NBA Draft: Norman Powell, Josh Smith work out for Lakers

Former UCLA players Norman Powell and Josh Smith worked out for the Lakers yesterday, and our beat reporter Mark Medina got the updates:

» Norman Powell sees himself as “NBA ready” after four years in college. He’ll work out with about 20 teams through the draft evaluation process.
» Center Josh Smith, who transferred to Georgetown six games into his junior year at UCLA, admits that he was “lazy” as a college player.

From late last month: Kevon Looney said he didn’t think he showed his full potential at UCLA.

  • commentar

    Oh imagine what a powerhouse UCLA would’ve been had Josh Smith became the center we had hoped him to be…How many more banners would be hanging in the rafters?

    • MPPBruin

      I’ll remember Josh Smith for two things: 1) His inability to dunk the ball in the Florida game, 2) absolutely towering over me when he was standing behind me in line at Ackerman.

      • ProbationU

        Josh Smith was truly a McDonald’s All American. He wasted his college career and hopes someone will believe he has changed. It might mean something if he has already lost 50 pounds or so in the off season, but he will go undrafted.

      • commentar

        For Carls Jr. right? Right.