesus) are, a religious order in the Cathiloc faith and educators of the first degree , and no, they’re not forced to go to Mass…most if not all Cathiloc HS require their students to take courses on the Bible,Ethics and Morality ….areas which you’re unable to find in public education. Finally, I don’t place any blame on Calvin Sr. but I am thinking he at least gave junior a high five

    • PatrickHT

      Goes to show what you know..but why is it the people who know nothing about the programs or the people or kids that have the most BS to say?? Did you even know Mr Broadus owns a home in DB, has since the 80’s!! That is his kids home school! What does choosing to stay at your home school have to do with college?? You sound like a class A idiot! and your problably part of that group that whines and bitches about kids transferring!

    • Lancer Man

      Since when is Dranch a football power? (lol) What has Dranch ever won? They play in D7 for gods sake and have never even won a CIF Championship at that low level of football. (lol) And since you talking historically, if memory serves me right, Diamond Bar has a number of CIF Championships in higher divisions than D7. I’m also pretty sure there’s more then a couple of former Diamond Bar players currently playing in the NFL. Can you imagine the amount of security that Snoop would have to hire to follow his kid around from class to class if he sent his kid to Dranch?

      • Leo Tolstoy

        The division you play in matters less these days than one would think. Oaks Christian, Orange Lutheran, Alemany and soon Serra all played in lower divisions yet, in recent times, have sent more players to D1 schools than the BA. Cathedral sent their QB to LSU last year and have two players on UCLA’s roster currently. Next year Serra joins their former division foe, Oaks Christian, in the Pac 5. No one said DR was a power only that they play up and have sent players on. Come on Lancer Man, use that parochial education will ya?

        • Inside edition

          It would seem to me that you are arguing against your original statement. If the school you play at does not matter much then why would you say Snoop should have sent his kid to Amat, CH, CO or DR? Seems to me that DB has a number of kids on their roster right now with several D1 offers. Bell, Broadus, Hull are all listed in the Scout’s top 100 class of 2015. While, as far as I can see only Delp at DR has any D1 offers. And please save me the Ivy League BS as far as kids with offers because those aren’t athletic/football scholarships they’re Academic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but were talking sports here, not academics. Besides, if we got into that comparison I’d have to list dam near the entire graduating class from DB vs. DR’s 3 or 4 kids.

          • Leo Tolstoy

            Inside Edition maybe you’re confusing issues in an attempt to disprove one point for another. Lancer Man was disparaging schools by division strength while I was making a point about athletic competition within a team. My point to Lancer Man was that lower division teams are being brought up to play against the Mater Dei’s of the world. The point was Snoop’s kid having to compete at practice against Serra level dbs and wrs and maybe not getting his way. After all his Dad did own the youth league he played for and wrote checks for every position coach along the way. Two points being discussed here. However I will grant you that great players are found everywhere and recruiters find them. Heck Jerry Rice never played at ND, USC or Florida yet was the greatest WR of all time, so some do fall through the cracks. I haven’t seen the kid play but I have seen his type of player fail at the next level. The Mannings are few and far between.

        • Leo, didn’t the Jesuits teach you well at GU ? look at La Mirada..Arams man crush…they have several D1 recruits,but they don’t hang with the big boys,similar to Monrovia..btw,Stockton has never been replaced…many have succeeded him, is that what you meant? my family goes back to the grey ghost from GU….certainly you’ve heard of him..back from the days when they played football in Spokane

  • Anthony Quevas

    So Geto

  • Anthony Quevas

    Same kids that Started the Big Brawl in Las Vegas Between BTB and B2G. Just because you are talented doesnt mean you own the world.