Robb Quincey arrest news doesn’t prove arresting in Upland

Wednesday’s column (read it here) is a report from Monday’s Upland council meeting, where citizens and officials alike were strangely silent on the arrest of the former city manager. Also, we learned at the meeting that a man received CPR from two women who were out of his league.

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  • SAWZ

    I usually don’t poke my nose into the financial business of communities where I do not reside–but I break my own rule sometimes–I think the people who should be arrested, are the officials that gave the former CM $460,000 yr. in salary.

    • davidallen909

      One of them is already in prison, that being the former mayor…

      • SAWZ

        I see multiple crimes including blackmail and conspiracy that involved all the principals in this situation. The law firm in question is becoming a thorn in the sides of many public entities. Ethics need to be thoroughy considered by the individuals and groups employing and thinking about employing that particular law firm. I don’t think anything I say can harm that firm–its just my opinion. But, I would like to see all, respective, groups in these surrounding entities consider the subject of ethics when they decide who will represent them in very important labor matters.