Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, Clayton Kershaw discuss MLB’s pace of game initiatives.

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GLENDALE, Ariz. — Don Mattingly and Clayton Kershaw chimed in today on MLB’s pace-of-game initiatives, which will be enforced by umpires beginning with the first Cactus League game Wednesday.

Mattingly is of the opinion that hitters, who must keep at least one foot in the box every time they take a pitch, will be able to adapt quickly.

“Every other situation — a ball gets away, a guy throws over, guy steps off the mound, you can step out of the box at that point,” Mattingly said. “I think the biggest thing with pace-of-play is, they’re announcing the inning break at 40. They’re announcing the first hitter with 40 seconds left on the clock. At 25, the walk-up music’s got to be off. At 20, he’s got to be in the box. Those type of things are things our guys are going to have to get used to.

“I think once they get used to this it’s not going to be an issue. It’s like anything else; guys are going to adjust. You throw 100 — keep throwing 100, keep throwing all fastballs, they’re going to get hit. Our guys are going to adjust to these rules.”

So will pitchers have the bigger adjustment to make?
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Erik Bedard, Clayton Kershaw to start Dodgers’ first two Cactus League games.

Erik Bedard

Veteran left-hander Erik Bedard will start the Dodgers’ Cactus League opener against the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday. (Associated Press photo)

GLENDALE, Ariz. — There are 33 pitchers listed on the Dodgers’ major-league spring training roster. Don Mattingly and his staff have mapped out a plan whereby “you’ll see pretty much everybody those first four days, or most everybody.”

Erik Bedard will start the Dodgers’ Cactus League opener Wednesday against the Chicago White Sox. Clayton Kershaw will start Thursday, also against the White Sox at Camelback Ranch. They’re both scheduled to throw two innings in the game, plus another inning in the Dodgers’ bullpen after that.

“Even saying that,” Mattingly said, “there will be some type of pitch count that you’re protecting. I’m not going to let a guy go out there if he gets caught in an inning. We’ll stop it.”

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Report: Clayton Kershaw will save more than any MLB player during spring training.

According to the website, Clayton Kershaw leads all of baseball in a category we didn’t know existed until today: Spring training tax savings.

Writes Jonathan Nehring:

Had Arizona decided to adopt the traditional duty day calculation that most states have adopted they would be collecting 4.54% of every MLB player’s salary during spring training while teams training in Florida would have been playing tax free. Fearful that players and teams would move their spring training locations to Florida (or another state that doesn’t charge income tax e.g. Texas), Arizona valued the economic impact that spring training brings them over the economic impact taxing MLB player’s salaries would bring Arizona.


To the right is a list of the MLB players who will save the most money by Arizona not taxing income earned in Spring Training.

Clayton  Kershaw