Pac-12 links: Former Ute succumbing to cancer

— Bronzell Miller might be dead by the time you read this. The former Utah linebacker is battling multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells, and may only have a week left to live.

— Bellevue standout and UCLA recruiting target Budda Baker is still waiting for the release of his brother Robert, imprisoned for first-degree robbery and possession of a firearm.

— How did Tad Boyle turn Colorado into a contender?

— “But the difference between being a head football coach in college and the NFL is like the difference between Wal-Mart and Wall Street.”

— Details from Chris Petersen’s new Washington contract, and how the $18 million agreement might affect the rest of the Pac-12.

— Washington State seniors are celebrating the program’s first bowl game in a decade.

— Oregon tight end Pharaoh Brown was suspended for the Alamo Bowl after participating in a snowball ambush on campus. He apologized in a statement but took a slightly different tone on Twitter.

— Oregon State’s five-game losing streak was rewarded with a trip to the Hawaii Bowl. Beat writers everywhere else are insanely jealous.

— Arizona basketball is back at No. 1 for the first time since 2003, which Sean Miller calls “a great compliment.”

— Cal’s Mike Montgomery has equaled John Wooden’s career total with 664 wins. Over six decades ago, Wooden held Montgomery as a baby.

— After missing out on UCLA’s Adrian Klemm, USC is targeting the Baltimore Ravens’ Todd Washington as its new offensive line coach.

— With six straight national titles under his belt, USC water polo coach Jovan Vavic might actually win forever. (At the very least, he has done it longer than the man who actually coined that phrase.) Here’s a profile on him from February 2012.

  • Mark

    1st of all, Budda is a ridiculous name and would be embarrassing on the Ucla roster. 2nd of all seems like there is some questionable family connections. Sounds best suited for Oregon.

    • commentar

      What article are you reading?? He’d rather spend time with his family rather than go to parties. His mom is a cancer fighter and takes care of the family. He sets an example with his work ethic. His jailed brother is a cautionary tale and inspiration.

      Welcome to Westwood Budda! Mora will shape you into a fine young man!

      • Jack Wang

        He hasn’t committed. Maybe I should’ve used “target” instead of “recruit”?

    • Idaho88

      I don’t care what his name is and I hope most people with common sense don’t either, if he can play and qualify bring him to LA.

    • facescar

      Names are labels and should never change your substantive opinion.

      Family connections I can’t speak to as much, but it’s not Budda who was jailed.

    • Joe Blow

      He’d be perfect for Mora.

      • jameskatt

        Yes. He’s the good brother – like Abel.

    • Hogsman

      I’m convinced that Mark and Joe Blow are separate aliases for the same person, who is attempting to emulate a well-known commenter on the Inside USC blog.

    • maze949

      “…seems like there is some questionable family connections.”. Nice grammar, dunce.

  • Bruin 34

    Cancer sucks! Prayers for you Bronzell and your family. God bless brother.